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FREE µ The Undomestic Goddess ó Workaholic Attorney Samantha Sweeting Has Just Done The Unthinkable She S Made A Mistake So Huge, It Ll Wreck Any Chance Of A Partnership Going Into Utter Meltdown, She Walks Out Of Her London Office, Gets On A Train, And Ends Up In The Middle Of Nowhere Asking For Directions At A Big, Beautiful House, She S Mistaken For An Interviewee And Finds Herself Being Offered A Job As Housekeeper Her Employers Have No Idea They Ve Hired A Lawyer And Samantha Has No Idea How To Work The Oven She Can T Sew On A Button, Bake A Potato, Or Get The % Ironing Board To Open How She Takes A Deep Breath And Begins To Cope And Finds Love Is A Story As Delicious As The Bread She Learns To Bake But Will Her Old Life Ever Catch Up With Her And If It Does Will She Want It Back I look along the endless line, squinting in the sunshine I m twenty nine years old I can go anywhere Do anything Be anyone I like There s no rush, I say at last, and reach up to kiss him again Excellent, funny, cute, sweet, romantic, funanother great Kinsella book Sophie Kinsella strikes again Although most of her books deal with both the professional world and relationships, she has managed to make every story unique and immensely entertaining Although I didn t enjoy this novel quite as much as I ve Got Your Number, it still immediately sucked me in and wouldn t let me stop reading until I finished I think if I hadn t read this right after IGYN my favorite book by her , I would have given it a full 5 5 stars, but blame Sophie Kinsella for making her books like candy I can t just read ONE and call it a day As for the story, I loved how the main character, Samantha, was the high powered career woman in the relationship instead of the man, which is seen in most of her other stories although she does leave the job, but still Also, Nathaniel was a total hunky dreamboat and I would like one for my own, please and thank you All in all, I highly recommend it, just like all of her other novels. 4.25This was the first Sophie Kinsella book I ever read and it will remain my favourite My mum actually picked this up for me, because she liked the blurb on the back She would never read this sort of book she is into China Meavile, Dan Simmons and Stephen King Not the sort of stuff I read At first, I was hesitant, but I started reading this in the car on the way home and it was addictive I just could not stop this book is romantic, moving with just the right amount of funny it had a few of those major laugh out loud, cover mouth with fist moments Overall, it was a really good read.Characters 9 10All just hilarious, even the ones I hated had some really funny lines And the way Samantha talks about them Priceless.Writing 7 10It s chick lit for goodness sake It was easy to read and took no brain cells whatsoever Plot 9 10Interesting, quite original, moves at the perfect pace with the perfect twists along the way It has an ending that you would expect but not expect at the same time.Does that make sense Oh well Moving onEnjoy ability 9 10A very fun read. As you d expect, the story is a sitcom come to life a work obsessed attorney loses her job in a dramatic way and then plunges alone into the countryside la Jane Eyre, only to wind up being taken in as a housekeeper by some nouveau riche couple The twist is get ready she doesn t know how to cook Or run a washing machine You can imagine the hilarity In fact, you have to imagine the hilarity, because there isn t much written for you That s not to say the book isn t entertaining It moves quickly, and it ends up validating the effort and skill involved in keeping house, which I liked Plus I found the nouveau riche couple to be oddly engaging Oddly because they reminded me of Southern caricatures written by someone who didn t know any actual Southerners and just created people out of stereotypes like a hick couple who hits it big in the tire business and moves into a mansion but doesn t know to lose the big hair and get grammar Of course the characters in this book are English, as is the author, which goes to show that mediocrity knows no nationality The big flaw is that even though this kind of book is bound to be contrived, it still needs to retain some believability I can buy stumbling onto the one house that would take in a stranger we buy it in Jane Eyre , finding skulduggery at work, true love next door, and a host of other improbabilities because at least they re possible But our heroine, in disgrace at her law firm, googles herself and finds a million entries about how she s become a national lawyer joke at one point the tabloid press even starts following her story The problem is that, in reality, lawyers show up on our radar only if we ve hired them A criminal defense attorney may have his day in the sun with a celebrity client, but other than that, who cares Quick name a contract attorney Anyone How about any kind of attorney you don t know personally The fact is that nobody cares if a lawyer loses her firm a lot of money and then becomes a housekeeper the whole public ignominy angle is too manufactured even for chick lit It reminded me of Shopaholic, where a would be fashion writer somehow becomes a national figure and then a national scandal How It s as though Sophie Kinsella is projecting some deep desire to be in the center of the public stage, holding the nation s microphone tearfully in hand Actually, I wouldn t mind that either, but only to rail on the government power grab and people who talk during movies I wonder if her Oh no The world is watching me during my moment of crisis fantasy was brought on by too much reality TV, or likely if reality TV exists precisely because so many people do have this desire for public display Chilling thought.At any rate, that s probably not enough to condemn the book It has its moments And I think if it had been written differently I would have had patience for the unrealistic aspects However, the style was so aggressively breezy that it became wearisome The author should have put effort into creating a story that holds together and less time trying so desperately to be witty.Mercy three paragraphs on a Costco paperback