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Funny story with this one I tweeted DA s Jane to ask if she had any semi recent Presents to recommend when Sunita suggested this book Next thing you know, Sarah Morgan tweets Noooo I m not ready to be creamed in dabwaha and by ridley in the same week I had no idea I was so terrifying.Long story short, she offers me a free copy of the book to show she was only kidding, and I happily accepted Good thing too, as it was a great source of vitamins A ngst and D rama , and I like to stay healthy.Personal trainer to the stars Laurel Ferrara has reluctantly flown to Sicily to stand up as the maid of honor in her best friend s wedding She s booked her flights without telling anyone the details and reserved a simple hotel room in the city center Planning to quietly perform her wedding duties without entangling herself too much with the family, she s nonplussed when the bride s brother meets her at the airport and insists she s staying with him at the family s villa The only contact she d hoped to have with Cristiano Ferrara was in a lawyer s office, where they d be signing divorce paperwork.If you like second chance romances and angst so thick you could cut it with a knife, this is your book Something traumatic drove these two to separate two years ago and Morgan does a great job of showing why they split as well as why they ve worked things out for good this time I enjoy how she shows us both characters points of view on the event When you re in Cristiano s head, you see the same mistrustful, overreacting Laurel he does Then from Laurel s eyes you see the callous, stubborn, mansplaining Cristiano she walked out on Because of this, you work out their problems along with them, and there s no true villain or victim They were two people who acted out of a place of insecurity rather than communicated with each other.I loved the main couple Cristiano was the perfect Presents hero handsome, successful, stubborn, domineering, protective and Laurel his perfect counterpart with her boatload of insecurities from an unstable childhood Both characters have ambition in spades, know what they want, and aren t going to let anyone push them around Watching them spar was a joy Seeing them reconcile was immensely satisfying.A few nit picky things irked me, including a predictable ending to the infertility plot line, but they were nothing serious I d recommend this to anyone looking for an angsty HP to read. Laurel meets up with her soon to be ex husband when she shows up for his sister her best friend s wedding.He s very upset and mad at her because she walked away from their marriage without even giving him a chance to fight for it.She s mad because he still doesn t see where his fault in the problem is but it doesn t matter anyway because there is nothing left of their marriage.Overall I love this book, it s not my most favorite, but it s really close.So Laurel is non confrontational, she always hides her emotions and she never relies on or trusts anyone but herself She d spent her life in foster care having been abandoned as a baby Cristiano was very open rich goodlooking guy that s never had to fight for a woman He was frustrated that Laurel wouldn t lean on him but his repeated assurances and attempts to make her lean on him for support finally wore thin her resistance.So when she was pregnant and scared that something was wrong, she leaned on him She called him while he was at work and told him that she was scared, that she thought something was wrong She s already called the doctor who told her that cramping was normal and to take a pain killer and go to bed So Cristiano told her that it was nothing, she d be fine and to stop worrying Then he hung upand shut his phone off so she couldn t disturb him while he went into his business meeting.Laurel knew something was wrong and she was so scared that she called him back That s when she knew that he d shut his phone off.So she panicked but realized that she always handled everything by herself and could handle that too So she took herself to the hospital and that s where she had a miscarriage.Cristiano arrived home and knew she had a miscarriage He was sorry she did but that s the way of nature and whatever Laurel didn t argue with him and just left him.So does anyone else think that alone is a horrible thing He was okay with shutting his phone off so she couldn t call him so he could be undisturbed on his business deal Even after she left him and 2 years have passed, he has no blame and it s all her fault.As a matter of fact, he doesn t think he s done anything wrong until she finally admits that she didn t have a miscarriage, she had an ectopic pregnancy So the heroine almost died as well In fact, if she d listened to the doctor and her husband instead of herself, she would have been dead So that actually brought out the remorse of the hero He wasn t wrong until he found out that she d almost died Then what he d done was a horrible thing Miscarriages were so common, his own mother had 2 before she d later had three other children, so what s the big deal So the book was basically great, I loved the heroine Her insecurities were perfect, she was strong and could take care of herself but emotionally she was terrified of putting trust in anyone else The hero was I m so great and perfect and I do everything right and his personality didn