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Oh Sophie Kinsella DOES NOT DISAPPOINT I HIGHLY RECOMMEND listening to this book The audiobook narrator were fantastic I loved how this was slightly different from other Kinsella books It focusedon our main character, Katie her coming to terms with her career and how people perceive her.FULL VIDEO REVIEW COMING SOON The last few books I read were dark, one of them was particularly dark GR friend Larry suggested that perhaps I needed a palate cleanser , and, yup, that s what I needed and I found it in Sophie Kinsella s My Not So Perfect Life I used to read Kinsella s Shopaholic books, but then I got tired of the formula and the rom com literary genre generally But it sure felt nice to revisit Kinsella when looking for something lighter Katie is a young woman from the British countryside who tries to make it in the London advertising world But life sucks in London she has difficult flat mates, no money, and what seems like an impossible boss True to the genre, things unravel, things start turning around, and then things work out While somewhat predictable, Kinsella is good at the genre Katie is a great character a bit naive, but mostly smart, strong and sporting a solid moral compass Kinsella mocks pretence and privilege, but still manages to make the people involvedhuman than mere caricatures There s a decent underlying message about how people feel compelled to make their lives look better than they are especially on social media and how that makes it harder for people to deal with the real ups and downs of their lives There s some humour, there s some romance Yup, all the right ingredients for a good palate cleanser or perhaps a really good bowl of chicken soup is a better analogy So my 4 star rating reflects that this is a good contribution to the genre and that it really came at the right time for me Thank you to Netgalley and the publisher for an opportunity to read an advance copy. @FREE E-PUB ë My Not So Perfect Life Ä NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLER Part Love Story, Part Workplace Drama, This Sharply Observed Novel Is A Witty Critique Of The False Judgments We Make In A Social Media Obsessed World New York Times Bestselling Author Sophie Kinsella Has Written Her Most Timely Novel YetEverywhere Katie Brenner Looks, Someone Else Is Living The Life She Longs For, Particularly Her Boss, Demeter Farlowe Demeter Is Brilliant And Creative, Lives With Her Perfect Family In A Posh Townhouse, And Wears The Coolest Clothes Katie S Life, Meanwhile, Is A Daily Struggle From Her Dismal Rental To Her Oddball Flatmates To The Tense Office Politics She S Trying To Negotiate No Wonder Katie Takes Refuge In Not Quite True Instagram Posts, Especially As She S Desperate To Make Her Dad ProudThen, Just As She S Finding Her Feet Not To Mention A Possible New Romance The Worst Happens Demeter Fires Katie Shattered But Determined To Stay Positive, Katie Retreats To Her Family S Farm In Somerset To Help Them Set Up A Vacation Business London Has Never Seemed So Far Away Until Demeter Unexpectedly Turns Up As A Guest Secrets Are Spilled And Relationships Rejiggered, And As The Stakes For Katie S Future Get Higher, She Must Question Her Own Assumptions About What Makes For A Truly Meaningful LifeSophie Kinsella Is Celebrated For Her Vibrant, Relatable Characters And Her Great Storytelling Gifts Now She Returns With All Of The Wit, Warmth, And Wisdom That Are The Hallmarks Of Her Bestsellers To Spin This Fresh, Modern Story About Presenting The Perfect Life When The Reality Is Far From The Truth It s no wonder Sophie Kinsella s books are so widely acclaimed She speaks of real contemporary issues in ways usually with humour that make the reader want to listen to what she says.She doesn t try to brainwash you She s not saying life is perfect, she s saying it s going to shit on you a good hundred times, and then maybe if you keep your head high you might just be fine probably.Kinsella s heroines all have the same voice I do wonder if I m the only one who s picked up on that That doesn t mean they re unoriginal Kinsella s women are witty and smart in surprising ways, but they re all a little lost in life and charmingly innocent They re also true working women who have ups and downs and with whom an important part of you will be able to connect Katie is no exception She s a twenty six year old trying to make it in this hard world Sadly, she realizes the guy she s falling for will never go out with her And she gets fired And her roommates are the worst And she s short on money and can afford close to nothing at all But does she pity her own situation Is she crying in a corner I mean, there s no time for that If she isn t back at her folks house soon, she won t have a place to stay.Katie is so great I don t say this often enough about the heroines I read about I say they re courageous, strong, heartfelt and determined but I often forget to think to say the obvious Katie is the sister you never had and Demeter is Meryl Streep wearing Prada on drugs I loved the hell out of their interactions How their relationship evolved fascinated me I bet you re curious about the romance There ALWAYS is romance in Sophie Kinsella s books But although Katie thinks about men as she is currently single and a person with so much love to give she wants to focus on her professional career first and I fully respect that Don t pressure her, coz she s got a lot going on Just be patient PS The term Chick Lit should really die It s disgusting and offensive to women who should not be referred to as chicks We re not animals And also, I d quite love for men to read this book, I know my grandpa would have loved to, so really, it s not just for women Sorry to end the review on such a negative note, but this I had to say too Katie would have as wellBlog Youtube Twitter Instagram Google Bloglovin My Not So Perfect Life is such a fun escape There s something about Sophie Kinsella s books that not only