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Two cops, living together undercover on assignment, neither knows the other is gay This is my absolute all time favorite M M romance LOVE 4.5 Double in the Closet Stars This was a great read Really enjoyed it It was funhad a bit of a mystery element along with the romance Super hot sexy times.And double in the closet.ScottI m so straight I sleep standing upTurner and WillI m so straight I sleep with a poker up my assHarrison are both cops They are both gay but pretend to be straight They both act like they hate each other when they are both secretly crushing on each other Their inner dialogue about each other made me laugh Here are a few of the things that Will thought about Scott.ScottassholeTurnerScottI m so far up my own ass I can see what I had for breakfastTurnerScottwould you like to be a notch on my bedpostTurnerScottmy middle name is dickheadTurnerScottmy Shorts are so tight I squeak when I walkTurnerAnd a few of the things that Scott thought about Will.WillI m fucking beautiful and don t I know itHarrisonWillI m built like a Greek GodHarrisonWillI m so straight I can t even bend down to tie my shoesHarrisonWillI m a prima donnaHarrisonWillmy thighs are so hard I can crack walnutsHarrisonThere s been two deaths at Laurel Heights, an exclusive gay community, and Scott and Will are sent in undercover to solve the mystery of the deaths I wouldn t call this an edge of your seat thriller It was a comedic thriller If there s such a thing So gay Scott and Will, who both think each other are straight, move in to this gay community to pretend to be gay in order to solve this murder mystery It s quite simple reallySo Scott and Will move in Between nosy neighbors, swingers and sharing parties, and pretending to be gay.their secret can only be safe for so long Right Will becomesWillwhite picket fence and happy ever afterHarrisonWillI m gay, but sssh, don t tell anyoneHarrison And Scott becomesScottOh thank God, he s gayTurnerScottWould you look at the curve of that assTurnerAnd I must address the epilogueWho in the hell is view spoiler Mr Kent hide spoiler 2.5 starsWhat I like The banter between Scott and Will are quite entertaining Their partners, the females, Grace and Julie, are wonderful The heartbreaking story of Todd, the victim, puts an edge and darker side to this story, and I truly wish that he gets his happiness, somehow in a separate story.What I dislike The nicknames that both Scott and Will have for one another are exhausting after so many times The fact that they actually busy having sex when yes, they do know that one of the males in the community is being abused, in addition that there s already two men died in Laurel Heights don t sit well for me, personally I keep want to barge into their undercover house and yell, COME ON GUYS, INVESTIGATE STOP ANALYZING YOUR OWN ISSUES While I know that I m getting into, considering that Laurel Heights IS described as a community, in which the members are involved in a gathering of partner swapping once in awhile, personally, that is not my favorite thing Even if Scott and Will are not exactly involved with each other and the only action they have with the other members of the community is kissing But it s NOT the author s fault She clearly states the description of the community beforehand Even so, I still squirm when reading the scene of the gathering , I can t help it Not a huge fan of cliffhanger ending, too All the hints that the problem is not going away anytime soon, even after the murderer is caught I think cliffhanger should stays on TV, because at least I know when the episode will return, what s with spoilers and all In books, they just make me want to scream No, No, No, No, NO Why did I read the goddamn epilogue I was perfectly fine with the HEA or HFN or whatever kind of happiness that was Why did you do this to me Lisa And I swear to God view spoiler if anything else happens to that poor baby Todd, I am going to find a way to jump into those pages and kill Jay and what I can only assume to be his fucking minion David hide spoiler 2.5 stars rounded upThis book reminded me of The Assignment by Evangeline Anderson And another 12569 m m books I ve read about cops going undercover and playing the gay couple Only this one was better Because, like I said on a status update, and it also reminded me of Melrose Place the gay version Gorgeous gay people living in a luxurious housing complex Night clubs, booze, record producers, country singers, designers and architects Gossip Nosy neighbours Partner swapping Amidst all this, two closeted gay cops trying to solve a crime and at the same time deal with the growing attraction between them Sounds like fun, no Sadly, the answer is no Because the writing was pleonastic and the story was packed with redundant POV shifts The punctuation was all over the place The crime plot whodunit was ridiculous, the supporting characters pathetic I had trouble remembering who was who and what they looked like It all sounded too much like bad daytime drama.Also, the author thought it would be fun to give the MCs middle names like Scott Next Please Turner, Scott I m so far up my own ass I can see what I had for breakfast Turner, Scott Would you like to be a notch on my bedpost Turner, Scott My middle name is Dickhead Turner, Scott My shorts are so tight I squeak when I walk Turner, Scott I m so straight I sleep standing up Turner Or Will I m fucking beautiful and don t I know it Harrison, Will I m built like a Greek God Harrison, Will I m a prima donna Harrison, Will My thighs are so hard I can crack walnuts Harrison, or Will Just wipe its ass and stick it on a plate Harrison I admit I snickered the first couple of times, but after a while I became Lenore Enough with the silly nicknames, move on with the story already.Another detail than didn t bode well with me was the MCs calling each other man and dude in bed Like,Dude, you feel so good inside meCringeworthy.Then came the epilogue What the hell was that about Especially after the way the last chapter had ended Totally unwarranted So, I d say the first half of the story before the MCs hooked up was a bit better, funnier, the bickering between the MCs coming across fairly well In the second half, the buff cops became drama queensI would die before I let you harm him , Tell him I m sorry Tell him I love him , that kind of stuff and the whole thing started deflating like a punctured balloon.Oh well. Well we all knew I d love this one Seems every third book i read has closeted cops What can I say Firemen are a fetish, sure but cops are an obsession Or a sport Holy shit, if only there was a story about a baseball playing cop back to Ty Grady color me pathetic ANYWAYS Will and Scott are awesome I love their bickering and how they slowly fall into each