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I ve read a bunch of reviews for this book, and what strikes me as interesting is that many of them thought the beginning was slow but the second half picked up I had the complete opposite reaction to reading this book I LOVED the slow, teasing, tense, frustrating first half Give meof that, please Gah, boy did it work a nice burn.As the second half commenced, I felt the story lose some of that tension I was a wee bit disappointed at the lack of descriptive love scenes especially the first one, after that fade to black suits me fine , but mostly I found the narrative seem to drift a little I wasn t quite as engaged any until of course view spoiler Reid is implicated in the buglary hide spoiler This book begins slowly, but gradually carries the reader along with it as the pace picks up to an action filled climax It opens with the introduction of Jonah, a bank officer who has devoted himself to his job, at least partly because he is unwilling to let his personal desires have any place in his controlled and circumscribed life He is faced with Reid, the man who comes in to take the promotion Jonah was expecting, and who proceeds to rearrange both Jonah s professional and his personal life The slow evolution of their relationship, and Jonah s helplessness in the face of Reid s forceful personality, is a delight to watch And as time goes on, Reid comes up against the hidden strengths of Jonah s character, with unexpected results I enjoy historical stories which, like this one, transport me with a feeling of complete authenticity to another time and place Tamara Allen is one of the best writers I have found in this style of story, and I loved every minute of this book. #Pdf ë The Only Gold Á Jonah Woolner S Life Is As Prudently Regulated As The Bank Where He Works It S A Satisfying Life Until He S Passed Over For Promotion In Favor Of Newcomer Reid Hylliard Brash And Enterprising, Reid Beguiles Everyone Except Jonah, Who S Convinced Reid S Progressive Ideas Will Be The Bank S Ruin When Jonah Begins To Discover There S To Reid Than Meets The Eye, He Risks Succumbing To Reid S Charms But Unlocking The Vault To All Of Reid S Secrets Could Lead Him Down A Dangerous PathLosing His Promotion And Perhaps His Heart Is The Least Of Jonah S Difficulties When The Vengeful Son Of A Union Army Vet Descends Upon The Bank To Steal A Government Deposit Of Half A Million Dollars During The Deadliest Blizzard To Ever Sweep New York, Jonah And Reid Are Trapped, At Odds And Fighting For Their Lives 6 stars.OMG Utterly beautiful writing Swoonworthy romance Perfect I am in love with this book and everything in it Jonah and Reid, New York in winter in 1888 and the awesome blizzard that I ve since found out actually happened cool pictures here ,quirky boarding house occupantseven the bits about early banking were actually interesting Awesomely drawn world, real and wonderful characters so wonderful I was an hour late for work on Friday cause I just couldn t.let.go plus there s an actual plot Maybe I ll flesh this out somewhen I ve touched ground again, but for now It s bloody marvelous Read it.PS Now I m just waiting for my car battery to actually die on me Heh Totally worth tempting fate. 2.5 star rating.I m in the minority, but I was bored of my tree quite frequently during this book.I think Jonah s love for his job love for the bank went crazy overboard, to the point where I think he might need to seek some help to get over his obsession I get the time period, but he literally goes over and above all for the sake of the bank not the people mind you, the actual institution the clients the finances.While the writing is obviously excellent, and you can tell this author has a done a lot of research into this time period, this book is too long Probably 100 pages too long There is a lot of and I mean a lot of filler information that, I felt, slowed down the flow of the story, so I began skimming.The twists and turns definitely did throw me for a bit of a loop, sometimes, even if the big mystery was rather obvious to guess It was fun and in parts, I was definitely quite hooked.I liked the characters, but didn t love them Never felt a very strong connection to any of them Sometimes they d make decisions that were, well, crazy Or just didn t make any sense to me, especially nearing the ending of the book.It was good Yep. M M Bingo Round 8 Week 3 Best Gay Historical Romance 3.5 starsFor all intents and purposes, this should have been a SLAM DUNK New York, historical, geeky bankers, and Tamara Allen who I love Well, maybe it waslike a bank shot off the glass that spins and spins around the hoop and finally as the crowd holds their breath falls in.I had a really hard time struggled even with the first half of the book It was SLOW which can work for me as long as there s some kind of build up But, the first half was almost entirely about Jonah, an assistant cashier at a bank, being grouchy and