draw me in, but also make me laugh and smile Her characters are usually flawed but likable, and the main character in this book, Katie Brenner, follows suit Katie Cat Brenner is living her dream life It s not perfect, but she is willing to overlook her hour and half painful commute to work, her crazy boss, her tiny room in a shared flat, and her lack of a social life because she gets to live in London She is envious of her friends and her boss, who use social media to portray that they live the perfect lives Katie uses Instagram to make it seem as she is living a muchglamorous life than she is living She believes so much in what others portray, that she doesn t realize that what s posted online isn t reality Things start to look up for Katie She is invited to socialize with some her coworkers, her crazy boss allows her to attend and important meeting, and she catches the eye of one of the partners in the firm But just as quickly as things come together, they fall apart Katie is fired Unable to secure another position in London, she is forced to move home and help her family with their glamping business She now must remove her London veneer and come to terms with who she is and what she really wants out of life What makes My Not So Perfect Life different from Kinsella s other books is that the plot is not solely focused on romance it sabout a girl struggling to find her identity in world that is obsessed with the images people portray online There s a little bit of mystery, some romance, and revenge on a seemingly horrible boss This is an enjoyable read, and I highly recommend for a bit of fun I received a copy of this book from NetGalley and the publisher in exchange for an honest review. Working in the behavioral health field, I see how people present themselves while in the waiting room and then I see the real deal once in my office The difference can be as extreme as night and day Lesson Everything ain t always as it seems It s just as easy to pass flattering judgments on people as it is to pass those of thedisgruntled sort People who seem like they have the best life ever rarely do behind closed doors Let s face it, no one has a perfect anything My Not So Perfect Life is a prime example of this train of thought It was light, funny, heartfelt, unfair, revengeful, a little bit mysterious, redemptive, and real This book was a joy to read via audio and I would highly recommend it if you re a fan of chick lit Kinsella groupie or not, check it out My favorite quoteI think I ve finally worked out how to feel good about life Every time you see someone s bright and shiny, remember They have their own crappy truths too Of course they do And every time you see your own crappy truth and feel despair and think, Is this my life, remember It s not Everyone s got a bright and shiny, even if it s hard to find sometimes So I am in a serious debate now.I can t decide if this is my new all time favorite book by Sophie Kinsella or if Twenties Girl is still my number oneOhh, this is so hard, it shouldn t be this hard Anyway, this book is perfect The end was a bit cheezy but not too cheezy, but still cheezy enough to spice everything up with flavour of loveOkay, now I m really rambling I won t bother you any, but just before I write my proper review I ll just tell you that YOU NEED THIS BOOK IN YOUR LIFE While reading I m so happy I m reading this right now It s Monday morning.You wake up early, determined to get to work on time.You leave behind your crappy apartment and your crazy roommates.You run to catch the bus, but your high heels are killing you, so you miss the bus and you re forced to reach the metro station on foot, while the bypassing cars keep splashing you and your only trench coat with mud.Your feet are sore and your hair resembles a bird nest when you finally get in the train It is so crowded, though, that you end up accidentally eating the breakfast of the incredulous woman next to you.In the end you get to work, and commence your boring tasks while you day dream that one day they ll recognize your talent and promote you.And then she arrives Demeter Your boss The woman who inspires you with her brilliant ideas, her glossy hair and designer clothes, the woman who can t even remember your name But wait, she asks you to join her in her office This is it, you think and your chest is ready to explode This is your chance. And so, you enter her office, nervous but overly excited, preparing your thank you speach, until the moment she asks you to dye her hair.This isor less Katie s life, presented by Sophie Kinsella in a hilarious and refreshing manner Ambitious and devoted to her dreams, Katie left her family farm and her heavy accent in Somerset in order to pursuit her career in branding and promotion in her favorite city, London, but her life is not as glamorous as it appears on Instagram And just when she thinks things will get better workwise, and she meets a funny and gorgeous guy who makes her toes curl, she gets fired Disappointed she returns to Somerset and helps her father and stepmother organize and promote their farm as a glamping retreat Amidst naming cows and greeting loud families, lo and behold Demeter arrives It s Katies opportunity to exact revenge on the witch, but something bothers her Maybe Demeter is not the cold hearted, cruel and ignorant demon everyone thinks she is Maybe she has problems of her own And maybe, her perfect life is not so perfect after all.My Not So Perfect Life is a delightful, adorable, uplifting read, a great company when you hate the world and or your life and or your face and you re on the verge of drowning in self pity Or when you look for a boost to make you forget your crappy day Or simply when you need something fun There is a rare authenticity in the prose of Sophie Kinsella, a deep connection to your reality that makes you see yourself in Katie She is such a relatable and wonderful character, you can feel, truly feel her inner battles, the way she is torn between two lives, and