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READ KINDLE ß Tiger Eyes ⛄ Davey Has Never Felt So Alone In Her Life Her Father Is Dead Shot In A Holdup And Now Her Mother Is Moving The Family To New Mexico To Try To Recover Climbing In Los Alamos Canyons, Davey Meets Mysterous Wolf, Who Seems To Understand The Rage And Fear She Feels Slowly, With Wolf S Help, Davey Realizes That She Must Get On With Her Life But When Will She Be Ready To Leave The Past Behind Will She Ever Stop Hurting Judy Blume actually signed this much loved dog eared paperback of mine and it is one of my most prized possessions Sadly, I have tried giving it to tons of my 8th grade girls and they just aren t feeling it But now that Twilight has made chastity hot, I may try it again It seems that Judy Blume catches a lot of flak these days Yes, her books are dated, and perhaps even a little juvenile when compared to contemporary YA Even so Tiger Eyes is a book which, I believe, still stands the test of time This is the story of fifteen year old Davey, who has lived her entire life in Atlantic City with her parents and little brother One night, Davey s father is shot to death during a robbery while working at his grocery store In attempt to get their lives back together, Davey, her mother and brother temporarily move to Los Alamos, NM to spend a few weeks with relatives Judy Blume packs a lot into this novel Of course there is death, dying and letting go She also touches on family dynamics, depression, friendship, alcoholism, peer pressure, and of course a little bit of teen lurve Not the super stable, super intense, solid relationship teen lurve which is featured in just about every YA these days But the sweet, unsure, I kinda like you and I think you might like me too tentative relationships which border on dating and friendship What I love about Tiger Eyes is that there is no big revelation Circumstances don t suddenly change and so much is left unresolved Somehow, the open endedness in this novel makes itrealistic The one subject we do get closure on is the most important Davey learns to deal with her grief She also starts to understand a little bit about who she is and what she wants out of life And isn t that the most important lesson in any YA novel People who haven t read Judy Blume, or perhaps are afraid to revisit old favorites of hers and discover they may not have stood the test of time should give this one a try It is a novel I wholeheartedly recommend to all lovers of realistic YA. To say that this is a re read seems somewhat insufficient At the tender age of ten, I purchased this gem and proceeded to read it, perhaps five or six dozen times It s where I first heard of the Grateful Dead I asked my mom what it meant, her reply of How the hell should I know was not helpful Don t worry, only eight years later, I totally figured it out To this day, some three decades later, I still recall entire passages from Tiger Eyes and all calico cats will forever be known to me as Minka.You can imagine my delight and sheer excitement upon discovering my cherished, dog eared copy sitting on a shelf Sure, I have a to read list longer than I am tall, but there was no way that book was going back on the shelf until I read it onetime I had to know was it really as good as I remember And, even if it is still all that, does it stand the test of time So much has changed in thirty years, can I recommend this book to Middle Grade and Young Adult readers today Yes and absolutely Davey s story still resonates and yes, I still cried. 1st time reading 4 stars 2nd time reading rating to come On hold pg 114 I spilled my ice cream shake on this and this is boring me I ll continue this some other time This is a reread because I was organizing my bookshelf and came across my old copy of this AND I READ THE WORD WOLF AND I JUST HAD TO REREAD IT OKAY This was also my first Judy Blume book which I remember loving.