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I really enjoyed this book and oh how I love Taurus I think he is my ideal man strong and fiery in his temper yet unrivalled in passion The front cover does him justice, I could picture his face as he spoke The story was lovely, not full of action but a tender love story that has many twists and turns and challenges Kallie is the kind of woman any would want to be Even though she is the sister of the emperor, she is skilled with a bow an arrow, confident, adventurous and strong willed It is these traits, which are unusual for a Roman woman who should succumb to a man s every order and do as she is told, even if it means marrying someone she hates for politics, that Taurus finds fascinating Kallie refuses to be used by the men around her and believes in making her own fate Taurus soon comes to realize he doesn t own her, no matter how much he threatens and says it The ending to this book was sweet and paves the way for a great sequel I have not yet read book 1 in this series, but it seems this can be easily read as a standalone book I look forward to reading received in exchange for an honest review (((Read Book))) ☠ Taurus (Imperial Desire, #2) ☟ Rebellious And Strong Willed, Kalliassa Flees A Political Betrothal Arranged By Her Brother, The Emperor Of Rome She Runs To The One Man Capable Of Preventing The Match Her Brother S Sworn Enemy Unwittingly, She Throws Her Fortunes Into The Hands Of A Man Pledged To Destroy Roman RuleTaurus, Proud Governor Of Panua, Would Do Anything To Provoke The Emperor, Even Ruin An Imperial Sister But Kallie Is Like No Woman He S Ever Met, And She Tests His Strength Of Will And His Solemn Vow To End The Reign Of Her Family ForeverCan True Love Overcome Lust, Lies, And Deceit I really enjoyed reading this book From the very beginning the characters were well portrayed good development on the part of Taurus He s the sort of hero you know needs to mellow He does, and is very likeable for it Kallie was a very accomplished young woman at the outset and remains so throughout the story I was aware of less development of character in her, though the ending proves all people change a little according to their circumstances There s sufficient historical detail to satisfy the average romance reader I personally liked this second book in the series better because there seemed detail to plunge the reader into the era The plot is simple yet interestingly fresh There are a few fairly predictable twists, but the pace is excellent throughout which propels the story, and the reader to keep on reading right to the end The writing and editing are excellent. I really enjoyed this book Taurus is a wonderful character whose alpha male ways fit in perfectly with his position as ruler of an ancient city near Rome Despite his brusque manner, we can see he has a good heart, and we witness his growth throughout the novel Kallie was a fantastic heroine, an unusually brave and rebellious female for her time The conflict between them was believable and the couple had definite chemistry I loved the dialog, which felt very indicative of the time setting, and the historical components I read this book as a stand alone, but I ll be checking out the others in the series. I picked this book up for free, but am now off to buy Book 1 in this series, Maximus, because I have to see how it started This is a very well written novel with an intriguing plot, and a cast of characters that drew me in to read the novel in two days I felt like I stepped back into ancient Rome This is a gripping read that is unique and engaging The writing is thorough, fast and interesting, as are the characters I loved Taurus s alpha character, and his growth through the novel because of Kallie and the lead in for Book 3 Excellent, high quality read.