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!Ebook ♙ He Completes Me (Home #2) ☱ Not Even His Mother S Funeral Can Convince Self Proclaimed Party Boy Zach Johnson To Put Aside His Flamboyant Ways Or Even Think About Settling Down He Is Who He Is, And No One Can Make Him Change But When He Meets Aaron Paulson, His Brother S Best Friend, Zach Has To Step Back And Re Evaluate His Perceptions Of Love And FamilyAaron Insists He S Falling For Zach, But Zach Is Certain Aaron Sees Him As Just Another Project One Lost Soul For The Idealistic Aaron To Save Zach Isn T Broken He Doesn T Need To Be Fixed Aaron S Insistent, Though, And Zach Finds Himself Tempted Zach Wants To Believe In Happily Ever After, But Can He Let Go Of His Pride Long Enough To See Aaron S Heart I m not going to lie I wanted to kill Zach before I finished reading four chapters view spoiler What an asshole There is a scene near the beginning when Zach is freaking out because he doesn t believe himself good enough for Aaron that he fucks two guys at a party that he attends with Aaron This scene still makes me rage and cringe.That Aaron not only forgives Zach for his behavior, but takes care of him The man is practically a saint hide spoiler Damn, this book blows Mary Calmes out of the water as far as fluff goes I think there was maybe 1 no 2 instances of possible angst due to misunderstandings jealousy that lasted less than a paragraph Whew So, yes, it was sweet.But, it was also hot Damn these boys could fuck like rabbits Over and over and over again Pages and pages and pages of sex Bad thing Not necessarily But the book definitely could have been 50 pages shorter, in my opinion.Zach he was such a dickwad in the beginning of the book with a HUGE chip on his shoulder But the love of a good man really brought him around and I mean REALLY to the point you didn t recognize his character anyby the end What happened to his annoying sass I didn t miss it, but I was a little perplexed by the drastic change But, for having to be in his head via 1st person POV, he s kinda hysterical.Aaron geez louise there s a sucker born every minute Hello doormat He let EVERYONE walk all over him gladly The hard thing is he s so freaking likable Ok, yes, maybe too much so But, annoying kindness aside, I have a bit of a crush on him He s easy to love But the ONE thing I just could NOT get past from the very beginning this is the single worst case of INSTALOVE that I ve ever read in a book and that alone made me want to scream WTF I m supposed to believe this Yeah, for a book as long as this was, you d think the author would ve found a better way to write out this love story Confusing and frustrating All in all, not horrible Like not love Sweet hot entertaining enough Terrible cover Will consider reading on in the series but not completely sold Somewhere along the 53% i went into a sugar coma and this book sneaked in a star I was too numb to put care, and just grateful that i no longer had to mentally try to torture the main characters.The Good If you don t mind a sugary sweet story, with insta love Then this is the book, if not series, for you The books in this series are like powder donuts which i don t mind every now and then The intake can be almost deadly though, so be careful how many you intake without something healthy in between.Happy Ever After like we were told as children think Cinderella with a twist Zach s snarky personality It was refreshing from the other characters in the series.The Bad More sex scenes than dialogue between the characters.Although maybe some would count the talking while having sex to be part of the dialogue snort Every time the main characters had a mushy enlightening moment, the author needed to balance it with some sex right after.Drama without any purpose for character growth, or even further the plot.The Ugly Either Nikyta and i ended up on the twilight zone, or beware THE HEADCASE SCENE, around page 48 49 It was bad enough that the guilty party had some ridiculous justification for his actions The fact that the author made the injured party a doormat and then swept the whole mess under the rug like it never happened, just completely ruined my reading experience and left a bad taste in my mouth, that even the sugar couldn t mask Issues that were brought up in the story about secondary characters, suddenly disappeared half way through the book What i learned from this book view spoiler If somebody hurt you when you were younger because you are gay Then you should dress up in a tight pink shirt, hip hugging pants and some light make up It ll show them that you re still gay and proud If you have unresolved childhood issues, are only on a first date, and feel jealous because somebody gets too close to your date.even though he bared his soul to you just minutes before It s ok to have a threesome with some random guys you don t even like Because your date will be there to take care of you after and there will never be any mention of what happened Since it s your date s fault anyway, you shouldn t apologize either If you re in love with the guy you met 3 days before he leaves town, then you need to call him every night and talk about anything but the non existent relationship It s ok to just wait for him to suddenly change his mind and come back to you Even if you re getting an ulcer because he is a slut, and may be sleeping with a different guy every night It s ok to get angry at the guy who keeps calling you every night, doesn t demand anything of you, because you have an almost panic attack at the mention of a relationship, and tells you how much he loves you Because he didn t demand you stay faithful to him So you should go to a party, get drunk and sleep with the first good looking guy that approaches Maybe this time you ll have an epiphany before you actually have sex with the guy, and all your insecurities will disappear, once you hear the insecurities from the guy who keeps calling you hide spoiler Does this story in any way resemble even the tiniest slice of real life Hell no Does it matter For me, not one iota because sometimes I just want to read about a world where two people can take one look at each other and fall desperately in love in that split second, I want to lose myself in a sweet and sappy love story that defies all logic and I want to take a journey with the characters in stories like these because they shout out to the deep seated romantic in me that simmers below the slightly cynical me who tends to take precedence because I ve seen too many love affairs in RL fail or putter out either because someone cheats, treats their partner like crap or just coasts along because they ve got into that every days the same rut Don t get me wrong I know there are still strong loving relationships out there surviving the stresses