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This is a friends to lovers story with a chick lit feel.The heroine is a romance novelist with writer s block The hero is a friend from childhood who was the inspiration for the pirate hero of her romance novel The story opens when the hero arrives at her door to take her on a treasure hunt for a lost ship, The Mermaid, because it had been her father s dying wish Just seeing the hero and remembering all the games they played while they sailed all over the world, gives the heroine inspiration for her next novel She agrees to go Before they leave, heroine s friend slips the hero a copy of the romance novel view spoiler They fly to Australia They pick up their wooden sailing ship the hero named it after the heroine They try to fight their attraction Hero reads the romance novel and then creates moments that mimic the love scenes in the book There are long passages reprinted from the purple prose novel and then what followed would be a whole chapter of the H h recreating the actions It was like reading the same scene twice and it got very tedious very fast The prose was just as purple in contemporary times she would always remember it in her frontal lobe Why didn t she just say mind or brain The love scenes go on and on and there are so many of them with the same level of intensity I actually found the childhood memories interesting than what they were doing now There is absolutely no conflict none The stakes didn t seem high at all when they revealed their true feelings because they agreed to a ship board romance, and then the conflict for marriage he would put the sea as a higher priority was quickly dispelled in about two lines of dialogue hide spoiler [[ DOWNLOAD EPUB ]] ↠ The Devil and the Deep ⇴ Author Stella Mills Has Writers Block Her Swashbuckling Debut Romance Was A Mega Hit And The World Is Crying Out For A Sequel Problem Is, Her Sexy As Sin Hero Was Based On Childhood Friend Rick Granville, Whose Dangerously Delicious Eyes Have Never Sparkled At Her That Way So Being Forced To Spend Weeks On Adventurer Rick S Luxury Yacht Could Be Just The Thing To Trigger Her Imagination Forget Johnny Depp Modern Day Pirate Rick Is Pure Physical Perfection Of Course, Spending Night And Day With The Temptation That Is Rick Could Be Sailing Too Close To The Wind Especially When Her Fictional Fantasies Start Becoming Red Hot Reality THE DEVIL AND THE DEEP by author Amy Andrews is a Harlequin Presents release for January 2013.After releasing her debut novel, author Stella Mills was blocked now as she had based her hero on her childhood friend, Rick Granville and can no longer write She was on Rick s luxury yacht and it just might trigger her inspiration But her fictional fantasies were turning into reality now Rick had always fantasized about her, but after reading her book realized that she had harboured feelings for her.The scorching hot attraction between them was off the charts THE DEVIL AND THE DEEP was a hot sensual feast of two books in one Readers are getting the bonus historical story of Lady Mary and her pirate, the story written by our heroine, Stella The hero, Rick is absolutely gorgeous and you end up wanting to go on a treasure hunt with him Author Amy Andrews always brought her readers good romances but The Devil and The Deep is a spectacularly amazing story It is an exciting premise altogether and the story keeps you involved from the first page I had to restrain myself from turning to the last pages to know the what and how Stella and Rick would end together Highly recommended. This was my first book by Amy Andrews and I have to say, it won t be my last I really enjoyed this.Stella is a romance writer who is suffering from writer s block after the huge success of her first book She begrudgingly goes on a treasure hunt with her long time friend Rick, who just happens to be who the hero of her book was based on When Rick realizes he was the basis for Stella s hero, he decides to have some fun with her by recreating some of the scenes from her book Both of them have been harboring crushes on each other for years Well, needless to say, they end up with their HEA 3.5 4 starsI like Stella and Rick s relationship A childhood friendship fringed with sexual tension ignored on both side most of the time Rick is the star of Stella s fantasies and the inspiration for the hero of her historical romantic book Once Rick read the book and knew he was the hero, he can t take Stella out of his mind It doesn t help that they have to spend many weeks on board of his boat in an adventurous trip in search of a pirate s treasure Stella, who was suffering a writer block for almost 18 months, finds her inspiration during their trip.I like their friendly and witty banter I like how Rick teases Stella by replaying the scenes of seduction in her book, in their real life, creating a lots of funny situations And Stella cant help tease him back, transforming their trip into an exploration of her deepest fantasies My only complaint is that the end seems abrupt and the declaration of love kind of sudden, especially from Rick. Rating 3.5 starsA good friends to lovers story Heroine has a bad case of writer block, then comes the hero, her childhood friend and the man she used as a hero in her first book The hero reads her book and enacts the sexy bits I was enjoying the book when it ended suddenly with the obligatory ILU, starting with the hero. Reviewed at HarlequinJunkie.comThe Devil and the Deep by Amy Andrews is one sexy entertaining read, in this book we get a double dose of sexy with not one but two sexy heroes a pirate and a treasure hunter and both are equally captivating Stella and Rick grew up sailing the high seas together searching for treasure with Stella s father When Stella s father