two sides of herself The cool, classy London girl or the farmer s daughter Kat or Katie The girl with the perfect life and the girl with the not so perfect life And you realize that the latter, the not so perfect part, is the one that fills you with contentment, a genuine euphoria you want to touch, cuddle, put in a box and preserve forever Your face hurts from smiling, and your heart flutters like a bird every time Alex appears the aforementioned funny and gorgeous guy whom of course I pictured as Henry Cavill because apparently my mind is not capable of conjuring another man s face The tension, the attraction and the connection between Alex and Katie is tangible, and makes you giddy borderline ridiculous The romantic element, though, is not this book s main focus Throughout the story, the myth of the so called perfect life is demolished, and an unexpected friendship blossoms between two women who are not so different after all Demeter has her flaws, but there is so muchto her character, and the way Katie starts warming up to her, and understands that the real thing, the imperfect thing, is the most worthy is the whole book s essenceEvery time you see someone s bright and shiny, remember They have their own crappy truths too Of course they do And every time you see your own crappy truth and feel despair and think, Is this my life , remember It s not Everyone s got a bright and shiny, even if it s hard to find sometimesA tale of love and friendship, My Not So Perfect Life is chick lit at its finest My special thanks to my wonderful friend Aj and her inspiring review that motivated me to start this book Kinsella is my go to for fun, feel good reads that demand very little of me After all these years, since the very first shopaholic book, I know exactly what I m going to get from her and I m totally good with that Unfortunately, though, a huge chunk of My Not So Perfect Life bored the pants off me.The author s books may be shallow and silly, but I have also always found them charming, funny and charismatic I couldn t help liking Becky Bloomwood I especially liked Audrey and her family from 2015 s Finding Audrey But I felt zero spark from Katie Brenner Or this book s love interest Or the story.Others have noted the similarities between this and The Devil Wears Prada, and that is especially true of the book s opening I would say it is practically identical Katie Brenner is starting her new job at a trendy marketing branding agency in London It all seems very glamourous, but her reality is running errands and filling out spreadsheets for her boss Demeter who also happens to be selfish and insensitive Demeter has the dream life, it seems, and everyone hates her.Then things take a turn for the worse when Katie is fired and must return to her family in the English countryside and settle into her new job helping out with their glamping business Until Demeter shows up with her family for a holiday and Katie is forced to confront the fact that she might have misjudged her all along.Everything I ve written here is just a rehash of the blurb, and yet it is almost the entire plot of the book There s virtually nothing that happens that you can t get from the description The story is revealed almost in its entirety by the blurb, and everything else is predictable Plus, this book could easily shed a hundred pages and have lost nothing.Even if you disregard for a second my disconnect from Katie and her overlong and dull story, even if you forget the uninteresting love interest, much is built up around the whole finding out Demeter is not actually all she first seems angle, but this was unsatisfying to me, too Her rudeness is explained away through misunderstandings, and while some revelations about her draw sympathy, am I really supposed to feel sorry for her because oh my gosh she has a few home troubles and a mortgage I actually cringed when she complained about the beautiful stone steps outside her house and how hard it is to get a pram up them Boo freaking hoo.It wasn t so awful that I want to give it one star it was just wholly unremarkable I can feel myself already forgetting Katie Brenner and, no joke, I have honestly already forgotten the guy s name It was too long, not fun enough, and the outcomes not satisfying enough.Blog Facebook Twitter Instagram Youtube I read some Sophie Kinsella books back in the day and liked them so I thought I would get this one and give it a try I was worried because the summary didn t sound like my cup of tea, but Lord, I m glad I got it all because of Sophie Kinsella I freaking loved it Katie lives in London and she works at a job where she is trying to get noticed by her boss Demeter Katie is hoping she will see her potential and give her a real job Poor ole Katie is working check to check and living with some mates in a flat Katie also has a crush on her other boss, Alex She thinks something is going on with him and Demeter though She has this hate relationship with Demeter because she acts like she s better than anyone else She has the perfect life, the husband, the kids, the job, the house, the everything But, as we all know things aren t always what they seem Katie ends up losing her job and she moves out to the farm where her dad and stepmom live She gets all of these things set up for them to run a BB and for people to have a farm experience She does a great job and they start making money ThenDemeter and her family show up Katie is about to freak because she didn t tell her dad that she lost her job, but ole Demeter doesn t recognize Katie because she has gone back to her natural self Oh, what fun it was to read about Katie taking out all kinds of revenge on Demeter having her do some crazy stuff on the farm Then some other stuff happens and Katie is found out and some other stuff happens and then Alex gets involved and then all hell breaks loose and it s just so good y all I laughed and cried my way through this book I just love it so much Yay me MY BLOG Melissa Martin s Reading List