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!Kindle ♡ Destiny and Deception ⚆ The Sensational Fourth Novel In The To Life Series Sees Jessica And The Rusakovas Fighting To Overcome Their Biggest Challenge YetWith The Threat Of The Mafia Seemingly Gone And The Company S Headquarters In Junction Destroyed, Pietr Rusakova Is Adjusting To Being A Normal Teen And Jess Is Realizing Normalcy May Not Be What She Wanted After All But Both Jess And Cat Know The Truth That Normal Can T Be Taken For Granted Their Precious Cure Isn T Permanent And When A New Danger Stalks Into Their Small Town, Alexi Decides He Must Overcome His Issues With The Mother Who Abandoned Him To Be Raised By Wolves And Make A Brand New Deal To Save His Adopted Family I do love this series but, I felt this book was a novella The story seemed to coast and then at the end started to pick up until the Authors Acknowledgements came up I have to admit it was frustrating. O.M.G Shannon writes another amazing book with a HUGE twist actually a few twists and I could not wrap my head around it I felt like I was dying throughout this whole book because i LOVE Jessie and Pietr Normal is not right for Pietr and I died a little inside in what happens and it kills me now even thinking about it Jessie stays strong through the whole change and almost everything she has been through But I think it is too much to take in and she finally breaks, at least that is how I feel She breaks and I was crying right along with her She is such a strong character who has lost alot and did not want to lose and here she is losing something, everything to her because of herself Throughout this book someone new comes to town and they aren t alone and they have their sights set on someone, and again throughtout this book it is switching between 3 people I like 2 of them but want to KILL the 3rd person than anything in the world Again another book that pulls you in and makes you feel so much is something worth reading, brings you back to why you like to read Jessie knows something is off with these new comers, the schools food, some students, herself and most of all Pietr the change he went through He is now no longer interested in her per say, he lost his fire, andf passion and it kills her Through this journey she feels like she cannot do anything to help anyone it is HER fault they are like this and its eating her away and she finally breaks and then of course there is a ton of other things going on and in the end you are left hanging and this cliff hanger I almost died and I am dreading what is in the next and final book but in a good kind of dreadful way p Then there is Alexi, strong and silent type who is watching this all through pained eyes He knows how bad Jessie is hurting and he feels like there is nothing he can do, but there is he confront his birth mother and he goes through so much for this family and Jessie He is something of a mystery to me too, he feels so much for his family, but you never know what is going on in his personal life, who is the woman he calls to listen to her voice He is a truly amazing character, to see all these things through his eyes is awesome and i loooove it Shannon hats off to you for another amazing book and they keep getting better than the one before When this book opens, all seems perfect for Jess and Pietr The Russian mob isn t after them any, and they ve found a cure for the whole Pietr and his family are werewolves problem even though it may only be temporary, still better than nothing Awesome, right Except that a the cure has made Pietr kind of boring and b a new and different pack of werewolves has moved into the town The introduction of Marlaena and her pack was fantastic Even though she s definitely villain than heroine, I absolutely loved Marlaena and am excited to learn about her backstory hopefully in the next book There are also a lot of plot threads I m excited to see resolved in the next book not the least of which is what exactly is going on at that school they attend.While it s tempting to slam Jess for never being satisfied, I think it s important to point out that I m glad Shannon Delany chose to showcase the fact that sometimes the things we think we want most are not really good for us I think a lot of us have the tendency to want the wrong things, you know And while she wants of a future with Pietr than what she d get if he stayed a werewolf, it s also important to point out that that s what she fell in love with And if you were to remove a major trait from someone, obviously they d be someone completely different And obviously she didn t think about that until it was too late This series is incredibly fun and I cannot wait to see where it goes next. I want to preface my review by saying I really love Shannon Delany and her 13 to Life series I even drove two hours to see her at a book signing once But there is nothing sensational about Destiny and Deception, in fact it marks a definite lull in the saga It was a combination of things, that contributed to my disenchantment Things were fairly well resolved at the end of Bargains and Betrayals So where do we go from here We adjust to life without werewolves or do we Into Junction roves a new pack of wolves that are all about being wolves, The Wolf is the Way Honestly, I had a hard time becoming interested in them, perhaps because it took a while for them to become relevant to the plot I actually had trouble keeping the males of the pack straight due to similar names and lack of interest By the time they became relevant I was already felt rather apathetic towards them and