passes away he leaves Stella and Rick one half of a treasure map each as his legacy.She glanced at Rick You got the same He nodded and she looked back at the documents, leafing through the rest A hand drawn map was at the very back.Or half a map to be precise What s this she asked, not quite comprehending her father s frenetic squiggles around the margins The other half of this, Rick said, pulling out a folded page from his back pocket, unfolding it and laying it on the coffee table.Diana sat forward Is that atreasure map Rick grinned Sort of It shows the potential resting places of Captain Inigo Alvarez s ship, La Sirena Diana scrunched up her face, trying to remember her schoolgirl Spanish The The Mermaid, Stella supplied Rick talks Stella into taking a trip on his luxury yacht in search of the treasure, Stella is conflicted as she has always secretly adored Rick, so much so that when she decided to write her debut novel she based her fictional pirate hero Vasco Ramirez on Rick but considering she hasn t written a word since her debut bestseller and her second book is due to her editor she decides to accompany Rick aboard his yacht Six hours later, Rick read The End and knew he would never be the same again Diana had been right It was most illuminating The hard on he d got in chapter two was still there and there was no way it was going away unless he did something about it.Fortunately now he had plenty of images to help him in that department Two things were crystal clear.Number one Dale was an idiot of the first order Hell, if he had a woman that had this sort of stuff in her head the sheer eroticism of the beautifully scripted love scenes still clung to his loins he wouldn t let her out of his bed let alone his life.Number two the most shocking of all She d written the book about him.He was Vasco Ramirez.When Rick realizes he was the inspiration for Stella s hero Vasco Ramirez all bets are off and he decides to have some fun by turning fiction into reality.This is where the story gets truly entertaining I liked the lightness of this read, it was fun and flirty yet the sexual tension between Stella and Rick burned up the pages When I pick an Amy Andrews book I know I am going to be one satisfied reader at the end of it and this book delivered on all counts Humor Passion Romance.If you are a fan of friends to lover s storyline you are going to love reading this one A definite keeper and HJ Top pick If I had to give someone a copy of what I considered to be the perfect romance novel, I would hand her a copy of Amy Andrews The Devil and the Deep It is a friends to lovers category romance that has emotional and sexual tension Rick and Stella are the children of ocean salvage workers and spent most of their childhood growing up together playing on boats and waters dreaming of sunken treasure Rick grows up to inherit Stella s dads business, and Stella grows up to be an acclaimed romance novelist When we meet Rick and Stella as adults, Stella is suffering from writer s block and Rick wants her help to fulfill her father s long held dream of uncovering a Spanish pirate s sunken boat Believing that being on the open seas with her friend, muse and fantasy fodder will unlock her imagination, Stella agrees This is where the fun begins The book flows along nicely The sexual tension builds steadily without frustrating the reader You re drawn into their passion and their concerns about taking their relationship to the next level The best part of this book is that Stella and Rick acknowledge each other s concerns like modern day adults In some romance novels, hesitance of the hero and the heroine to be come lovers weighs the story down and can create annoying, whiny or sometimes just plain dumb characters There is enough tension, however, to hold you in suspense until the HEA comes The book is sexy without being smutty but it isn t coy either I m an incredibly slow reader, so I really need a book that grips me and makes me want to finish it In the two Amy Andrews books that I ve read, she can do that She might become the first romance author for whom I create a standing order. Wow what to say about this book Came up on my face book page, and I asked for a link to the kobo site, Amy was worried that it had been price to high at 6.00 Best 6 bucks I have spent.Stella and Rick are a wonderful couple who just needed a push in the right direction The whole story within a story was a brilliant idea, I kinda want the other story now too LOL I loved the pace and while a quickish read felt just the right length Those steamy love scenes were perfect for the characters and in the right places for this book I have to say I read it from start to finish, lucky for me I own my own business and could get away from it otherwise I might have needed to take a sick day.I laughed out loud and snorted a few time I totally recommend this to any lover of good solid fun romance with a HEA I would love on these character as they were really to much fun to leave behind.I will be reading books by Amy Andrews. Note to readers Do NOT start this book at 10pm Otherwise you ll be staring down the barrel of 3am before you even contemplate sleep and next day you ll look like hell Or maybe that s just me However, as always with Amy, it s worth every eye watering yawn.Here we have Rick and Stella, two dynamic awesome characters who you can t help but fall in love with I loved the writing I loved the setting I loved the secondary Diana Hell, I even loved the dead guy I adored Rick with all my heart and I would happily share a glass of Vino with Stella any day I was cheering for their happy ever after and my only complaint was that it ended far too quickly Not one to ramble on plot so there s no spoilers here but I will say this Go BUY it and read for yourself It s delicious.