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As justifiable as it sounds, I DON T WANT THIS SERIES TO END I know how those other readers felt when say the same BODY SOUL isn t really the type of novel that you d remember on a regular basis, but the series had absolutely grown into me For me, reading the Ghost and the Goth series is like walking on a bright sunshiny day, metaphorically There s something about this series that kept everything so subtle yet so cute at the same time And clearly I have not made a mistake in getting the first book in the first place, and that was because I like the cover, it was too darn cute And I seriously can t get enough of Alona s bad ass attitude and Will s nobility So basically, the story trailed off from Queen of the Dead 2nd book of the series where Alona s spirit had become embedded in Lily s body after a tragic life death situation that left Alona to save Lily being in a coma state for so many months Lily OR Ally, in which Alona had preferred, together with Will was in search of somebody to help them with their situation, in which to figure out how Alona would get out of Lily s body without hurting her, or better yet, killing her, of some sort But unfortunately for our heroes, comes an evil witch I d like to prefer to her that way who d want to be in Alona s position Then again, they had to battle it out I don t really want to give because I think I m betraying the book, and spoiling those who might still read it All i can say is, DUDE, TRY READING THE WHOLE SERIES IT S SO FUN Alona and Will are still the same, even after months that I ve dreaded for the final book, I still remembered them as who they were, and even if Alona was in a different structure now I don t know but sometimes I get intimidated by Alona for being such a bitch sometimes and giving Will such a hard time even though he d had it hard enough, but I guessed she was just right Very right all along I love both of them so much that I was so happy and excited on how they turned out to be I was even taking comfort in the familiar nature of their exchange, and I will miss that I realized that this series doesn t focus solely on the romantic side And that was what I love about it so much Whoa, that was first I think I sound so biased right now Great I don t care Funny thing about this series is that I became emotionally invested through and through I never, in the first place, realized this would be a series, let alone a trilogy, which was a good thing My first thought though was this is just some light read, fun, violent free book In fact, I didn t thought I d be attached to it I mean to the characters They are type of characters that aren t sloppy and hard to get along with As a matter of fact, what I liked about the series is it s ability to be drawn into it without you knowing This novel is really just a breath of fresh air if you take it that Okay, I know some might not agree on my out take but hey that s my stand point Go make your own And through out and after finishing this, I was glad I didn t cry Cause I usually, even if it s just comical But it s so hard and weird to think that you d want to get this over with and at the same time, once it s done, you feel like you ve lost somebody important, like a family member or something That s how greatly the impact are the books on me Especially the ones you liked and looked forward too.OVERALL, I LOVE THE SERIES I LOVE THE WRITING STYLE BECAUSE IT TOTALLY SUITS FOR EVERYBODY AND KEPT IT VERY DECENT I kept wondering how Ms.Kade did it without sounding so overworked And I wonder would she miss these characters as much as the readers were She is a great YA author and gave me a different kind of readYou rock, dudeI sound like a broken record in this review for being so redundant I always am, anyway xx UPDATE 11 06 12 Well look at that cover.They are so HOT I didn t actually expect that this series would have a deeper story.I was so happy when I finished the second book Now, I can t wait for the last one Well, this is the last one, right I just wonder how their story will endI mean I don t want Alona to stay in Lily s body FOREVER I also don t want Will to DIE Seriously How can a person and a ghost be together forever God I can t wait Release the book I AM DYING HERE I have to admit, I was completely out of clue as to how this series is going to end So by the time I finished this book, I was smiling alone I love it I just love it.There are no pick up lines, no cheesy lines Simple and mundane words used in everyday conversation that most writers or readers would think as unemotional, overused, and well, don t sell And guess what It works It really works You feel the emotion It made me grin It clutched my heart with pain and anger It brought tears to my eyes Very effective, I dare say DI guess I m always going to admire Stacey Kade for making a simple story as appealing and interesting as other best selling paranormal serieswith pretty much all the complications there is to be found