of living in modern times but its very rare that fairy tale romances happen and in his or her way Sorry Cardeno I m still unsure as to your gender Cardeno C gives us exactly that, with the couples he she writes about and whatever bit of conflict they go through, you re guaranteed a fabulous HEA and who doesn t want one of those We all have a bit of a scoff about insta love but I do also know that it can happen because it did to a friend of mine and its a true story that always makes me feel all warm and fuzzy when I think of it This book made me feel all warm and fuzzy too and if that constitutes sweet and sickly then bring onsugar like this because I absolutely loved it Personally I think the sweetness of this Cardeno book is cut by the snarky narrative and flamboyant image of party boy Zach, which again I loved because I like that type of voice but there s no doubt that apart from a few moments where you want to shake him for allowing himself to be used as a doormat by certain charactersAaron is almost too good to be true There are moments of wonder at just how perfect this man is but OMG if a man like that had ever walked into my life I d have shouted hallelujah, praised the Lord and took a leaflet He s just gorgeous, kind, thoughtful, sexy in the sack, ber romantic and the two of them together are Hot Hot Hot Wow can this author write a sizzling sex scene or what In every book Ive read of hers his up to now I can t deny the palpable sexual tension and smoking chemistry and if you get that right then it s a keeper for me I can see why they re not everyone s cup of tea but at the moment they re mine Next please First read May 2011I was in the mood for a really sweet story, and this one definitely is Aaron was to good to be true,but hey it s a romance I loved it the first time, so I m doing a rereadwe shall seeOk, I finished my reread. sigh I still love it, yes, I have a few niggels, but I amthan willing to overlook them for the warm fuzzies this book leaves me with I have a horrible headache so I decided to give myself a present and bought a few of my favorites as audiobooks, unfortunately not all of them are available, but this one is and I enjoyed listening to it and I still think Aaron is a saint and Zach is a riot and it was great to be able to lie back and just listen to the story being told, the narrator did a good job of changing his voice enough that it was easy to follow who was talking. Audible 3,5 stars.I ve noticed that I can better tolerate mainstream romance books if I listen to them instead of read them In this case I don t have a feeling to spare my precious free time for something that I d forget one week after I finished it These books in audio format are a nice company for housecleaning and ironing.It s my second audio book of this author and the second book in the series At first I was a bit disappointed when I found out that it was narrated by Paul Morey He doesn t belong to my favorite narrators And it took me some chapters to get used to his voice again But I have to admit, he did a good job I gave an extra 0,5 star for his trying hard to make the book and mostly a huge numbers of sex scenes less ridiculous and less eye rolling than possible.I really enjoyed this story that was free from angst, fear, misunderstandings and illogical behavior of the main characters Believe me or not, but a book that has 300 pages of NORMALITY and not a single sign of the lack of communication between the MCs can be also very entertaining Two guys that couldn t bedifferent than they are, met, fell in love and decided to be together Totally sweet, full of sex and cliches but it did work for me wonderfully I blame my post Christmas mood For all fans of it s probably too good to be true MM romance And of course for all fans of Paul Morey. 3.5 stars First of all I don t like the cover at all Those ugly covers are one of the reasons I ve never read a story written by this author before So He Completes Me was my Cardeno C cherry popper Aaron s life is boring, sad, and empty Always doing things for other people and never, never for himself he is lonely, without hobbies, without a boyfriend and far from his family He is waiting for the love of his lifeFlamboyant Zach Johnson is everything Aaron isn t He s a self proclaimed party boy and doesn t do relationships He is who he is, and no one can make him change But when he meets Aaron Paulson, his brother s best friend, he is tempted to believe in happily ever after.The story is as sweet as honey and romantic You never get a chance to not fall in love with Aaron and Zach Of course the boys are getting their HEA, the sex is hot even if it s a little oral fixated The supporting characters are sweet I had some issues with the storyline, though In the first half of the book Zach s brother and sister in law, while good friends with Aaron, treat him like a doormat Without any shame they let him care for their children, work as their personal handyman, buy their groceries and cook their meals Hell, he even lives with them for a year because they are incapable of managing their life.Zach points out again and again that their behavior is wrong You can t help but start to notice and dislike this as well Strangely enough once Zach and Aaron are together miraculously all of these issues vanish into thin air and nothing is ever said any That wasodd.If you love to read a sweet romance with tons of hot sex this one could be the right one for you. 3.5 This review is for the second edition of this book, which includes a bonus chapter originally published in We first meet Zach and Aaron in Home Again, the first book of the series They are an established couple by then This book goes back in time and tells their story as filtered through Zach s first person POV Because most of the stories in this series run parallel to each other, we meet Clark here before he reconnects with Noah When Clark sees how lovey dovey Zach and Aaron are, he decides he needs to return home But back to Aaron and Zach Aaron falls in love with Zach the second he sees him, even though Zach initially pushes Aaron away and acts like a spoiled, thoughtless jerk Exhibit 1 The night the men meet, Aaron invites Zach to a party, only to have Zach view spoiler leave Aaron and go fuck two other men hide spoiler I normally really like the sappy writing of Cardeno C But I didn t like this.This is the story about Zach and Aaron.Zach is a small, obviously gay, cheeky guy, and loves to go out clubbing and have sex with a different guy every night.And Aaron, sweet sweet Aaron Aaron is big, confident, yet not as experienced as Zach.I would have thought Zach would be the guy I liked less I mean, he was an asshole at times And he actually view spoiler cheats in a horrible way at the beginning of their relationship hide spoiler