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This book starts off with a boom It s a story that is full of danger and powerful lust I enjoyed the way the plot flowed, it kept the excitement up and there was enough intrigue to hold my interest It did feel a little rushed at parts and to me, the ending came a bit too abruptly, however Ethan and his sexy maleness made up for all of that I m crossing my fingers that we haven t seen the last of him..Ethan McCoy is a retired Marine and the current Captain of his Firefighter squad Even typing those words, his sex appeal just jumps right out at me He s a man that never denies himself anything, taking what he wants and leaving a trail of satisfied women in his wake When his unit is called to the scene of an explosion, the last thing he expects to find is a slip of a girl trapped inside a panic room Using his skill and expertise, he rescues her and can t help the wave of protectiveness that overtakes him when she tentatively puts her hand in his.Lisbeth Anderson is on the run Being the sole witness to her best friends murder has instilled a fear in her that makes taking even a simple breath difficult She relives the horror in every step she takes, every time she closes her eyes Making the brave decision to testify against the gang members that stole her friend s life is the only way she can get past the survivor s guilt she carries When the safe house she hiding in is suddenly leveled by explosives, she steels herself and prepares to take her safety in her own hands away from the FBI Alone When the sexy as sin firefighter who rescued her suggests an alternate plan, her lady parts screamYes , she would have to be a fool to turn down an offer of protection from a former Marine However, her sensible side does have her hesitating before deciding that leaving with him is her best option The pull of desire she feels for him will just have to take a back seatshouldn t be too hard right This was a fast paced story that I did enjoy the danger and the anticipation of when the gang might next make their presence known kept me guessing and there were times I wondered what the outcome for Lisbeth would be Ethan is one hell of a badass, alpha male and I loved watching him try to deny his growing attraction to Lisbeth The two were stubborn and the buildup of lust and want had me squirming in my seat Lisbeth does have a few surprises up her sleeve, a fact that the author kept hidden until just the right moment, it added that little piece of brilliance that this book needed.If you like hot, sexy firefighters seriously who s going to say no to that , and an exciting plot filled with thrills this is a book that you won t be able to resist 3 Deliciously Wicked Stars xo CassiaFind Me On FacebookDeliciously Wicked Books 3.25 starsWhat attracted me to this story in the first place was that sense of eminent danger that surrounded Lisbeth as the sole witness of a murder I also liked that Ethan was an ex Marine turned firefighter Perfect combo, right I liked Lisbeth Even though she was deeply affected by the events she witnessed, she tried her best to keep her composure And when the time came to face danger head on did it without second guessing herself I had to admire her for just being able to still think positively after all she had been through Ethan was great too He was man who never committed to than one night with a woman, so getting to see how Ethan struggled with the feelings Lisbeth was bringing out in him was a treat to read He was the perfect embodiment of the alpha male hero protective, commanding and ssexy as hell I enjoyed him thoroughly I do have two issues that stood in the way of me loving this story Plot development and conflict resolution For me, these two go hand in hand I loved the concept behind the story and appreciated the bits and pieces of details the author revealed as the story progressed However, there were just that bits and pieces It wasn t until the conflict started sorting itself out that all the information came pouring in all at once Which leads me to the resolution of the conflict I like my Romantic Suspense stories to keep me at the edge of my seat, guessing who the villain is and what s going to happen next I didn t get that from this story Now, don t get me wrong I enjoyed the action scenes and how the author went about bringing them to the page I also loved seeing Ethan in action and how Lisbeth kicked ass But that was all there was Everything came to a head all at once without giving me the chance to really get into the story or get that sense of urgency I expect from a suspenseful story And that brings me to the ending Can you say abrupt I m all for a cliffhanger, those I can handle just fine What I don t like is when the story ends abruptly without giving me an inkling as to what could happen next Resist Me is the first book in the Change Me series and as such it served its purpose I can t wait to read about the these men, especially Jack.It is my understanding that each book is a stand alone which sucks because I was left with lots questions than answers in regards to Ethan and Lisbeth s relationship and the threat on her life Here s hoping the next installments bring suspense, action and character development All in all, an interesting and enjoyable first book in a series The characters were complex, the concept interesting and the chemistry between the main characters palpable I received a copy of this title in exchange of my honest opinion. Originally posted on Bookish