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Littlest One and her teacher, Thin Elderly, are tiny creatures whose job it is to touch beloved objects and then piece the bits of memory and emotion therein into dreams for humans It is a wonderful vocation, but not without its dangers there are also the Sinisteeds, terrible creatures that plague people with nightmares Perhaps most frightening of all, dream givers like Littlest One and Thin Elderly can become Sinisteeds if they don t do their work carefully.Littlest One and Thin Elderly are in charge of giving dreams to a kind old woman, a fairly simple task But when the woman takes in John, a foster child, his anger and troubled past leave him open to torment by the Sinisteeds, and the dream givers must find a way to counteract this.This is a short novel, but Lowry is adept at sketching out a tantalizing and fascinating story in so few pages Her use of launguage is lovely, and I was utterly absorbed. This novel was a great departure from the trilogy of Lowry books I had just finished reading The giver, Gathering Blue, Messenger It s a fast read, since it s written for preteens teenagers, but I think adults could appreciate the story and Lowry s writing style, as well The book tries to answer questions about dreams and their origins and plays with a great narrative style by switching between reality and imagination The story centers around both the real world of an old woman trying to help an angry, little boy as he copes with the after effects of an abusive father, and the imaginary world of the tiny creatures who gather memories from everyday objects and give them back to humans through their dreams I really enjoyed Lowry s attention to detail and descriptive imagery, even when she was describing the most everyday objects, such as dishes or teacups Though it is a complete work of fiction, Lowry deals with tough, very real issues, especially the abuse the little boy endures and how he learns to cope with life afterward The book touched me in many ways, most specifically as a mother raising a young child It was light and fun in some parts and dark and serious in others, and ended with a very satisfying and encouraging conclusion This is definitely a book I would recommend to anyone who is interested in dreams and the power of imagination. #Download Pdf è Gossamer ⚛ Where Do Dreams Come From What Stealthy Nighttime Messengers Are The Guardians Of Our Most Deeply Hidden Hopes And Our Half Forgotten Fears Drawing On Her Rich Imagination, Two Time Newbery Winner Lois Lowry Confronts These Questions And Explores The Conflicts Between The Gentle Bits And Pieces Of The Past That Come To Life In Dream, And The Darker Horrors That Find Their Form In Nightmare In A Haunting Story That Tiptoes Between Reality And Imagination, Two People A Lonely, Sensitive Woman And A Damaged, Angry Boy Face Their Own Histories And Discover What They Can Be To One Another, Renewed By The Strength That Comes From A Tiny, Caring Creature They Will Never SeeGossamer Is Perfect For Readers Not Quite Ready For Lois Lowry S Newbery Award Winner The Giver And Also For Readers Interested In Dreams, Nightmares, Spirits And The Dream World TW child abuse, domestic abuse, nightmaresFor fans of A Monster Calls, Gossamer tells the tale of a dream giver and the young boy she bestows dreams upon He is a troubled child with an unsettling past, and he needs all the good dreams he can get, especially with the Sinisteed Horde that is fast approaching him, intent on giving him horrible nightmares Sad parts are important you must include the sad parts, because they are part of the story, and they have to be part of the dreams The book is short and bittersweet, with darker themes than most of Lowry s work I wish that there was in this world, as it is very interesting and unique I love sandman esque stories The worldbuilding was well done and the characters were all excellent I thoroughly enjoyed it Change means leaving things behind, and that s always sad. I ve never wished I d written any book I ve ever read.Well, until tonight Really This book was something incredible It was words and memories so many of these and stories and fear and family and fighting the uphill battle against brokenness It was magical, and it so closely echoed everything I ve wanted but failed to put into words it was like reading a piece of my own brain Except it was prettier Somebody recently said about a book that you might as well read my soul, and I kind of feel that way about this story.Mostly, I think this book had beautiful words and I liked the way it dealt with memories and the past and darkness, and it just came at the right time for me I m glad I paid the 99 cents for these compiled words I m keeping them for always.P.S Littlest One was precious Of course we do All creatures have shadows They are a phenomenon created by light A phenomenon created by light, what a fine phrase, Littlest thought. Okay,This one was truly a child s book The print was GINORMOUS aka gigantically enormous hugantic hah boldface and the book was only 144 pages but I struggled to finish this book Boring as crap I have an issue swallowing words like flutter and shimmer and twirling when they are being used repeatedly oh and the ridiculous names oldest one, littlest one, fastidous Back to the book review There are these little fairy like creatures forgot what they are called that come into your room at night and touch all your stuff starting to sound like Robert Goulet in the Emerald Nuts commercial huh to gather good fragments Then they hover over your orrifices and jangle around until these fragments come out as shimmers which gives you good dreams The fairies that touch your stuff too hard They become Something steeds Think of those horse riders in Ralph Bakshi s Lord of the Rings Yup they come stampeding in and do something to your face to give you bad dreams.So anyway this old lady and her dog fosters this young boy who was abused by his drunkard father until his mother can get custody of him again Kid stops being a hellion, and the mom gets him back in the end Littlest Something fairy saves him from the Something steeds and is renamed Gossamer, for her gentle touch when touching people s stuff to make dreams, and another fairy is born and named Littlest Something or the other But are these fairy things human No They exist in your mind in a place called the Heap the Hive Something that starts with an H.This books reads like a bad acid trip well at least what I d imagine one would look like I was expecting a lot better than the lady who wrote Number the Stars and The Giver books that mark the middle schoolers rite of passage into high school.I only finished b c I have a pet peeve with checking out a book and not reading it that and I was NOT about to be bested by a child s book.Somebooks can be in the YA section and speak to people of all ages This book, however, was equivolant to the torture having to sit and watch the PBS KIDS Sprout Network with my little cousins or nephews. This was such an unexpected story, and it got me thinking that I should revisit the Lois Lowry canon to read of her works I found this in a bookstore while on vacation and decided to sit down with it for an afternoon It s very slim and easily read in just one sitting Essentially, it s told from the perspective of tiny creatures I pictured them as fairy like, though their appearance was vaguely described who transfer dream fragments to humans, and the conflict arises when they have to defend the humans from their counterparts, who deliver nightmares While the story is told from the POV of these creatures and seems at first to be very ethereal, there was so much unexpected depth in the characterization The humans in this story have incredibly developed backstories, and there s so much tenderness in the relaying of their often tragic experiences I would recommend this to adult readers who enjoy middle grade, because I think that there s so much that we can understand about the story from an adult perspective, and that makes the messages in it that much meaningful. This book had me bawling my eyes out If that s not enough recommendation, here s an actual review I enjoyed Littlest One so much She was so full of adorable life and enthusiasm, and her relationship with Thin Elderly was so cute I quite successfully grew to hate the view spoiler Sinisteeds hide spoiler First of all, I really love Lois Lowry That being said, I loved this as much or maybe even than The Giver, her most famous book This is the story of little mythic creatures that give us our dreams I loved the idea of how and why we have dreams and nightmares, and fell in love with the characters in the story I also loved that she didn t tie up the whole thing with a nice neat bow the ending was satisfying, but like life, unfinished. Wonderful, exquisite This is such an enchanting book Yet, it s a quick read, easily just one sitting, and you need some tissues as it ll go right to your heart I absolutely loved it It s original, beautifully written, close to a fairy tale and ever so touching unlike anything I have read Highly recommend this book In fact, it s going on my favorite list.