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Anamaria is a daughter of a winery owner and she dedicated her life to making wine She is terribly insecure about her looks, mainly because of the way men treated her She simply doesn t fit the picture of an ideal woman She is tall, full figured and plain, and she dresses badly, simply because she believes that nothing can be beautiful on her Ana gave up on love, marriage and kids a long time ago And then came Vittorio.Vittorio Ralfino, the Count of Cazlevara is a playboy Something his mother said prompted him to marry He chose Ana because she was loyal and she knows wines He is emotionally scarred because of his childhood which was a battlefield He believes he can t love Of course he is wrong It was a nice story, the development of the relationship is one of the good points They didn t just jump in bed, but waited until they begun to care about each other Ana s relationship with her father is nice too But there were a few things that bothered me Firstly, in the beginning when Vittorio was thinking of Ana he did so with disgust, which was unsettling Secondly, his family The entire subplot about them just felt wrong, especially the way he changed his mind It just bothered me.I was going to give the book 3 stars, but I do love Plain Jane stories, and Vittorio did get better, so Rating 3.75 stars. [[ Free E-pub ]] ↴ The Bride's Awakening ⇤ Vittorio Ralfino, The Count Of Cazlevara, Is Back In Italy To Make A Business Proposition He Wishes To Marry A Traditional Wife, And Anamaria Viale Sturdy, Plain And From A Good Vintner S Family Perfectly Fits His BillAna Is Stunned That Vittorio Is Offering Her An Ugly Duckling Marriage She D Stoically Resigned Herself To A Career And SingledomBut Vittorio Is Persuasive And Ana Would Like A Child Of Her Own Although She S Under No Illusion That This Is Anything But A Convenient Marriage Vittorio Will Never Offer Her Love So When The Time Comes For Him To Claim Her As His Bride, She S Surprised And Amazed At The Strength Of His Passion I bought this book based on GR recommendations It was a very nice marriage of convenience story Well written The heroine doesn t have a high opinion of her attractiveness which I thought was realistically written It really is hard to find the right person out there and the rejections before you do can really do a number on a girl before the right one comes along She isn t a doormattish wimp about it though She stands up for herself when the hero blows into her life And is really much self assured than she thinks she is.The hero is a bit arrogant but is never vile to her He eventually learns to love what a surprise and he was very charming and vulnerable at the end where he admits it and apologizes. I wonder what it would feel like to actually have a man zero in on me from across a room because he s targeted me for matrimony The closest I ll get is watching Anamaria, the heroine How she deals with it kept me entertained because she didn t make it easy In fact, she exasperated the hero, made him work for every little concession and challenged him on many levels It was fun Ana is a pretty complicated heroine with a lot of issues to work out and through She has a poor self image and a bruised heart Although she is well loved by her father, and she s devoted herself to him and his well being after her mother died, she s pretty sheltered which prevents her figurative wings from ever completely unfurling to explore the world beyond the vineyard That means at times she is na ve, vulnerable and persnickety Yet, for all those stumbling blocks, she has a passion for her grapes and wine, a professional demeanor and confidence in the work she does She s resigned herself to never being married and has closed off all her hopes and dreams and settled for what she thinks is her fate That kind of character is who I like to see get shaken up, challenged and end up with a happily ever after better than they ever dreamed Ana certainly fits the bill Vittorio is arrogant, cocky and controlling, initially The author slowly fed me snippets of information that explained why the hero is so controlling, why he had an arrogant demeanor, and the reasons he acted so self assured His self assuredness was on the verge of being annoying, so it was interesting to slowly understand it The ironic thing is, he over does it and ends up eating humble pie, making mistakes he never did before and being totally flummoxed Vittorio, not knowing what to do What to say Inconceivable And yet, Ana has him rethinking his approach and realizing that she is not like other women, nor does she want to be He has to take her as she is and not jump to conclusions Of course he does, which of course presented many opportunities for entertainment I enjoyed every one of