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!Download ♺ Scrap Metal ☹ Is There Room For Love In A Heart Full Of SecretsOne Year Ago, Before Fate Took A Wrecking Ball To His Life, Nichol Was Happily Working On His Doctorate In Linguistics Now He S Hip Deep In Sheep, Mud And Collies His Late Brother And Mother Had Been Well Suited To Life On Seacliff Farm Nichol Not So Much As Lambing Season Progresses In The Teeth Of An Icy North Wind, The Last Straw Is The Intruder Nichol Catches In The Barn He Says His Name Is Cam, And He S On The Run From A Glasgow Gang Something About The Young Man S Tired Resignation Touches Nichol Deeply, And Instead Of Giving Him The Business End Of A Shotgun, He Offers Cam A Blanket And A Place To Stay Somehow, Cam Quickly Charms His Way Through Nichol S Defenses And Into His Heart Even His Grandfather Takes To The Cheeky City Boy, Whose Hard Work And Good Head For Figures Help Set The Farm Back On Its Feet As The Cold Scottish Springtime Melts Into Summer, Nichol Finds Himself Falling In Love When Tragedy Strikes, Cam S Resolutely Held Secret Is Finally Revealed And Nichol Must Face The Truth He S Given His Heart Away, And It S Time To Pay The Price Warning Contains Explicit M M Sex And The Disruption Of A Quiet Scottish Town By A Fistfight And Some Tight Designer Jeans Harper Fox is the writer I envy most, for her ability to marry lyrical prose and poetic description with vivid characters in just the right proportions Her books are deeply emotional but the emotion is contained and subtle and not forced This story was no exception a main character who made my heart ache for him, a plot with twists and heartbreak and hope A resolution I desperately wanted, even though I didn t see how she would pull it off And behind that story of love and loss and unflinching trust, the gorgeous, gritty, realistic details of a sheep farm on a remote island This is the story of three men Grandfather, stranger, and main character who came together in a family, were torn apart, and finally remade into something lasting with the strength of love Just beautiful, and going immediately into my favorites. 4.5 starsExquisite to die for romantic love story and so beautifully written The Scottish backdrop is vividly portrayed, I could easily picture myself looking out onto that breathtakingly harsh landscape Nichol s life on the farm is bleak and a tough slog everyone he loves has left even his beloved Clover has disappeared, nowhere to be found The frozen icy conditions add to the grim sad outlook and reflects the mood that surrounds and embraces the occupants of Seacliff When Cameron arrives he brings about change some peace for Nichol and Harry grumpy grandpa Seacliff slowly awakens from its miserable existence the dark clouds have lifted and the skies are shining Even Clover returns to the fold with sweet lovely presents They were all waiting for that special person to arrive.By now you probably have clued in to the fact that I loved it to bits, all of it the hikes across the rugged hills, the trip to the waterfall dreamy the new love of the land that Nichol sees through Cameron s eyes The slow build and affection they have for each other is gorgeous even with that pesky secret that is between them Cameron that adorable boy has a past and it s about to catch up to him you feel it and know it s coming I was hoping and wishing I was wrong but nope it caused a few anxious and teary moments Every time I think about Nichol and Cameron what comes to mind is harmony, happiness, contentment, acceptance and joy True partners in every sense of the word.A very special mention of course goes to Clover although I am a bit miffed that we didn t get to seeof the darling that feisty personality needed to show its selfHighly recommended even though I don t think my review has done this fabulous book the justice it deserves sighs. REVIEW COMPLETED AUGUST 22, 2012 Come on, then, I thought Blind me Strike me bloody dead, up here on this rooftop, the highest point for two hundred yards around I m harboring a view spoiler killer On a side note Cam is NOT a killer just a witness It was some kind of a misunderstanding between these two guys I won t give away , just read it and you ll see what I mean hide spoiler Harper Fox is an exceptionally gifted writer Scrap Metal is a testament to that Because you don t simply read this story You experience it You experience the breathtaking beauty of the Isle of Arran, and Seacliff Farm The elements of nature The sounds of vehicles, animals and the people at some point I realised I read the dialogue with a Scottish intonation No kidding And you experience the characters and the spectrum of their feelings as if they re part of the island, the landscape Desolation and despair and resignation and helplessness and grief are interwoven with cold and rain and sleet and the gloom of the dark Scottish winter Hope and laughter and love and lust and desire are connected with spring, the summer sun, the sounds of a waterfall, flowers, earth, nature I can t really explain it But it s beautiful So beautiful There s also a very light touch of the paranormal that lends the story an additional mystical air There were some parts that didn t make