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The outsider s nonchalance of mob chief Roman Sabarese and T Rafael Cimino s highly restrained hand in helping him relate his story has resulted in a book that shuns any sense of melodrama and emotional attachment Instead, we get a highly intelligent, insightful, and gripping look at Mafia life, stuffed with fascinating details.As befits his previous Novel, Mid Ocean, Cimino stays at a distance with elements of suspense, poetry, sensuality, visual irony, and energy In this book, it s all cerebral The author s magnetic personality and storytelling talents make this book an addictive read. I received this book from the First Reads giveaway Thank you.This mystery is full of suspense It documents the 99 hours before the Millenium and takes place in Manhattan The story centers around the lives of two main characters Zoe Greene is a famous actress, who got her start in her college days working and waitressing in Tribeca s popular restaurant Evangeline s The restaurant is run by Roman Sabarese, who is the son of a renowned Mafia godfather Roman s father is in a federal prison awaiting sentencing Zoe is half African American, living with her Jewish mother Her father was killed in Vietnam She disappears after last being seen in Evangeline s Tracing her whereabouts is what Ramon and his goons are doing In chasing down leads to her disappearance, murders are committed.I do not want to give away any of the plot, but suffice it to say, this novel is full of suspense and reads with fluidity You will be intrigued to find out what happens at the end I especially liked this story as I had just visited New York City a few months ago and recognized different areas of Manhatten that were mentioned The story also reminded me of another favorite New York mystery writer, Linda Fairstein Her mystery series also take place in New York, in fact one of her stories has an underground subway scene in it too.An enjoyable and easy read Read Book ☦ Table 21 ♑ It S New York City, December As One Millennium Ends And Another Begins, An Erratic Chain Of Events Unfold That Could Change The Face Of The Italian Mafia Forever In The Turmoil, A Vacuum Is Created When One Family Falls, Creating An Unprecedented Void Of Power And A Subsequent Struggle For Control Of The UnderworldRoman Sabarese Is The Owner Of Evangeline S, The Hottest Restaurant In Tribeca He S Also Close With An A List Television Star Who Adores Him After A Tawdry Cover Story In A Popular Celebrity Tabloid, A Spotlight Illuminates The Fact That Roman Is The Son Of An Indicted Mob Kingpin, And Therefore, Heir Presumptive To His Father S Vast Criminal Enterprise That Commands The Tri State AreaZo Greene Is Young, Attractive And Enjoying Rave Reviews In Her Role On The Prosecutor, A Prime Time Network Television Series While On Hiatus From Her Show For The New Year Holiday, She Visits The Restaurant Where She Worked Her Way Though College After A Quick Dinner With Her Friend Roman, And Among The Frantic Holiday Crowd, She DisappearsCaptain Stan Fitzgerald Is The Decorated Head Of The NYPD S First Precinct In Lower Manhattan His Hands Are Full With The Upcoming New Year Celebration, A Personal Battle With Renal Cancer And The Rigors Of Police Life When An Old Friend Appears In His Office To Ask For Help In Locating The Missing Starlet, He Is Then ReluctantAs The Clock Ticks And Precious Time Runs Out, The City Is Turned Upside Down In A Desperate Attempt To Find That Which Is Lost And Answer Questions That Have Been A Mystery For Over A Generation In The End, Secrets Will Be Revealed, Alliances Will Be Forged, And Friendships Will Be Betrayed Table Will Have You Guessing To The Last Page, Who Will Live To See The New Millennium And Who Will Not I first noticed this book when it was nominated as one of the possible monthly reads in one of the groups I belong to here on Goodreads It had a low Kindle edition price and some really high ratings It then went into my to read stack When it came time to move a book from to read to currently reading I took a closer look at the reviews As it happens a number of those 5 star reviews are from strikingly good looking women I began to wonder if the good reviews were the result of his status as Hollywood screen writer than of the novel itself If you depend on reviews, a I do, when choosing a book to download read, it is probably a good idea to consider just how many books the person lists as having read in Goodreads.But, all that aside, Cimino tells a fast paced story The first half of the novel moved quickly Much of the second half slowed down as it plunged into predictability This edition was in serious need of good editing There are multiple grammatical errors that detract, for me, from readability The pacing of the story could have been improved with judicious editing as well While I am stingy with my 5 star reviews, I am fairly generous with 4 stars While I won t attempt to retell the story as the synopsis is readily available, this is a mob style crime drama featuring a good deal of violence This isn t objectionable in the context of the story But, if you don t like gratuitous violence, stay away from this one The author shows some potential, but, what you have here is potential, not delivery. Table 21 is a powerful Godfather meets Crash tale set in 1999, turn of the millennium, New York City Roman Sabarese, the owner of the Evangeline s, the hottest eatery in Tribeca, is faced with an urgent crisis Zoe Greene, a new to the A list actress and personal friend has gone missing At the same time, his father, the Don of New York Organized Crime, sits in a Connecticut Federal Prison awaiting trial As Roman s world spins out of control, and to make matters worse, Manhattan comes unglued as it encounters the biggest party in the world As two million visitors descend on the city, Roman and his crew fight against time to find Zoe and return her to safety.Table 21 is wonderfully written and has an ending I never saw coming This is a powerful story of love, conviction and, in the end, a triumphant spirit that trumps age old threads of hatred and bigotry. I received an autographed copy of this book through Goodreads giveaways I don t enter too often and while I like food restaurant books a lot than thrillers or crime novels I decided to give this book a chance I am very glad that I did Some previous reviewers had mentioned the violence, grit, and dark nature of this book I disagree, I have read far worse in novels that I did not expect that kind of detail While it is a book about the mob, it is vastly different from so many others out there Do not lump this one in with others that do not match its quality.I would have given it 4 1 2 stars if able to do so The plot twists were predictable until they took one other twist that you didn t always see coming The pieces came together