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Review Courtesy of April HollingworthThis is the first book in the, A Chinese Zodiac Romance series, and it is brilliant It is a fabulous addictive start to what promises to be an amazing series It drew me in and wouldn t release me until I d read every last wonderful word in the book I can t wait to read the next book.Opening Scene Penang, Malaysia554 days since the first outbreak of the Red DeathI can t let her die alone.The Review Delve into a world steeped in tradition and superstition After her parents died from the Red Death, Lucy Yeoh flees to Malaysia seeking answers Being closed off from the rest of the world Malaysia is like a Paradise to Lucy, from the beautiful tropical climate to her stunningly sexy neighbor, Sheng Only thing is he might be delusional, or crazy Sheng, claims the Plague God unleashed the Red Death, and only a circle of Zodiac spirit animals can cleanse the plague from the world He believes he s the Tiger, and she s the Rabbit, long furry ears and cute fluffy tail included.Li Sheng is the Chosen of the Tiger, and it s his burden to restore balance to the world He must gather the Chosen and secure their allegiance He s waited a long time for the Dragon to arrive only to realize it s the Rabbit spirit who has chose Lucy, not his anticipated partner the Dragon The Rabbit is the weakest link in the Zodiac spirits, and Lucy is a temptation he could do without Sheng can t dismiss her, and the Rabbit proves to being uncooperative His desire for her becomes unbearable and all he wants is Lucy.Sheng s enemies close in, and not all of them want Lucy alive Together they must learn to trust one another and fight side by side Working together they must navigate a treacherous world where their hearts and duty are on opposite sides of the lines And they must choose whether to sacrifice their burgeoning love to save the world, or find away to surrender to both.Notable Scene The fluttering in her stomach spiked and then sank lower as he continued to stare at her, unspeaking I m Lucy, she tried in Mandarin, since maybe he didn t speak English I just arrived from America This is my uncle s condominium The words rambled out of her before she slammed her mouth shut Next, she d be telling him about the private jet s food and what movie she d watched.Witch on that censor, Luce.He might not be a nut job but, by now, he likely concluded she was one Especially since she continued to gawk at his muscular body Um, what s your name Should I go I should probably go, right Pivoting, she winced at the desperate tone of her voice It d been so long since she d chatted with anyone, and this new freedom was even lonelier Don t leave The smooth, sexy, accented voice stopped her retreat.A command Sure sounded like one Despite the stiffening in her muscles, she obeyed She swiveled around, her eyes widening as the man rose with effortless, smooth grace, mimicking the tiger on his back.He kept on rising, stretching at least six and a half feet tall, his body so much bigger than what she d pictured at first Her foot inched backward.High, youthful cheekbones accented a robust, square jaw, obscuring her ability to tell if he was in his twenties or forties His irises weren t brown, but a deep, jet black, matching his straight hair Longer pieces slashed across his eyes, and she curled her fingers into her palms to combat the urge to brush aside those locks.FTC Advisory Suleika Santana through Book Ninja Reviews provided me with a copy of Trancing The Tiger by Rachael Slate Kindle Edition No goody bags, sponsorships, material connections, or bribes were exchanged for my review. This is a love story with well presented themes of loyalty, right and wrong, good and evil, with a hefty dose of lust and passion The storyline and plot are what hooked me on this book I like the paranormal idea of humans, sometimes unknowingly, hosting the Chinese zodiac spirit animals Lucy is a strong character she is certainly not a timid Rabbit There is a surprising plot twist that I did not see coming at all, which is always a good thing in any work of fiction The author did a very good job with the secondary characters as well.Reading Trancing the Tiger was an enjoyable way to spend a Saturday afternoon I m not entirely sure how I found this book it could be because one of my friends added it But I sure am glad that I found it and read it.Brilliant Ms Slate This is different, original and an absolute breath of fresh air From the first word to the last word it just sucks you right in Ms Slate has built a complex world, detailed with an strong solid plot The characters are amazing be it the primary or secondary characters I m also proud to announce that Ms Slate certainly has done her research Some authors tend to skip it and then it isn t really authentic Although a lot of Chinese words were used it was hard to follow Ying Yang represents the primal opposing but complementary forces found in all things in the universe Depicted as it is, it also outlines the necessity of balance in all things There is to the Red Death that meets the eye The Chinese Zodiac Signs are to bring that is unbalanced back to being balanced There is a council of Elders who want to see what way the scales will tip There is the Matchmaker, the Empress and the Hai San good guys and the Ghee Hin their enemy.Lucy Yeoh lived in California until the Red Death spread through the world and killed a third of the population It is called that as the red tears are cried at their last moment Both Lucy s parents died although it isn t that simple She gets sent to her fathers brother in Malaysia She is picked up at the airport to meet with her Uncle The Driver is exactly honest about his intentions Li Sheng has the Tiger Spirit and is the leader of the Hai San Kongsi Clan so far for the good of the cause he has recruited the monkey, the ox and the rat The Ghee Hin have the snake and the boar Sheng has been waiting a long time for the dragon to arrive back to him to help in the cause He thinks that Lucy has the Dragon Spirit but she is just the rabbit But even the rabbit has it s strength Lucy and Li Sheng s characters develop throughout the book individually as well as when they come together They have good chemistry and banter with one another I guessed one Thing but to be honest in the Grand sceme of things that doesn t matter because there were so many twists and turns to the plot I could have never guessed the ending This book is based on one couple and the next book will be based on a different couple Each couple has their HFN. Absolutely