resentful of them.The Ruskova s adjustment to normalcy is a little dull Pietr s fire has all but disappeared and so has his personality No one besides Jessie seems at all concerned about this No one seems concerned about the new pack in town or what that means for the Ruskova s No one seems concerned about retribution from The Company No one seems to be aware that you just don t walk away from the Russian mob Instead everyone is consumed by the former side story of strange additives in the school lunches that seem to be enhancing and jump starting extra sensory abilities in the students of Junction High I wasn t all that interested in that part of the series when it was a sub plot, and am still not sold on it now that it has moved into the forefront.Also, Ms Delaney switches points of view between Jessie, Alexi, and Marlena the new pack s Alpha This is not a new style for her, she s done it before, and done it well, but with there being so little action, and so little going on, it seemed less effective Often times the switch of voices wasn t noticeable until I was a few paragraphs in even though each change of view point is clearly character labeled For the most part this felt like an entire book full of plot exposition that could have been condensed into a prologue By the time things started to pick up, it was at the end In fact, book five looks very exciting However had this not been part of a beloved series, I honestly don t know if I would have finished it I look forward to a return to action and excitement with Rivals and Retributions, the final novel in the 13 to Life series, which is set to come out in August Shannon Delany promises that this series is going to end with a bang not a whimper and I m holding her to it. Can t wait Gorgeous cover, of course. Destiny and Deceptionhow do I even begin to explain this one The last book, Bargains and Betrayals, was pretty epic, but Destiny and Deception has upped the stakes and made for an absolutely mind blowing read After the thrilling end to Bargains and Betrayals, I was eager to dive into this one The plot got exciting with each chapter, and I was so into the storyline Destiny and Deception introduces quite a few new characters, and I was intrigued by them and what they bring to the story With the new characters, that also brought a new POV which was interesting to see.The characters of this series are so fun I love Cat and Max and all the crew Alexi was a character who really grew on me in this one I am very curious to see how the new characters, like Marlaena, will bring to the concluding book in the series The ending made me literally sick there with my mouth hanging wide open I was completely dumbstruck I had NO idea it was coming, and it has set up the insurance that the last book, Rivals and Retribution is going to be absolutely brilliant I want it to be August right now, because I cannot stand to wait a moment longer to see what is going to happen after the ending of Destiny and Deception.This series is so great, and Destiny and Deception by Shannon Delany is sure a must read I loved this installment in the series, and am counting down the days til the next one is released It has a ton of action and a really unique looks at werewolves. Edit I removed the star rating after I realized I didn t read the third book in the series I think that might have had a lot to do with why I was confused by the plot However, that doesn t change the alienation I felt from the POV shift or how little the direction appeals to me.This was a terrible thing to do to a great series I got three quarters of the way through the book and realized that I really didn t care how it ended Delany threw in everything but the kitchen sink to keep her series going The first three were fun and different but with some of the major plot devices resolved the series needed a new direction Delany gave it that by expanding one POV Alexi and introducing a new one Marlaena There s also about four new story threads put in, including a complete shift in the main characters relationship that makes it less appealing and view spoiler a Hogwarts style special class hide spoiler This book was a filler, nothing really happened and I MISSED PIETR Destiny and Deceptionby Shannon DelanyOthers In Series 13 to Life Secrets and Shadows Bargains and Betrayals In the fourth installment of Delany s werewolf series we are back with the Rusakova family and their human friends But not everything is easy, not to mention, what happens when the cure may not be everything they had hoped it would be Then, there is the fact of personality changes What happens when you take the alpha out of a person Jessie and the crew are once again in danger, but this time, they aren t quite sure if it s from the mafia, or from some new arrivals There is one thing for certain Life is never boring But what happens when them man you love suddenly changes, completely.I have been a fan of Delany s novels since I read 13 to Life when it first came out While most would call these wolves Shifters and not actual werewolves it matters not because the truth of the matter is, that the books are amazing The fourth book is no different, it too is one of those books that grabs you from the second that you open it and makes you turn pages until you reach the end Once , Delany leaves it at a huge cliffhanger that leaves the reader once starving for and angry that there is time to wait until the next installment Another fantastic werewolf novel with a twist, I am so eager to read Thank you Ms Delany for yet another fantastic novel 5 stars Note to author Bring my man back