much sense for instance, Nichol claimed he had received an email even though we later learned he didn t own a computer , and the crime parts near the end were rudimentary and hasty, as was the last 20% or so of the story Also, the book ended and I still hadn t really understood where the author was taking the relationship between Archie and Shona The character I felt I understood the most was the grandfather, Harry Nichol and, mostly, Cameron, although strong and likable and clear, could have been developed .But those were minor issues and they won t be what I ll remember this book for Some people have mentioned in their reviews they find Harper Fox s writing too lyrical and difficult to follow To me, it s simply beautiful.Scrap Metal was my first book by Ms Fox and I don t know whether it s her best, but I fully intend to find out. Written March 18, 20154.6 Stars This was utterly spellbinding reading, so incredibly beautiful told what a wonderful story I finished reading Harper Fox s historical Brothers of the Wild North Sea 4.5 stars last week, and I really enjoyed the writing and the intense feeling in that one A new attempt and now with a 12 20 hrs contemporary audiobook novel narrated by Sean Gormley Oh yes, this was very, VERY goodMs Fox isn t disappointing, once again a great novel Well written in a beautiful way Characters I felt so much for I wanted to be there on that windy island with them I wanted to help with all that hard farm work I wanted to keep them happy and just share they ups and downs Ohhh This was a magic listening partly, and in the same time so ordinary, believable and simple You just have to grab the chance for luck when there is a opportunity The mug was so warm, and my hands so cold, that it didn t feel as if we belonged in the same universe Isle of Arran, Scotland U.K.Fate changed Nichol Seacliff s life a year ago He had to go back to the Scottish island, Isle of Arran and to his family s old Seacliff Farm Nichol left his own life, friends and work doctorate in linguistics in Edinburgh, to help out his grandpa Harry There had been a heartbreaking sad accident leaving the old man alone with lambs, sheeps and collies there on that cold windy island It is a hard life on a sheep farm and there aren t much money or any profits at all Nichol is still after a year of grieving his mother and older brother in a sad and nearly depressing mood He just wish he could leave it all and go back to his old life but he can t Not yet anyway Their life and old way of living on the island is dear to his grandfather Then one night changes things There is an intruder in the barn, a cheeky Glasgow city boy, Cameron Cam Vaughn Nichol is touched by Cam s poor tired resignation and offers a blanket and a place to stay So are they three men on the farm Maybe we walked past each other in the crowd No Why not Because I wouldn t have walked past you It was wonderful to follow these three men through everyday wear Be there with them and those surprisingly glorious moments the first kiss, dancing in the kitchen, newborn lambs, beautiful panoramic islands views, laughter and joy, etc and their inner change It s a bit dirty, windy, unfashionable old and it sneaks in cold air into the old house It is now, in the present, but could have been 40 years ago too Grandpa Harry is a bit ill tempered, stubborn and dominant Nothing should change, and all three pine and are quiet about what should be said Nichol and Cam are unsure what their progressing relationship could be, they are sweet and horny , but both fears to handle changes, to try and go one step further Hearts healed, gained new force and began to bloom.But then the those sunny warm first spring days comes, cuddly kittens are born, old dreams awoke, and it gets warm again In their hearts and in mine Love is in the air for all three He was the heart of my world, my gravity, my sun My life before him was a dream from which I d joyously awoken He turned this dusty cell into a prince s chamber, hung it with satin and silks I loved him So beautifully described, so earnestly told magnificently crafted and dramatic heartbreaking romantic Maybe there are some minor lacks, but who cares This story and characters will not leave my heart for a long time Highly recommended As a very well, intense and lively, narrated audiobook as well.I LIKE wholeheartedly, I was charmed 4.25 stars This book came highly recommended and it didn t disappoint Scrap metal is a beautifully written book about a city boy, Nichol I don t think I ever pronounced his name correctly Ni CK ole NI cole Nick OLE , who is forced to move back to his childhood home and help out his grandfather on his farm when his mother and brother unexpectedly die His quiet country world is suddenly shaken up when he finds a stranger, Cam, hiding in his barn This was my first book by Harper Fox and I was pleasantly surprised by her writing style Her prose is very poetic She creates beautiful similes, and phrases things in a very lyrical, thoughtful way This forged an interesting reading experience for me In some ways, it really enhanced the story and made itspecial and memorable However, a tiny portion of me found the phrasing a little too deliberate for my tastes, if