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@Read Epub Ù Sense and Sensibility Ä Alternate Cover Edition Of ISBN The I Know Of The World, The Am I Convinced That I Shall Never See A Man Whom I Can Really Love I Require So Much Marianne Dashwood Wears Her Heart On Her Sleeve, And When She Falls In Love With The Dashing But Unsuitable John Willoughby She Ignores Her Sister Elinor S Warning That Her Impulsive Behaviour Leaves Her Open To Gossip And Innuendo Meanwhile Elinor, Always Sensitive To Social Convention, Is Struggling To Conceal Her Own Romantic Disappointment, Even From Those Closest To Her Through Their Parallel Experience Of Love And Its Threatened Loss The Sisters Learn That Sense Must Mix With Sensibility If They Are To Find Personal Happiness In A Society Where Status And Money Govern The Rules Of LoveThis Edition Includes Explanatory Notes, Textual Variants Between The First And Second Editions, And Tony Tanner S Introduction To The Original Penguin Classic Edition reread 01.29.18 added another star this time roundMy penultimate Jane Austen novelnoooooooFor me, it took too long to get going Not until they arrived in London that I started to get curious about how the story will unfold and what will happen to the Dashwood sisters Elinor, I liked well enough but I found Marianne to be too self righteous and annoying She did turn a new leaf in the end but I think it came too late for me to start liking her at that point Owning to the fact that because of HER, I had to deal with a selfish man named Willoughby And even after I thought I was in the clear, had to suffer through his long arse, asinine speech of how he pitied himself view spoiler for having to give Marianne up in order to marry his very wealthy wifehide spoiler I love Jane Austen I LOVE Jane Austen I LOVE JANE AUSTEN I LOVE JANE AUSTEN I LOVE..JANE AUSTEN I still twitch a bit, but I m getting and man comfortable saying that because there no denying that it s true Normally, I am not much of a soapy, chick flick, mani pedi kinda guy I don t spritz my wine, rarely eat quiche and have never had anything waxed though the list of things that need it grows by the hour But I would walk across a desert in bloomers and a parasol to read Ms Austen Pride and Prejudice is one of my all time favorite books and Sense and Sensibility is certainly up among the elite Jane can absolutely bust me when she starts penning that snappy prose laced with all those sly, subtle, sarcastic phrases She s like prim and proper meets saucy and bossy I find it interesting that the descriptions of her books never seem very appealing to me before I begin them I would direct your attention to the non chick flick portion of my I m a Man Intro above For example, Sense and Sensibility is the story of two sisters, one emotionally reserved to put it mildly and proper and the other emotionally volatile and prone to disregard convention, as they struggle with life and relationships following the death of their father Doesn t it sound kinda Hallmark Networky While I can appreciate that stuff, it doesn t generally produce boat float with me However, the quality of the writing and the nuanced sassiness of the dialogue just warms my cockles and makes me prone to bouts of squealing Her characterization, primarily the two sisters, but true for the rest of the cast as well, is so impeccably done that I keep expecting one of them to tap me on the shoulder as I m reading..don t worry, none of them have yet but I m still hoping Probably the most appealing aspect of Jane s novels is the need for her intelligent, strong willed female characters to move through the emotionally stifling requirements of Victorian society So much of the charm of Jane s writing revolves around the characters being forced to find an acceptable mode of expressing raw emotions whenbitch slappingandFuck offingjust won t do I love watching the characters having to comport themselves so correctly as they explain to each other that they are going to ruin their families, steal their lovers, etc I love the roadblocks that the Victorian setting erects in the emotional road of the story and how effortlessly Jane navigates around them She draws her characters feeling the deepest and rawest of emotions while having to maintain an outward appearance of dignity and respectability The fact that she is able to convey that crushing sense of emotion to the reader without depictions of expressive behavior is just another example of her boggle the mind brilliance Okay, the gush must end and here is as good a place as any You should really read this one It s good 5.0 to 5.5 STARS HIGHEST POSSIBLE RECOMMENDATION P.S I listened to the audio version of this narrated by Juliet Stevenson and she was superb. Here is this book in a nutshell Marianne and Elinor O, why are we not married yet Hot Guy 1 Let s get married Elinor Yes, let s Hot Guy 1 Nah, forget it Elinor pines Old Guy Let s get married Marianne No, let s not Hot Guy 2 Let s get married Marianne Yes, let s Hot Guy 2 Nah, forget it Marianne pines Hot Guy 1 Hey, let s get married Elinor Hark Now I may stop pining Marianne This sucks I am way hotter than her Old Guy Let s get married Marianne Yeah, I guess. Money It s all about the money I mean, why else would you marry someone In Sense and Sensibility there are three major factors beyond the usual considerations of appearance, personality and character conduct when looking for a marriage in 19th century England Indeed, what the Dashwood sisters look for well Elinor really because she has refined tastes and is far discerning in regards to men is a man s opinion on literature and his understanding of natural beauty What most people look for is far removed from the realms of sentiment they just look for money The Dashwood sisters are wiserThe I know of the world, the I am convinced that I shall never see a man whom I can really love I require so much..If I could but know his heart, everything would become easy And this is the problem with society, attaining money and keeping it, unfortunately, becomes the main signifier for someone s worth Austen, as per usual, is razor sharp with her wit here There are so many ironic moments involving fortune hunters and extremely greedy and selfish relatives who only appear when they think there s something to gain from their supposed loved ones Everybody is so obsessed with money, so than I ve seen in a any other Austen She always satirises the elites, though here most of them seem to seek the same thing with no regard for others.I also loved the fact that there were two heroines opposed to one Elinor and Marianne are very different people, and they interact with the world in very different ways, though they each have their values and their faults Together, they help each other and look out for each other as sisters should It s a cruel world and it s a hard world, though the Dashwood sisters have each other and their mother They exemplify true family values which contrast against the self involved and rather moronic approach of Sir John Dashwood.This made me laugh He just loves money and seems unable, like many other characters, of finding new money All their wealth comes from inheritance rather than actual incomes They seem to have vast fortunes but don t quite know how to add to them in an honest fashion He is also completely controlled by his wife At the start of the novel he seems so genuine but she twists him all too easily Perhaps he loved her so much that he was willing to neglect his family or perhaps he was already on the verge of making such a harsh decision and she gave him the slightest of nudges to send him over I don t think we ll ever know for sure The romances in here were fickle and self involved compared to her other novels It s one of the rare cases in fiction such as this where I was unaware who would actually end up with whom But that s just the nature of what Austen was trying to show here It also made the reading experience far entertaining In Pride and Prejudice, Emma and even Persuasion it was so very clear how it would all end This one, on the other hand, made things a little lively And, of course, I could only ever give it five stars because of its subtle wit, eloquence of expression and sophisticated plot How I do love Austen I ve just got Mansfield Park left to read now.