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So far this one is my favorite book out of the series I think this was my favorite of all of the Riders of the Apocalypse books that I have read Billy Ballard is the victim of persistent and sustained bullying and just wants to get through the day When Death comes calling and says he has to stand in as Pestilence, Billy feels totally unqualified and out of his depth But he made a promise when he was five years old to a man who has haunted his nightmares ever since and he is stuck with the job The job is made even difficult by the fact that Pestilence is insane We see the history of Pestilence who began life as King Mita of Phrygia and who took up the crown of Pestilence upon the death of his beloved young daughter This Pestilence has served for thousands of years and the horrors he has seen and caused have made him insane He is determined to end the world once and for all Billy has to dive into Pestilence s memories and face his own fears before the world can be saved.I love the language in this story The descriptions made me feel like I was there with Billy which was not exactly a good thing when he was being tormented by the bullies at his school The only downside that I could find for this story was that Death didn t make enough appearances There was less of the quirky humor that Death brought to the earlier books in the series This book deals with real life issues like bullying and like caring for a grandparent with Alzheimer s I thought Billy s feelings about his grandfather were very realistic as he switched between remembering the grandfather who was such a central part of his childhood and resenting the responsibility for caring for this sometimes violent stranger his grandfather had become I agreed with him when he felt that he had too much irresponsibility for a fifteen year old I also really resented the mother who didn t see that her son was being bullied and the school system that didn t see it either This was an excellent story about a young man who doesn t let an impossible situation defeat him and who struggles with both grace and courage I thought that the ending was realistic and not a typical they all lived happily ever after I recommend this story to all young adults. Free Pdf ♂ Loss ☧ Fifteen Year Old Billy Ballard Is The Kid That Everyone Picks On, From The School Bullies To The Teachers But Things Change Drastically When Death Tells Billy He Must Stand In As Pestilence, The White Rider Of The Apocalypse Now Armed With A Bow That Allows Him To Strike With Disease From A Distance, Billy Lashes Out At His Tormentorsand Accidentally Causes An Outbreak Of Meningitis Horrified By His Actions, Billy Begs Death To Take Back The Bow For That To Happen, Says Death, Billy Must Track Down The Real White Rider Who Is Lost In His MemoriesIn His Search, Billy Travels Through White Rider S Life From Ancient Phrygia, Where The Man Called King Mita Agrees To Wear The White Rider S Crown, To Sherwood Forest, Where Pestilence Figures Out How To Cheat Death From The Docks Of Alexandria, Where Cartons Of Infested Grain Are Being Packed Onto A Ship That Will Carry The Plague, To The Children S Crusade In France All The Way To What May Be The End Of The World When Billy Finally Finds The White Rider, The Teen Convinces The Man To Return To The Real WorldBut Now The Insane White Rider Plans To Unleash Something Awful On Humanity Something That Could Make The Black Death Look Like A Summer Cold Billy Has A Choice He Can Live His Life And Pretend He Doesn T Know What S Coming, Or He Can Challenge The White Rider For His Crown Does One Bullied Teenager Have The Strength To Stand His Ground And The Courage To Save The World To everyone who reads LOSS thank you A portion of proceeds will be donated to the Alzheimer s Association, so if you purchased this book, either for yourself, for a friend, or for your library place of work, thank you for helping to make a difference. Though art the White Rider, William Ballard Thou art Pestilence, Bringer of Disease Go thee out unto the world Loss is the third book in the Riders of the Apocalypse series I was definitely glad that the plot was different from the first two books, but it took quite a while for the action to begin During the first 90 pages I considered ending the series because I felt that it wasn t that great, but I am so glad I stuck through it The book definitely delved deeply into the mystery of the Riders and the fact that they each carry the memories of their predecessors I felt that this book deviated from the previous two by not sticking to the normal school setting and finally exploring the history of one of the Riders I also enjoy the fact that Jackie Morse Kessler has a poetic quality to her words, which is always enjoyable.Here is a short synopsis The first 90 pages or so establish the fact that Billy Ballard is a teen in high school that is constantly picked on His home life is also not that great his father abandoned their family, his mother is always working, and he has to take care of his grandfather who has Alzheimer s The only light in Billy s life is his friend, Marianne, but he desperately wants her to be his girlfriend but doesn t have the guts to ask her Apparently at the age of five, Billy was tricked by the White Rider into making a deal, Billy would replace Pestilence when the time came in exchange for a ride on his white horse Billy agreed and ten years later Death comes to Billy to have him fulfill the agreement this was definitely different from the previous novels in which Death chose the next Riders, but in this case Pestilence chose