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This is the story of two latchkey kids befriending an elderly neighbor No one gets touched in a bad way, but their friendship gives them that warm tingling sensation I hated every damn word of it. in a sentence A young woman and a young man prank call an old lonely man, and form an unlikely and somewhat unhealthy friendship.John and Lorraine are two students who hate school, have less than desirable family lives, and few friends outside of each other Their relationship with Angelo Pignati known as the Pigman begins with a prank call made by Lorraine during one of their after school games They notice the desperation in the Pigman, and are drawn to spend time with him Over time, they receive many blessings from the relationship in the form of food, gifts, acceptance, laughter, and freedom John and Lorraine throw it all away by having a huge party in the Pigman s absence, and sever their beautiful relationship forever The Pigman s death is soon thereafter, and they place the blame on themselves They know what a unique relationship was forged, and set to write this novel in order to share with the world their experience with Angelo Pignati.The narrator switches between Lorraine and John each chapter, which provides an interesting point of view This allows the reader to see the other lead character through someone else s eyes other than their own, and lets us peek into the family life of the narrator There is no great detail put into the families, which I believe is intentional Young adults reading this book can identify with the parents presented in the novel, whether it is their own or a friends parent, and don t need to know the specifics of their situation to recognize the parent and their reactions This is very respectful of the author towards the young adult readers The changing relationship between John and Lorraine, while obvious to the reader, is subtle and barely touched on in the novel in order to keep the main focus on their relationship with the Pigman The plot of the novel creates high emotions in the reader, while carrying on in a pace that creates a depth in the relationship and actions of characters in the novel The reader is at times frustrated with John and Lorraine, but can t help and feel sorry for them too for wanting a safe haven to be cared for unconditionally The novel is tragic, but there is light with their relationship with the Pigman There are serious emotions in here, which all young adults are familiar with and will find true to their experience The author creates a novel with authentic characters that young adults can relate to and respect, despite their poor choices. [Free Epub] ♷ The Pigman ♫ Librarian Note An Alternate Cover For This ISBN Can Be Found HereWhen Sophos John And Lorraine Played A Practical Joke A Few Months Ago On A Stranger Named Angelo Pignati, They Had No Idea What They Were Starting Virtually Overnight, Almost Against Their Will, The Two Befriended The Lonely Old Man It Wasn T Long Before They Were Comfortable In His House Than Their Own But Now Mr Pignati Is Dead And For John And Lorraine, The Only Way To Find Peace Is To Write Down Their Friend S Story The Story Of The Pigman Laugh out loud funny at times My favorite passage is the part where John glues his home s rotary phone dial to piss off his dad, but finds that he needs to make a call himself Yes Hello operator Would you please get me Yul 1219 You can dial that yourself, sir No, I can t You see, operator, I have no arms I m sorry, sir They ve got this phone strapped to my head for emergencies, so I d appreciate it if you d connect me I ll be happy to, sir. 2.5 For the most part this was an enjoyable story, but the main characters irritated me to no end I felt the story lacked plot and that there really wasn t any character development throughout the story It didn t feel like the characters changed in anyway, even though they met somebody who supposedly impacted them and they go through something that should have an affect on them in some way Also the ending was abrupt and too quick for my liking. In my mind The Pigman has always suffered from being one of the dreaded school books You know the type The almost patronizingly short, incredibly dull and soon forgotten piece of drivel that stands in the way of the books you actually WANT TO READ this summer But I will say this for it, I have at least one incredibly clear impression of this book You see in my high school this book was freshman summer reading And as I sat down to read my first ever piece of high school curriculum all I could think was, whose bright idea was this After two hours of reading, a good ten minutes of pointless quizzing, only one thing stuck out in my mind And that was the fact that the very first paragraph, on the very first page, of the very first book I ever read in high school taught me how to blow up a urinal and frame the local stoner for it Yes you heard me right Someone at my high school decided that the first lesson they wanted to teach the incoming freshman should be how to get away with vandalizing the school bathroom Even as a kid I realized what a monumentally horrible decision that was And now every time I look at this book all I can remember is my reaction to it I know this was supposed to be one of those books that teaches you about compassion, and taking responsibility for your actions, but to be quite honest all I can remember learning is how to throw cherry bombs down a toilet, and that is just a shame. I just re read this for the first time as an adult and was surprised to discover how little there really is to this book It s hardly a novel, even, it s so light on story Also, I don t remember the writing being soafter school special The teenage narrators exclaim things like, Dad, why can t you see that I want to be an individual I don t want to be a business man, I just want to be ME Ouch But then, Zindel was writing in the seventies, and the book jacket is covered in critical praise about how ground breaking and now the novel