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@Read Epub Å The Ghost in Love å I Envy Anyone Who Has Yet To Enjoy The Sexy, Eerie, And Addictive Novels Of Jonathan Carroll They Are Delicious Treats With Devilish Tricks Inside Them Michael Dirda, The Washington PostNeil Gaiman Has Written Jonathan Carroll Has The Magic He Ll Lend You His Eyes, And You Ll Never See The World In Quite The Same Way Ever Again Welcome To The Luminous And Marvelously Inventive World Of The Ghost In Love A Man Falls In The Snow, Hits His Head On A Curb, And Dies But Something Strange Occurs The Man Doesn T Die, And The Ghost That S Been Sent To Take His Soul To The Afterlife Is Flabbergasted Going Immediately To Its Boss, The Ghost Asks, What Should I Do Now The Boss Says, We Don T Know How This Happened But We Re Working On It We Want You To Stay With This Man To Help Us Figure Out What S Going OnThe Ghost Agrees Unhappily It Is A Ghost, Not A Nursemaid But A Funny Thing Happens The Ghost Falls Madly In Love With The Man S Girlfriend, And Things Naturally Get Complicated Soon Afterward, The Man Discovers He Did Not Die When He Was Supposed To Because For The First Time In Their History, Human Beings Have Decided To Take Their Fates Back From The Gods It S A Wonderful Change, But One That Comes At A Price The Ghost In Love Is About What Happens To Us When We Discover That We Have Become The Masters Of Our Own Fate No Excuses, No Outside Forces Or Gods To Blame The Responsibility Is All Our Own It S Also About Love, Ghosts That Happen To Be Gourmet Cooks, Talking Dogs, And Picnicking In The Rain With Yourself At Twenty Different AgesStephen King Has Said That Jonathan Carroll Is As Scary As Hitchcock, When He Isn T Being As Funny As Jim Carrey Jonathan Lethem Sees Carroll As The Master Of Sunlit Surrealism However One Regards This Beguiling Original, Two Facts Are Indisputable It S Tough Being A Ghost On An Empty Stomach And The Ghost In Love Is A Triumphant Return Highly recommend What a wonderful imagination this author has Whatever you think this book is about, it s full of surprises This is a book about love, including self love It s about accepting all parts of yourself all of your different selves This is a great book for dog lovers too dogs play a wonderful role in this story This is one of those books which I will never forget I can t wait to read of this author s novels. The first Jonathan Carroll book i read, about eight years ago, was The Wooden Sea, an other worldly sci fi fever dream of a novel I really liked it, and then I finished it, and it made me crazy, because at the end, I had only a vague idea of what the heck had happened.The Ghost in Love is less opaque but similarly fantastical, and I could probably give both books the same capsule review It starts off making sense, and then things get really weird, and continue to get weirder Also there is a dog.Like a dream, The Wooden Sea has totally evaporated in my memory, but I think I ll be able to hold onto this one a little better because it has a great high concept engine driving the plot when we reach the prescribed moment of death, our spirits move into the afterlife, but our ghosts remain on earth ghosts being spectral employees that inhabit your personality only long enough to take care of any unfinished business you may have had you know, writing touching farewells to your wife in the fog on the bathroom mirror or sucking little girls into television sets or whatever After that, the ghost moves on to a new assignment, becomes someone else s ghost.This is the story of one of those ghosts, Ling, who shadows her latest charge, Ben, waiting for him to die While on the job, Ling falls in love with Ben s ex girlfriend, German, and is looking forward to getting to haunt her Except when his time comes, Ben doesn t die he survives an accident that should have been fatal That isn t supposed to happen Death, who is an amiable sort, is quite out of sorts and creates a big problem in the bureaucracy of the afterlife Ling is assigned to figure out why Ben was able to survive, even as the apparent rent in the fabric of reality introduces the sinister presence of a spectral killer in the guise of a homeless man.So, that sounds cool And it is But that s just the first part of the story, where everything or less makes sense By the time Ben and Ling team up with another death survivor, who lived through a fatal car crash sic , and start time traveling, maybe, it gets tougher to figure out what s going on Which can be a plus or a minus, depending on how you read there are great characters here, and the romantic relationship between Ben and German feels very real and whole, and you might want a little better idea of why and how all this is happening.But still Carroll is great with his ideas, and this book has some great ones There is this great romantic notion of being able to converse, really talk to, all of the separate yous, to have a chat with the frustrated teenager version of you that struggled to find his place in high school, and the lazy college version of you that never knew all of the opportunities he was missing The idea of another person s love for you reflected in all of the people that remind them of you you are her third grade teacher, who believed in her, and also her father, who made her feel safe The idea that your own view of yourself might include ugly, nasty people reflections of you at your worst, because ultimately, so many of us don t like ourselves.Does any of that make sense It s like that in the book too big concepts that slip around in your brain, struggling for purchase, but you want to keep reading and figure them out Maybe you never do.I almost forgot the dog Ben s dog is a reincarnation of his former lover, who he inadvertently killed in a car accident I have no idea why, but large parts of the story are from a dog s POV, and Carroll obviously gets dog psychology Which is pretty fun. Didn t like it Didn t get it I wish someone would pay me to write a book that seems like I made up as I went along No plot necessarythings can change midstream with no explanationnothing has to make sense I know there s a market for this kind of book but I m not part of it I just finished it and yet I couldn t even tell you how it ended The plot never made sense anyway so I guess I didn t care how it ended No part of the plot seemed to be resolved For example, the ghost in love hence the title with Ben s girlfriend, German, turns out to be female, and Asian, and, beyond cooking German a large meal which she can t even see never shows in any other way how she s in love with her It s just dropped In fact, Ling herself the ghost in love is just dropped The author created these dog like creatures called verzes which come to the aid of humans when needed I don t know why they re even in the story they serve no purpose They kill the bad ghost who just comes back alive again There were a couple of things I liked about the book, I grudgingly admit The talking dog, Pilot, was amusing The relationship between Ben and German was very sweet They are clearly a couple who are meant to be together and you root for that to happen But that was not enough to make this book worth reading Too strange for me. Some of the things I don t like in other authors such as jerky transitions and sloppy endings I eternally forgive in Jonathan Carroll because I am really taken with his descriptions of things and the relationships of who he is writing about All of his books have these characters with beautiful attractions to each other for all the tiny little reasons we each have for anybody we ve ever cared about, but here they are laid out for us the reader in charming array Touch, details, funny bits of memory are all there At it s simplest this go around is a book about someone who died, but didn t, and what happened afterwards Saying won t give you the right sense of it Oh and dogs, ghosts, and the Angel of Death are involved, if that helps.