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In preparation for the course on Young Adult library users I am taking this summer, I started reading Jezebel s Fine Lines column, and this book was featured at one point I ve never read Zindel, despite a hefty appetite for this kind of junk.This book could not be written today Zindel writes so expertly about the ambivalence that kids feel towards relationships, towards themselves and a confusion that is so real I hopeYA authors today will be inspired by Zindel, and writehonest tales that aren t so concerned with what the character is wearing and where they are shopping. I read this when I was a kid would have given it 4 stars then I liked it muchthen but I still think the same things about the characters now as I did then Liz is an idiot, her boyfriend s a jerk, Maggie needs to get it together know her worth, the guy she goes on a date with was ok Reading this a s a kid I was alotsympathetic to Liz going through the whole abortion ordeal Reading this now I m impressed surprised that Paul Zindel wrote a book that dealt with sex abortion birth control all that jazz way back in 1969 Kudos to Mr Zindel for doing that. I don t know if any author has everpoignantly or perceptively captured the essence of what it means to be a teenager than Paul Zindel has done in My Darling, My Hamburger The specific crisis situation that this book revolves around perfectly recreates the atmosphere that many teenagers nearing graduation from high school face in their own personal ways, the feeling that all of the sudden their life has started to move a little bit too quickly after seeming to have traveled at a snail s crawl up until then, and they re scared of what s coming next and not at all sure how to make the right decisions as a long series of life altering choices suddenly swoop down and demand to be made right now Sure, some of those decisions could be seen coming by the student with good foresight, but how easy is it to be lulled into the false sense of security of thinking that you have forever at your disposal to decide the course of your life when you re still inside the safe walls of the primary school domain When faced all of the sudden with the real world , it can feel as if no choice is right, and everything you do is only going to get you in deeper That s the feeling of helplessness that My Darling, My Hamburger captures to such sobering perfection It s a feeling that I know assaults many teenagers when they find themselves on the brink of legal adulthood What can you do when you re not ready for your own life What remedy is available when it feels as if your future is wrecked before your dreams can ever even get off the ground Two senior couples, Sean and Liz and Dennis and Maggie, are the focus of the book as it begins Sean has become bold in pushing the boundaries of physical intimacy, and Liz isn t afraid to push back, which has created some hostility between the two in recent days Sean can t understand why Liz clings so stubbornly to the belief that he won t respect her in the same way if they give in to their carnal desires he loves her and she loves him, so why not take their relationship to the next level and see how far they really might be able to go together Liz finds her own reluctance to grant Sean s request for intimacy a difficult stance to articulate She does believe that he loves her and vice versa, but she knows that if they cross that line before a permanent commitment is made, then he s not going to have the same respect for her he just won t Liz doesn t want to antagonize Sean but she sees no other way to maintain her personal dignity, and Sean s unrest grows with each time that she politely refuses his advances Maggie and Dennis, the other main couple of the book, are just beginning their relationship, and neither knows how far they want it to go Dennis has issues with insecurity over what he considers to be a lack of handsomeness on his own part, but like anyone else he wants to be in a relationship Maggie, for her part, isn t sure if Dennis is the right one for her A series of planned dates with Dennis that Maggie has to call off at the last minute in order to help Liz who happens to be her best friend out of some tough situations, stirs up Dennis s unhappiness, and his deeper issues of insecurity about his physical appearance flare up and form a barrier between himself and Maggie Why is it, he wonders, that his unattractiveness cuts him off from the chance to experience normal happiness in the world Why does this same problem keep knocking him down again and again Shortly before graduation, Liz reveals to Maggie the shocking secret she has known about for the last two months It will rock their future plans and change their lives forever, and nothing will be the same when Liz makes an enormous decision that will affect everyone involved in the deepest way possible I don t want to talk muchabout the specific issues that are brought up in this book, so as to guard against spoiling the plot for future readers, but I do want to say that the subtlety of this story s emotional undertow is incredible My Darling, My Hamburger feels waylike real life than it does like a fictional story Not everything becomes resolved by the end of the book not by a long shot and the deconstruction of the feelings of immortality of the four main characters as they begin to realize that their personal Shangri La of high school life is not as impenetrable as it had seemed is masterfully and honestly written, showing all the nuanced work of a prodigious painter This is the kind of book that one reads and emotionally identifies with so closely