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I couldn t put this book down once I picked it up Jared and Jasmira love that name are great charachters whos love can t be taken away Not even by the goddess who likes to throw tatrums It was just a great read from beginning to end I know if I start telling you about my favorite parts I will reveal to much so, let me just say winter and summer aren t suppose to love each other but, 2 of them do Will it last you gotta read the book to find out but, believe me IT IS SO WORTH IT JUST A FABULOUS STORY CAN T WAIT TO SEE WHAT HAPPENS NEXT.BRAVO BRAVO I was given this book by Author for a honest review I m so glad I was too I bought this ebook for 2.99 via I give this book 4.5 starsWow Such a different shifter story We follow lovers Jatred and Jasmira Jatred is from the Winter race of shifters run bythe Goddess Crystal where as Jasmira is from the Summer race run bythe Goddess Amber Two shifters from different races Lovers They aren t supposed to be It is looked down upon by the Goddesses Think Romeo and Juliet in a way Only here after Jatred is forbidden to stay away from Jasmira by Crystal and he doesn t listen She removes his memory of Jasmira completely I couldn t imagine my husband not remembering me I would be devastated I could feel the pain that Jasmira was going through of her love not knowing who she was but that he could remember everyone else.The ten thousand year mark is upon them The Goddesses are against each other to gain THE power from the amulet that the Royal of the Winter race has under their protection Did I mention that the royals from each race was Jatred and Jasmira No Yes,well it is true.This story so wonderfully written allows you to follow their journey, destruction, power, losses, and pain It is up to you to find out if they can ever be together again or if they are doomed to fail in the battle. [Free Kindle] ♁ Forged by Greed ☧ Young Adult Teen Paranormal Urban Fantasy Romantic ThrillerTwo Seattle Year Olds, Jatred And Jasmira, Are Not Your Typical Star Crossed Lovers They Are Not Even Your Typical Shape Shifters Sure, They Try To Live An Ordinary Life At Least, As Ordinary As The Prince And The Princess Of The Rivaling Ancient Races The Winter Wolves And The Summer Leopards Can Live But Eventually They Learn That Not Much About Their Existence Can Be Normal Especially When The Races Two Commanding Goddesses Are Involved One Of The Goddesses Is On A Quest To Tilt The Scale Of Power To Her Side The Other Will Never Let It Happen, Even If It Means Kicking Jatred And Jasmira S Love To The Curb Nothing Is Off Limits, Including Removing Jatred S Memories Of Jasmira To Complicate Things Even , There Are The Universe S Powers To Consider They Are Trapped In An Ancient Amulet In Order To Protect The Stability Of The World But The Universe Has A Mind Of Its Own, And When The Powers Are Unleashed, The Forces Of Nature Are Disturbed Earthquakes, Tsunamis, And Volcanic Eruptions Shake The Earth All Shifters Of Both Races Are Summoned By Their Respective Goddesses To Fight In The Name Of, Or Against, The Normalcy Of The World How I dislike writing a negative review even if the book warrants it Unfortunately, there were so many issues with this book that I just couldn t overlook them So let s get to it To start I had such a hard time with the names It was if the author tried to find names that had never been used before or she was trying too hard to have a mini United Nations in her story The main characters are named Jasmira and Jatred conveniently they call each other J because even they can t stand to say their names and they are not only a mouthful, but are really pushing the limits of naming Jatred kept translating as Jared or hatred depending on how you pronounce the J Other names included Bogdan, Lusia, Kaliope, Jousenne, Asteron, Ivona, and Tyrrell They were a huge distraction to the story Another huge distraction was the name dropping Honestly, I don t care if the main character is wearing Prada shoes or True Religion jeans Makes me wonder if the author was paid for product placement The story itself could have been really interesting, except at times it would take giant leaps into the fantastic I really liked the idea of separate groups of shifters leopards and wolves, and even that the two groups each had a goddess that led them Goddesses names Crystal and Amber sigh again the naming problem I even liked the idea that the heads of these races were dating and uniting them Then the ridiculous started to happen view spoiler The hero and heroine who are supposedly taking the helm of their races in a few short months are not told anything about their dark history or what is expected to happen Aren t most monarchs raised their entire lives in order to be able to lead Who can lead when they are clueless Imagine the conversation ok so now you are queen we need to go over a few things Second, deadly earthquakes, tsunamis, hurricanes and tornadoes appear out of nowhere and other natural disasters all happen within a span of a week while none of their friends and family is really affected yes, a few broken bones but otherwise really superficial Even after two huge earth cracking and building toppling earthquakes happen, they are still able to drive no problem to each other s houses OK just a little bizarre And the clincher, one moment they are discussing history and how to combat one of the goddesses evil plans and the next moment everyone tens of thousands apparently are sucked into an epic battle out of nowhere hide spoiler I loved how the author starts out her interesting story Maybe it s because I have a particular fondness for wolves having been raised in a place named Lone Wolf That said I also liked Jatred and Jasmira very much also I liked the author descriptive way of taking readers into the world of her characters There is some repetition in scenes, etc and I could easily guess the plot but so what As most of us aware or at least I think most are aware that youngsters as in this story can be a little on the dumb side that s what makes learning