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The Seer series continues to get better as it goes along In this installment, Sabine moves back in with Nona, whose illness continues to deteriorate, and returns to her old new school, friends, and boyfriend But she s also gained a lot confidence and peace about who she is She continues struggling with her attraction and connection to Dominic, while feeling that she should be loyal to Josh So she agrees to help as a mentor on a horseback riding camp for underprivileged kids that Josh is organizing However, when the last of the silver charms that will lead to the remedy book with a cure for Nona s illness is found, Sabine and Dominic think they ve also located where the book may be and go searching for, and find, it Stuck in Dominic s truck in the snow on their way back, Sabine makes the decision that while Josh is a great guy who she admires and respects, the guy she loves and is hot for is Dominic But how to tell Josh And will they be able to make the remedy for Nona and will it work Sabine is also struggling with the huge shock from the end of the last book, where she discovers she has a half sister, Jade She s resentful of the new relative and even angrier when Jade shows up at Nona s for Thanksgiving and then convinces Josh to bring her along on the horseback trip, along with Sabine and Dominic, and Sabine s nemesis but Josh s best friend, Evan And then a killer shows up in Jade s tent on the trip and Sabine saves her life, and they start to bond a little Sabine still hasn t broken up with Josh, but that takes care of itself when he interrupts a seance Sabine, Nona, Dominic, and others are conducting so Jade can speak to her dead stepfather, who she loved.I ll be honest that a big part of what I liked about this book was that Sabine and Dominic finally get together But I also liked how Sabine was maturing, becoming comfortable with who she was, with using her gift even though she still didn t tell best friend Penny Love about it , and with the variety of people with whom she had become friends. Original review can be read at Izy s book dream Seer seriesI didn t see the cliffhanger of Sword Play coming This came as a total surprise As I mentioned in earlier reviews of this series, I thought Sabine has a really bad way of dealing with the whole Jade situation Again, she sounds like a spoiled child who just lost her favorite status I can understand the shock of finding this out the way she did, but a little empathy goes a long way Sabine is 16, not 12, she should have been able to understand, especially considering her gifts and her dad s explanations I am still not sure I understand Jade showing up a Nona s house I understand that she had to hide, but why with Sabine, who doesn t know her and why all the lies Something doesn t add up.I was really happy to see Sabine making a decision about her love life and sticking up to it I also liked the fact that this decision led to her self acceptance of her gift She finally doesn t feel ashamed of it any I loved Dominic s reaction to the campout How wise was it to volunteer like that to be a mentor Good way to make sure Sabine hangs on to her word and tells Josh about her decision, which she obviously does too late, but whatever, at least she did and stayed true to herself through it.I still wish Opal would get appreciation and respect, but things have gotten better between them BTW, whatever happened to Sabine stealing the remedy book to Niles I hope she will hold up her part of the promise and return it Now about Josh I think this was meant to be a cliffhanger If that s the case, it didn t work I really saw it coming at least 2 books ago I knew Josh was hiding something, so did Dominic I also expected Grey and the vandal to be linked I have a hard time imagining how this is going to turn out it the next book, but I am curious to know just how far Josh will get pulled into. The fifth book in the Seers series, Fatal Charm earned 3 1 2 stars from me Although I enjoy the book, I was a little put off by the constant whining and indecision of the main character, Sabine Additional, her guide Opal s criptic messages began getting on my nerves as well In this installment Sabine discovers her father has a daughter a year older than her by another woman This girl, Jade looks exactly like Sabine but has red hair To make matters worse, he father has sworn her to secrecy However, Sabine enlists his aid in returning her to her grandmother Sabine finds her relationship with Josh has changed and he is keeping secrets She and Dominic find the final charm and the missing potion book but cannot translate it They also discover their feelings for each other Just when life is starting to settle down, Jade comes to the farm for a visit This is when the trouble really begins Although the plot was interesting, I found this installment