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DARK SOUL VOL 1 REVIEW COMPLETED AUGUST 31, 2012 Yet the most disturbing feature was that little smile playing around Silvio s lips, a smile that didn t reach anything else in his face It was knowing, that smile, full of dark awareness no boy that age should haveI was not eager to read this series but I m glad that I gave it a go Dark Soul Vol 1 is rather intense and features intriguing and complex characters.When Stefano meets Silvio for the first timeI didn t catch your name They call me Barracuda No smile, just stating a fact The name was oddly fitting for that expressionless face Silvio Spadarothings are not always as they seem Silvio was a killer, a sicario. Battista a Mafioso and at the same time Silvio s lover taught him shooting, killing and biking But our mysterious, cold and predatory Silvio is hiding behind his cool and tough armor I think his sense of self worth is very low, and it s pretty obvious that someone did a number on him The scene with the gun was interesting Somebody had torn Silvio, made him suffer, and while part of him was appalled by that, another part of him admired the fact that Silvio not only suffered as sensuously as he did, but also that he d won out Survived So much softness and strength in one human being seemed amazing and precious.On the one hand, he did provoke Stefano and seemed to be very self assured, however, on the other hand, Silvio did seclude himself in his own little world He was there but somehow he was not It s like having two souls in one body One is enjoying and needing the rough and painful sex and the other one is retreating from this need The revulsion was palpable Anima nera black soul I was wondering about the quoteLesson learned. After this poignant scene with the gun Stefano should have known that he is bi sexual Lesson learned. Well, I could be wrong though As for Silvio I m rather clueless What did he learn Stefano doesn t want to sleep with men It sthan dangerous, it s simply insane And he is in love with his wife Donata But then again, it s almost impossible to shake off his embarrassing obsession for Silvio He is the most erotic and most intriguing person he d ever met I m pretty fascinated how Silvio is embracing the pain It feels like he wants to punish himself Silvio s lover, Battista, is rather deviant and kind of a sicko I m glad it s view spoiler over between these two hide spoiler This series, is so un bloody believably brilliant that I devoured each and every one of the books back to back I could not put them down.Because of this I will do a review as a whole on A tasty, twisted morsel I m hungry forOn to Vol 2 Love Silvio That s why I don t belong to anybody I m not following their f king rules Silvio now OMFG that was an absolutely amazing read SILVIO I LOVE LOVE LOVE YOU image error Woah Free right now atUS 10 5 14 3.5 starsI think this book and author were too overhyped for me I was expecting fireworks and crazy chemistry and sizzling heat I was mildly disappointed I began and finished the first book pretty confused about the mob story that is supposed to be happening I m confused about Stefano s mafia goals I m not confused about his chemistry with Silvio and where that will lead very excited about that I m going to keep reading and hope it gets even better Don t get me wrong, I liked it, but I want and expect it to get better Especially for the price. Sexual tension thick enough to eat with a spoon.After you ve had sex with it. Let s all take a moment to consider that my friend just lost her m m virginity to a guy being *Download Book ↬ Dark Soul Vol. 1 (Dark Soul, #1) ⇨ Stefano Marino Is A Made Man, A Happily Married West Coast Mafia Boss Who Travels East To Await The Death Of A Family Patriarch All The Old Hands Have Gathered Of Course Sharks Will Circle When There S Blood In The Water But It S A New Hand That Draws Stefano S EyeSilvio The Barracuda Spadaro Is Protetto And Heir To Retired Consigliere Gianbattista Falchi, And A Made Man In His Own Right Among His Underworld Family, Being Gay Is A Capital Crime, But The Hypersexual And Pansexual Young Killer Has Never Much Cared For Rules The Only Orders He Follows Are Battista S, Whether On The Killing Field Or On His Knees, Eagerly Submissive At Battista S FeetBut Silvio Has Needs Battista Can T Fill, And He S Cast His Black Eyed Gaze On Stefano A Fake Break In, An Even Faker Attack, And Silvio Is Exactly Where He Wants To Be Strung Up At Stefano S Mercy, Driving The Older Mafioso Toward Urges He S Spent His Whole Life Repressing Stefano Resists, But When The Russian Mob Invades His Territory And Forces Him To Seek Aid, Gianbattista S Price Brings Stefano Face To Face Once With Silvio And His Darkest Desires The new edition has been published new covers, newly edited, also 3 parts rather than 5. No Spoilers Mr Voinov has once again caught me by surprise Dark Soul 1 was not what I was expecting and I should know better, by now, than to have any preconceived notions regarding what Voinov has written Honestly, I kept putting this read off as I wasn t interested in reading a story about the mafia This isn t a book about the mafia This is a story about onions.Yeah, yeah I know the onion layer analogy is over used but still, it is a good one to describe this book The characters are multi layered, the progression is multi layered and the emotions that the reader experiences are also quite layered Layered may be too straight forward of a term In the analogy you peel back the layers to see what lies beneath In truth, what we have here is a complex network of intensity that is not typically found in the male male romance genre I m starting to dislike, resent even, that these talented authors, of the m m genre are placed in any category that might separate them from a wider audience Dark Soul has all the intensity, complexity and depth that I am beginning to expect from Voinov One warning Pick this book up and expect to read it straight through There is not one moment of lull where you can stop and walk away The Characters In my opinion, character development is Voinov s strong suit I think he must delight in creating the complex personalities that keep us so enthralled.Stephano initially appears to be a straightforward mafioso character calculating, secretive, planning, scheming That would be too simple for Voinov There is muchto learn and discover about Stephano His sexual denial just waits for us to strip away and understand.Silvio is pure, liquid, dripping sex If that doesn t get you to read this then I don t know what will Voinov could have stopped right there with his development of Silvio but of course, he didn t He gave us a broken, tortured, scarred beautiful creature that instantly penetrates your psyche More, please.Gianbattista might prove to be just too simple Simple in this book is just too easy and I refuse to just buy into his easy, suave charm Complex simplicity is his deception The Story Set in a backdrop of underworld tension and manipulations, the real story is only enhanced by the scenes that Voinov paints Through Stephano s observations we peel the layers of Silvio s character while simultaneously discovering Stephano s true nature The story development is just that, it feels very much like the set up that it is for the next books in the series That s just fine Since it powered right through and in parts, blasted the pages with gritty, sexy, hard to look at action, there was no lack of story Just a continuous, rising build to the next book.Admittedly, there is a bit of just go with it, that as a Voinov fan I was willing to do After a particularly intense and brutal exchange Silvio seems to too easily forgive Stephano I am confident that there will be further development that explains the ease with which this forgiveness comes In fact, I think it was purposely left open ended for future exploration.I highly recommend this book and am hoping to be able to recommend the series as well I will be moving right along to Book 2 as there arelayers to peel Take a look at my Male Male Romance Book Blog