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Cliff hanger type set up for next book Series should be renamed Dysfunction Junction Faythe is still too stupid to live and it s used as a plot pacing device Any movement in EVERY relationship in the series is based on emotional dysfunction and drama The only tension that was in this drab book was the emotional over reacting in the romance Faythe once again made everything worse, and put everyone in danger, because she prefers to avoid seeing or speaking about reality until she is forced to.I think I may have read one book that was worse this year, but this is a close second.I do not feel compelled to continue this series while there are interesting things to be involved with This is like reading bad young adult angsty bullshit that is made adult with the addition of a bit of sex in this case a veritable territory marking fuck he could have just urinated on her and accomplished the same thing and some descriptive violence.This is truly one of the worst series I ve ever tried to read Maybe I will come back to it, some day when I m really bored. The first book, Stray, was better and I only gave it three stars so this book is getting two This book summarized in a word boring.The first third of the book was pretty good It kept my attention and I was interested to see where the author was going However, around the second third of the book, the book hit a lull The only action was a couple of dead bodies with broken necks Woohoo Exciting Oh, and the main character, Faythe s, angst over everything under the sun SPOILERS The author focuses far too much time on Faythe s relationship with her on again, off again boyfriend, Marc Marc wants Faythe to give him some kind of reassurance that she s not with him only because he s a warm body to curl up next to She won t give him that reassurance because she s a free spirit or something She is incredibly selfish.And she s stupid There is a bit in the story about stupid women in movies The Howling that run outside, almost naked, without a weapon Dumb Faythe is supposed to be guarding her mom and two other people, and she goes down in to the basement by herself And the light is burnt out Moron doesn t even think, oh, I wonder if someone might be down there Faythe is just as stupid as the women in the movies that she mocks.Then there is the part where she doesn t want to harm this guy because she s already hurt him enough This is what she s actually thinking as he s beating the living crap out of her Seriously I don t think it is a good sign that I found this book less interesting than the first. Read Book ⚆ Rogue (Shifters #2) ⚆ Okay, So Cats Don T Always Land On Their Feet I Know That Better Than Most Since Rejoining The Pride, I Ve Made Big Decisions And Even Bigger Mistakes The Kind Paid For With Innocent Lives As The First And Only Female Enforcer, I Have Plenty To Prove To My Father, The Pride, And Myself And With Murdered Toms Turning Up In Our Territory, I M Working Harder Than Ever, Though I Always Find The Energy For A Little After Hours Recreation With Marc, My Partner Both On And Off DutyBut Not All Of My Mistakes Are Behind Me We Re Beginning To Suspect That The Dead Are Connected To A Rash Of Missing Human Women And That They Can All Be Laid At My Feet Two Or Four, Take Your Pick And One Horrible Indiscretion May Yet Cost Me Than I Can Bear 1st Read February 20102nd Read July 2015Original ReviewI loved Stray, the first book in this series, and I was far from disappointed with Rogue I would really recommend reading this series in order although there won t be spoilers for Rogue in this review I can t help but give away some things that happen in Stray If you ve not started this series yet then I suggest you don t read any further The story continues several months after the end of Stray and as she promised her father Faythe is now working as an enforcer alongside Marc, who she is also now dating again She is still unsure of her long term plans but is enjoying being an enforcer and is determined to prove herself to her father the rest of the Pride It isn t long before strange things start to happen though The Pride starts to get anonymous phone calls directing them to the bodies of dead strays in their territory They also discover a pattern of missing human strippers that seems to be linked to the bodies and Faythe is getting threatening phone calls from her ex boyfriend Andrew Is it all a coincidence or is everything somehow linked together I really enjoyed reading this book, Rachel Vincent has a way of sucking you into the story and making it impossible to leave Faythe is strong and independent but she can also be selfish and immature At times I wanted to shake her but the very fact that she has her weaknesses makes her seem human None of us are perfect and it can be easier to relate to someone who has such obvious faults There is also a lot of room for Faythe to grow up throughout the series I m looking