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Holly I guess I was having a flashback But don t worry I won t ruin your manly image by crying.Vince The good thing about being a loner is that I don t have a manly image to worry about Cry away.This is just the kind of book that makes you go AWWW and also a well written book It s been such a long time since I ve read a fun girlie story I actually didn t expect the romance between Holly and Vince because of the synopsis The thing that caught me was how interesting things could be for two souls living in one body And how one dead girl was hitching a ride inside a geeky guy s body to settle her earthly issues within two days I liked the way how they accommodate each other within such a short period of time The fact that Holly noticed it took her ages actually that Vince was perfect in all ways made it a such sweet story And the endinggosh yes, it was predictable but hey, who doesn t like a happy ending to such sweet story to begin with.So yeah, I ll admit it this chick lit book made me smile, it got me Now satisfied I found out about newly published author Amanda Ashby through the amazing website blog called Free Book Friday, that is founded by author Jessica Brody I m so glad that I read and even heard the wonderful podcast interview of Jessica and Amanda about her first novel You Had me at Halo Listening to the podcast about how Amanda came to write her first novel was so wonderful to listen to and understand how the concept come to be I had to find out about this novel and to get it immediately so I can read it I also recommend that you all listen to it also so you can decide for yourselves if you agree with me about this book and Amanda Ashby s inspiration for writing it I m glad that I bought this book because it didn t disappoint and now I m a fan of Amanda Ashby s work and I look forward to any of her future novels Especially since I found on her website that she will have a Young Adult novel called Zombie Queen of Newbury High , about high school kids and zombies, which is a wonderful combination in my opinion Now for the book I thought that Holly Evans is such a wonderful character that needed a reality check and her dying and then coming back in a man s body is a BIG reality check Holly seemed like a self involved person with only her own personal gain on the top of her list and she doesn t seem to notice anyone who isn t of her status level So here comes in Vince Murphy the computer geek who use to be friends with Holly when they were children until he moved away They also work for the same company but don t hang with one another because they are both in totally different status levels at the company.Read rest of Review I was just going to let this one pass, because after a certain goodreads incident, I know when to cut an author some slack.buuuuuuutthis book has a rating of 3.83 so obviously people liked it and i just wouldn t be able to sleep tonight if i didn t exercise some kinda freedom i get as an american so no bitch slaps goodreaders i m just trying to help you all out here.soooo..The cast of All of Me called They want their scripts back.I know, totally not original, but neither was the book.PS All of Me was an awesome movie Rent it I thought this was going to be quirky and funny but it turned out completely stupid and very silly So the main character comes back from the dead in a man s body and she keeps acting like she s herself Trying to put on lipstick, hugging her best friend, etc I haven t cracked ONE smile so I don t find any of the situations very funny.DNF I m only 10 pags into this book but so far it is pretty funny There have been two parts that I ve found particularly funny That was the problem with an open casket It meant everyone s last memories of her would be with a puffy white face, the wrong color lipstick and a dreadful polyester dress They always said the camera added five pounds, but no one ever talked about how fattening embalming fluid was Page 1 Holly had been through a lot of strange experiences in the last two weeks dying, find out that heaven wasn t full of MM s and Friends repeats Page 8I finished this book and overall, I really liked it This is one I could really see myself rereading again if I needed something light and funny What I liked about this book was that it seemed so original, very different from the typical chick lit story It was also pretty funny in places I wasn t really sure how it was going to end but I m pretty pleased with the ending It was maybe a little bit cheesy but I liked it You Had Me at Halo failed to impress me on many levels After reading her other novel, The Queen of Newbury High, I went expecting something than what I got Her humor in Newbury High did not appear in Halo the character attachment I felt in Newbury High did not appear in Halo the overall enjoyment was not in Halo as it was in Newbury High The plot was very original it s something I have yet to be seen done before or even after Ashby s representation of heaven is comical yet interesting A word of advice study psychology, it seems as though heaven needs a few shrinks However, the positives almost end there.I found Holly Evans annoying many time throughout the novel Her single minded thinking and her ability to never stay quiet or listen to directions irked me I found Vincent Murphy to be perfect, and by perfect I mean a Gary Sue He had no flaws handsome, intelligent, pretty good dresser, and kind The fact that his co workers in the company dislike avoid him because of his job a technician did not merit as a type of flaw, it just symbolizes the narrow mindedness of his colleges I honestly couldn t fathom as to why he was so infatuated by Holly.The ending leaves a lot to be desired Everything rushes in the end Overall I would definitely call this book a chick lit novel It was fast paced, charming during the rare times, but oh so very predictable. Out of all Amanda Ashby s books I have read this is perhaps my least favorite It wasn t thatcit was bad, it just didn t make it amongst my favorite books I found the main character a bit boring and somewhat repetitive although she did have her good moments But I think what made me like it less was the ending, it kind of felt like it went back to the begining But if you ignore those problems its a or less enjoyable book and its well written. *Book ⇘ You Had Me At Halo ☠ Holly Evans Has Just Seen Her Own Body Laid To Rest Now She Would Like To Move Onto The Afterlife But Apparently She Has Some Mortal Baggage To Unload First, Starting With The Matter Of How She Died Her Heavenly Shrink Isn T Buying That She Didn T Kill Herself And Says She Must Return To Earth To Straighten Things Out The Thing Is, She Needs To Borrow The Body Of Computer Geek Vince Murphy To Do It Oh, And Although Vince Was Supposed To Have Vacated The Premises, He Apparently Never Got The Memo Now, Holly Has Forty Eight Hours To Resolve Her Issues While Sharing Arms, Legs, Andother Thingswith A Guy She Barely Noticed While She Was Alive But The Real Surprise Is What Life Has To Offer When You Have Only Two Days To Live It This book was funny, light hearted and I literally could not put it down I read it in 3 days It s always nice to read something that isn t so serious and Amanda Ashby didn t disappoint I would highly recommend this to anyone looking for a little humor in their day. 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