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I was given this book by the author, A O Peart for an honest review This book is the first book of the series by the author.After being dumped by her boyfriend Natalie is very cautious about men so when she meets a man does she want love and romance, a 1 night stand or does she want a friend with benefits I love how this character tries to handle the emotions she has for Colin.The only problem I have with this book is nothing All the characters work well together and the story line just flows with everything that is being told.Love, a 1 night stand or friends with benefits that is what Natalie has to decide what she wants from Colin when he walks into her life Does she follow her gut or her heart for Colin.This is a very good romance book for a mature reader because of some sexual situations. I have a love for snarky and witty authors They have a special place in my heart Then add some sexy scenes and I am a fan for life Almost Matched is a tale of a woman who is a partner in a match making business Natalie and her College bestie, Ali, work together to find perfect life mates for some of the West Coast s most eligible bachelors and bachelorettes Natalie is running late from a girls night the evening before A spur of the moment decision to cleanse Natalie from her last disastrous relationship Unlike some of her crew who could just have no strings attached bed buddies Natalie was deeper than that Even thought she couldn t argue that her body was telling her it might not be a bad idea Running into the office late she realizes her blouse is now drenched with perspiration and the change of clothes that are suppose to be in her office are in Ali s This leads to one of many awkward Natalie moments , and it also leads to Collin.Collin is a mysterious and well put together man from the outside He has a sexy smile, intense stare and puts Natalie senses on high alert Handing her his business card in traffic she then must decide Call or not Well of course she call, DUH I would of They start slow but as their relationship grows so does Natalie s insecurities that were seeded in her previous relationships But there is also something wrong with Collin Natalie knows there is something there but she doesn t want to push him, she wants him to let her in on his own.There is a cliffhanger to this book and I am SOO happy I had book two ready, but I have a feeling that after book two I will be left wanting the next on I can SOO see myself hanging with Ali, Natalie, Carolyn, and Jena These women are hilarious and their banter and situations are very relatable I highly suggest reading about them and of Angela s books 5 Winks Read Book Flirts by Jessiwww.facebook.com bookflirts bookflirtsjessihttp bookflirtsbyjessi.blogspot.com #E-PUB Õ Almost Matched µ DARK ROMANTIC COMEDY SECOND EDITION Released In Sept Would You Take Another Shot At Love Or Just Settle On A Friend With Benefits THEIR HEARTBREAKING PAST WILL MOVE YOU THEIR PASSION WILL MAKE YOU BLUSH THEIR ANTICS WILL MAKE YOU LAUGH OUT LOUD Twenty Five Year Old Natalie Davenport Lugs Substantial Baggage One Boyfriend After The Next Has Been A Total Disaster, Leaving Natalie Distrustful Toward The Male Population In General So When Colin Hampton Crosses Her Path, She S Cautious Her Heart And Some Other Body Parts Nudges Her To Go For It, While Her Head Wants Her To Run For The HillsColin Is One Of Those Gorgeous Guys Who Attract Women, No Matter The Age Or Marital Status With A Successful Career At A Popular Seattle Radio Station, Hard Body, And Charming Personality, He Is The Complete Package But Something Dark Lurks In The Corners Of His Soul Some Murky Experience That Has Changed Him Maybe For The Better, But Maybe For The WorseWill He Steal Her Heart And Stomp Over It Like Other Guys Did Will She Let Him Into Her Heavily Fortified World Despite Herself Or Will They Settle Somewhere In The Middle Establishing The Emotional Boundaries To Protect Them From Falling In Love This Dark Romantic Comedy Blends Humor, Sensuality, And Angst, With Zany Characters And Witty Dialogue Warning Contains Sexual Situations Some Quite Vivid , Profanity, And A High Dose Of Sarcasm Oh, And There Is A Lot Of Appletini And Beer Drinking May Not Be Appropriate For Readers Under Years Old Not Intended For Prudes And Killjoys With No Sense Of Humor THE SERIES The Almost Bad Boys Series Are The Stories Of Four Feisty Twenty Something Women Who Refuse To Let Their Past Drag Them Down The Books In The Almost Bad Boys Series Are Best Read In Order They Are Not Stand Alone Books, Although These Are Three Different Stories No Cliffhangers Almost Matched Book Almost