that it s a challenge to describe exactly why it s so moving One only knows that it is, and that the experience of reading the book is a uniquely special one I would give three and a half stars to My Darling, My Hamburger. The speeches They were filled with borrowed things borrowed over and over again until the words were nothingthan a series of clich s Paul Zindel, My Darling, My HamburgerA favorite from childhood Review to follow. I enjoyed My Darling, My Hamburger by Paul Zindel, because I could relate to the characters All of the characters are teenagers or very young adults In this book, Liz is an average girl who falls for an average boy, Sean The two have many problems in common, leading to their love for eachother They take their romance too far, and Liz becomes pregnant Liz s friend, Maggie, is there for her with whatever decision she makes Sean and Liz talked about moving away, having the baby, and getting an apartment At last second, Sean hands Liz money for her to get an abortion Liz saves herself and does so While Liz is having troubles with Sean, Maggie is having troubles with Sean s friend, Dennis The book is told in third person Each character is described in detail, which gives you a mental image, and creates an idea for their personalities Liz is faced with a major life changing event that she doesn t know how to handle Her attitude is care free, yet she knows her surroundings very well Liz s friend, Maggie, is self conscious Maggie is always worrying what her boyfriend, Dennis, is thinking of her Dennis is Sean s best friend, who thinks of himself as ugly Each character has their own flaw in themselves My Darling, My Hamburger takes place in a small town The setting is important, because the events that take place have an effect of the story Liz has troubles at home communicating with her parents, as does Sean This makes it difficult for Liz to get help with her pregnancy Sean can t get advice from his father At school, Liz doesn t go to the dances with Maggie and Dennis, because she tries to save her money for an abortion Many issues of today with abortions and teens relate to this book.The main theme of My Darling, My Hamburger is sex and the consequences Liz struggles with deciding on what to do with her pregnancy, and making the right decision for everyone involved I would recommend this book to young adults My Darling, My Hamburger does not have graphic details about sex, or anything of that nature This book could relate to many young adults It gives a different view point about making the right decision I enjoyed reading My Darling, My Hamburger. It was too short, it was dumb I gave this book 2 5 stars I regret even that I don t know how people like this I suppose I would have to be a high school student in the 1950s to really get it though I would have liked to find out what happened with Liz, but it s fine The story made no sense I think I might be taking this one to the free little library I m too meh about it I didn t really like it I don t think I even have it anyIf I do, I ve hidden it from myself. Somehow I missed this book when I was growing up, and I don t really know how frankly This is the story of two best friends, seniors in high school, Liz and Maggie Liz is glamorous and beautiful and has a boyfriend, Sean Maggie isn t as pulled together, is a littlebookish and reserved Liz sets her up with Dennis, a friend of Sean s As Maggie starts feeling a littleconfident and her relationship with Dennis gets off the ground, Liz starts to spiral out of control Her bad home life with her controlling,mean step father and non entity mother pushes her into gettinginvolved with Sean, until she s in trouble It s amazing how Mr Zindel was able to get into the heads of two teenage girls so accurately While in some ways this book does have some Afterschool Special themes and lessons which I normally don t like , it does handle it fairly, not manipulatively And the ending was realistic I think most readers will identify with Maggie She was a very good friend While initially she was the lucky one, to have a beautiful popular girl be her friend, in the end she was a better friend to Liz, even with the consequences That s the true lesson not the potential bad consequences of sex, which superficially seems to be the lesson of this novel,and that s what I just loved about it In our lives, we will be in situations with friends where we have to make choices, and Maggie proves a good model to all young women. I must be an idiot or something because I did not find this book charming like everyone else Yes there was teen angst that we can all relate to but it all revolved around sex The entire story does I could not relate to any of the characters or feel compassion for any of them They started out flat and ended flat The book takes over the course of a school year, but there were no changes in them Then ending was awkward and left a lot of unanswered questions While I realize that life may not make sense all the time and the author was trying to show that, too many questions were left hanging in the air I do not recommend this book. Liz assuring boyfriend Sean of her homemaking skills I can cook and wash clothes. `EPUB ☠ My Darling, My Hamburger ⇭ Four Friends,Two Couples, One Year That Will Change Their LivesLiz And Sean, Both Beautiful And Popular, Are Madly In Love And Completely Misunderstood By Their Parents Their Best Friends, Maggie And Dennis, Are Shy And Awkward, But Willing To Take The First Tentative Steps Toward A Romance Of Their Own Yet Before Either Couple Can Enjoy True Happiness, Life Conspires Against Them, Threatening To Destroy Their Friendships Completely