in this world and other worlds. I didn t like The Ghost and the Goth that much, but I didn t hate it either However, the turn of events from the first book to the second made me hooked, and I was just dying to find out how the series would end Body and Soul is straight to the point, just like the other books It literally shows that there is no point in beating around the bush No point in wasting paper, right D Every turn of the page reveals things that are only vital to the story, not to make it the story longer and the book thickerThick books don t always mean they have super awesome stories I would love to put spoilers because that s just me I always put them But this time, I m gonna pass on that I m that satisfied with this book Life is about choices, right Or Whatever D [Read] ♶ Body and Soul ♶ The Final Book In The Ghost And The Goth Trilogy The GhostI Ve Been Trapped In The Body Of Lily Ally Turner For A Month Now Talk About A Fashion Crisis On An Epic Scale What Worries Me , Though, Is Sometimes I Catch Will Looking At Me Like He Thinks I M Lilyor That He Wishes I Were Without The Good Looks Of My Former Self, I Don T Know Who I Am, Or If Who That Is Is Good Enough I Need Out Of This Mess NowWill And I Have Been Looking For A Solution, One That Would Separate Me From Lily Without Killing Her But It S Not Going Well Then, When It Seems Like Things Couldn T Get Any Worse, We Run Into Misty, My Former Best Friend And Boyfriend Stealer Extraordinaire, Who Claims She S Being Hauntedby Me Seriously I M Determined To Get To The Bottom Of Who S Pretending To Be The Spirit Of Alona Dare While I M Pretending To Be Someone Else And Then Get The Heck Out Of This Body Or Die Trying The GothI Ll Admit It It S Really Weird To Look At Alona But See Lily I Do Know The Difference, Though, Contrary To What Alona Might Be Saying And Alona Is Than A Pretty Face To Me, Not That She Would Believe ThatOur One Lead For Some Help In This Messed Up Situation Might Be A Page Torn From The Yellow Pages The Psychics Section I Found In My Dad S Stuff One Of The Fakes Seems A Bit Real And Odd Than The Others Before I Can Investigate Further, Though, Alona Is Off And Chasing A Ghost That S Probably Nothing Than A Figment Of Misty S Guilty Imagination Now Lily S Family Is Freaking Out Because She Didn T Come Home, My Mom Is Ordering Me To Stay Out Of It, And Something Is Definitely Wrong With The Person Formerly Known As Lily Ally Turner I know who you are, no matter what you look like, he said quietly, surprising meStacey Kade slays my life.I swear to God,I will read everything and anything she writes Anything. I ve officially read both of her YA trilogies and let me tell you,I LOVE both of them.This series was so good,the characters were amazing and relatable,sarcastic and real,the story was very captivating with some seriously amazing twists that made this book a real page turner.The characters developed so much throughout this series and I grew so attached to them so I m really sad that this amazing journey has come to an end.However,this series,as well as Kade s Project Paper Doll series,holds a special place in my heart.Alona and Will are my babies READ THIS SERIES.NOW.Favourite quotes My shirt is gray, I pointed out You ve expanded my fashion horizons dramatically I wear three colours now It s called a near death experience You should try it sometime, I said sweetly Maybe without the near Just thinking Why start now Would Alona be gone before I even got a chance to say good bye A real good bye One last kiss and the chance to tell her that she d made my life better even as she d made me crazy That we were better together than I would ever be by myself, but that because of her, I would be okay Not great, but okay, and I owed that all to her No I needed to see her one last time. 3.5maybe because i read it back to back, i was getting a little bored or routine with all the alona dare s queen bee drama attitude.but it was every bit interesting and me wanting to know what will happen next. If you have not yet read The Ghost The Goth or Queen of the Dead, there be slight spoilerishness ahead Final books in a series are always accompanied by such conflicting emotions, are they not On the one hand, there s excitement in the resolution, a satisfaction in a story well ended On the other hand, it s ended Your brief glimpse, your privileged status of observer and confidante has been revoked, the characters to whom you ve grown so attached moving on with their lives off page So it is with a heavy, yet satisfied heart that I say farewell to Will, Alona, and one of my favorite series that is, until I re read it of course.When we last left Will Alona, they d had a rather big and divisive confrontation with the Order, Alona had inadvertently gotten herself stuck inside Lily Turner s body, or less permanently, and the Turners believed that their unconscious daughter had miraculously recovered from her year long coma Alona is now saddled with a body that she finds less