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[[ Read E-pub ]] ⚣ A Day No Pigs Would Die ⚛ Out Of A Rare American Tradition, Sweet As Hay, Grounded In The Gentle Austerities Of The Book Of Shaker, And In The Universal Countryman S Acceptance Of Birth, Death, And The Hard Work Of Wresting A Life From The Land Comes This Haunting Novel Of A Vermont Farm BoyhoodIn The Daily Round Of His Thirteenth Year, As The Seasons Turn And The Farm Is Tended, The Boy Whose Time Is The Only Yesterday Of Calvin Coolidge, Whose People Are The Plain People Living Without Frills In The Shaker Way Becomes A ManThat Is All, And It Is Everything The Boy Is Mauled By Apron, The Neighbor S Ailing Cow Whom He Helps, Alone, To Give Birth The Grateful Farmer Brings Him A Gift A Newborn Pig His Father At First Demurs We Thank You, Brother Tanner, Said Papa, But It S Not The Shaker Way To Take Frills For Being Neighborly All That Robert Done Was What Any Farmer Would Do For Another But Is Persuaded Rob Keeps The Pig, Names Her, And Gives Her His Devotion He Wrestles With Grammar In The Schoolhouse He Hears Rumors Of Sin He Is Taken At Last To The Rutland Fair He Broadens His Heart To Make Room Even For Baptists And When His Father, Who Can Neither Read Nor Cipher, Whose Hands Are Bloodied By His Trade, Whose Wisdom And Mastery Of Country Things Are Bred In The Bone, Entrusts Rob With His Final Secret, The Boy Makes The Sacrifice That Completes His Passage Into ManhoodAll Is Told With Quiet Humor And Simplicity Here Are Lives Lived By Earthy Reason In A Novel That, Like A Hoedown Country Fiddler S Tune, Rings At The Same Time With Both Poignancy And Cheer I am amazed at many of the negative opinions regarding this book It is very well written, the author balances humor with realism and emotional content Although there are some disturbing scenes, they are not fictional violence, but a part of the life of the time and place My book club read this as adults and many of them wereupset at the scenes than the students who read the book Sometimes as adults we seem to readinto things than children do Weasling the dogs was very hard for most adults, but many of the kids took it in stride The only thing they had problems with was parsing a sentence After explaining that it was like diagramming a sentence, they really enjoyed that scene As both adults and students we questioned the Shaker connection because the Shakers with which we are familiar did not marry and lived in communities I think this is an excellent book and would recommend it as a good read for anyone interested in young adult children s fiction However, have some tissues handy. A Day No Pigs Would Die is a book about a Shaker boy, Robert Peck, growing up in Vermont in a poor family He skips school, and while playing hookie, comes upon a neighbor s cow in the woods who is struggling to give birth Robert helps the calf be born, but also discovers that the cow is struggling to breathe because of something in its throat, which he manages to remove turns out to be a goiter , saving its life Out of gratitude, the neighbor gives Robert a baby pig, that Robert comes dearly to love The book is the tale of a boy, on the verge of becoming a man, and some difficult, painful lessons that he learns I really enjoyed this book, with its quaint local dialect and phrasing so did my son as I read it aloud to him on our errands.This book was read for Alphabet Challenge letter D. This book has stayed with me for over 20 years and read it again tonight and cried just as hard as I did when I read it for the first time as a child It s a horribly sad, yet beautiful story As an adult, I found the relationshipstouching than I did when I read it as a child The heartbreak was felt, though in different ways I don t know how old I want my children to be when they read this book, but they will read it one day. Many readers don t like A Day No Pigs Would Die because of its religious connotations and its sexism Personally, I loved it because it depicts real life in all its gloryand its gruesomeness Robert is a young boy who learns the reality of life s hardships the necessity of doing the hard things, the joys of the little things, the truth about making decisions and becoming a man Though I m female, I could sympathize with Robert s maturing into an adult and coming face to face with the truths that parents so often try to spare us from I especially enjoyed the character of Robert s father who, though perhaps traditional and sometimes overbearing, is the silent hero of the book, the man who has learned life the hard way and seeks to still create a safe place for his wife and son This book is about realizing that your parents don t have it all together, that they are smarter than you realized, that they often do everything they do for you, and that you too will have to make the tough decisions like they have It s a fantastic family coming of age story, and one I will probably revisit in the future I also can t wait to delve into Peck s other works, though none, I doubt, are as compellingly real and moving as this book, which, it turns out, is actually semi autobiographical.