is Maybe teenage characters weren t typically portrayed with that kind of angst back then, so what is now painfully corny dialogue was then cutting edge Then again, I read the book for the first time in the late eighties early nineties and I remember thinking that it was super deep, so maybe it s less about the time period andabout the maturity level of the reader In which case, Zindel is owed some praise for a book that resonates with new young readers even after the angst is no longer groundbreaking. I first read The Pigman in high school remembering that I genuinely enjoyed the novel As such, I had a nostalgic longing to give The Pigman a second read to see if I still loved it I did I felt that despite being written in the 60 s, the story includes complex issues that are still relevant in modern times, like family, aging, death, etc.Overall, almost a decade after graduating high school, I still appreciated the plot and the characters that Zindel created I m not ashamed to admit that I shed a tear when I reached the end. This is a young adult book written in the 1960s and it shows its age in many ways No mobile phone, and telephones with dials being just two examples However the teenage ideals and behaviours are the same as today and the two main characters suffer the same traumas as they would in 2015 I enjoyed the character of the Pigman and despite everything that happens I was glad to see that he had some happy times A quick easy read for an adult but still entertaining. I recently decided by a process of reasoning that s a rather long story that I d make this 1968 YA novel which I read only as a middle aged adult, on the recommendation of one of my daughters the subject of my next retrospective review It s not an easy book to review, however, not just because it s been about 17 years since I read it I checked it out again from the library to skim over and refresh my memory on some points, which has vividly revived my memory of just how gut punching it ultimately is , but also because it s hard to discuss without spoilers However, I ll do my best with it.At 149 pages, this is a short and quick read Although it was marketed as teen fiction and has teen protagonists, and certainly can be characterized like a great deal of fiction, especially YA fiction as a coming of age story, it s the sort of novel that speaks just as well to adults And although I d place Zindel in the Realist tradition, it s also a novel that packs an enormous emotional wallop If you re looking for a feel good read, despite its moments of humor and lightheartedness, this isn t one It has a very real tragic component which isn t really a spoiler, since that s foreshadowed from very early on Generally speaking, I m not a fan of the tragic in literature But I appreciate this novel as highly as I do because it uses tragedy as an instrument of moral and psychological growth for characters that you care about The author uses the truth of art to convey, with great power, the importance of personal responsibility, of considering and taking seriously the possible consequences of our actions, of compassion and care for our fellow humans Many adults need these messages just as much as many teens do This is very much a novel about human relationships and human need for connection It isn t a romance as such, but teenage romantic attraction plays a role Our setting here is an unnamed city, in an unspecified part of the U.S., in the author s present, ca 1968 and our title character is Antonio Pignati, a lonely retiree who collects pig figurines hence his nickname But our two first person narrators are high school sophos John and Lorraine, who alternate chapters to deliver what they intend to be a true account of their acquaintance with him This literary device is an effective one they both sincerely try to be reliable narrators, but they have different perspectives that sometimes correct and qualify each other s We come to get inside both their heads they come very vividly and realistically alive for us, and so through their eyes does Mr Pignati I was about their age in the time this tale is set I graduated from high school in 1970 , and I can testify that they re thoroughly believable teens for that time and place, though my personal traits and experiences didn t identically mirror theirs They re not always likable, mature, and responsible, and they re products of an all too common detached style of parenting But neither of them, at their core, are genuinely bad kids though Lorraine has a bitof a moral compass than John does , and they re capable of learning from mistakes.In some ways, the culture of 2018, 50 years later, is significantly different from theirs and mostly not for the better The Internet didn t exist, so John and Lorraine aren t attached to a device every waking minute, and don t turn to it for ersatz companionship Today s drug culture hadn t taken hold to anything like the present degree the only dangerous drugs they have to contend with are nicotine which, of course, is deadly enough and alcohol And while our two narrators have dawning male female feelings towards each other, those feelings are experienced in a cultural context that still presupposes teenage sexual abstinence as the norm, not a toxic surrounding culture that aggressively legitimatizes and promotes teen sexual activity These differences color their experience But I think their feelings, needs, and moral and psychological struggles and epiphanies are universal enough that a lot of modern teens could still relate to them and any adult readers who read serious fiction and think about meaningful things could relate to all three main characters.To his credit, Zindel deals with the problem of bad language here by using the device of a substituted % for the cuss words, or a 3 % to indicate really bad words That s represented as a suggestion of Lorraine s, to refine John s saltier narrative voice Of course, in reality the idea is the author s, but it s a constructive one, which effectively balances a degree of realism with good taste.