tended to get bogged down in minutia Dominic or Josh Josh or Dominic I found myself skipping ahead at times because I became tired of Sabine s lack of decision I thought that this was the end of the series since there has not been a new book since this one was published in 2007 However, I just discovered that there will be another book coming out at the end of the year I am glad because the ending to this was lacking in an adequate resolution for me. This series is totally cheesy and yet, I am hooked ( DOWNLOAD E-PUB ) ⚒ Fatal Charm (The Seer, #5) ♽ In This Vivid Fifth Volume Of The Seer Series, Sabine Rose Is Reunited With Her Ill Grandmother Nona And Her Friends At Sheridan Valley But The Excitement Of Curing Nona And Discovering Love With Someone New Doesn T Outweigh The Burden Of Her Father S Dark Secret A Daughter No One But Sabine Knows About Riddled With Curiosity, Sabine Uses Astral Projection To Spy On Her Half Sister Jade And Then One Night While Out Of Body She Witnesses A Gruesome Murder The Victim Appears To Be Jade S Mother, But The Next Day Reveals She Is Very Much Alive Was It All A Terrible Nightmare A Puzzling Psychic Message, Feelings For Two Different Guys, Building Resentment Towards Her Father And Jade It S Almost Too Much To Bear And When The Killer From Her Nightmare Turns Out To Be Real, Sabine Finds She Must Open Her Heart To The Person She Trusts The Least This book was a random choice for practice mi English reading and made me suffers each page.It s a girly story about a girl with psychic powers and this is the fifth book of the The Seer Series and I realize it when I read the half of the book and not because I ve been lost but because I want to know about the author and finally I got the surprise You don t need to read the previous books, the story is boring, without surprises, predictable and maddening.I Think I hate Sabine, the main character, she is a rebel teenager and most of all I hate how she plays with two guys at the same time and specially because one of them it s such a good boy, bitch Sorry she makes me crazy.For Myself, best luck for the next book. It was amazing the best But I wanted to see what happened when she went to Domonic s loft after she broke up with Josh. .why the beginning was sorta fineBut toward the end when Josh broke up with Sabine it felt forced, like really forced I really, really liked it, although I just have to say that I don t particularly appreciate these twist in ya series where the heroine realizes she likes someone else and starts basically dating them before breaking up with her current boyfriend Other than that, I have no complaints. In the fifth book of The Seer series, Fatal Charm , Sabine has returned home to Nona, her friends, her boyfriend Josh, and of course, to Dominic Sabine has a lot going on in this book She is conflicted with her feelings for Dominic, worried about hurting Josh, dealing with the new details of having a half sister and her father having a whole other family, the down spiral of her grandmother s health and finding the last charm that will cure her grandmother Seems like a lot to be happening in such a short read But it all comes together nicely.In returning home, Sabine comes to the realization that her grandmother has taken a turn for the worse Nona has been fooling people into thinking she s OK by keeping notes in her pocket to help her remember the important stuff Her boyfriend Josh claims he s happy that Sabine is back, but his actions say otherwise He s become even secretive, especially when Sabine notices a tattoo on his arm and he refuses to tell her anything about it She doesn t push it since she is feeling guilty about her non girlfriend like thoughts of Dominic Speaking of Dominic, he has left town on the hunt for the last charm, which he succeeds in finding Now that all the charms have been found, he and Sabine leave town to Arizona, to solve the puzzle the four charms hold to locate the missing book of remedies On this trip is where Sabine finally accepts she has feelings for Dominic that are much stronger than the ones she holds for Josh Also on this trip Sabine uses her new talent of astral travel to spy on her half sister Jade, but by doing so Sabine witnesses a murder Jade surprises Sabine by showing up on Thanksgiving unannounced and implies that she and Sabine are cousins and then goes on to tell lies Sabine is furious, especially when everyone takes a liking to Jade and her grandmother invites her to stay a few days When the girls are alone, that is when the claws come out Jade refuses to tell Sabine why she has shown up and what she wants Sabine also finds it odd that Jade doesn t seem upset about the murder that took place in her home The story has gotten much complicated and a little messy But like I said before, it comes together nicely I am looking forward to how this all ends.