than ideal, with a life and a family that are definitely not hers Alona inside a corporeal body also means that Will has lost his spirit guide and is, once again, at the mercy of the mass of spirits clamoring for his help not to mention the utter weirdness of seeing Alona inside his former best friend s body The goal then becomes to separate Alona Lily from one another, the outcome of which is yet unknown as both girls could finally both be gone for good When a new player arrives on the scene forcing an unexpected solution to Will Alona s Lily problem, the old adage of Be careful what you wish for takes on a whole new meaning.In high school, Will s ghost talking abilities were a curse, his dad s suicide ensuring that Will would never learn the extent of his powers or how to manage them on a daily basis He lived in dread of being committed to a psych ward for his delusions, of spirits finding out about his ability, of the violence and harassment that might ensue if they discovered what he could do for them He became good at hiding from his life behind a pair of earbuds avoidance and acquiescence becoming the name of the game.And then along came Alona Dare His untouchable, fantasy girl in life, his somewhat annoying, unexpected salvation in death Alona claimed Will as her ghost talker, became his spirit guide and authoritatively kept the restless dead at bay Will finally was achieving a level of quasi normal, and life didn t seem quite so bleak any, even if it came at the cost of his high school s irritating former teen queen being an almost constant companion And then Alona gets accidentally sucked into the spiritless body of Will s former and comatose best friend Lily, effectively making Alona human again and dampening her spirit guide abilities.In Body Soul, Will s character takes a turn for the decidedly self reliant His spirit guide unavailable to perform her duties as intermediary and referee, he is forced to learn to navigate the spirit world without her help Will is far from being a weak character, but he s not what you might call naturally assertive Conflict, the kind Alona seems to thrive on, is not his preferred course of action However, with everything that s happened to him since acquiring Alona as his spirit guide, he s grown tired of being pushed around by various parties Uncomfortable with just how much he depends on Alona as a buffer as well as for her boldness and tenacity, he begins to stand up for himself readily taking the initiative, acting with confidence, putting his foot down and taking control But as much as Alona has been a crutch, she s also consciously encouraged this change in him and for the better Will begins to embrace his abilities as a ghost talker, rather than to merely view them as a gigantic inconvenience he must deal with daily.Will is not the only one who s undergone significant changes since The Ghost the Goth Just as Alona s assertiveness has pushed Will to be take charge, Will s thoughtfulness for others has rubbed off on Alona Oh, she s still Alona, with her deliciously snarky asides and brutally honest opinions But in Body Soul, she s likely to take others into account before she opens her mouth, and likely to exercise restraint even when she really, really doesn t want to Being integrated in the Turner family has also done a lot to make her realize the consequences her choices have led to Lily has a family who truly loves her and is incredibly thankful she s back in their lives after a year of fearfully mourning that she may never awake up Alona, still struggling with the knowledge that her death barely caused a blip on her family and friends radar, finds the attention unsettling while also coming to the realization that this is kind of familial love she s always longed to be a part of However, she s Alona, and not Lily, and she also wrestles with the fear of losing who she is, the exhaustion of pretending to be someone she s not, of treading somewhat lightly around Will who she feels can no longer differentiate between her and Lily When she looks in the mirror, she doesn t see herself, and she s trying to figure out what s left of her after all the superficial things she s depended upon for so long, are stripped away Alona s ice queen act has been gradually melting since The Ghost The Goth, and while she s still the strong, confident Alona I ve come to know and love, the situation with Lily and the Turners exposes a vulnerable side of her that s extremely sympathetic.One of the reasons I love this series is that it s a different kind of romance Kade has been building Will Alona s relationship at a slow burn since the beginning They re not proclaiming undying, eternal love In fact, they rarely, if ever, discuss what they mean to each other They obviously share an attraction to each other, but when it comes to the emotional side of their relationship, mum s the word Instead, the two dance around one another, each knowing that the other fills a void in their soul, each knowing they need the