t really change Part of that was the reason that I didn t love this book.The angst was great, no horrible Other People and making someone jealous or anything like that So here s where my markdown comes from.The hero never was sorry He apologized occasionally but he wasn t sorry Basically his sorry was saying, you overreacted and you shouldn t feel that way I m saying sorry but I still think I m not wrong and you are Or basically I m sorry you feel that way butBefore he found out the pregnancy was ectopic, if an apology could be pried from his lips, which only happened maybe twice then it was this kind She was wrong for being mad at him for shutting off his phone when she called him terrified there was something wrong with her pregnancy She was wrong for being so upset about the miscarriage because it was a common thing and should matter to her She was doubly wrong because what he d been negotiating for that day happened to be the most profitable piece of land currently in his company.That s right, all her fault.Did I mention that she never called him, never asked him for help and it was something he knew because he was adament that she should lean on him and call him and he d be there for her etc It was the first and only time she d ever called him at work and that s how he handled it.No matter how I look at it, no matter the outcome, he was still wrong Even if the doctor was correct and nothing was wrong, he was still wrong She was right that he d put his business ahead of her He d written it off, talked to the doctor to make himself correct in his prioritizing and that way he could excuse it if anything did go wrong Which is exactly what he did.Then there was the trope.It s an HP so I guess I should have expected it, but I d hoped it wouldn t be there.Trope number 1 The hero has the heroine s dream place to live that he d had since A they were married or B immediately after she left him Proving that either he was really thinking about her wants while they were married so he s not a jerk extreme, or that he still wanted her back and thought she would come back even when they were separated thus he s not a jerk.Trope number 2 The baby The heroine couldn t get pregnant after the last fiasco The hero wanted to talk to specialists about it Now comes the untrope part, but after that she winds up pregnant despite all the odds I hate that.So the book when from five stars to four stars because the hero s unapologetic behavior and the use of those tropes.Other than those things, it was an excellent book I ll definitely be reading it again because it did handle most things differently. Read Book ⚔ Once a Ferrara Wife... ♂ For Betteror For Bedding Laurel Ferrara Wouldn T Know A Happy Ending If She Fell Over It Of Course Her Whirlwind Wedding Was Always Going To End In Disaster But It Wasn T As Simple As Just Walking Away From The Moment She Is Summoned Back To Sicily, The Shivers Of Unease Set InThe Command Comes From Legendary Billionaire Cristiano Ferrara, The Husband She Can T Forget But It Might As Well Have Come From The Devil Himself The Outrageously Gorgeous Cristiano S Power Is A Potent Reminder Of This Sicilian Dynasty S Unbreakable Rule Once A Ferrara Wife, Always A Ferrara Wife This was a sweet, second chance romance, if a bit on the sappy side for me I appreciate the fact that the author didn t end the book with the protags falling into bed and having sex with each other but made a real effort in exploring how two people who BOTH feel their trust in each other has been irretrievably broken can plausibly, slowly but surely, put the pieces back together and end up with some thing a lot stronger than they started out with.I guess my main problem is that it was a bit repetitive, with the protags going over the same, exact, argument, from every side, angle, and perspective possible, until coming to a resolution Plausible Yes But does it make for a riveting HPLANDIA read Not really.Also, as usual, I felt that the author went to great length to make the heroine as martyr like as possible, as is usual in this genre, in order for the hero to be able to forgive her and make an effort at being understanding It was a bit of an over kill view spoiler with her being an orphan, poor, having been almost adopted then rejected by cruel, would be parents, deal with serious asthma, having an ectopic pregnancy followed by almost fatal surgery, and then being told she would never have children again Oh and everyone of her in laws except for hero and one sister in law, treats her like absolute crap So, yeah, a bit much doncha think hide spoiler Rating 4.5Really enjoyed the heck out of this I enjoy a good re union story and this one had that in spades, loads of anger but beneath it all love and those three words don t come at the end and a hero who fights and grovels for the heroine And a heroine with trust issues Really enjoyable.And guess what the hero and heroine are celibate and actually respect their marriage vows. This book packs an emotional punch From page one, I was fiercely involved with the story I have been an admirer of Sarah Morgan for several years, and she continues to meet my expectations In this case, she s exceeded them Sarah has created a story of a marriage that self destructed, and the aftermath when this couple gets reunited by a family wedding.I really liked the fact that the characters emotional problems aren