that makes sense.What I really dug was the quiet, serene atmosphere of the book Harper Fox did a fabulous job putting me right in the middle of rural Scotland where all of my delicious heroes live I was completely sucked into the characters world In addition, the romance between Cam and Nichol was also very well done There was a nice slow burn there and some wonderful, real chemistry Not to mention, Harry, the grandfather, was a great character I fell hard for him I had a few questions at the end of the book and a few minor complaints view spoiler What was the deal with Archie and Shona Is Archie supposed to be bisexual I didn t get that How old is Shona anyway hide spoiler Audio 3.5 stars The narrator s performance was great but the voice was a bit mature for heroes in their twenties Still, it was a very nice voice so listening wasn t a hardship Story 3 stars It was long winded but there are two things I m finding out I can count on from Harper Fox beautiful writing and swoon worthy couples so no regrets listening reading this. Ever wondered what life on a Scottish farm, that looks out over steep cliffs and is tucked away in a corner of the world, would be like Here s your chance Oh, to be immersed in the life of Sturdily built Scotsmen, who still speak Gaelic and stand proudly in the turf of their own lands Only, the farm in this story is a ramshackle one, its inhabitants an eccentric grandpa, Harry, and his grandson Nichol, who was meant for a big city life with his talent for foreign languages and his handsome looks Instead, he s running around in the mud with sickly lambs and understands only enough of finances to realize that their farm is drowning in its debts, while the ghost of his brother who should have run and inherited the farm instead, but was snatched away from life too early haunts himHarry wouldn t allow a microwave in the house, but we did have a battered kitchen radio via which, when the wind was in the right direction, I could sometimes pick up reminders of modern music, and my former life God, I had loved this track, danced away dozens of messy Edinburgh small hours in its grasp Fox paints a gorgeous, bittersweet picture of a sober farm life and its contrasting priceless surroundings The latter Nichol doesn t even notice any, if he ever did He dutifully slips into the life his brother was supposed to live That is, until a burglar one stormy night proves to be the final straw When unfamiliar sounds wake him up, he takes Harry s gun and stalks to the pen, where the sheep spend the night There, between the hay bales he finds a skinny, beautiful lad, whose troublesome past brought him to this unlikely, forgotten placeThe flowery prose is mostly impressive However at times Fox appears to get lost in her, now and then overwrought, sentences I can imagine why some reviewers claimed to have difficulty sloughing through the prose and get a grip on the actual plot Although I personally loved Fox s lyrical descriptions, I, too, noticed how she could get carried away Especially when describing love scenes, her pick of words seemed far fetched and downright too extravagant to capture me As I said, I enjoy poetic prose, but during steamy scenes my eyes simply flash over the sentences and I often appreciate a sharp, focused and intense writing style, instead ofA fierce endless spending that turned the sun blood red in my vision and almost stopped my heart he rasped, powering up onetime into my body, holding us both briefly high in the zenith, up with the clouds and the ravens, safe in the hands of God Sickly lamb MEH Strangely enough, Nichol and Cameron remain surprisingly unremarkable characters With this author, I had expectedcomplex personalities I would have been quite happy to just read about these guys and their delicate love, but since Fox insisted on adding suspense, I need to point out that she didn t dose it that well there were enough lulls in the story to make me realize that Scrap Metal would have benefited from beingcompact There were parts where I sinnedand skimmed.So if you re a fan of plot driven, fast hot reads, then this is probably not for you However, if you love to indulge in romantic prose, slow burning love and highlight parts on your ereader like crazy, I d say give it a goWords and breath failed him and he hung on to me, chest heaving Then he got hold of my jaw and guided me in for a kiss, swollen mouth, fresh come and all he was robust about body fluids, I d discovered, and we d enjoyed a few sublimely messy exchanges So I am totally supposed to not be reading any m m this month, but I forgot I preordered this, so I was forced, cruelly forced I tell you, to down tools and finish this from cover to cover, compulsorily, this afternoon.Oooh, It s FABULOUS Even better than Life After Joe.Romantic, slow burny true love, with Scots accents God in heaven how I loved it Actual plot And poetic, gorgeous writing And a setting that had me aching with longing And insanely hot, sensitive men having breathtaking sex And otters OK, maybe just the one otter Shivers What a treat this book was.Thankfully that should hold me over for another three weeks of non m m purgatory.Thank you very much Harper Fox for sharing this story world with me.