other and it just makes so much sense And I love that they were both gay, dammit No string of women in their past to prove some masculinity and no poor girlfriend to be tossed aside i m feeling quite bad for the women of m m Just two guys here who have no real problem with knowing theyre gay but keeping it quiet for their job I m ok with that Plenty of us have to cope with that so it was quite realistic.As for the secondaries I LOVED Julie and Gracie They seemed like legit police woman They cared about their partners and made the story a littlehuman Todd Poor poor Todd I just wanna hug him I can t even imagine what going through those things does for the psyche and I like how his story wasnt handled with kid gloves Gave merespect for that part of the story Thank goodness for Marcus The rest of the biddies on the block needed a serious lesson in manners Yes, my friends are notorious for showing up unannounced and pilfering through my medicine cabinets and my liquor cabinet but they KNOCK And by god they know better than to show up and mess with my mean ass first thing in the morning and CERTAINLY know I d pull out a baseball bat if they interrupted the morning nookie at that But geez it made for a fun read I laughed out loud a few times here And kept flipping pages cuz the mystery had me baffled totally didn t see it coming AND HOLY SHIT the EPILOGUE I almost pissed my pants As far as our MCs story, though it ended SO EFFING GREAT I loved it the EPILOGUE has me dying and screaming for a sequel 1.5 stars rounded up because I actually finished the bookI did not enjoy this book The plot was contrived, the characters were indistinguishable from one another and the villain was a way over the top mustache twirler And what is up with all the long nicknames and ellipses Jenni so annoyed her eyes rolled right out of her head Lea is not very amused at all.Scott and Will are pretty much the same person They are both six feet tall, closeted tough guys with a plucky female partner who is the only person who knows their Big Gay Secret I think the only difference between them is one has blond hair and the other brown Don t ask me which is which cause for the life of me I can t remember They are both too concerned with each other and fucking on every available surface to do their damned job and solve the mystery or at the very least, protect the victim It took the victim coming to them all broken and bloody for them to actually pull their heads out of each others asses and almost get everyone killed save the day.Their romance, once they finally revealed to each other that they were both gay, went something like this You re gay I m gay Yay Let s fuck I was gonna rant somebut I find I ve run out of fucks to give.So, yeah Not gonna recommend this one. 4 You are Me too Stars We ve got two closeted cops who play straight for their fellow police officers and detectives Neither one of them knows that the other is not only gay, but has a burning fire in his loins for him Add in a murder in a gay community for which they have to go undercover as a couple and we ve got ourselves a fabulous romantic suspense comedy First off, let me say that this is the weirdest community I ve ever heard of Not only are they all about the swinging, orgy fun times sharing is caring after all , but everyone comes and goes into the other houses like locks don t exist All up in your business Everywhere you turn, there s a neighbor in your face Lisa Worrall did a great job of balancing out the romance steam with the murder mystery I was guessing all the way up to the big reveal Did I see it coming Nope, I was too distracted by the hilarious banter and hot as hell sex And there was plenty of both One of my favorite parts of any GFY OFY book is that moment when the sexual tension reaches such a peak that the characters just burst and REACT You know, the wholeAnd this one certainly didn t disappoint in that department It was a hilarious slow burn all the way until that moment And once these two got startedWith the murder mystery beginning to unravel, I had a pit in my stomach Vile things were happening at Laurel Heights And when all came to a head and the full story came out..I was gripping my kindle and cursing the villain The only negative I have with this book is once our boys got together, it was a bit insta love Now I know they secretly had feelings for each other for a while, but I wasn t quite at that level with them If that makes sense Also, as a bit of a warning, the book ends on a kind of cliffhanger Nothing having to do with the two main characters, but with the last chapter you think everything is doneAnd then the epilogue blows the plot wide open. Buddy read with Bev, May 2013 Had a lot of fun second time around Okay, so after just finishing this for the second time, officially, I am pleased to say it s just as good this time around I am in love with Will and Scott, this book and the majority of the characters I m not sure when the sequel is out, but it will go to the top of my list when the date is given After reading this I am left with a lot of nice happy thoughts Trying to review this well will be hard.Will and Scott hate each other Or do they On the outside both MC s portray the bickering colleagues But inside Scott will admit he has a massive crush on Will For Will, he thinks he hates the man Both are gay, but in the closet They snap and bitch at each other constantly Then they re asked to work undercover together in a gay community The we get the array of lovely pet names, sweetums, hunnybun, pumpkin, sweet cheeks and honey to name just a few I will admit I laughed my ass off.During the case we get a lot of clues, some not so subtle and others were sort of but not really subtle Everyone had their opinions, and knowing who it was this time, my mind went to, I should have known straight away Will and Scott do a good job of winding each other up, even when they re working on the case If it wasn t for Julie and Grace, they would have lost their jobs ages before anything was solved.They were my two favourite secondary characters.Of course they get together just before the shit hits the fan I loved the fact the author did that I m not a fan of everything happening at the very end The romance was a big aspect as well as the crime I felt so bad for poor Todd I just wanted to put him in my pocket Then we had view spoiler Jay hide spoiler `Download Book ☔ Laurel Heights ⇻ Detectives Scott Turner And Will Harrison Are Sent Undercover After An Apparent Murder Suicide In Laurel Heights, An Exclusive Gay Housing Community Will The Two Closeted Officers Be Able To Hide Their Attraction While Each Believing The Other Is Straight And Is There A Killer Amongst Them Waiting To Claim His Next Victim CONTENT ADVISORY This Title Includes Scenes Of Dubious Consent During Orgy Scene