t solved by their love for each other In fact, they have to work them them and communicate Honestly though, that s one of the things I love the most about Sarah s writing Her consistently strong use of dialogue and communication between the main characters Communication or lack of it was a huge factor in the breakdown of Laurel and Cristiano s marriage, and the only way they could save that marriage Neither of them is the bad guy The bad guy is that they hadn t developed a strong bond of communication the first time around Cristiano really does let down Laurel, but she could have handled the situation better And both characters realize their faults and own up to them But it takes some hard emotional moments and confrontations Not to mention putting oneself out there for possible hurt, and a willingness to trust someone else.I loved Cristiano At first I did think he was being mean to Laurel However, I could see his meanness was out of a broken heart Similarly, I really felt for and admired Laurel My heart was aching for the pain she suffered as a child and the way it had caused her to erect thick emotional walls and self defense mechanisms that eventually lead to unhealthy emotional behavior as an adult I tend to be self protective like she is, so I could see the hallmarks of her behavior I was so glad that Cristiano was willing to be a man and take her harsh but deserved criticisms on the chin My respect of him went up a thousand notches just seeing how he truly makes amends to Laurel and is willing to move mountains to win her back At the same time, I didn t feel like Laurel was being deliberately cruel She was hurting bad and what Cristiano did even through ignorance was devastating to her In some ways, Laurel had not developed as a mature woman emotionally, and that was a huge part of the reason their marriage self destructed While I don t feel I am qualified as a marriage expert, I stand by the belief that commitment to honest and communication in a marriage is crucial, and I was very appreciative about how the author wrote this book It s a very meaningful romantic story about an emotional journey between a married couple who loved each other deeply, but didn t understand each other well enough to keep it together the first time While reunited estranged married couple romance will never be my favorite, I think that Sarah knocked it out of the park with this book I am growing stingy about five stars lately, but I can t help but give this book that rating It s well deserved Bravo PS I am glad to say that neither character was unfaithful to each other while they were apart I absolutely hate that I need to at least mark this as READ as I have read it a couple of times Not going to rate it as it s not my wheelhouse as I don t care for real life angst in my romances except for a few occasions However the fact that I have read this at least two times tells me something This is definitely It s me not you. Sarah Morgan is one of my favorite Mills and Boon s authors and I enjoy most of her books I loved the story of Once a Ferrara Wife and would have given it a 5 star review except for one thing that really irritated me about this later on.This is a very intense, compelling and emotional story about Cristiano and Laurel Ferrara and I was captivated from the moment I started page 1 and I was so engrossed in the story that before I realized I had finished the book in one reading.You are totally drawn into the lives of Cristiano Laurel Ferrara from page 1 until the Epilogue which is by the way, their second HEA what a luck having a chance again after their disastrous first and very short HEA, two years previously.This is such an intense, compelling and emotional story and the author and at times I could feel their pain and anguish The author has an incredible way of writing dialogue and building up her characters the interaction between the two is truly amazing It s as if you know them personally and you are actually feeling their emotions.I am irrevocably in love with Cristiano A beautiful, rich as sin, sexy, gorgeous, strong alpha male, with a hot hot body an a Sicilian one.that is not afraid to show his heart and emotions.not often seen in these type of men.I was knocked out by the depth of his love for Laurel and how hard he tried to understand her even when he was being such a horrible manner by her.And the reason I did not give the higher rating is because I found Laurel to be so horrible to Cristiano okay in the end she discovers that he is not the man who she believed had let her down and that she still loved him I was irritated by her constant moaning about being let down, how she could take care of herself, how she didn t need anyone to do anything for her, what a horrible childhood she had okay she did but that doesn t mean that one has to allow that to control your life Even when she is told by his sister and brother how much Cristiano loves her and how heartbroken he was when she left him, she still continues to give the poor guy a hard time At times such childish behavior, feeling sorry for myself and throughout all this drama, Cristiano continues to be caring, loving and understanding never giving up on her.I adored Cristiano s sister who believes in love and fairytales and tries to get Laurel back together with Cristiano Even his brother, Santo becomes involved I wonder if there is going to be a book about