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This is my fourth journey into the fantastical lands of Narnia, as I have chosen to read the series in chronological rather than publication order.From the very first line I knew I was sure to love this book as it details the return of the Pevensie children from The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe, the most famous and my most beloved Narnia tale Only one year later in the human world, and centuries later in Narnian time, the children return to find their beloved castle an ivy clad ruin and the land they knew and loved altered beyond all recognition Another form of evil has taken control of the lands and the children must once again work with the magical Narnian beasts to free it from the tyrant s control.Whilst I adored the actual story, some elements of it did make me wince a little Referring to some little girls as plump and mentioning their fat legs seemed like an unnecessary addition to the text but I also need to remember that these books weren t penned in this century, where such writing is unacceptable.This entire series touches me on such a deep emotional level, despite the simplicity of the tales It is such a wonderful feeling to read something that ends with such purity and goodness I think this is the magic of reading stories aimed at children in the adult genre this suspended belief would not be tolerated and the happily ever afters would not be believed We often look forcomplex conclusions, but it is so refreshing to read something where good is sure to conquer evil and be content that all that is wrong will be rightfully restored. Prince Caspian the return to Narnia Chronicles of Narnia, 2 , C.S LewisPrince Caspian originally published as Prince Caspian The Return to Narnia is a high fantasy novel for children by C S Lewis, published by Geoffrey Bles in 1951 It was the second published of seven novels in The Chronicles of Narnia 1950 1956 , and Lewis had finished writing it in 1949, before the first book was out It is volume four in recent editions of the series, sequenced according to Narnia history Like the others, it was illustrated by Pauline Baynes and her work has been retained in many later editions Prince Caspian features return to Narnia by the four Pevensie children of the first novel, about a year later in England but 1300 years later in Narnia It is the only book of The Chronicles with men dominating Narnia The talking animals and mythical beings are oppressed, and some may be endangered The English siblings are legendary Kings and Queens of Narnia and are magically recalled once again as children by the refugee Prince Caspian 2002 2 1898 1963 1379 208 9647100043 1384 1368 20 1386 284 9644178521 1387 200 9789648890877 79 17 . [Download Pdf] ♪ Prince Caspian ⚕ The Pevensie Siblings Are Back To Help A Prince Denied His Rightful Throne As He Gathers An Army In A Desperate Attempt To Rid His Land Of A False King But In The End, It Is A Battle Of Honor Between Two Men Alone That Will Decide The Fate Of An Entire World Things never happen the same way twice Admittedly Prince Caspian was boring at first for I didn t like the symbolic meaning of the whole book It was hard to read and that incredible ending nearly shut me out from enjoying, it s abrupt and unsatisfied at all Although I quie liked the movie, the book is so much different The pace is excruciatingly slow I didn t like the over descriptive narration talking about everything including flowers, sky, and trees Wouldn t it be dreadful if some day in our own world, at home, men start going wild inside, like the animals here, and still look like men, so that you d never know which were which The first part of this book was acceptable, especially when Peter, Susan, Edmund, and Lucy comes back to Narnia, the vibes of the book is nearly the same as the previous one But around the middle, the story was a downfall, there re so many subtle meanings between the pages, it gave me such a headache that I had to think about it many times.However, this book isn t awful It has the enjoyable parts to keep my attention until the last page Prince Caspian is as intriguing as always, so much alike his character in the movie Feeling like the voice she liked best in all the world was calling her name. Now unlike The Horse and His Boy I remembered this novel in the Narnia chronicles That said it was still enjoyable and a wild ride from railway station to Cair Paravel to King Miraz s castle to the Fords of Beruna to Aslan s Howe to a railway station Along the way we meet some new characters in the form of questionable dwarves rightly so in my opinion , loyal badgers, chattering squirrels and courtly mice, oh and dozy giants An enjoyable novel that gives yetinsight into the Narnian world and reinforces the messages of understanding and tolerance, always a good thing.Again it has to be 4 without doubt. I m mad at myself because I wanted to read the first of the Narnia series before reading this one for class, but I didn t quite make it.I loved this story because I love Lucy and Aslan and Caspian, but there were a lot of side characters who I didn t care much about and the villain in this book wasn t so interesting Nevertheless, a muuuuch easier read than Lord of the Rings One year has passed since Peter, Susan, Edmund, and Lucy went to Narnia through an old Wardrobe and met the bad white witch and the righteous lion Now they are sitting on a seat at a railway station with trunks and playboxes piled up round them on their way to school But Narnia needs them back More precisely PRINCE CASPIAN, the true king of Narnia needs them back And the children are ready for a new adventure in the land that thousand years ago they used to be Kings and Queens themselves Because time passes at different speeds in Narnia.And now the landscape has changed and the men are ruling the fairytale land The talking animals and the mythical creatures are hiding trying to survive Everyone remembers Narnia s golden age and everyone is hoping that a just King will appear and will bring prosperity and safety again to the rightful population of Narnia.There two stories in this book that mingle The story of the prince Caspian and how he claims this throne and the story of the four children s return to Narnia It may look confusing when you read it, but everything will make sense after a certain point in the book Then begin a new paragraph.. Sometimes The Chronicles of Narnia remind me the Neverending Story. 3.75 Hamlet with badgers. You doubt your value Don t run from who you are. The Pevensie siblings Peter, Susan, Edmund and Lucy spent the last year daydreaming about Narnia Despite the horrors of the White Witch, but they constantly think about returning to Narnia for they are only truly themselves when they are with Aslan Feeling like the voice she liked best in all the world was calling her name. And when they suddenly find themselves thrust back into Narnia, they discover one very, very important thing Things never happen the same way twice. The siblings soon realize that time moves far differently in Narnia than it does in the real world A thousand years have passed and everyone they once knew have long since passed It s up to them to put the one, true prince on Narnia s throne and right the world that has gone so far astray.I did appreciate how C S Lewis wrote his female characters with a bit of spunk and sass in themThat s the worst of girls, said Edmund to Peter and the Dwarf They never can carry a map in their heads That s because our heads have something inside them, said Lucy. Though, I did notice that the gals never got to do any sword fighting and did spend a lot of time being protected by their brothers Ah well It was a sign of the times.And while I really enjoyed catching up with Lucy and co., I was hugely disappointed to learn about the time jump I just couldn t believe that C S Lewis wrote off the Beaver family and Mr Tumnus so quickly We still have Aslan but I missed the side characters I fell in love with.Audiobook CommentsRead by Lynn Redgrave and it was rather well done Enjoyable to listen to Blog Instagram Twitter