at the end, and this one wrapped up a lot better than many I have read in recent months.Cimino is not an author I would have been exposed to without Goodreads and I am very appreciative of the chance to read his work I do not often give my wife recommendations for books, however I told her this may be one she should pick up.We ve already gone in search of another Cimino work, Mid Ocean, and will be reading that one later this year. As a member of the publisher s focus group, I had the privilege to read an advance draft of this book and I couldn t put it down for a minute It made a long flight feel like a trip across town The story line goes smooth, yet compelling, keeping you guessing what will happen untill the very last page If you like an entertaining story with a variety of possible endings, this book will do it for you And still you will be surprised at the end I can t express enough what a great read Table 21 was The author kept his unique story telling from his previous work Mid Ocean , but I think he did it even better with this one The outsider s nonchalance of mob chief Roman Sabarese and T Rafael Cimino s highly restrained hand in helping him relate his story has resulted in a book that shuns any sense of melodrama and emotional attachment Instead, we get a highly intelligent, insightful, and gripping look at Mafia life, stuffed with fascinating details.As befits his previous Novel, Mid Ocean, Cimino stays at a distance with elements of suspense, poetry, sensuality, visual irony, and energy In this book, it s all cerebral The author s magnetic personality and storytelling talents make this book an addictive read. Roman Sabarese, son and heir of the local mob king, has lived his life surrounded by suspicion and lies All that suspicion comes to a head when Zoe Greene disappears from right under his nose, and while Roman races to find Zoe before it s too late, the forces of good and evil crowd in tight for the kill.Table 21 is an entertaining mob related mystery written for an adult audience It contains various mob style murders torture gruesome, but not gory , profanity including the F word and Jesus , prostitution, nudity, an erection, references to rape, as well as some non graphic bathroom related material Readers should be aware that while the beginning can seem disjointed due to multiple point of view characters it all make sense once you get a little ways in and begin to see how the various pieces come together See content based reviews at Sarah s Reviews With less than five days left in the expiring millennium, the patrons of Evangeline s were in the mood to celebrate.They were at the precipice The promise of a new age was littered with the apprehension of the unknown where thereligious zealots were having a field day Vague predictions combined with a feeling of ambivalence by those who feared the future and the change it could bring set the stage for an undertone of repressed hysteria On a legitimate scale, computer experts worldwide warned of a systematic shutdown at the stroke of midnight..Still, most of the population didn t take any of these premonitions too seriously For them, this was going to be the party of a lifetime Table 21T Rafael CiminoWhat were you involved with when the year was 1999 and 2000 was just around the corner I was one of those individuals who were caught up in preparing computer systems for the predicted crash that never happened Surprise For the characters in Table 21, there was the normal concern of small businesses, but for Roman Sabarese, in particular, a lot was being planned before the end of the yearSabarese, the owner of Evangeline s, the hottest restaurant in Tribeca, is also, according to a regional computer site for mob bosses, now head of a criminal enterprise, covering three states, that was formerly run by his father That mob kingpin had been indicted and was now in prison But, in reality, even before his father had been put in prison, Roman Sabarese had willingly taken over Evangeline s and had little to do with anything his father was involved with Secrets of his past haunted him, while secrets in the present were forcing him to take actions faster than planned.Because Zoe Greene, a TV and movie star had come to visit Evangeline s and disappeared She had sat at Table 21 with Roman, but apparently had not been seen since Zoe was part of the restaurant family since she had worked there to make her way through college, so her mother contacted Roman right away when she never came home But did that mean that Roman should order his own staff to search for her Especially when Bones, who had just gotten out of prison, was one of the men searching With many suspects later turning up dead But everything they had tried had not worked in picking up the trail to find ZoeOfficial eyes were on Roman, not only as the owner of the restaurant where she had been last seen, but because recent scandal newspapers had linked Zoe and Roman, with a picture of the two talking at Table 21 on that day she had disappearedStrangely enough in this tale of the mob, it is a member of the police force that Roman finally goes to, officially reporting her disappearance and asking for help That had caught the whole force off guard, for surely a member of the mob family had never willingly visited their building Captain Stan Fitzgerald had known Roman for many years While fighting cancer and heading up his unit took up most of his time, he chose to personally go back out on the streets to respond to Roman s request for help Which immediately got the Internal Affairs in to investigate what the mob boss had wantedCimino takes readers into the personal life of the heir apparent of a mob leader Was he in too deep to ask for police help Or was he simply a local business owner naturally expecting help when someone has apparently disappeared Can you ever escape your past This totally unexpected drama grabs you and holds you until the end For those who enjoy crime novels, You ll also get a large measure of heart softening the incidents of crime This is unique in sharing both sides both the police perspective and the life within a criminal organization I had mixed feelings for the ending, since it was somewhat disappointing, but still it proved to be quite satisfactory given the overall storyHighly recommended Book Received ViaAkula Media GroupGABixlerReviews Roman Sabarest walked the busy sidewalk towards the precinct house Every fifth or sixth pedestrian turned back to look at him as though this was Hollywood and he were an A lister himself His profile had been featured on the front page of The Observer and every other underground newspaper that specialized in celebrity gossip His image had also maintained a permanent place within the masthead of the popular mafia website, Mob If Roman was anything in the city, he was now one of its most mysterious celebrities