him I think he would make a great hero for some lucky heroine out there Settings are stunning a resort and spa for the rich and famous, you feel the magical, enchanting and mythical atmosphere of Taormina with its winding streets and tiny passages.oh what a man.buying the woman he has always and will always love a medieval castle I was elated that the true love for each other overcame all the misunderstandings and obstacles and found happiness together and with their growing family.Second thoughts after writing this review..i am giving 5 stars because I think it deserves it It s a fabulous fabulous book and I can guarantee that anyone who reads it will love it as much as me. Re read Still Five Stars I still love the reading room and the fairy tale book The slow reveal about just what the hero missed when he didn t take her call The heroine s asthma attacks, miscarriage were life or death situations for the heroine and kept the stakes high Such a satisfying story The ending of this story made me tear up the good kind of tears for a happy ending this H h worked hard for This is a second chance story that begins when the h returns to Sicily for her sister in law s wedding She hasn t seen her husband in 2 years since her miscarriage She is closed off and angry he is open and angry.At first they both blame each other and can see no faults of their own, but they eventually talk their way to understanding after her asthma attack, after re living their own vows at the wedding, after the hero takes her to the dream house he had been building for her during their marriage When the truth comes out that the heroine endured than a miscarriage, the hero is able to finally understand how deep the wound he inflicted by not being there When the heroine realizes she hasn t given the H a chance to atone for his mistake, she is able to see how her cold defensive actions were hurting their relationship.Yes, they do go in circles a bit in the middle but that felt real Most couples don t sound like psychology textbooks and these two spoke with the language they had and stayed true to their personalities I liked both characters, the beautiful descriptions of Sicily and what the H h learn to value The cracked cell phone screen was a great symbol Just a lovely story all around. A lot of people would have problem with Laurel, I guess a lot of people want heroines with backbone, but a flexible one Which will bend at the first sign of vulnerability, so that the hero can go back his macho behaviour I understand that makes it an easier read than to deal with a stronger heroine with home the line between strong and stubbornly bitchy might be blurred No judgement I guess However, I like my heroines uncompromising, bitchy and somewhat unforgiving So, I loved Laurel and loved how she was not even thinking of taking Christiano back no matter how sorry he was Because she was right, what was done was done The fact that he hasn t realised his faults and decided to face them UNTIL a divorce was impending speaks volume He was indeed patronising throughout the marriage He had to be completely humbled and stripped out of all his arrogance before he could be forgiven Laurel had every reason not to trust him ever again and move on with her life but she did give him a chance, a chance in my opinion he didn t deserve.Same goes for her She HAD to face her demons and I was happy that even though he knew his faults he still could voice his concerns about her trust issues that goes beyond him.They finally realised that communication is the key and no one should be taking everything for granted.I wanted to slap both Christiano and Santo throughout the book multiple times Christiano for his patronising condescending behaviour and same for Santo Christiano may be God amongst Gods but if Laurel left him clearly he s at least not perfect, even if she s the selfish bitch there could be something amiss, so may be you two macho brothers give that a thought before ripping her to strips Food for thought, use your brains instead of muscles for once in your whole life When in the whole marriage has she shown childish behaviour or selfishness or bitchiness that suddenly Santo feels the need to threaten her There are two sides to ALMOST every story Just because one side is your brother doesn t make him right You out of all people should know his fucking limitation.And Dani, OMG That woman drove me crazy I know they tried to paint her as an optimistic cheerful person but what a shallow selfish bitch Laurel actually has voiced out how cruel she was to doctor the whole thing and put them in one room This was ALL about her She wanted them to be together because she loved HEA, she wanted her there because it will look perfect in her wedding It doesn t matter if either of them moved on.Laurel I am moving on I have moved on.Dani I mean WITH him Not WITHOUT him Are you fucking kidding me You don t even know what the problem was You think putting them in the same room would lead to hot sex which will solve everything If you are a well wisher ask your brother to make the first move to ACTUALLY go after her which he hasn t done Ask him to talk things through Suggest marriage counselling Meddling relatives are the worst This coming from personal experience, it should be punishable offence to meddle with other people s lives EVEN if it leads to good thing it isn t your fucking business.