difficult and pouty about not getting the head cashier s job and being awful to Reid, the man brought in to fill the role.From the get go, Jonah, a man unwavering in his ideas of how a bank should be run, was hard for me to like Honestly, I felt for him, for sure And I wanted to be on his side be his champion in his hurt and disappointment and quest to prove the decision a wrong one But, for page after page, I just lost interest and then started getting irritated with him Get over it already or just leave the bank I screamed at my kindle.But then, at just around the halfway point, the energy and the pace of the book changed Jonah and Reid s contentious relationship became MORE and the enemies to lovers storyline took off From there add in some duplicity, some danger, some foul characters, and, as this is a bank of course, a heist and I was at the edge of my seat.I came to love Jonah and Reid and their courage and their dedication to one another If it weren t for the drawn out first half, this book may have made my favorites list the second half is THAT good And Tamara Allen s writing, per usual, is OUTSTANDING.So, if you re in the mood for a solid historical and feeling especially patient, give this a go The second half is a reward in and of itself Enjoy WOW This book was fantastic, which surprised me because I thought it was really slow at first, but by 20% I was invested in this story of Jonah, an assistant cashier at a New York City bank in 1888 who finds out that he lost the expected promotion to cashier to some out of towner who promises scary things like change and innovation, two things that buttoned up Jonah so fiercely thinks he AND the bank don t need.Rivalry between late 19th century bankers sounds super boring to me, but boy, was this book enthralling, and by 50%, I was fully in love with the dueling between Jonah and Reid, his new boss, and the eventual thaw and romance And sweet Jeebus, this book is in the Good Sexual Tension listopia category for a reason Jonah holds to his bitter guns for a long time, but Reid god bless him pokes and prods because he likes the challenge, and their back and forth is a real joy to read.And by 70%, you ll be gripping your book or e reader though a long tense climax as a terrible snow storm descends on the city to wreak havoc on our characters and the crime some are trying to get away with.After pushing through the beginning, this was a very addictive story with richly developed characters, a strong and believable historical setting, wonderful and funny dialogue, and an entrancing romance An amazing read, and I was blown away by what a great writer Allen is I think I got this 300 page book for free off some short termdiscount, and even now, it s only a dollar for the e book version This made me think eventhat this story was a real gift, a true treasure If you like historical m m romance, I can t imagine a better book to recommend. Freebie at the zon.com right now Never has a book which started so slowly won me over so completely We re introduced to Jonah, our main character, on the day he is passed over for promotion at the bank where he works Jonah has spent nearly fourteen years utterly devoted to his employer The bank s well being comes first He works long hours, is well loved and trusted by the staff, and has done everything possible to earn that promotion But instead, it went to the interloper, Reid.Jonah is devastated Here is where Ms Allen s tremendous talent begins to show I felt sick for Jonah I hurt for him I wanted him to catch Reid doing something awful I wanted Reid to admit Jonah had deserved the position I was frightened for Jonah Worried he d lose his job Worried he d get hurt physically as he goes to greater lengths to catch Reid out.This entire part of the story moved so slowly, building tension and worry in me until I thought I was going to explode, I just wanted something to happen already so I could stop feeling so sad and sick for Jonah And then, he and Reid started to become friends Their attraction began to form They began to trust each other, and so did I.And I believed it was all going to be okay I d misunderstood Reid I felt Jonah s relief and joy as my own Their romance was sweet, heart felt, and written in such lovely moments of simple enjoyment of each other I believed they earned their happiness, and I was so touched to see them get it.And then the rug got pulled out from under me in a spectacular fashion and I worried it might never be okay again A black moment like few I have ever read Brilliant Brutal Breathtaking This was a riveting, emotional gut punch of a ride And when the happy ever after happened, I cried like a baby, in relief, in joy, in gratitude.Tamara Allen is a master This book is a gift Highly recommend. I enjoyed this so much I do love a slow burn romance This is very slow but it allowed us to really enjoy Jonah s reawakening to life, and I loved the community around him Charming and with a terrific sense of place.