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Oh Marcy, could I love youThis book helped me and a lot of other girls accept what we looked like and who we were I especially like this cover the one I own as that is EXACTLY what I imagine Marcy to look like I m really surprised to hear that so many people liked this book I am at a loss to say anything about it I can t say that it was really terrible, it was just pointless to me The characters were a little too basic and contrived they are either good or evil, with no exploration into their viewpoints, backgrounds, or values For a book that seems to be promoting understanding other people and accepting new ideas, it felt very one sided to me. Historical context is paramount for full enjoyment of this adorably dated book was a fun read While I think kids might have some trouble with casual references to recreation rooms, records, women s liberation and push button phones The real issue is Marcy s parents Without understanding the era in which this story was published mid seventies they come off as a cartoonish villian and victim The rampant McCarthyism and casual mysogny of Marcy s father as he chomps on a cigar while downing scotch and sodas seemed so fabricated as to be unbelieveable althought I am actuely aware that it was not that long ago that his behavior was considered acceptable if not the norm A great book about kids learning to stand up for what themselves, those they care about and what they believe in. This book is about a student named Marcy Lewis who hates school and she s one of the volleyball players in her school In her classroom, no teacher have ever lasted in their room as a teacher because the students disrespect the teacher when they hate the teacher that s teaching them Then this person who is ready to teach and [ Download Kindle ] ☼ The Cat Ate My Gymsuit ♾ Marcy Lewis Is Bored By School, She Knows She S Never Going To Be Thin, And She Is Dead Sure She Ll Never Have A Date Life At Home Isn T Great Either, Since Her Father Bosses Her And Her Mother Around Then Along Comes Ms Finney, An English Teacher Who Ll Try Anything In The Classroom And Actually Treats Kids Like Human Beings Now That She S Found A Teacher Who Sees Marcy As Than A Name On An Attendance Sheet, Marcy Realizes Her Life Could Mean Something When Ms Finney Is Suspended, Marcy Knows She S Got To Take A Stand But Is This New Independence Worth The Price She Ll Pay At School And At Home Back Cover Aku benci ayahku Aku benci sekolah Aku benci tubuh gemukku Aku benci Kepala Sekolah karena ia ingin memecat Ms.Finney, guru bahasa inggrisku.Membaca kalimat pertama itu, aku mengira Marcy ini tentu orang yang sering mengeluh, tidak puas dengan apapun, penyendiri dan mungkin pemarah..Setelah meneruskan membaca terbukti semua yg kukira di awal ternyata banyak yg salah..Mercy memang penyendiri, tapi dia bukan pemarah, dia pemalu. Dia malu akan kegemukan tubuhnya, dia malu jika muncul jerawat di wajahnya, dia malu berbicara dengan teman teman sekelasnya..Mercy memang penyendiri, tapi mungkin semua itu sebuah akibat dari apa yang terjadi di rumahnya Ayahnya sering berteriak, Ibunya sering menangis, setiap adiknya membuat masalah Mercy selalu disalahkan, semua hal di diri Mercy seperti tidak ada arti dimata ayahnya.Aku tidak peduli jika kau dapat nilai nilai bagus, karena kau konyol Mengapa aku harus punya anak perempuan yang konyol dan gemuk aku tidak akan pernah menemukan orang yang mau menikahimu Lihat apa yang telah kau lakukan Kami tak pernah bertengkar kecuali gara gara dirimu Minta maaf kalimat kalimat seperti itulah yang sering diteriakkan ayahnya pada Mercy. Dan karena percaya dia memang gemuk, konyol, dan menyebalkan, Mercy lebih suka menyendiri. Bahkan dia berpikir, Nancy, satu satunya teman yg dimilikinya mau berteman dengannya cuma karena ibu mereka berteman..Keminderan Mercy mulai berkurang seiring kedatangan Ms.Finney, guru bahasa inggris yang baru di sekolahnya. Pendekatan Ms Finney yang lebih menekankan pada komunikasi sesama manusia sepertinya membuat Mercy dan teman teman sekelasnya dapat mengenal lebih baik diri mereka..Mercy akhirnya mulai keluar dari cangkangnya. Dia mulai bisa mengobrol santai denggan