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Ah.Homecoming This is one of the few books I read in junior high that I still love reading from time to time The book is the story of Dicey, a young teen, and her three siblings Their mother, who is suffering from poverty and mental illness, abandons them in her old beat up car in the mall parking lot After waiting for her to come back and realizing that she isn t going to, Dicey takes charge With the little money they have, they decide to take a journey to find some relatives up north Walking most of the way, sleeping and camping in random places, Dicey leads her family north I don t want to spoil the rest of the book, but Dicey eventually meets up with some family and it is not at all what she was expecting.Dicey is one of my favorite heroines I remember looking up to her as I read this book as a pre teen She was so determined, so strong, and had so little fear She simply got up each day and kept going, even though they didn t know where their next meal would come from, even though they were hungry and tired Dicey had so much faith that she would eventually find a home for herself and her siblings and was so set on keeping the four of them together She was so protective of her brothers and sisters Growing up, I wanted to be as strong as she was.Even though this is technically a children s YA novel, it is a great read for adults, too. Homecoming was a dark book when I was in junior high school, and it s no less dark now Dealing with heavy themes of homelessness, death, dysfunction and neglect among other things, it s a story of shattered dreams and an unwelcome adventure to find the perfect home The Tillerman Family knows it s possible, or at least they believe it is there s just one issue there The Tillermans are all children Their mother has dumped them alone and it s up to them to seek out a new place to go, lest they be separated or taken awayWhere the veil broke, you could see silvery clouds on which tall angels might stand Not cute little Christmas angels, but high, stern angels in white robes, whose faces were sad and serious from being near God all day and hearing His decisions about the world There s no innocence in this book, only somber maturity and disappointment That said, the Tillerman kids do love each other, and it s this driving force which keeps the story going While it s a tragic tale, it s not always depressing, and as it reaches the end there are powerful and unforgettable moments of hope With homelessness and abandonment unfortunately being very real issues many kids do face, these underdog heroes of this Connecticut set story are great role models sharing a message to never give up. We spent such an enjoyable few days with these characters Four siblings from a poor background have a single mum who is struggling and one day things just get too much.Without spoiling the plot the rest of the book is about the children, largely on their own struggling to find a way to live and stay together This book is long and we really felt we got to know these characters and their very individual personalities We loved following their journey, being with them through their hardships, meeting mean people and good.We loved the character of Dicey and Maybeth and so wanted things to work out for this family and find a way that they could stay together, how lucky for them they had the strong and resourceful Dicey to persevere through the hard times.Some very realistic characters, these felt like real people to us I appreciated how cousin Eunice was contrasted against the character of grandma, I liked the way that these characters personalities were revealed to us We loved the characters Will and Karen from the circus and how wonderful that their performing animals were a trio of well loved terriers The story keeps you guessing right up to the last few pages I never got the chance to read this book when I was younger but as an adult I ve thoroughly enjoyed reading all about Dicey and her younger siblings as they make their way to an aunt s house whom they ve never met after being abandoned in a shopping mall car park by their mentally ill mother.I don t have a big sister but if I did I would love one like Dicey who is so strong brave and a real heroine It must be truly terrifying to be left all alone as a child by the one person who you trust to look after you and then have the entire responsibility of your younger siblings as well The writer really takes you on the journey with the children through all their adventures something which I really enjoyed It s been fun reading an adventure story and Dicey as a character will stay with me a very long time. This book grabbed me and wouldn t let go Unstable single mom drives to the mall and has the kids stay in the car The mall closes, and she is nowhere to be found The kids know that if they go to the police, they will be split up into separate foster care So, using every resource they possess, they head to the one relative they think might take them in, no matter that she is several states away.What a desperate, gripping situation Spare, elegant writing makes it incredibly powerful This won a Newbery Honor, but I think it s just as good as Dicey s Song, which won the Medal. I read this book in my early teen s and recently bought it for my daughter.I loved this book when I was young The book is about Dicey and her three younger siblings who were abandoned by their mother in a mall parking lot Worried about being split up and sent to foster care they decide their only option is to go on foot to find their Great Aunt Cilla whom they ve never met I found it well written with an easy to read gripping storyline I could visualize all that was happening to these children as they walked cross country after