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Kisah cinta kerajaan selalu punya daya tarik tersendiri Raul dan Louisa yang bersatu karena kewajiban untuk mendapatkan takhta, ternyata berada dalaam situasi yang sama sekali tidak mereka duga Keduanya saling menutup diri, menduga duga, dan tidak meyadari jika sudah saling jatuh cinta. I m with Jenny on this one The heroine s insecurities were an noy ying It made no sense when the writer spent so much time showing us what a spunky, lovable, independent, intelligent, tender hearted woman she was and then turned her into a whiner about how she was always second best to his royal duties when he has done nothing but support her in her first tentative steps in claiming her princess title, standing up to her detractors and was NEVER a dickhead or a swine despite his negative experiences I adored him One of my favourite modern HP Heroes.But it was great for a while I usually stay away from fake kingdom novels but this one was written in a such an authentic way, I could almost believe in its existence So it starts off fine He s in a helicopter landing on her Aussie farm ready to drop a bombshell that she is now the surviving heiress to one of the provinces of his country He doesn t tell her the other bit yet, that she is also his bride to be Thanks to an unshakeable clause in the father s will, he can t become king unless he marries her.She has her own negative experience with the country thanks to a visit years ago and a failed love affair with a conniving trickster Her heartless grandfather had also cut her mother out of her inheritance so she couldn t have access to better medical care when she was ill She died and her husband soon after Heroine is now left with an ailing farm and debts piling up but she still flat out refuses her title and throws the H out.He pretty much blackmails her into agreeing by buying out her debts and she is left with little choice AW does a good job in showing their clashing personalities, their growing attraction, her adaptation to royal life without losing her spine or personality and his determination to be a good husband and leader despite his past scandal view spoiler he had fallen in love with a girl who subsequently seduced his father and ended up marrying him thus becoming his step mother hide spoiler [Free Pdf] ♖ Prince of Scandal ♗ Ruling PrinceRaul, Prince Of Maritz, Is Furious That An Archaic Law Is Forcing Him To Wed But Scandal And Unrest Has Dogged This Prince For Years, And A Marriage To Recently Discovered Princess Luisa Hardwicke Will Help Bring Stability To The Monarchyluctant PrincessOnly, Luisa Is An Outspoken, Mud Splattered Farm Girl, Who Isn T Going To Come Quietly Even As She S Reluctantly Transformed Into Polished Perfection, Luisa Challenges Raul At Every Turn And He Finds Himself Anticipating Their Wedding Night With An Excitement He Never Imagined He D Feel Aww, this was really sweet I m not a fan of royal romances, but this story won me over The heroine is an Australian farmer and the last heir on the royal family tree The hero is a prince who is contracted to marry whomever is on that family tree The hero buys the mortgages on farm and uses foreclosure as blackmail to get the heroine s agreement.The rest of the story is how the heroine adjusts to her royal duties very well and how the prince, with the standard issue bad childhood and the betrayal of his girlfriend with his father, learns to love I was happy this heroine was a competent farmer unlike LG s heroine s who go broke rescuing donkeys and not charging enough for their wares Heroine manages to translate that competence and vision to her royal duties.The hero was the first to say I Love You and his heartfelt declaration at the end was really touching He was a great hero and so was the heroine Just a nice story all around. Raul Luisa both belong to royal family,their marriages were fixed by Raul s father and Luisa s grandfather,this was promised by their elders to each other when they are children,Raul loves a woman named Ana who slept with Raul s father when she was in relation with Raul and he catches them both and Ana gets married to Raul s father from then on Raul has taken this pretty badly and has turned bitter and then his father is ill and passes away and now Raul is crowned as Prince and his coronation ceremony will take place after the mourning period is over but before he has to get married to Luisa so he starts searching for her and comes to know she runs a farm,Raul Luisa meet sparks fly and Luisa does nt knows how to be a princess now starts her training and learning process in which these two fall for each other,Luisa realises it first but she keeps it to herself,Raul realises later but he also keeps quiet thinking Luisa is so unhappy with him and he also has the guilt cause he has forced Luisa to marry him and now he has to make a difficult decision to let go Luisa for her happiness but obviously there are twist and turns and finally all misunderstandings are cleared and we have the HEAThis was a wonderful story cause when Raul Luisa met they knew they were only attracted to each other and for both of them the marraige is just a compromise but then they starts spending time with each other get to know each other understand each other,Raul s most opinion is coloured by his past and he does nt trust Luisa which hurts Luisa a lot but slowly she passes it and Raul starts to trust her,i was convinced of it cause there s one incident where it looks like Luisa Lukas Raul s secretary both are then friends and way Lukas had his hands around Luisa s waist which angers Raul and he immediately remembers how he saw Ana His father coming out from room but instead of jumping to conclusion and thinking Luisa is same as Ana he trust her and thinks no she is not Ana,she is Luisa and she is different from her and then he goes and asks her and she tells him she was learning how to waltz which he believes,i was happy that he trusted Luisa and asked her and after this he comes to know Luisa is pregnant,Luisa thinks Raul will suspect its Lukas but no he never for once thought it was not his child,he even tells it to Luisa i know this is my child and lays down his fears but Luisa says he will make a wonderful father and they will always be there for their childI really liked their journey of learning to trust each other and love each other,most of the time Raul does nt allows Luisa in and is emotionally distant but then he comes to trust her and lets her in,same goes for Luisa,they both make a perfect prince princess Good readRecommend it Who would have thought that one little archaic law, could throw the whole country of Maritz in turmoil A undiscovered princess is the only chance Raul, Prince of Maritz has of uniting and claiming the throne he has spent his life working for Forced to wed, his only hope is that she is moldable and like others, impressed with fame and fortune.What Raul discovers is a mud ridden cowgirl who has no interest in claiming her title Waspish temper, eyes you can drown in, and an honesty Raul has never felt before, Luisa is an unexpected delight He plans to do everything in his power to make her his bride, but what Luisa really wants in return is his heart.Enjoyable story, has a bit of melancholy throughout but there are moments when the characters shine Raul s suppressed demeanor is the only real obstacle in the story, you don t get to see him really evolve from his stoic manners. . 4.5 This is one of the most well written HP romances I ve read The characters are very rich, especially Raul He was ruthless in the beginning, but the way he cared for Luisa made me swoon I like it when a hero doesn t know he is falling in love and then when it hits him Deducting half a star for Luisa s insecurities, but she was still a very likable heroine. Prince of Scandal is a very well written HP Raul blackmails Luisa who runs a farm into marrying her As usual there is a legal contract involved, in order to inherit his throne Raul needs to marry Luisa Luisa s mother was royalty when she gave it all up to marry Luisa s father Luisa s grandfather was a bitter man who threatened to dis inherit her and years later tried to turn Luisa into a perfect princess So, Luisa holds a very negative view about royalty and the privileged The first time Raul lands on her door step she sends him packing, and when the next time he comes calling she accepts because of the people she cares about Typical HP right Heroine makes the sacrifice to save her loved one s But Luisa has fire, she refuses to follow the dictates of Raul Raul is the perfect royal and after what his father did to him and his country through his actions, he is determined not to make a fool of himself over a woman Luisa slowly adjusts into royal life and Raul gets used to her The gift he gives Luisa in the end was sweet A good HP.Rating 4 I thought I would like this book but I didn tat all The heroine was extremely insecure like constantly doubting the hero s affections when he was nothing but nice to her Plus she realized she was in love with him in maybe the last chapter Other than the heroine whining non stop there wasn t any angst or tension between them Not my idea of a romance.