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!Download Pdf ⚕ The Bridge Across Forever: A True Love Story ⚇ More Than One Year On The New York Times Bestseller List Richard Bach S Timeless And Uplifting Classic Of Hope And Love We Re The Bridge Across Forever, Arching Above The Sea, Adventuring For Our Pleasure, Living Mysteries For The Fun Of It, Choosing Disasters Triumphs Challenges Impossible Odds, Testing Ourselves Over And Again, Learning Love And Love And Love The Opposite Of Loneliness, It S Not Togetherness It Is Intimacy Look In A Mirror And One Thing S Sure What We See Is Not Who We Are Next To God, Love Is The Word Most Mangled In Every Language The Highest Form Of Regard Between Two People Is Friendship, And When Love Enters, Friendship Dies There Are No Mistakes The Events We Bring Upon Ourselves, No Matter How Unpleasant, Are Necessary In Order To Learn What We Need To Learn Whatever Steps We Take, They Re Necessary To Reach The Places We Ve Chosen To Go Oh my god, this is one of the worst books I ve ever read I read it nearly ten years ago and my brain is still searing I hate it and want to kill it Die, you piddly New Age piece of crap.Oh you want a reason Whiny, egocentric, complete embodiment of the worst of older men who believe they deserve everything At one point he starts having epiphanies about soulmates and just when I was about to lose total interest, he reveals that, and this is ALL AUTOBIOGRAPHICAL mind you, he and his soul mate go on out of body experiences at will, flying over fields and cities alike picture the beginning of Kiki s Delivery Service , connected to their bodies by blue jellyfish like tentacles Um, yeah, that didn t happen and I hate this book I actually read his other books knowing they would be bad and boy howdy did they ever get worse But this is bad in a grandiose, bestseller at the thrift store kind of way Fat women in muumuus should use this book to prop up their coffee tables so they can eat Haagen Daas while vaguely thinking about reading it and instead decide to read the weekly edition of People they got at roughly the same time. A autobiographic love story belong to one Pilot author and one movie star At the beginning they have started to relationship as friend Then Richard accept to alter his life style because he were thinking that if he would not be free if he has a serious relationship He has been feeling himself a rabbit against to her who is be caught by the short hairs from hunter Afterward they loved each other.Leslie s letter was so impressive At the end of the book it explain that how their soul leave from their body and they met there I liked it. This is so far the most beautiful love story that I ve ever read I liked the storytelling and the heartfelt words nicely written The plot is not corny as say Spark s A Walk to Remember or Segal s Love Story Love here is depicted by the long and ethereal flights taken by the lovers Their love soared heights and when they are up there, with the way Bach used to describe their emotions you can feel the intensity of their feeling for each other and their union with forever like the boundless sky This will make you remember your first love or make you remember how much you love your spouse or will perhaps make you fall in love again What a terribly sh tty book My first 0 star rating I don t understand how anyone can give this book any stars It honestly lessens my opinion of them as human beings Are they thirteen years old Have they not actually lived lives themselves, with all its depth and nuances and complications I should ve known what I was in for, as it was one of the two books ever that my boyfriend said he couldn t finish But I was seeking revenge, for him reading The Plague after I told him it was Boring Lesson learned when revenge is your primary motivator, things tend to backfire.To be clear this book is the boringest, tritest piece of superficial dreck ever Truly barf worthy It didn t help knowing that Bach and his soulmate ended up getting a divorce, but even aside from that, as a piece of literature, this book suuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuucked.This man cannot even write Two exclamation points within the first page To emphasize I m going to meet my soulmate today Just think, today s the day I meet her or some such sh t Uggghhh what a waste of day. Put aside for the moment the fact that author Bach divorced his so called soulmate which rather kindles the wick of the dynamite tied to the support columns of this bridge across forever I respect the author s apparently earnest wide eyed enthusiasm, but the WRITING I knew I was in trouble early on when I encountered this How long have I been missing you, dear soulmate, I thought, dear wise mystical lovely lady Some three hundred pages later, I was floundering around in Unless one is ready in advance for the shock, sudden wealth buries one in complistiquesque multibranch crosswebulated tangleworks weight freighted toward intricationary ponderositives Had I read this as a lovelorn teenager, looking for life s answers, no doubt I would have eaten this up Reading it now, I can t help but feel that almost every word of it seems self absorbed or rings untrue And don t even get me started about the parts on astral projection I know this is a much beloved book and several friends of mine have it on their lists of Top Reads I dunno, I guess it s too complistiquesque for me. This book was a find for a quarter or some low price somewhere as a take along for a vacation months ago I got it as Jonathan Livington Seagull has stuck with me in my mind for decades I though why not As it turns out I am at a point in my life where I wonder if I will be alone the rest of my life or will I find someone special This love story has given me hope Right now, that is enough.Enjoy it This book really wasn t for me It was a task to make myself pick it up and read I found the writing construed and self absorbed If Richard truly believes in soul mates and forever and that this woman was the one then why is he no longer with her Also why is there no mention of his children from his previous marriage Such a shame The one thing that does show through is Richard s selfishness.I found one quote that I liked so I suppose all is not lost.When asked about beautiful women being tragic Leslie replies When everything depends on looks, you get lost gazing in mirrors and you never find yourself. What a beautiful and inspiring lovestory I am coming to really admire Richard Bach s stories I think in order to really reap the rewards within the pages, it is helpful to be in a similar phase of life, i.e., to be yourself on a spiritual journey seeking the many wonders of lifes mysteries with as open a mind as you can muster.In this book which is best read in my opinion in between Illusions and One is the autobiographical journey Richard embarks on to find his soulmate The love he and his wife find with eachother and the growth that they have is so beautiful and powerful you get caught up in it yourself I wish Richard and Leslie Bach the best of luck, hope, peace, and love wherever their souls happen to be which is to say everywhere and in everyone. Not one of my favorite works of his.