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FREE â She Went All the Way ¾ Success Hasn T Spoiled Screenwriter Lou Calabrese It S Just Given Her A Taste For Luxury And It S Put Her In Some Bizarre Situations Like In A Helicopter En Route To The Wilds Of Alaska, Sharing Too Close Quarters With The Last Man She Wants To Be With Jack Townsend Once A Sexy Nobody Whom Lou Helped Make A Somebody, Jack S Just Been Dumped By A High Profile Hollywood Airhead Who S Eloped With Lou S Longtime Love So What Else Could Go Wrong WellTheir Pilot Could Try To Shoot The Most Adored Man In America They Could Crash Land In The Icy, Mountainous Middle Of Nowhere And At The Worst Possible Moment, When Survival Should Be Their Only Consideration, Jack Could Start Wondering If Maybe He Wasn T A Wee Bit Too Hasty For Not Giving This Sexy Screenwriter A Second Look While Lou Could Start Noticing How Superstar Jack Is Kind Of Hot After All With Meg Cabot books, I never know how well they ll age, but this one was still really fun There s not the best attitude towards the female characters who aren t Lou they re all appearance obsessed and so forth , but thankfully Lou and Jack are stranded in the Alaskan wilderness alone for most of it, so that doesn t really matter The side ship with the parents is super cute, the ship is great, and there were several lines that made me chuckle out loud Not up to the standard of recent Cabot novels but this is one I will definitely be keeping in my collection. Normally, I enjoy Meg Cabot s books but this book is not up to my expected level When compared with the main characters age, I think the behavior is so childish.Honestly, I won t recommend this book to anyone at all because its not great but why wasting your time when you have other great books. I wouldn t say Meg Cabot is my favorite author but in the past she has been reliable in providing a good, solid read Not sure what happened here but I really did not like this book at all The plot sounded promising with Lou, a screenwriter, and Jack, a famous actor, forced to be around each other despite the fact they can t stand one another And then obviously because this is a romance we all know what happens next But with way too many characters introduced in the beginning, a ludicrous plot, and main characters who I didn t really have an interest in, I felt like this was a chore to finish. If you don t mind Hollywood romance stories and are a fan of love hate relationships, then this is definitely a great book to add to your TBR shelf.She Went All the Way is the funny and sexy story of Oscar winning screenwriter, Lou Calabrese, and hunky, George Clooney like actor, Jack Townsend Things take off at lighting fast speed when Lou and Jack are flying via helicopter to shoot the final scene of the blockbuster movie series, Copkiller Lou wrote it Jack is the star The pilot pulls a gun on Jack and says he was paid to kill him by an unknown source Lou finds a flare gun under the pilot s seat Threatens him with it Mayhem ensues The helicopter catches on fire and crashes The result is that Jack and Lou are stuck in the middle of the Alaskan wilderness in the dead of winter Not far from a ranger s station Not too far from an abandoned cabin But too close to a pack of gun wielding snowmobilers who have been paid to hunt Jack down and kill him.What I enjoyed most about this story is the dialogue between Lou and Jack Lou hates Jack because 1 he dated dumped her best friend, Vicky who later married the director of the Copkiller series 2 Jack is a BIG TIME playboy and 3 Jack changed one of the lines Lou wrote for the first Copkiller movie To add insult to injury, the line Jack changed became the signature line for future Copkiller movies To get even, Lou wrote scenes into the new Copkiller movies that involve Jack stripping down to his birthday suit, being beaten with bamboo sticks and working in a snake pit And can you really blame her The constant jabs and banter between these two is what makes the book The witty dialogue and deadpan humor literally had me rolling around on the floor laughing And when Lou and Jack finally acknowledge the attraction between them, the dialogue only gets better Just a small warning, there is some head hopping going on in this one I m not a fan And there is a secondary romance between Lou s dad, a retired cop, and Jack s mother, a Jackie Kennedy wannabe The only true problem I have with this book is the cover I purchased the newest edition with the beaded, wedgie shoe on the cover What in the hell does this book have to do with summer footwear The entire book takes place in the snow, in the middle of Alaska Snow shoes would have been appropriate.