his own successor Of course, Billy denies this agreement ever occurred, but he still must take up the mantle of Pestilence and is given the bow the crown, however, is not bestowed upon him It is soon revealed that Billy is not truly replacing the current White Rider, because the White Rider still possesses the crown and Death only needed Billy to temporarily fill the position until the White Lord returned Billy desperately wants to escape his situation so Death takes him to Pestilence and explains that he is lost in his past, his memories Billy must enter the White Rider s mind, find him, and bring him back The rest of the book shows the history of the White Rider and the tragedies that have befallen the incarnations Once Pestilence is brought back from his memories, he attempts to end the world, but you ll have to read the book to see what happens next A bit magical abstract than the first two books a bullied kid is pulled in to take the crown and bow of Pestilence while dealing with his crush on his best friend, the school thugs, and his grandfather s Alzheimer s. Loss is the third book in the Riders of the Apocalypse series by Jackie Morse Kessler I enjoyed the first book immensely and, while the second book had its flaws it was also an interesting read This book, however, had problems In spades.We follow Billy Ballard as he deals with bullying, Addison s disease, and his Grandfather s Alzheimers At one point in the story he takes up the bow of Pestilence, a Rider of the Apocalypse Pestilence has plagued him since he was a child and Billy crumbles when he is confronted with the nightmare reality of his destiny Frankly, this book is a mess The first book, Hunger, is such a powerful and inspiring look of a young woman dealing with eating disorders based on the author s personal history which anorexia The second book, Rage, falls apart a little, but nothing like this one I never connected with the character or any of his many struggles, which seemed too numerous to tackle adequately in the span of this short book The lengthy amount of time that he spends battling in The White is unnecessary I disconnected at these scenes and never got back in touch with this story, and that s a problem In Morse Kessler s author note she talks about how the book came together after twenty two drafts Wow That s a lot of work to make the story cohesive I wish after all that effort that she had not produced this book It just felt forced and that s such a shame for this series I hope the series ends on a higher note I still plan on reading Breath after all is said and done I have to know how Death Kurt Cobain is overturned 2 out of 5 stars Review courtesy of initial thoughts All I can think right now is man I loved the first two books in the series so much what happened I think the simplest answer is I just didn t identify with Bill at all, and I also felt like the representation of sickness and health was overly simplistic with a weird huge focus on the bubonic plague Nothing felt as fully fleshed out as I would have liked it to have been, and I don t think relating bullying to Pestilence works the way anorexia to Famine or self injury to War did. Jackie Morse Kessler continues to really work her way under my skin with these books And where the first two books dealt with self harm and eating disorders, this one tackles bullying and Alzheimer s I never had an eating disorder nor self harmed, but I got picked on in school Middle school especially I transferred schools between sixth and seventh grade, moving from private to public school so I wouldn t have to adjust when high school rolled around instead I never got beat up but boys were just idiot assholes Several times I got asked out, as a joke, and then taunted when I said no because I knew they weren t seriously asking I d go to get a chair from the back of the choir room and one boy would always purposely get in my way In eighth grade, two boys in my English class stole my Harry Potter poster book and graffiti d in it The teacher didn t see who had taken it and they of course claimed innocence It wasn t as bad as it could have been, but life isn t a competition of who had it worse The point is that there were days when I really dreaded school because of having to deal with stupid people I was able to avoid them in high school and haven t seen any of them since graduation, thankfully.But enough about me I really appreciate the way Jackie writes it s really unassuming, which just makes it that much surprising when you realize how hard it hits you and how much you as the reader can relate to it This one gets four stars instead of five because the whole concept of being in the White was really confusing for me and difficult to follow view spoiler especially with the interweaving of the Robin Hood thing hide spoiler Unfortunately, this one just didn t hit me in quite the same way that Hunger and Rage had I m not exactly sure why Maybe the thin fantasy premise is wearing out entirely for me But in all likelihood, it has to do with my relative lack of interest in the main issue of this book, bullying I can t quite explain that, either, but it is harder for a book about bullying to catch my interest And that was only emphasized when Kessler gave her main character a relative with Alzheimer s Let s be clear, she writes that aspect of the book exceedingly well, and I wasn t even slightly surprised to see that she herself had a loved one with Alzheimer s I wish she d stayed with her original plan and kept this book largely about that, or even removed that plotline entirely when she realized that she was writing a book that was about bullying.