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!Ebook ☨ Sweet Liar ♙ It Was Her Father S Dying Wish That Samantha Elliot Search For Her Grandmother, Who D Disappeared From Louisville When She Was A Baby So Here She Was, In Big, Dirty New York Cityher Parents Were Dead, Her Divorce Was Final, And She Was All Alone Michael Taggert Was Samantha S Landlord, And He Was Easily The Most Beautiful Man She D Ever Seen He Was Charming, Too His Zest For Life Was So Contagious That In His Presence Sam Bloomed Like A Flower After The Rain Yet Mike Could Only Get So Far With Her When He Tried To Get Closer, It Was Like Running Into A Brick WallBut Mike Wouldn T Give Up As They Probed Her Grandmother S Past, He Was Slowly Uncovering The Joy And Affection Samantha Had Buried Long Ago And Leading Them Closer To The Dangerous Truth About A Bloody Spring Night In , And A Seductive Blues Singer Named Maxie Okay, I will start by saying that I am tired of evading the fact in coversations that I will occasionally pick up a romance novel Hello, my name is Laura, and I read romance novels I call it my brain candy, because they are great stories with snappy plots, and strong women at least the ones I read This is one of those books on my shelf that is an old friend, one I turn to when I want some thing comforting to read I love Jude Deveraux s earlier works everything before Remembrance don t know what happened after that did she get someone to start writing under her name and this is one of the first modern time books I read of hers It has great character development, rich details and a plot that reaches out and slaps you in the face LOVE IT I am going to write the same thing for the Taggart and Montgomery series of Jude Deveraux First, I can t believe that I read this books because they are so blatantly bodice rippers not my style at all And second, and importantly, I devoured them all Here is the scoop We stopped at a friend s house in Tennessee on the last leg of one of our cross country trips about 11 years ago and I had run out of books She gave me three of Deveraux s books in the Montgomery series and I kindly took them never expecting to read them my God the covers alone were ridiculous Well, I gave in and read them because I needed something to do on the ride home By the time we got home, I had already called the library and asked them to reserve all of the Taggart and Montgomery series books they had I devoured them all and loved them Here s the funny thing I have never read any Deveraux since that time not even the last Taggart book or the last two Montgomery books I can still vividly remember scenes from the books I read so many years ago It was just ok The main character, Samantha, was a bit whiney Mike however was way too patient with all her shenanigans. To be completely honest, romance novels are my thing I ve read a fair few Deveraux books, and until this one, Legend was my favorite The only reason I had this book in the first place, was because my mother had it given to get, and she absolutely abhors ANY books about love I think I ve been give close to 100 from her just because of the genre, lol Anyway, I loved the way the book flowed from beginning to end, the strength of the characters, and the fact that love was just PART of the focus, and not the WHOLE focus I enjoyed the way the characters pieced together Sam s Grandmother s disappearance The character s family ties were depicted nicely as well The bonds between the individual characters, even the ones that did not play prominent parts in the plot structure, were noticeable, and that made it easy to relate For me, this book was a 1 day read, as I could not pull my eyes from the pages, and even now, this is my first choice for a fall back book So far, every Deveraux book that I have read has pulled me the same way, and that is a very difficult thing to do in my case Avid reader that I am it shames me to admit that this is the only one in the series that I have read Most of her older books are really hard to come by unless you use the internet, and I don t like to when it comes to purchasing items However, if ever I gain the chance, I certainly will purchase the rest If they are anywhere near as good as this one, my reader s heart will be in heaven. All I could think while reading this one was, I d rather be re reading The Matchmakersfor the record, that is the story of Mike s brother Kane and his wife to be, Cale I ve probably re read it about five times now and I ve always thought it could have been longer Any time I d read it, I found myself curious about Kane s brother Mike and his wife, Sam, and think Hm, I should really check out their story sometime. Unfortunately, I find myself thinking this should have been the short story and that one should have been extended.Let s ignore all the issues I have with Jude Deveraux s weird Marry the one who can tell the twins apart thing Let s also ignore the fact that I do not care how many sets of twins you have in your family, a male twin will never have anything to do with whether or not the woman has twins because the woman with the eggs determines how many children are carried, while the man s sperm determines gender, so Kane s view spoiler and Mike s wives both hide spoiler I am so disappointed that I cannot give this book a higher rating, however, I