and growing up so interesting I thought this was an interesting YA novel Even though I am long past being a youngster, I am still young at heart or at least I like to think so I hope you get a chance to read a light hearted story like this one, especially if you like a magical touch now then in such a way as to seem to be removed from everyday life Jeannie Walker Award Winning Author I Saw the Light A True Story of a Near Death ExperienceI Saw the LightJeannie Walker Forbidden love between members of two enemy Shifter races and not just any members but the Prince and the Princess themselves Lies, treachery and trials between them will their love be strong enough to survive My reaction Meh. Hmm Ahacough sputter cough repeat process This book had too much PDA for my liking especially in the first few chapters I was sort of confused whether I did read the story from the middle of a series and there is another book before it on how Jatred and Jasmira fell in love Also the conversations the conversations seemed forced, not something people who were Shifters from the very beginning would have Awk ward sentences and references though I do understand they were to make us understand about the entire story but I wasn t supposed to figure that out As I kept reading it kept getting better I enjoyed the other love story better though rather than that of the protagonists Story wise this book was okay fairly predictable but sweet nonetheless The writing could use a bit of touching up but it wasn t loaded with errors that would put off the reader I liked the way the scenes where the characters had shifted had been described from the quasi animal point of view.A good book it is really worth a read I am really interested to know what happens next, especially with that ending This ebook was provided to me by the author in exchange of an honest review. I m sorry to say this is a DNF, so it would be unfair to give it a rating And as always, I feel the need to explain why I didn t finish it.The concept of this book is intriguing One couple, bound by love, though separated by their rival clans Star crossed love is an age old story, and still classic Unfortunately, I just couldn t get into it I found that I was inundated with details, right down to the brand of clothes they were wearing, which distracted from the story I also had a difficult time relating to the plight of the characters I ve never been in a forbidden relationship nor am I a shifter , and I needed to want them to be together Instead, I was a little lukewarm on the whole subject.The writing style, itself, is quite good It has a smooth and easy flow to it I believe that this writer can make great things happen, and I ll be sure to keep her on my radar. 4.5Well first and foremost I d like to thank Angela Orlowski Peart for sending me a copy of her book to read She just proves that not only is she a very good writer but also a very nice person Now here s the review I promised her I d write after reading her book Forged by Greed may at first feel like many other YA books when you start reading it but I found once you get really into the book that all changes and its story and world really pull you in With likeable characters, a interesting plot, and a fascinating new world Which in the end makes you want the next book in the series to come out It s a book I d definitely recommend and I know that many of my teen friends would love If not only for the romance in it but for the great amount of action and humor as well. So I picked this up as part of a Black Friday bargain because I really liked the sound of it and I just couldn t resist I caved and did not regret it This is an interesting twist on shifters, involving long forgotten deities, ancient pacts, magic YES , and romance I did a great deal of worrying about the characters and how things would turn out and I will certainly be keeping an eye out for the next book, Forged by Synergy One thing that did bug me was the omniscient perspective You could be reading from the POV of Jatred one moment, and his uncle s in the next paragraph It did get a little bothersome, but as you can see, I still gave 5 stars The plot The plot was fascinating I had a hard time figuring out whether the Goddess of the Summer race or the Winter race was the one who was evil and came to the conclusion that I hate them both There was plenty of suspense and it was a rather clean story, particularly for being a romance Jatred and Jasmira aren t acting out on their hormones and that s something I liked, but their relationship is still very intimate and sweet.The characters I could get frustrated with both Jasmira and Jatred If you check my Goodreads updates, you ll see that I was getting very passionate in my protests against some of their actions Nonetheless, it was a good kind of frustrated the kind that comes from caring about the characters, not hating their guts I thought they were both very interesting and well developed, not cardboard at all.There is a sort of love triangle between Jatred and a human girl named Savannah who knows about the shifters Oh, Savannah On one hand I hated her because she was inadvertently getting in between Jatred and Jasmira But at the same time, I loved her because because she s just so freaking lovable I empathized with her completely when we heard about her and her ex being forced to break up by his family who didn t approve of him being with a human He still has feelings for her, by the way She essentially raises her alcoholic mother and works very hard I really hope to see her again in the next book because I really hope her life gets better and I sort of feel bad for thinking all those nasty thoughts about her.Here is where it is customary for me to divulge my opinions on the villain The problem is, I can t divulge my opinion without divulging spoilers I will only say that I was kept guessing and that the villain is done very well.Overall, a neat YA urban fantasy romance that has a healthy dose of suspense and than enough sweet aww moments I certainly recommend Absolutely gorgeous cover Can t wait to read this