Broken Up Book Almost Too Far Book I was given this book in exchange for an honest review.Very cute, author did very well on branching out from her previous writing genre With writing in this style, it can only get better.The camaraderie between the 4 friends is great Although Caroline is a prude and we don t see much of Jena.Even though Ali wasn t a main character, I really liked her But we need to clean up her act a bit.Natalie and Colin are a good fit, hope it all works out for them We were left with a big cliff hanger on this. Almost Matched is my first book by A.O Peart Being a Contemporary Romance novel it s not usual type of read But, I m always willing to try something new so I went for it just because the synopsis sounded too good to pass up.Colin Hampton is a charmer through and through He s handsome, hilarious and he can cook But, everyone has their demons and his run deep But when he meets Natalie, in a hilarious moment of indignity, he can t help but want her But, he remains a mystery to readers, he is a puzzle we must figure outSo what do you like to do in your spare time, besides exposing your half dressed self to strangersColinNatalie Davenport runs a successful match making business with one of her closest friends But, while they make matches for a living, she has a list of failed relationships But, when Colin s witty humor and persistence finally break through her wall, she can t help but fall hopelessly in love with him.Almost Matched has the best characters I have run into yet The imagination behind the author completely brings their personalities alive They had me laughing so hard at times I d cry Natalie and her friends will remind most woman of their closest friends But, where there is laughter there will be painWhen I said I want to rush through the next date to get to the fourth one It wasn t because all I want from you is sex I m truly attracted to you I want to get to know you, and I want you to feel comfortable and secure with me I would never do anything to jeopardize thatColinThis is the first book in the Almost Bad Boy Series it will bring laughter to your ereader that s for sure If you re a fan of Contemporary Romance, hilarious situations and sexual tension you will love Almost Matched I loved this book, it was a love story that was funny I loved the story of Natalie Colin, two people that have walls guarding their hearts As the story progresses you see why they have the walls up and how love can conquer I loved Natalie and the relationship that she has with her friends There was one scene in the book that had me in tears from laughing so hard, I don t want to give it away but involves fencing with some unusual objects I cannot wait to read of the stories from the ladies I highly recommend reading Almost Matched. I received a copy of this book in exchange for a review, from the Author I adored this NovellaThe characters are well written, fun, flirty and not at all your average, whiney annoying female lead Natalie and her bff s are all so different yet the best of friends and are cute, funny and keep each other laughing, which keeps the reader laughing Colin is sexy, smart and of course, has a few issues, but hes sweet and absolutely not your average neanderthal alpha.Colin and Natalie together, sparks fly They are an awesome couple and he is patient and kind and waits for her to be ready, and she is patient and kind and waits for him to be able to tell her about his not so wonderful past that haunts him I cant wait to read the next novella i really really do hope they have their HEA Such a wonderful job on this Angela im honored that you let me read this for the review, and im kicking myself for waiting so long to get the job done it was well worth the read I received a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review Natalie is a successful business woman who just wants to find love Unfortunately every guy she dates turns out to be jerks in one way or another After having to run to work one day she decides to change clothes there but her spare clothes ended up in her friend and business partners office She has to hurry as they have a meeting with a client so thinking it should be safe she runs to her friends office in just a bra and mini skirt and this is her first meeting with Colin Colin runs into her on her way home from the gym and asks her to call him She is unsure She doesn t know if she can trust him but she wants to try.Colin had a bad experience with a girl in college and he has not gotten close and opened himself up to anyone since Natalie is different He really wants to get to know her and once he does that s it he s caught But being close to Natalie starts to bring up