think I am in the minority Sweet Liar is written by the infamous Deveraux, received 4.5 stars on , and made the top 100 romance novels of all time on AAR I had hoped for a slam dunk awesome book and am so sad to say that this book did not deliver In all fairness, this is the first Deveraux book I ve ever read, so the Montgomeries and the Taggarts families meant nothing to me This was not the only problem though Samantha just bothered me so much She resisted Mike at every turn Spent the first half of the book giving him green lights and then putting on the brakes making Mike feel like a criminal Wasn t really interested in him ie went on dates with his cousin, wasn t jealous of him when he went out on dates , spent most of the time depressed and irritatingly self absorbed Mike was like a big muscle head that I just never really got I don t understand why he immediately and irreversibly loved Samantha Lucky for her he did, but I just don t think it s realistic after how she treats him that he would keep coming for her like he did His constant use of sexual innuendos bugged me and I never really liked either of them I need to read at least one of her books before completely writing her off..maybe A Knight In Shining Armor, although I think that s time travel as well, which was another reason I did not like this book I hate all this negativity so I think I ll stop, but I cannot recommend this book. I dearly loved this book and could barely put it down First off, we have an interested contemporary romance and our heroine is far from ordinary Second of all, we have a puzzle Samantha has been instructed by her father s will to look for his mother Her grandmother was the mistress of a Gangster in 1928 and suvived and disappeared from a mob hit on a speakeasy Putting together what happened that night, talking to any survivors still alive, and trying to find her grandmother or what happened to her takes up alot of the story Very good.Note Kane Taggert is the twin of Michael Taggert in this book, in 1991 So this isn t the same Kane Taggert from Twin of Ice as that took place around 1885 or so However, both Taggerts are from Chandler, Colorado, so one must be a descendant of the other. Pros Hero is a sweetheart.His family seems nice The search for the truth about the grandmother was interesting.The references to computers were so out of date they were sometimes really funny.Cons Heroine is a total headcase The biggest headcase I have ever seen Not in a way that seems genuine and makes me feel for her, just in an annoying way For example, even though this is set in 1991 when I myself was a couple years younger than what the heroine is aged , and even though she s from a city, she s so intimidated by New York that she basically becomes an unwashed shut in For weeks and or months Her behaviour is so odd that multiple people in the book at different times suspect she must have been molested by her father she wasn t Between her assorted overreactions, I can t decide if the main problem is that she acts way older than her age by about 60 years or it s that she acts way younger than her age by about a dozen years Either way, she comes across as completely inauthentic Actually, there s than a whiff of Mary Sue about her, as she miraculously starts coming out of her shell and impressing all the New Yorkers Taggerts with her haggling skills, her ability to fight publicly with taxi drivers, and her ability to tame wild 4 year old twin boys.And that brings me to another nauseating aspect of this book there are scads and scads of gorgeous men Ordinarily, this wouldn t necessarily bother me However, they re so uniformly gorgeous and rich, they seem to have no purpose other than to worship admire the heroine and be handsome and rich, and their only notable personality characteristic is that they put up with crap from the headcase and spend money Which brings me to the next point.There is a freakish obsession with money and shopping in this book Freakish It s over the top and disturbing Possibly if I d read this book in 1991 it wouldn t have bothered me, but it was one of the most annoying parts constant references to designer clothes and jewellery, and luxury cars, and private jets, and everybody having tens of millions of dollars It was seriously gross The grandmother is actually identified part way through the book Do they ever really ask her to tell what happened Does she ever offer No Instead they proceed with the most expensive, insane and illegal way of sorting things out that they could come up with Which leads to the next thing I did not enjoy about this book The hero and heroine are TSTL view spoiler They break into a compound of a geriatric murderous gangster to kidnap him, having bribed some of the armed guards The reason So they could recreate a gangland massacre of the 1920s and make him play his own part hide spoiler I liked this for the very reason that other readers appear to dislike it the search for information about why Samantha s grandmother suddenly disappeared from her family, and what really happened to her I liked Mike and the way he sort of shocked Sam back to wanting to live Their love story was sweet, but not really the heart of the story If I were rating this simply as a romance, it would be a weak 3 , but I liked the rest of the story.