Wanderlove 3.5 StarsOpening Lines The shrill of the fire alarm and flashing lights jolted me up from my bed at the Firehouse 8 Swearing, Jack got up too, followed by the other members of our team We were pulling night rotation shift The proximity of our firehouse to downtown Portland practically guaranteed us to be dispatched to a fire at least once a week But tonight was different, and I felt it in my gut This wasn t someone s fireplace choking a little with smoke This was a big job The GoodResist Me was action packed than suspenseful A O Peart does a fantastic job and describing all the different scenes that take place but I did not feel like there was a lot of suspense At first I had a really hard time connecting with the characters Don t get me wrong, both Gloria and Ethan were interesting characters and I liked like but I just couldn t connect with them but as the story developed I came to really love Gloria and Ethan The In BetweenThings didn t really play out the way I thought they would in Resist Me, which is normally a good thing I didn t expect it to start right off with the fire, I would have preferred if there was a prologue giving us just a small sample of what Gloria witnessed without giving away the full occurrence And then there was the way Gloria just blurts out what happen to Ethan and Chris, didn t really work for me I figure that would be something the story would build up to and then it would be a final way for Ethan an Gloria to really connect, especially because of a certain event in Ethan s past that still haunts him These were just some of the minor things that took place that didn t sit well with me.Overall, Resist Me was an enjoyable read I ll have to take a peek to see who the next book in the series will be focused on, hopefully it ll be Jack. JOSIE S 4.5 STAR REVIEWLisbeth Anderson Gloria is in the witness protection program after being the sole survivor of a murder Lisbeth believes the FBI witness protection program is the only way she can survive That is until one morning the safe house she and agents were staying at exploded Lisbeth feels the FBI cannot keep her safe any and she does not want anyone else to be put in danger Ethan is a paramedic in the fire department called to help with the explosion When they get there, they notice someone is held up in a safe room Ethan is immediately taken with Lisbeth and her need to not go back into the witness protection program He notices she has nowhere to go and no family and friends she can turn to, to keep her safe Ethan feels the need to help Lisbeth He needs to keep her safe until she can reach her lawyerThat girl needs someone to help her She s got no family, no friends to speak of So now what You will go on saving the whole damn world No, but I can try to save that one Okay how can I help Stay out of thisEthan is a trained ex Marine He knows that he can get Gloria away from the FBI and the people trying to kill her and keep her safe With the help of his brother and co worker Chris, they explain to Lisbeth that they are going to help her, but she needs to trust and do everything they Ethan says Lisbeth is not sure if she can risk someone else being put in harm s way but she feels safe in Ethan s presence, so she agrees and goes with Ethan.Ethan does not do relationships He likes sex and his women submissive Ethan made a promise to her to keep her safe, and that is all he can offer However, there is something about Lisbeth that calls out to him Lisbeth feels the same attraction but since Ethan is not willing to give her she tries to ignore her feelingsI was a jerk You have nothing to be afraid of What exactly do you mean You can be sure I won t try to force myself on you I invited you here to feel safe, not to feel threatened I made a promise I don t go back on my promisesLisbeth is a tough character Although she experiences frequent panic attacks after witnessing the murder, she wants to be free and live She does everything Ethan tells her to do, but when danger is knocking on their door she decides to take charge of her life When Ethan finally accepts that he needs Lisbeth in his life than to protect her, he goes all inI m tired I want to sleep I want to sleep next to you You can sleep in my arms as long as you wantOMG, Ethan is crazy hot and sex on a stick I was so caught up in the excitement and the thrill of the book that when things happen between them, I was like well DAY UM He is patient with Lisbeth and is willing to show her how he likes control Lisbeth is nervous but because she feels the same pull to him, she is willing to be the woman he needs Although danger is lurking, Ethan and Lisbeth find solace in a relationship built on total trust and submission and it is one hot rideI want you to come like this I won t go any deeper Can you do that for me Can you Yes, Yes Please, Ethan Please, I want to come so badly Be patient with me I m not all that experienced Baby, you don t need to be It s easier to teach you the right way to do this than to correct some bad habits That s it, baby I know you re close but don t rush it Feel it explore it Now, oh God Now, please, Ethan, please Now, I want it now Come right after I kiss your clit Come for me and squeeze me with your p Let me feel itThe author did an amazing job with this story There was just the right amount of thrill, danger, excitement and tension I was really caught up in the story while trying to find out who could be trusted, the FBI, Ethan and his friend s that I totally forgot about the REAL BAD GUYS