forward to watching this happen I love the relationships between the Pride members and it is easy to feel like you know the characters personally Marc is fantastic I really have to wonder at Faythe s sanity when she pushes him away, sometimes it is really hard to see why he puts up with some of the things she does I also really like Faythe s brothers We didn t really get to see much of Faythe s mother in the previous book but she comes into her own in this book and you get to see of her influence on Faythe s character As with the previous book there are lots of things going on and although I was able to make some guesses about how things were going to tie together there were a lot of things that came as a complete surprise The book ended on a major cliff hanger I was just relieved that I already own Pride and was able to start reading it immediately If you haven t already discovered this series then I can t recommend it strongly enough.2nd ReadI m having so much fun rereading this series and no matter how many faults Faythe has and she has quite a few of them I still love her character along with the rest of the Pride. UGHHHHH Okay before I dove into this review I was young and na ve because I was going to give this 4 stars However, since I started book 3 this morning I ve come to the conclusion that everyone in this book is fucking annoying.Faythe first off, I hate the way her name is spelled Second, she s annoying Third, she makes terrible fucking decisions and probably needs to be monitored at all times Fourth, DID SHE REALLY THINK IT WAS OKAY TO LIE TO THE LOVE OF HER LIFE Fifth, obvi he isn t the one if she thinks she can lie to him so easily Sixth, Andrew is fucking psycho and deserved better Last but not least, Mark sort of deserved better but since he also annoyed the ever living shit out of me I hated him just as much If not.Spoiler alert I hated everyone.Besides all of that nonsense, these people are like terrible detectives Heck, terrible shifters They need a day job really I don t even want to dive into this book review any Okay, so Andrew somehow got infected and become a crazy ass stray He s killing a shit ton of hookers that end up sort of looking like Faythe but honestly not really Then there s Mark and Faythe, who have terrible communication skills but the chemistry is there Or something Then there s Faythe who gets creepy phone calls from her ex and just acts like that s okay She doesn t tell anyone about it until it s too late.Everyone acts all butt hurt and get very annoying All of this whining made my ears hurt and my eyes because of all the rolling they did Overall, this book was a disaster. 4.5 Rogue Stars Wow, if I thought book 1 was action packed this one takes that by a mile I loved it I loved the dynamic between all these characters Mark is a favorite of mine as is Jase I am rooting for Mark though Even if his nose got out of joint just a little bit in this book Also in this book we found out that Fayth is a Canadian were cat Hell ya Go Canada op I have to say Fayth kinda grew up in this book She is and has taken responsibility for her actions She didn t really whine much this book And I like that even if it means death she stood up for herself and the truth Great freaking book, on to the next You don t have to like my review but its 100% my opinion, and I am allowed to have it. I have been than pleased with this series although I am only 2 books into it I like the fact that Faythe seems to be embracing her roots her status as possible future leader of the Pride I have enjoyed watching her transformation from the whiny brat like twenty something who is in serious need of a reality check to the mature leader who is learning when to hold and when to foldshe hasn t perfected the art of diplomacy, but she is working on it.I thought the plot of this book was great The back story of the kidnapped tabbies had some resolution by the end of book 1, but there were still some pieces of the puzzle missing they were mostly answered in this, book 2.Although I thought the book was solid I gave it 4 stars and shelved it as a favorite , I thought there were a few holes that just didn t add up in my mind view spoiler So, as I said, I loved the way Faythe is maturing seems to be embracing her life and future in the Pride Her independent rebellious attitude is starting to wear thin on my nerves She wants to have her cake eat it toothe best of both worlds..among other over used cliches that is redundant huh Then again, what fun would the book be if the main character was perfect did everything you hoped they would do would probably make for a pretty boring book, right In book 1 she wanted Marc s Jace s attention never minding what havoc followed She then realized that she had to choose, she didcorrection, Marc chose for her by pretty much tearing Jace apart She realized that Jace would probably end up dead if she didn t start playing it straight in her love life Now, in book 2 she is playing a similar