fabulous Engaging, riveting, sexy as all get out on the edge of your seat Oy If life wouldn t have gotten in my way, I would have read it in one sitting, I didn t want to put it down I loved everything from the main and secondary characters, to the plot, and I will admit a bit of a paranormal snob One of my favorite parts in a PNR is the scents that are explained, and they had heart at the descriptive scents I wasn t sure if I could relate or understand it all, as I am not that familiar with Asian cultures etc but, Ms Slate hooked me straightaway Sheng tiger is the ultra sexy Alpha male, who has been told Lucy Rabbit is totally off limits Lucy, can feel the chemistry with Sheng, and wants to deny her feelings This love story is one of teacher, trainer and eventually a fabulous lover Honestly, I can t wait for the next book in the series, which thankfully comes out this year Kuddos to her on her novel debut was provided an e ARC from the author in exchange for an honest review.. ( DOWNLOAD PDF ) ☪ Trancing the Tiger (Chinese Zodiac Romance, #1) ♌ Delve Into A World Steeped In Tradition And Superstition After Her Parents Become Infected With The Red Death, Lucy Yeoh Flees To Malaysia Seeking Answers Everything In This Closed Off Section Of The World Is Paradise From The Lush Tropical Climate To Her Sexy New Neighbor, Sheng Who Just Might Be Delusional He Claims The Plague God Unleashed The Red Death And Only A Circle Of Chinese Zodiac Spirit Animals Can Cleanse The Earth Even , He Insists She S One Of Them The Rabbit Long Furry Ears And Fluffy Bunny Tail IncludedHe Ll Show Her How To Fight To Save The World As The Chosen Of The Tiger, The Burden Of Restoring Balance To The World Has Fallen Onto Li Sheng S Shoulders When He Discovers That The Ally He S Long Awaited, The Dragon, Is Actually Just The Rabbit, Sheng Is Quick To Dismiss Lucy If Only She D Stay Dismissed Lucy S Rabbit Refuses To Cooperate, Undermining The Authority Of His Tiger At Every Turn And Seducing Him To The Limits Of His Darkest Desires He S Not Supposed To Want Her Not When He Needs The Spirit Circle Complete And She S Their Weakest LinkShe Ll Show Him A Love Worth Fighting The World To Save Sheng S Enemies Draw Closer, And Not Everyone Wants Lucy Alive Together, They Ll Have To Navigate A Treacherous World Where A Line Between Duty And Their Hearts Has Been Drawn Between Them They Must Either Sacrifice One, Or Find A Way To Surrender To Both WARNING Contains Adult Content Explicit Love Scenes, Profanity, And Some Violence 5 stars and ARC provided by author in exchange for an honest review This is no way influenced my reviewLOVED it I m going to start by saying that Li Sheng has made it into my Top 10 book boyfriends, I am very picky when reading and many times the hero does not make a good book boyfriend but Li Sheng has definitely made it He is perfect He is a strong character and he was very good to Lucy, our heroine He is protective of her and very patient The story is super awesome There is a lot going on and I have to say that this is a very different take on shifters if they are actually shifters I really liked the Asian background and all the descriptions, it was like I was there The story has a lot of action and some awesome fights, you won t be bored for one second And the romance part in the story was perfect It was not a rushed, fall in love right away insta love kind of thing, it was at a good pace, didn t feel slow, just right I also have to say that all the characters were super cool and likable and I fell in love with quite a few and cannot wait to see if we will have stories with some of them as main characters Lucy was the perfect heroine, she was not a weak character even though she didn t quite have the strongest of the animals I really liked the descriptions of the transformations, the author takes you into the mind of the character and shows you what they can see and what is happening to them while they are changing, it was really cool This is really an awesome story and I will definitely recommend to all my friends. I was gifted an ARC for an honest review The thrill of discovering a new author with such talent is an amazing feeling Trancing the Tiger had my attention from the first page This is not a shifter story but something much deeper in the Chinese culture of the spirit animal Sheng and Lucy s story is an exciting love story of two lonely hearts In the Chinese culture of Chosen ones, Sheng, educates Lucy in bonding with her spirit animal, how to fight and protect herself and how to submit her Rabbit spirit animal to his Tiger Sheng was expecting the Dragon and was disappointed at first to learn that Lucy had the Rabbit spirit but learns that a Rabbit can be a formidable ally Lucy teaches Sheng just as much by teaching him how to love Through their journey they develop a trust and a bond that I enjoyed watching develop A beautiful, well written story Looking forward to from Rachael Slate Reviewed for Isalovesbooks Blog. A Review of Trancing The Tiger by Rachael SlateSexy Tiger meets Timid Rabbit 5 starsThis was the first book that I have read by Rachael Slate and I loved it Although I don t read a lot of paranormal books, this one caught my attention from the beginning It was interesting to read about the traditions of the Chinese Zodiac animals I m not sure if all the information was true to today s world, but I do know that there are a lot of people that believe in the twelve animals in the Zodiac The story of Lucy and Sheng was fascinating and I am looking forward to the next two books in this series Complimentary Copy provided by Author for an honest review and Reviewed on behalf of Book lover book blog first off let me say I have no idea about Chinese culture But reading this book it has brought me a closeness with the characters to see how there body mind and soul make up a spiritual being Lucy lived in San Fransico and comes to Malaysia to live with her Uncle after the Red Death has killed her parents She meets Sheng Tiger a sexy hot alpha male ah yes he takes her breath away but he needs to teach her about herself and the animal that possesses her Lucy also needs to learn who to trust, not everybody is happy she is there evil is lurking this is the first book in this series, can t wait to see where the Author is gonna take us next. I first thought this was going to be a typical shape shifter book, but it not only had nothing to do with shape shifters it was like nothing I d read before Lots of action , great chemistry, Super HOT Alpha, what can you ask for Looking forward to the next instalments of this series.