being abandoned by their mentally ill mother It s not often a book stays with you for so many years However, this book definitely stayed with me as an all time favorite I highly recommend this book Even though this is technically a young adult novel, many adults will likely find it a great read too. This is an exciting and heartfelt story about a strong girl and her younger siblings who are on their own when they re apparently abandoned by their mother I ve always loved tales of kids left on their own see A Long Way To Go, etc and this is a particularly good book with a compelling main character. There are some characters in novels that stick with you all of your life.Do you know what I mean We all remember Ramona Quimby right People fall in love with Harry Potter and Frodo and Lucy Pevensie Maybe you can t forget Oliver Twist or that one big guy in Of Mice and Men.I remember a girl named Dicey as if we were next door neighbors or first cousins.She and her siblings are the main characters in a book series by Cynthia Voight The first novel is Homecoming and the storyline shocked me as a kid and stuck right in my gut somewhere and I ve never forgotten the vibe and the heart of that novel not even thirty years later I used to want to name my daughter Dicey It didn t happen But that thought was always there Last week I finished rereading Homecoming as a grown up because I wanted to consider it for our girls Book Club but remembered its content to be heavy and wanted to evaluate whether I thought the girls were ready for it just yet.The story is a hard one, you guys.Dicey and her three younger siblings live with their mom on the coast Their dad left them years earlier The novel opens with the four kids waiting in their blue station wagon in the parking lot of a mall It s a hot summer day and their mom heads into the mall while the kids are instructed to listen to thirteen year old Dicey and stay put.The kids wait And wait And Mom never comes out of the mall The abandoned kids spend one night in the station wagon and then trek it out on their own.Of course, this story is written before cell phones and the internet So there s no texting to save them and they need to use an actual phone book.Dicey is afraid to go to the police for fear of being separated from her siblings and the kids choose to band together no matter the cost They have a destination in mind of the home of a grandmother they ve never met who lives down the coast.The novel moves along following Dicey s stoic efforts to feed her family and meet their physical needs, while wrestling with the fall out of her mother s abandonment and her fears of what their future holds The pressure on a kid of this age is immense.There s so much to like in this story So much to worry about So much to fear for Dicey and James and Maybeth and Sammy.Homecoming is such a worthwhile read.Good literature should give you a place for your own feelings to land Good literature should make you think and it should make you feel and it should open your eyes to the thinking and the feeling of someone else too.I think there s something very powerful about putting novels like this in the hands of girls like mine.Books are safe places Books are about other people and other people s lives You can talk about other people and other people s lives while kind of sort of trying out feelings and thoughts of your own about your own life But you say it s about Dicey and you can see how that works out in your mind and in your words Safe Talkable.It s why Book Club started actually.To talk about Big Things through safe characters in safe books with beginnings, middles and ends and a hard cover that you can close when you ve had too much.I think Homecoming is a perfect Book Club book actually.And I still feel just as inspired by Dicey as a forty two year old as I did when I met her as a twelve year old. {FREE EBOOK} ⚷ Homecoming (Tillerman Family, #1) ß It S Still TrueThat S The First Thing James Tillerman Says To His Sister Dicey Every Morning It S Still True That Their Mother Has Abandoned The Four Tillerman Children Somewhere In The Middle Of Connecticut It S Still True They Have To Find Their Way, Somehow, To Great Aunt Cilla S House In Bridgeport, Which May Be Their Only Hope Of Staying Together As A FamilyBut When They Get To Bridgeport, They Learn That Great Aunt Cilla Has Died, And The Home They Find With Her Daughter, Eunice, Isn T The Permanent Haven They Ve Been Searching For So Their Journey Continues To Its Unexpected Conclusion And Some Surprising Discoveries About Their History, And Their Future There have been quite a few stories that contained bits and pieces of the kind of material to be found in Homecoming , but quite honestly I would have to contend that not one of them can compare to this book Cynthia Voigt has masterfully crafted a story that is SO totally complete and resonates in every way possible that I truly think that not even the world s greatest author could have improved upon this book The author touches on so many themes in such surprising depth that a shorter book simply could not have held the overflow of pure wisdom and warmth and love and humor and fidelity to one s goals that fills up Homecoming , and spills out of the pages The saga of Dicey, James, Maybeth, and Sammy in Homecoming is one of the greatest that I have ever encountered in the ranks of literature, and this book is only the first of seven These four protagonists start on a long sojourn that will never be forgotten by the reader who allows the story to enter his or her heart I do not see how this book did not win the 1982 Newbery Medal, but it will continue to touch people and change lives, even for many years to come This is a virtuoso performance by a master in her field Bravissimo.