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This book is so much fun I intended to read through it with a friend, but when I picked it up and started reading, I couldn t put it down I just had to find out what happened to Davin and Anna And what a cliffhanger It s the first of a trilogy J.M Richards certainly left me wanting.Even if Tall, Dark Streak of Lightning wasn t written by one of my dearest friends, I still would have loved it The characters are relatable and intriguing, and it s fun to watch how they grow to rely on one another I m interested to see how their relationship changes It was also super fun to read about Pittsburgh, since I used to live there Anyone who loves superheroes, Pittsburgh, or coming of age stories will love Tall, Dark Streak of Lightning [[ DOWNLOAD E-PUB ]] ☙ Tall, Dark Streak of Lightning (Dark Lightning Trilogy, #1) ☆ Anna Is A Geeky Freshman At A Small Pittsburgh College When She Meets Davin, The Campus Weirdo, She Promptly Befriends Him And Finds Herself Perpetually Pulling Out Her First Aid Kit To Patch Up His Mysterious Injuries But When A Shadowy Superhero Begins To Make The News, She Has To Wonder If There Is A Connection Between Them Is She Overthinking Things As Usual, Or Has She Just Become Best Friends With A Superhero I m an older male and former Marvel comic book collector Dark Lightning is an exciting new super hero What really sets this book apart is the way it is written from the perspective of the college co ed who is fascinated about Pittsburgh s own Superhero This is uncharted waters in comicdom and J.M gives us a 5 star perspective of this dilemma I look forward to reading additional novels. This book is just wow I m glad I picked it up, personally I ve always had a thing for comic books and superheroes, and I grew up on Spider man and Sonic the Hedgehog And nowadays there just aren t any books on new superheroes But on to the story itself, I love the way it s an easy read, not too frustrating to get through The character development is amazing, and they re easy to relate to as well The way Anna is written, and her personality and thought processes are 3D, something I always look for in characters She s not perfect, and she has flaws that aren t always flaws It also gives a little saving grace for Mary Jane and Lois Lane, since you realize that there might just be a very good reason for why they can t figure out their superhero s identity I can t wait for the next one, none the less Especially now that Anna knows. I ve never been interested in superheros or Marvel, but I was very bewitched by this story I felt a lot of chemistry with the maincharacter and I think that this will be a great a great trilogyI m waiting for the second piece Very enjoyable The characters are real and likable Love that it is from the female point of view Will Anna and Davin s friendship develop further Can t wait to see what adventures are in book 2 and 3 I was a bit apprehensive about reading this at first because I don t normally read trilogies and when I do I like for it to be complete However, I decided to take a chance after reading the first chapter and bought the kindle version on definitely worth the 2.99 Now what can I say to give this book justice Our two characters, Anna and Davin, are just so endearing I couldn t help but love them really, I want to give both of them a great big hug It s rare for me to become so invested in characters that I would want to keep reading about them even after their story is complete This is my first superhero type book and I m really happy I stumbled upon this and found out this kind of genre even existed It s sad though because now I ll have to wait for the other books, but I m so glad I read this. Overall I liked the book enough fo commit to the trilogy However, it did have some flaws that I just couldn t get over.I found Anna s lament about why she loves superheroes and comics too repetitive It gets discussed several times using the same basic points We get it Let s stop talking about it already.It s a pretty slow paced book Not a lot of things happen really It s definitely a character driven story so plot wise it got a little dragging I was actually surprised when I found myself at the end of the book I kept waiting for something to happen.I hope the second book is an improvement. Gah In one way I hate getting addicted to new series because its TORTURE waiting for the next book In another way, I love it I get so emotionally attached to fictional characters JM definitely writes for attachment Piffle Because I needed fictional people to get attached to The action of the book was well written as well, what with the tension building of the hallway stalker I found that the writing sucked me right into Anna s line of thinking, too I started off certain, then questioned every little item throughout the book Excellent 4.5 out of 5 stars I really need to read the second book now I want Anna and Davin I loved the fact that this is told through the point of view of Anna, who happens to be the potential love interest for the superhero There aren t much stories told through the eyes of Mary Jane or Lois Lane, and this book was unique in giving readers the opportunity to see how being friend with the guy under the mask can have its ups and downs I just loved that throughout the whole entire book the characters grew and matured All in all, a great read for me