game, but this time it is strictly with Marc s emotions He wants her commitment a promise of a future together she can t give it to him She wants all the heat passion that comes with the love they share, but she is scared to commit to anything long term Essentially, he wants her to wear a promise ring not an engagement ring, a silver, promise ring she can t even give him that what is wrong with her I think she is afraid she will become a kept woman like she perceives her June Cleverish, pearl wearing, brownie baking mother to be In the final pages of this book, she her mother share a terrifying, but special moment it seems that this experience may be just the thing that they needed in order to bond like a mother daughter should I think Faythe might be beginning to realize that she her mother are really not that different after all her mother just hides behind a very good disguise I think Faythe could stand to take a few pointers from her mother.The main blunder in the story for me came at the end I think it is very unlikely that Luiz would be able to infiltrate Faythe s Pride s compound completely undetected So, this is what I am supposed to believe Marc the gang were easily able to sniff out the jungle cat s scent in the woods due to their super sensitive feline olfactory senses Faythe the gang, also have super sniffers were able to track Andrew by the scent he left after only touching a crosswalk signal But, they couldn t catch Luiz s foreign scent in their own house RiiiiiiightOf course, this made for a very entertaining ending to a great book, but highly unlikely hide spoiler 3.5 stars, just because of the last part of the bookI wasn t sure how to rate this book I took a peek at my status updates and they were about the main character Faythe s level of too stupid to live moments Now, don t get me wrong I don t hate Faythe she just drove me a little bonkers I actually did like this character She is snarky, she is strong, she is also a little vulnerable I also enjoyed her thought processes, even though some of her decisions made me want to scream Faythe s self preservation skills, however, need a lot of work For those who have not read Stray, Faythe Sanders is a were cat The were cats live in Prides and are led by an Alpha Faythe s pride lives on a large ranch in Texas Faythe s father is the Alpha and he is grooming Faythe to take his place Faythe is not an ordinary tabby, she has special skills which will not be mentioned to avoid spoilers These skills get her out of a pickle in the first book In Rogue, those special skills get her into trouble than she bargained for In this book, Faythe and her boyfriend fianc pack enforcer are hunting down rogue cats A few of them have turned up dead and the Pride is investigating All clues lead to a mysterious South American cat, a female I did love the camaraderie between the Pride I liked how the boys Faythe s brothers and other assorted enforcers all lived together, hung out together, and worked together One of my favorite characters in the series is Faythe s father He really has great instincts and not because he is a were cat Faythe s father is a good judge of character He is an excellent role model for his family and Pride.The pacing of this book could have been better It did have a very exciting ending which does make me want to read the next book There were a lot of slow parts too There is a cliffhanger ending, so consider yourself warned I will continue reading this series because I really want to know what happened. After all the fun I had with Stray, I was expecting to love Rogue just as much Sadly, I found it disappointing.First off, although this one is smaller than the first book, I found it to drag I thought the plot was very predictable, and we were missing all of the character interactions that I loved from the first book.Also, Faythe s character wasn t what it was in the first book I found her rashness to be annoying than enjoyable There were also times where a plot point was very obvious, and it took her some time to figure out This is not the perceptive character I loved in the first book.Lastly, I found the relationship in this book to be problematic What was an equal power dynamic in the first book switched to a relationship that read as very emotionally abusive I expect these alpha male type characters in a book like this, and I can enjoy them But the love interest crossed the lines in a lot of ways in this book and Faythe did not have the power that she had in the first book, which rubbed me the wrong way.Overall, I found this book to be a completely different experience than the first book I do plan to continue on with the series, but I am going to take a break before continuing, as this book left me with a bad taste in my mouth This review was originally posted on Thoughts on Tomes 4 5 starsCompared to the first I think it started off a lot slower but towards the end it really picked up I m loving this series so excited to continue on.