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~READ E-PUB ⚔ Charlie Bone and the Shadow (The Children of the Red King, #7) ☪ Popular EPub, Charlie Bone And The Shadow The Children Of The Red King, 7 By Jenny Nimmo This Is Very Good And Becomes The Main Topic To Read, The Readers Are Very Takjup And Always Take Inspiration From The Contents Of The Book Charlie Bone And The Shadow The Children Of The Red King, 7 , Essay By Jenny Nimmo Is Now On Our Website And You Can Download It By Register What Are You Waiting For Please Read And Make A Refission For You I must say, of all of the books, this was not my favorite but I did give it 4 stars because it was still good and a must read for any Charlie Bone lover Count Harken Badlock is back and this time, he trys to trap Charlie and Ben s dog Runner Bean in a painting However, Charlie escapes but Runner is trapped Charlie must rescue Runner and brings Billy into the painting making Billy want to stay inside Will Runner get out and will Billy stay or leave If you don t want to read any spoilers, read no further I warn you because I m about to let the cat out of the bag The part that made me want to deduct one star was that Billy does stay put in the painting Billy is an important character, or so I feel, and I think that leaving him in the painting was a horrible choice unless of course he decides to come out in the 8th and final installment This is the 7th installment in the Children of the Red King series Advice would be, for anyone who loves the Harry Potter series, this would be a good choice for a next series This is for ages 12 and up. Can you imagine somewhere where certain people had extraordinary powers In the book Charlie Bone and the Shadow, where this story takes place, some people do have special powers I read the book Charlie Bone and the Shadow and it is a great story This story is written by Jenny Nimmo and is the seventh book in a series In this story an evil enchanter comes back after being defeated and banished once Throughout most of the story is in a painting Any body he wants he lures them down and sucks them into the painting he is in The setting in this story seems to be the late 1900s in Britain There is a very old part of town with cobble stone streets, a town square, small shops, and a cathedral in the town square The rest of the town is new because a while ago a fire went through the town and the only reason one part of the town was saved was because of the enchanters that lived there There are many characters in the story The main character is Charlie Bone Charlie Bone has an extraordinary power, or as the book calls it endowed , in which he is able to travel into pictures Also, he never thinks before he does stuff which gets him into trouble In addition he has thick bushy brown hair Also, in this book there is an evil enchanter His name is Count Harken or, as he is also called, the shadow He is very powerful and evil He can enchant people to do whatever he wants The book I read also has great descriptions The author takes an entire paragraph to describe how someone looks Also, as you go through the book a picture of the town really builds up in your head You feel like you are actually there In conclusion, Charlie Bone and the Shadow is a great book It has great descriptions, moves quickly and has a great plot I highly recommend you read this book. I feel like I could copy and paste one of my reviews from any of the last several books in the series and it would still detail how I feel about this particular book completely Despite this being the seventh book in the series, the writing and characterization have failed to develop I m not saying that its horrible or the worst series I ve ever read or anything, but the issues that I do have with it haven t improved in the slightest I believe this particular book actually may have even gone on to highlight some of the main issues I have with the book in further detail mainly characterization However, I do feel like I should note some of the book s good qualities I really enjoyed the new development of picture traveling and meeting the new characters inside I find certain details described about the universe inside the painting fascinating and I hope the final book will return to touch base on it further I also really loved the giant I actually don t know why, but I found him the most authentic character thus far Overall, I would give this book 2.75 stars While I keep waiting for this series to blow me away, I keep getting let down Hopefully the last book will do something that will leave a memorable impression on me. So I really loved this book It only takes place during one maybe two weeks of school for Charlie Charlie is lured into a painting with the Shadow Runner Bean is also lured for a different reason Charlie gets out but Runner doesn t He has to rescure Runner and Billy who also gets lured into the painting It was so fun to read I did it in one day If you love to read fun this book is it. As this book fits perfectly into the series it is very satisfying Since the book is about Charlie being as curious as ever, stumbling into a huge problem when he has a power to go through paintings Where as this time he traveled to an unknown destination through a picture that his aunt recently put in the basement Unknowingly, his aunt and other people of a force are grouping together to get ride of Charlie and his friends I truly enjoyed this book since throughout the entire book it is action filled Since the book is very different in the concept of a fictional book with human powers, it is why I like the book With the book being part of a series it leaves the reader unaware of what is to happen next, even with small details that could lead to giving something away in next book, the whole book is Ery suspenseful So overall I really liked book. In 1996 JK Rowling started a world wide fascination for Wizards, magic, muggles and the eternal fight against good and Evil Jenny Nimmo has created a world similar to Hogworts and characters that are an intriguing mix Everybody has individual powers, so you never quite know what to expect I would recommend this series to children added 7 12 Book seven in the Charlie Bone series The evil enchanter Count Harken is back, and his power is drawing and of his allies to the city As the balance of power shifts in favor of the Red King s not so nice descendents, Charlie fights to save one of his ancestors, as well as Runner Bean and Billy Raven from a painting unlike anything Charlie has ever seen before. I liked the magic in this one fell into the realm of magical realism that I think should be at least partially in every YA book My opinion of the full series is coming to realization, too prepare for a longer, scrutinizing review in the upcoming, final installment. Sometimes I get teary eyed when I see dogs in paintings, and wonder if they might be trapped as well.