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Another master piece by master story teller Sidney Sheldon Lara Cameron is youthful and excellent Ascending from a past she looks to subdue, she accomplishes her most out of control aspiration, making a quite begrudged business domain At that point, overnight, every one of that has gone some time recently, her fortune, her accomplishments, and her marriageeverythingis at hazard Paul Martin, a splendid however secretive legal advisor who is enthralled by Lara, at last is confronted with her craving for autonomy and his own impulse no to release her Howard Keller, Laras long term companion and tutor, is torn between faithfulness to her and keeping up a startling mystery, one that must never be revealedespecially to Lara It is Philip Adler who offers Lara an energizing new world, yet at an overwhelming value that undermines to decimate them both From Scotland to Nova Scotia, New York to London, Rome to Reno, The Stars Shine Down is exemplary Sidney Sheldon, highlighting the startling stuns and astounding astonishments a huge number of perusers have generally expected and cherish It is additionally a feature in a continuum of virtuoso exhibitions by the man everybody swings to for overwhelming sentiment, bluff holder tension, and the absolutely sudden. sheldon sheldon Read in a day Even though we didn t get a full closure and there were some minor inconsistencies, I loved it this is like an adult The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo EXCEPT this time the woman gets famous because of her ruthlessness and cleverness she s a real estate agent , not her hot bodybut it s a bit straighter, whiter and sexist it was written by a man over two decades ago 3.75 THIS BOOK ROCKS I can t think of any good words to say about this book actually it is indescribable.Okay, I shall go on to explain why.Lara Cameron is born with a jack ass of a father who refuses to acknowledge her in his life, calling her a jinx creating all sorts of problems for her What made matters worse is that her mother had died giving birth to her, which added to all the tension As a result, Lara grew up without a mother s love AND a father s love, being outcast by the students in her school who liked to bully her upon knowing she does not have any parents Her father works at a boarding house in which he needs to collect rents from the tenants and return to the landlord at the end of the month The boarding house is where Lara starts to become independent while her father nearly died unfortunately in a bad way resting in a hospital, Lara was the one who went around to help collect dues owed and replaced her father s position This impressed the landlord however, he was a bastard who intend to take advantage of Lara.Fast forward, Lara became an impressive owner of hotels and she managed to make her mark in a man s dominated field real estate The put downs and humiliation by the men she had come across had not stopped her determination to succeed What is inspiring about this novel is that a woman s inner strength is so strong that others can t help but stop to admire and respect her.I feel that Lara has many good and strong points Firstly, though she has a stoic stone cold woman facade, beneath all that lies a gold heart This is evident in how she treats her employees as though they are her family a family she could never have, properly.I am glad she finally found her happily ever after with the pianist.The Stars Shine Down truly deserve an accolade. Stunningly beautiful Lara Cameron on her fortieth birthday, having just lost her fame and fortune as foremost only female building developer in Chicago, then New York, her name plastered on the highest deluxe hotels and offices, reviews her life Born unwanted to an impoverished drunk in Glace Bay, she takes over his rent collection when he is dying Her first banker, ugly and fat, makes her first deal dependent on having her virgin body I almost gave up reading Her Chicago banker Howard Keller falls in love, but she treats him as an employee She privately helps employees with health problems, but lies and connives to get deals done, making a bad enemy of competing developer Steve Murchison Union trouble leads to a long time lover, Mafia lawyer Paul Martin 65 Apparently Sicilian Mafia began to combat corrupt government, so Ivo Martino, ten when a powerful land owner had local police torture his father, chop off his privates, stuff them in his mouth, and kill his mother too Years later, grown powerful himself, the boy performed the same punishment on the landlord, then fled with his family to America Was this Paul s life No, his grandfather s Did author research flash dollar signs so the incident had to be included I almost quit again.International famous pianist Philip Adler is the living picture of Lara s childhood imaginary Lochinvar, so despite nothing in common, she wants him for a husband I foresee trouble with Paul, and am tired of her pate and champagne, private jets and hoity toity lifestyle I skip to the end, then check back a bit view spoiler Philip hospitalized after an attack, Lara blames Paul But testifying in court, rejected Paul protects her Jealous Howard is the mastermind villain that tried to take her down In the car with recovered Philip, she sees a potential site, and we realize she is still ambitious and hasn t learned anything hide spoiler |FREE PDF ♿ The Stars Shine Down ♷ Lara Cameron Is A Famous Powerful Wealthy New York Building Developer Who Struggled From Brutal Poverty In Glace Bay, A Banker Who Took Her Body As Part Of Her First Deal, To Chicago, Banker Keller Whose Love She Takes Lightly For Granted As Her Skyscrapers And Boutique Hotels Tower On Earth, She Is At The Top Of A Male Dominated Field She Lies And Cheats To Close A Deal, Making Cruel Enemies She Is Forty, Beautiful, Glamorous, Insecure, Ruthless, Vulnerable, Secretly Generous, Rich And Still Wants She Marries An International Concert Pianist, The Lochinvar Of Her Childhood Dreams, But Aomeone Puts Him In The Hospital And Threatens To Take Down Her Empire The Stars Shine Down is the story of Lara Cameron, a self made billionaire who had dominated the world of real estate which, according to the book, is mostly dominated by men, as portrayed in other characters used in the story My opinions on different aspects of the story vary as follows 1 The story of Lara being from rags to riches sounds a little impossible, like a fairy tale type of story But it s Sidney s story, so I give him that right to tell his story and develop characters any way he wanted to.2 In this story, Sidney had proven himself once again as a Wizard of Words As a writer myself, I admire authors who can actually write detailed sex scenes without being too vulgar Sheldon did that with his metaphor with the act of having sex to the storm and the buildings, as well as the curtains and ripples and shadows 100 stars for that 3 Relating the title to some scenes in the story somehow as silly as it may sound gave me tears This is the only book that had done that to me, Sheldon being the only author The stars shine down and watch us live our little lives and weep for us 4 Some twists in the story were like fallacies But that s an element in thriller and suspense writing, innit 4 The ending somehow didn t leave a lasting impression to me Or perhaps, I ve expected something similar to Sidney s The Other Side Of Midnight It s good though that Sidney made this one less tragic.I d still give Sheldon 5 stars for this novel He s a wizard of words I like his prose Fantastic author He s the only author whose genre I despise yet can still entice me to read up to the very last page. The book can be roughly divided into 2 parts 1st part is all about the rags to riches story about the main character, which is quite entertaining with shades of Master of the Game 2nd part is all about parties, concerts, parties, conspiracies a really tame endingIt could have been really great but not disappointing A page turner So 3 stars.