teman temannya Bahkan Joel mengajaknya datang bersama ke pesta Nancy..Tapi kesenangan Mercy dan teman temannya memiliki guru seperti Ms.Finney tidak bertahan lama Kepala sekolah dan beberapa orang tua murid menganggap Ms.Finney berpengaruh buruk karena pakaian yg dikenakannya dan penolakannya untuk mengucapkan Ikrar Kesetiaan Pledge of Allegiance pada negara dan akan di pecat. Maka Mercy, Joel, Nancy dan teman teman yg lain berusaha menggagalkan rencana ituIni pertama kali saya membaca buku karangan Paula Danziger Menurutnya ini adalah semacam autobiografi yg ditulisnya di awal tahun 70an. Hebatnya aku ga ngerasa ini buku cerita terbitan jaman dulu. bahkan baru tau pas sudah selesai dan baca catatan penulis di bagian belakang..Pengen deh baca lanjutannya There s a Bat In Bunk Five tapi musti cari edisi asli nih, ga ada terjemahannya kayaknya. Sebenarnya aku beli buku ini karena mengira ini buku anak2 yah usia se sd gitu laah ternyata cerita anak ABG, yg tahun depan mo masuk SMA Tapi biar begitu ga nyesel kok. karena aku suka ceritanya RETRO REREAD 3 I am going back and re reading books from my adolescence found in several boxes while moving Books that is, not my adolescence that s long gone and this is the third one I pulled from the shelf the first was This Time of Darkness by HM Hoover and the second was Anna to the Infinite Power by Mildred Ames , but I just now decided to make it a thing and give it a nifty name So anyway the ratings I am giving these books are based on two things 1 did it hold up well, and 2 did I enjoy re reading it Of some consideration is how much I loved it when I first discovered it in the case, in Junior High This book is so dated as to be antiquated a teacher gets fired for being, essentially, a liberal feminist with ideas that students shouldgaspthink but what scares me is how much, with the whole no child left behind teach to the test mess plaguing our schools now is that what IS relevant is the idea of a teacher who challenges that and gets kids to think and learnand gets punished for it When I was a kid I was mad at Ms Finney at the end won t say why but now, as an adult and educator, I get her completely Sometimes I think I learned how to teach from Ms Finney.Just as an aside There is a new trend of updating books from the 70s for instance, replacing Marcy s push button phone with a cell phone I don t know if that was done with this book, as my copy is from 1978, but I imagine it would change too much like how the protest is organized I am not sure I like the new trend Lois Duncan s Down a Dark Hall did NOT work for me because the isolation seemed stupid in a world with the internet and cell phones Kit would have thoroughly googled the teachers and the school before being sent away, especially since she didn t want to go even if it gets kids to read old books. Actually this book looks similar to bollywood movie Hichki..Story is same just it is written in words.It actually tells or depicts what our real education system is like..Why do teachers only teach us from books why don t they tell us anything practical Teachers are builders of the nation..A strong building can only be established with good ideals and learning and not rote learning.Here also there are students who don t let any teacher stay by doing nuisance.Then one teacher comes who completely changed them.Why can t every teacher be like her Why can t our education system be like that where we think and not just learn.We have a system where children are not allowed to think not allowed to ask.What our teachers say is right isn t 3,5 starI LOVE THIS BOOKNggak nyangka bakal jatuh suka sama buku ini, dan kelar dengan begitu cepatnya pas dibaca Ngalir banget ceritanya, dan nggak bertele tele, meskipun ending nya agak sedikit terlalu mudah Pengen lebih greget Tapi, cukup seru banget sihhlove it Tema nya pun oke Asyik lah pokoke This book will always have a special place in my heart I was twelve when I read it and completely identified with the main character and her struggles I also loved the teacher in the story, who helped inspire me to be a teacher at least for a little while I still recommend this book to preteens and teens who feel they just don t fit in.