The author kept me captivated with their relationship that when the danger came for her I was shocked All the twists and turns that were written into the story at just the right time, which only intensified my interests in what was going on You really need to click this book, it s than a romance novel This suspenseful, erotic thriller will not disappoint. Review originally posted at Ramblings From This ChickResist Me is the first book that I have ever read by A.O Peart, and it is also the first in her Change Me series I was looking for a good and sexy romantic suspense, and I did enjoy parts of this story This one was just okay for me though, and honestly while I liked it I doubt that I would re read it in the future I did have plenty to like that kept me reading the story though, and it was a quick and easy read.Lisbeth Anderson Now known as Gloria Glasson was the sole witness to her friend s brutal gang rape and murder She has been in hiding with the witness protection program until the warehouse that she was stationed in is targeted When Ethan McCoy shows up to the warehouse fire, he quickly realizes that this is anything but a routine fire and is soon tasked with helping to find the FBI witness trapped in a safe room There is an instant connection between Ethan and Lisbeth, and he finds himself wanting to do anything to protect her With the help of his friends, they form a plan to get Lisbeth out and away from the FBI as they now believe that there is a mole within As Ethan and Lisbeth hide out and try to avoid anyone finding them, they can t deny the attraction between them They try to fight it, but the time they spend together the harder it becomes When their location is found out though, Ethan will do anything to make sure that he protects Lisbeth.I liked Lisbeth and Ethan both Ethan was former military and a hot firefighter, so he was pretty much every woman s dream guy But he wasn t a fan of commitment and had a steady group of booty calls on speed dial I liked that he was able to be so immediately protective of Lisbeth though, and I thought that it made him a really great guy that he was trying to fight what he felt for her He didn t want to take advantage of the situation even when she was willing and that said a lot about him Lisbeth had been through so much, and yet she was still able to appreciate the simple things in life She was light and full of joy and love for nature and all that was around her She was vulnerable due to her past as well as what she had seen, but she didn t let it define her or stop her from trying to continue living her life I thought that Lisbeth and Ethan had a ton of chemistry and the sexual tension between them was so thick I enjoyed seeing these two circle around each other while waiting for the inevitable explosion of passion between them.I did feel that this book had some issues though, and the biggest for me was the lack of action For a suspense, nothing really happened Besides the beginning and the ending, I really felt like the middle of this book was almost boring and drawn out I found my interest waning and was ready for to happen I think part of the problem is that there wasn t a lot going on between Lisbeth and Ethan either, and so it just felt like we were at a standstill I also felt like while enjoyable, this story was predictable and didn t really bring anything new or different The ending was also abrupt and felt rushed and left me wanting I think that this book did have some good parts, and I thought that Peart did a great job of writing the tension between the two main characters I really liked Ethan and Lisbeth, and I loved when things finally got steamy between them I also really liked Ethan s cousin and best friend Jack and definitely wouldn t mind seeing of him I thought that he kept the story light and was able to offer some comic relief when needed If you are a fan of romantic suspense stories, you might give this one a shot ARC Provided by Between the Sheets Promotions I really enjoyed this story Ethan ex military now firefighter was not the kind of man that wanted a relationship He and the firehouse was on a call and everything then changed when he met Gloria Knowing now that she was in protected custody he wanted to help her since she didn t feel safe any The chemistry between them was off the charts and Ethan was fighting to not give in I loved this story and can t wait to read the next |FREE BOOK ♺ Resist Me ☹ One Fateful Morning Changes EverythingLisbeth Anderson, The Lone Eyewitness Of A Shocking Murder, Believes The FBI Witness Protection Program May Be The Only Way For Her To Survive But When A Powerful Explosion Reduces The Safe House To Ashes, Killing All Of The FBI Agents On Duty, Will She Turn To A Perfect Stranger For Help Ethan McCoy, A Former Marine Turned Firefighter, Has Never Really Cared For Any Woman He Lives His Life To The Fullest, Enjoying The Bad Boy Stigma And Cultivating A Particular Taste For Dominant Sex Girls Come And Go, Allowed To Stay Only Long Enough To Satisfy Ethan S Wild Appetite One Morning At Dawn, Ethan S Fire Brigade Is Called To A Fatal House Explosion That Levels The Structure When He Pries Open A Trap Door To The Hidden Panic Room Under The House, He Finds A Gorgeous, Though Disheveled Brunette Lisbeth Instantly Turns Ethan S World Upside Down, And He S Overcome By The Burning Desire To Protect Her, No Matter The ConsequencesAll Books In The McCoy Raven Brothers Series Are Standalone And Can Be Read In Any Order They Interconnect Through