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`Read Ebook º Almost Broken Up (Almost Bad Boys, #2) Ú NEW ADULT ADULT CROSSOVER ROMANTIC COMEDY NOVELLA How Far Would You Go To Protect The One You LoveThe Terrors Of Colin S Past Are Revealed And Accepted By Natalie Her Doubts About Letting Him Into Her Life Are Finally Disbanded And Replaced By A Sense Of Security And Commitment But Natalie Doesn T Know That Colin S Past Hides Dark Secrets Unknown Even To Him When A Delusional Psychopath Threatens Colin S Life, Things Quickly Become Complicated Natalie S Stubborn Character And Desire To Kick Ass Won T Let Her Step Aside And Allow The Authorities To Handle The Danger She Gets Herself Tangled Up With Street Hoodlums, Befriends A Russian Mobster S High Maintenance Girlfriend, And Becomes Expert At Picking Locks And Hiding Evidence This Contemporary Romantic Comedy Mystery Blends Humor And Sensuality With Enough Thriller Elements To Make You Clutch The Pages With Terror The Offbeat Characters And Witty Dialogue From Almost Matched Are Here To Stay Warning Contains Sexual Situations, Profanity, And A High Dose Of Sarcasm Oh, And The Appletini Is Still The Drink Of Choice May Not Be Appropriate For Readers Under Years Old Not Intended For Prigs And Sourpusses Who Get Easily Affronted Almost Broken Up Is The Second Installment In The Almost Bad Boys Series, And It Comes After Book One, Almost Matched The Books In This Series Should Be Read In Order They Are Not Stand Alone Books I just finished Almost Broken and I really liked it If you have been following the series then you know that Almost Matched is the first one and its about Colin and Natalie They have both experienced heartbreak and are trying to let things go when the unimaginable thing happens You find out Colin s secret about Faith This story picks up right after that and you see how they both are dealing with this revelation This is at a point causing Natalie to doubt Colin s love and Colin keeps re assuring her Why does Natalie keep doubting herself How does Colin convince her of his love You will have to read and see.I really enjoyed this story this go around Only because we were out of the who is what stage and was about to go forward with the story Colin and Natalie are a perfect fit and the chemistry between them is hot and solid but insecurities and doubt start to plague them I can see them getting out of this but it is going to take some time and trust I loved Natalie and Colin I loved the secondary characters including the new ones Caroline, Ali and Jenna are adorable and hilarious Caroline wasn t in this one so cant wait to see of her I really like Svelta Russian girlfriend to the mob clearing has made the story for me better Their antics had me cracking up.It was really good and cannot wait to see what happens in the follow up Trust me, get this one It is seriously a good read.Story 4Sex 5Overall 4Reviewed by Shay for Crystal s Many Reviewers Actual Rating 3.5 starsAlmost Broken Up starts off with a pretty good bang The prologue is told form Colin s pov and you finally get to see what happened the last few moments that Faith was alive..I enjoyed this book a lot The steam factor definitely picked up and there was a lot action I feel as though I understand Colin a little better and I appreciated the lengths that Natalie went through just to protect him.Overall, I found this book to be enjoyable I was very happy that there was no cliffhanger this time I m definitely looking forward to the next book and to seeing what is in store for Colin and Natalie next I received a free ARC of this book in exchange for an honest review Things are better between Colin and Natalie, but now things from Colin s past are trying to threaten their future When Colin and Natalie go out one night, Natalie steps outside for some air and is attacked by a man who calls himself Razor He gives Natalie a warning to give to Colin He has no idea who this man is so they blow it off as he confused her with someone else While Colin is out of town on business Natalie and Ali go out and run into a Russian woman that has a problem They take a liking to her and help her Come to find out she is a girlfriend of a Mafia boss.While helping her out they have a very interesting night Then when Natalie gets home she gets some disturbing phone calls She calls her new Russian friend for help and tries to find out who he is.My opinion This book isn t so much about Colin and Natalie but of what Natalie will do in order to protect Colin It was a great book and I couldn t put it down It had lots of drama and action in it And some steamy scenes with Natalie and Colin It starts back with a flashback of what happened with Faith and how Colin was after And the girls make a new friend who is very interesting to say the least I look forward to reading by this Author I definitely recommend reading, but you have to start with book one first Read and Reviewed by LSK Sweetheart Reviews This was a very well written story Got a little crazy and far fetched for a bit, but it was all good That far fetched section made for great humor in the book and lightened up the story.This book again features Natalie and and Colin Although, this book is most Natalie and little Colin We only see Ali and a grimace of Jena, Natalie s friends, but we meet a new character Svetlana I liked Svetlana, she was quite the character.Ms Peart had me very captured from Chapter one all the way through to the end I didn t even realize I was at the end, until I read the words The End and my screen wouldn t move to the next page This is the second book in the series, I have enjoyed both books this is shaping up to be a great series I was given this ARC in exchange for a honest review