them The conflict is two fold There are internal conflicts they both need to work through, and then there is the Cazlevara family conflict At first it starts off sounding like all the other dysfunctional family scenarios but Ms Hewitt threw me for a curve and created a very emotional and surprising hook Ana isn t a push over after all, nor does she wear blinders Her insight and her willingness to take a chance, a huge risk in fact, almost blew up in her face which lent a significant amount of emotional drama and depth to the story Betrayed trust and regained trust are also highlighted themes in this book and certainly those factors in any relationship, either strengthen it or weaken it For a brief period, I didn t know which way it was going to go The secondary characters are family members to both Vittorio and Ana What makes this book stand out was the author s choice to bring an emotional and very human reasoning to all that dysfunction A reader has a hard time staying angry in the face of the revelations about the Cazlevara interpersonal dynamics Ms Hewitt reminds readers quite effectively that there are two sides to every coin and nothing illustrated that than when Ana stood up to Vittorio, despite the high cost of doing so The only complaint I have is about Vittorio s stubbornness It lasted pretty much through the entire book It s the classic scenario of him fighting tooth and nail all the way in an uphill battle with convenient suspicions fed to him to heighten the suspense Then right at the very end he catapults into an emotional scene that segues into the happily ever after Even so, I did notice and appreciate how Ms Hewitt imbued one single phrase with romantic and sentimental overtones that wrapped up this book like a warm and tender hug The Man Who Could Never Love touches the heart with its earnest portrayal of two people who didn t believe dreams could come true The book entertained me and I read it in one sitting because the pace and storytelling voice wouldn t let me go I could relate to the heroine and I enjoyed her personality It s a sweet romance and well worth spending time with originally posted at THE MAN WHO COULD NEVER LOVE is another Harlequin Presents Extra by the fabulous pen of USA Today Bestselling author, Kate Hewitt.With a loveable heroine, who lacks self confidence in her femininity, women will relate to, a gorgeous but tortured hero everyone will love and plenty of twists and turns to keep readers on the edge of their seats, THE MAN WHO COULD NEVER LOVE is a fabulous story, romance readers shouldn t miss.The Count of Cazlevara decides to marry because he needs an heir to inherit his title and all it entitles So he approaches Anamarie Viale with a business like proposition Because Ana ticks all of Vittorio s checklist boxes Ana, herself was resigned to live without love and marriage and after considering Vittorio s proposition, accepts it Though, she knows that this is a marriage of convenience only, she still yearns for her husband s love She realizes that she had deceived herself when she d agreed to a loveless marriage as a business arrangement Love may not be comfortable but it was everything.The depth of characterization and intense emotional scenes amid the tension and betrayal drama made this story believable I finished the story in one sitting as I wanted to know what would happen next, and had the happy mushy feeling in my heart by the time I ended it I gladly give it 5 stars A wonderfully written and richly layered love story from one of Harlequin Presents most popular authors, THE MAN WHO COULD NEVER LOVE is another keeper from the always fabulous Kate Hewitt It started promisingly, but I found the pacing off balance The set up to the marriage seemed to go on forever, and then the marriage itself got relatively little development, even though this is when most of the relationship building happens The final crisis and resolution got really short shrift Ultimately, the idea that these two characters cared about each other at all was not entirely convincing. 3.5 stars Sweet Story 2.5 stars Too much about her being ugly and masculine looking Lost interest Vittorio Ralfino, the Count of Cazlevara, is back in Italy to make a business proposition He wishes to marry a traditional wife, and Anamaria Viale sturdy, plain and from a good vintner s family perfectly fits his bill.Ana is stunned that Vittorio is offering her an ugly duckling marriage She d stoically resigned herself to a career and singledom.But Vittorio is persuasive and Ana would like a child of her own Although she s under no illusion that this is anything but a convenient marriage Vittorio will never offer her love So when the time comes for him to claim her as his bride, she s surprised and amazed at the strength of his passion.