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Sin querer borr el review y todo lo dem s de este libro What a twist, God S fue un matrimonio de conveniencia pero no por las razones que parec an en el resumen Todo sea por el bien de Ben y Lizzie No el t pico MB y me encant. NOT a good book AT ALL All through the first half the hero keeps chanting how can any woman be so ugly and this for the heroine and suddenly, one magical hair spa cum facial cum manicure session which is added to a designer wardrobe and Viola you have the woman of his dreams He can t believe his luck He was mighty p d that he had to marry such a mirror crack.Now he can t get his wedding night soon enough Bl y a ho There is no compulsion to make the female lead a Julia Roberts but if she is an Ugly Betty then let her be To say that his love blossomed with her looks is just plain fickle and nasty Who would want such a man [Download Kindle] ♫ Royally Bedded, Regally Wedded ♍ From Single Mom To Princess Bride Lizzy Mitchell Has Something That Prince Rico Ceraldi Wants She S The Adoptive Mother Of The Young Heir To The Throne Of San Lucenzo, Rico S Mediterranean Principality Lizzy Will Do Anything For Her Little Boy When Rico Demands A Marriage Of Convenience, She Says Yes It S A Union In Name Only, As Rico Considers Her Far Too Ordinary But A Royal Wedding Means A Royal Makeover And Then Rico Decides To Bed His Princess Bride Sweet love story with lovable characters My only problem was that the angst was low since the hero was such a kind and noble man I like my heroes cruel lol Lizzy me dio mucha penita, en realidad salvo la familia del protagonista, todos son gente muy buena, incluido el h roe Las escenas donde ambos interact an no me gust tanto como la historia en s , no hubo tanta qu mica. Not bad but it had the distasteful trope of the girl being so ugly that the hero could barely stand to look at her After a makeover though she was worthy of love It was a bit different in that view spoiler He ends up giving up his throne for her after being all about the royalty thing So while I ve read that before, it s not common and usually the hero didn t want the throne throughout the book hide spoiler Surprised by how much I liked it.I recently started and stopped two other Julia James makeover books with terrible descriptions of the unattractiveness of heroine The Italian s Rags To Riches Wife Heroine is expressly viewed in H s POV as ugly with a square face and unsightly eyebrows Also, in, The Italian s Token Wife heroine described by H s POV as the most physically repellent woman he s ever seen I couldn t get past those descriptions to read the books But forced myself with Royally Bedded, Regally Wedded even after hero uses the word repellent to describe heroine, which is hard to get past But the hero has surprising depth and honor, you could hear his thoughts and is motivations, there were actually some thrilling parts to the story, so I m glad I stuck with it Makeover part was the usual silliness, originally I took off a star for that, but I was left with such a feeling of H h depth of character and love that I ve given back the star Beautiful, wonderful book Lizzy, aka Frizzy Lizzy, has adopted her dead sister s son Rico, aka The Spare, has never felt needed by anyone in his royal family When Rico discovers that the child, Benedict, is his dead brother s son, he is determined to do anything necessary to bring the boy back with him and see that he is raised as a member of royalty even to propose marriage to plain, plump, unappetizing Lizzy view spoiler So much emotion Even though Rico really didn t start desiring Lizzy until her makeover, he treated her with kindness I couldn t believe what his family planned for Lizzy for Ben in separating them and banishing her, but then her family was just as bad Seriously, they committed suicide because their golden daughter died and they saw no worth in either their other daughter and their grandson hide spoiler Great book I loved it Very sweet romance between the ugly duckling h and the very nice and honorable princely H The frumpy heroine is now mother to her gorgeous sister s son For once, the gorgeous sister was actually a nice girl took up for her sister with their fathead parents and wasn t a gold digging hussy It s really too bad she s dead The plot moppet s dad was the much beloved, youngest son of the Muckety Muck Kingdom is also dead.Now that the royals have found about the PM, the spare to the heir has been sent in to retrieve the PM as no no name frumpy British chick can raise the royal spawn.Malarkey happens including a makeover thank God , a MOC and some fun double dealing by bad Royals wherein the H lays out the heir.The H is, at heart, a nice guy and very honorable without losing his panty melting alpha status The h is a strong mother to the PM and wants to do what is right.The only flaw in the ointment is the po mouth, beat to death, frizzy haired frumpiness of the h and her defeatist mentality She actually refers to herself as grotesque I mean, come on Have you ever heard of L Oreal, Neutrogena, even Cover Girl JJ BEATS it to death and honestly loses a potential 4 start because of it I like a timid or shy heroine as much as the next, but there is a limit on women just giving up.