other that life would be that much less if the other wasn t in it but never wanting to admit it aloud It s still passionate, their constant back and forth covering deeper feelings It s one part romance, two parts sparring match, and it s toe curlingly fantastic In Body Soul, though, they have the added complication of Lily, and Alona being unsure of whether Will sees her when he looks at Lily, or Lily his former best friend and crush They also have to face the very real possibility that if they are able to separate Lily and Alona from each other, that it may be the end for both girls permanently But even if both girls do survive somehow, the obstacles Will Alona face for having real future between the living and the dead may be insurmountable Impossible as a future together seems though, things between Will Alona are undeniably changing It s evident in their glances, their little gestures, their actions, the things they are finally willing to admit to themselves if not to the other For those of you who are eager to see some further relationship development between Will Alona, you will not be disappointed.The story itself is rather straightforward in that Will Alona are trying to figure out a solution to their very weird, body snatching problem Without the Order and without any super specific direction from Will s father s notes from his days as a member of the Order, the two of them are pretty much out of their depth when it comes to separating body and soul There s a lot of tension that drives the story tension between Will Alona when it comes to what she should be or shouldn t be doing in Lily s body if she s only a living monument to who Lily was before the accident or if Alona and Lily, in a way has truly been given a second chance at life When another ghost, a borderline crazy one, takes advantage of the situation, creating a solution albeit a far from ideal one to the Will Alona Lily problem, the two of them must figure out how to undo it all before it s too late to make it right It s a book full of hard decisions, some rather interesting curve balls, and an ending that I wasn t quite expecting, but loved One of the things that I love about this series is that everything s not always tied up neatly in a little bow It s messy, it s life, it s human, and sometimes that means questionable decisions and unintentional collateral damage.Overall Brava, Ms Kade Brava A truly fantastic, satisfying ending to a superbly, wonderful series. How I felt when this book came out, and managed to get a copy To read reviews and fun things go to my blog Drugs Called Books Oh My Freaking God This was soooooooooooooooo good This book made my heart ache than one time, which is an extremely good reaction from me I felt these characters They were so real, so there, so just so I cannot describe how sad I am to be saying goodbye to them, and can t wait to buy all the books And the ending Oh, god I knew it had to be something along these lines I mean, they had to have a good ending But it was so freaking cute I giggled And went all awww Love, love, loved it And, thankfully, no annoying order to hinder things this time Love Will and Alona, love this book, love the author I will definitely keep an eye on that one. I DON T WANT THIS SERIES TO BE OVER. I am both simultaneously deliriously happy by the ending of this novel and sad that this trilogy is truly over When I first picked up The Ghost and the Goth by Stacey Kade, I expected a cute, fun, and mindless read I was right, but only in part The Ghost and the Goth surprised me by having well rounded characters and a romance that was slow, started with friendship, and actually had me rooting for it Body and Soul ties up the loose ends in this novel perfectly. Nevertheless, it took me awhile to warm up to this series It s one of those trilogies where you have to let go of science and reason and simply go with the flow It isn t all realistic but we re dealing with ghosts here, so what could be but it does have substance to it, along with a truly remarkably written romance Its characters, Alona Dare and Will Killian, are flawed, realistic, and intensely unlikable at times, but they grow on you and make their way into your heart Although their romance seems typical with its flirty banter and clich d stereotypes, it actually tackles on complex issues such as loving someone for their soul or their body or even parental issues If there are any flaws with this series, it is that some things could have been explored in greater depth, but overall, this series always manages to put a smile on my face, so I can t complain You need to be in a certain mood to read The Ghost and the Goth, one where you need laughter, fun, but also a tad bit of depth thrown in Needless to say, this is the perfect rainy day re read type of novel and I m already eagerly anticipating Kade s next novel which will hopefully contain the same steady and developed romance, unique concept, intriguing characters, and signature wit which I ve come to love.