The Characters Writing Style A.O Peart always finds a way to stun me Resist Me is so delectable you will gobble it up in one setting The character development was superb The thriller aspects will make you grip the edge of your seat and the romance will make your heart skip a beat You will have a hard time resisting this book My Overall Opinion I have never read anything so quickly in my lifespan After I finished, I felt like I went on one hell of an adventure and needed to take a nap Fortunately, this book provided than enough material for an amazing dream Thank You Ethan you sir are one sexy beast The sexual tension and desire between Lizbeth and Ethan develops from the moment they meet They want each other so badly but because of the circumstances they know that would put them both in danger The title fits this book perfectly because they fight to resist each other but fate has different plans When they finally do give away to their desires, it is STUNNING, BREATH TAKING, and HOT.My Opinion on the Characters Ethan McCoy The name drips from one s mouth This man is perfect in just about every way He s a firefighter, ex marine who enjoys reading, cooking, providing sexual fulfillment, and protecting his women He also is a master of self control and being the ultimate badass What can you ask for in a partner He s a gorgeous piece of work, I hope he makes another appearance in a book VERY soon.Lizbeth is pretty incredible herself It s refreshing to see a female character who is independent and strong willed She is intelligent with book and street smartsshe isn t afraid to speak her mind She s witty and able to fend for herself She IS NOT a damsel in distressshe is a real ass kicking beautiful woman Together, she and Ethan make the perfect match To Read or Not To Read READ RIGHT NOW The action scenes are fast paced and are filled with suspenseful moments My heart was racing in anticipation of what was going to happen next The sexual scenes elevated my pulse needless to say this book gave my heart lots of exercise I enjoyed this book so much I felt like rereading it againlike literally right after I just finished it Which for me is rare because I seldom re read books so that alone attests to how good this book is What is it about firemen that make us all swoon I honestly think it goes beyond their physique so muscular, full of power to move heavy items, their bravery which makes them so unique How often do you see a normal person running into a burning building I think a great part of the attraction is because they make us feel so secure and safe They represent that very primal instinct to protect and save those in dire needs Saving lives and property is their mantra.In this first installment of the Change Me Series, we meet up with Ethan He comes from a large family where everyone has each others backs Even his cousin Jack works next to him in his team at the firehouse They are both ex Marines and as such, their word is their bond and protecting others comes naturally.Ethan s world is about to get complicated as his team is called to handle a warehouse explosion With the FBI swarming the site, he immediately realizes there is to this than meets the eye As he helps extract a young woman from a hidden panic room, he is struck by her beauty and innocence The immediate attraction and the complications of keeping her safe, soon appeal to his instincts to protect and he volunteers to keep her safe.Feds dying, a gang of murderous rapists after her, and a leak at the FBI divulging her whereabouts, make Lizbeth uneasy and feel unsafe under the Witness Protection program Her immediate attraction to Ethan convinces her she should trust him to keep her safe And so begins their story of subterfuge and suspense.This story is full of tension both from the bodily threats and the emerging attraction between Lizbeth and Ethan It will keep you glued to this story while you follow their journey to possible safety. 3.75 stars.Ethan is a smoking hot firefighter who has a ladies reputation Underneath that, he s a smart, caring guy who does the right thing He has this need to help anybody, but most especially ladies in distress.Lisbeth is in the witness protection program after she witnesses a brutal murder She s sent from the only home she s known to a safehouse across the country Only the safehouse turns out to be not so safe.After a violent explosion levels it, Lisbeth wants nothing than to go home, and leave the program Ethan s tasked with trying to get Lisbeth to remain in the program despite what happened He decides to make it his mission to keep her safe He wants to save her from the people who are after her He in no way has a hero complex This is due to a trauma in his own past that left him feeling like a failure There is a ton of chemistry between the two, who are very well written Lisbeth comes off as scared and fragile, but deep down she has this ability to be strong Ethan comes off as a cold, hard guy, but underneath him is a man who just wants to do the right thing There are funny moments, good secondary characters that I m sure we will see of in future books Romantic Suspense is my favorite genre, and the plot twists in this one are good The reason I m only giving this book 3.75 stars is because I feel like it ended very abruptly All of a sudden it was just over Now, I did receive an un edited copy for my review, so I m not sure if A.O added before the release or not That being said I truly enjoyed this book, and I look forward to reading the entire series.