all the old memories I thought this was great A very intriguing read They both have some type of baggage Colin seems so perfect at first Then it seems as if he is hiding something Distancing himself from Natalie I think she comes to the same conclusion that most women would But when the truth comes out, Colin says something that shocks Natalie and then yup, cliffhanger Everything still seems so uncertain I am eager to read the next one to find out where Natalie and Colin are going to go I would definitely recommend reading Read and Reviewed by LSK Sweetheart Reviews Man, there are a ton of great reviews for this book This won t be one of them.For me, Almost Matched was a stinker on many levels.First, I thought it was supposed to be funny Guess what Not funny At all.Natalie and her friends were goofy, but not funny Oh look at us We all sit around and talk about sex Aren t we funny No No, you re not We made orgasm noises when we ate scones Remember how I nearly didn t make it to the potty in timebecause it was soooo funny Remember Huh Remember Uuuuuh Tee hee We had a swordfight with a dildo and a breadstick Sober Did I forget to say that we did that sober Aren t we hilariouscrickets chirping So for humor, you get some sort of immature stuff that you might have laughed atwhen you were twelve.Second stinky aspect of the book Their Heartbreaking Past Will Move You.Or at least, that s what the blurb says.I held out judgment on Mr Wonderful s heartbreaking past , even though it seemed like it was leading up to something fishy Surprise It was truly heartbreaking No Just kidding It was waaaay stupid.Ok He has this mysterious thing that troubles him He seems to go to a dark far off place sometimesBy the end of the book he s having a debilitating panic attack because of this thing in his past.Finally, we find out that his college girlfriend was killed in a drunk driving accident But there s something he s not sayingcue dramatic musicview spoiler So I assume that he was the one driving, right Yeah, no She had been on a downward spiral with drugs and alcohol for a while They were at a party, she made out with another guy, clubbed Mr Wonderful in the head with a beer bottle, got in her car, and got smashed Literally.But, of course, he feels guilty.Ok Reasonable Ish.But not to the point of panic attacks And yes, I read the extra where we find out that he was in the passenger seat.Yep That sucked.But seriously If you re curling into a ball, because that s the worst thing you ve ever had happen to you Warning Rude Awakening Ahead See, there s this little thing called, Life It happens to all of us Get over yourself, dude hide spoiler My first thoughts I was quite afraid that I wouldn t enjoy a contemporary romance novel This is a new genre for me and I wasn t sure it would be for me.Writing Style Almost Matched has some of the best writing I ve ever encountered Every character has a distinct personality that comes to life within the pages portraying genuine raw emotion An attention grabbing plot from the very beginning that ends with an unexpected twist that will leave you craving , you won t be able to read it fast enough.My opinion A must read I literally read this entire novella in two hours flat Witty, fast paced, humorous, arousing, and sarcastic are all romance novels like this If so, I ve seriously been missing out I just want book 2 right now, right now, not later Can someone make this happen for me Pretty please I laughed so hard at some of the scenes that I couldn t breathe and tears filled my eyes It reminded of the girl s nights I have with my best friend and gave me some awesome ideas for our next get together.In many ways, Almost Matched has the feel of the show Sex and the City, but is so much better I loved how all the women in this book were all so open about sexuality and shared a close bond with each other Dare I say, it s not only men who have one track minds, and it s refreshing to see that demonstrated in a no holds barred kind of way What I enjoyed most was the turmoil each of them faced, each with a different type of insecurity that every woman can relate to Best friends forever, they are there for each other in the time of need, to build each other up, and laugh away their troubles Girl Power at its finest The relationship between Natalie and Colin sighs is so dreamy and passionate Colin is nothing like I expected him to be I won t spoil any details, but whew he s something special When they are together, the world ceases to exist Enough said Just go read it and find out for yourself Are you still sitting here and fighting the urge to read this devilishly delicious book Well, stop it already and make sure you do