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I think everyone has their favorite fiction book of all time This one is mine Stargazer is the one and only best fiction book ever In my eyes that is.The Land of Elyon is the most wonderful, fantastic, brilliant, amazing series ever It mixes everything I love to find in a book series together into one beautiful series Stargazer is the last of the five books and it always blows me away.I love the world It s so wonderful and beautiful and medieval and I want to live there.I love the characters They re all so lovable and fun and cool.I love the animals They re so cool and cute.I love the title It fits wonderfully.I love the cover It s so beautiful.I love the story It s wonderful.I love Alexa She is the most lovable heroine in anything I have every read She s kind of who I want to be.I cannot think of a single thing I don t love about it It is totally epic.And the ending is beyond imagining The fantastic end to The Land of Elyon series was happy and wonderful than any ending in my wildest dreams The ending really impacted me and made me realize that if the author of a fiction book could write such a happy ending, surely the Author of Life has an Ending even MORE happy than this one waiting for His children.In other words, I love this book very much Thanks for reading some of my thoughts on it (((Download Epub))) ↶ Stargazer ☝ When We Last We Saw Alexa Daley, She Had Defeated A Threat In Her Homeland And Was Sailing With Roland Warvold Across The Lonely Sea She Had No Idea What Adventures Awaited Heruntil Now After A Tragic Attack By An Evil Force, Alexa And Her Friend Yipes Are Stranded In A Strange Community Known As The Five Pillars Each Pillar Of Rock Has Its Own Secrets And Its Own Challenges As Darkness Descends, Alexa Must Risk Everything To Defeat Iteven If It Means Taking To The SkiesAs He Did In His Bestselling Land Of Elyon Trilogy, Patrick Carman Has Created An Exciting Tale Full Of Heart, Humor, And Heroism, Starring One Of The Great Characters In Current Fantasy Literature Author Notes In A Video Blog At About The Series Reading Order That The Books In The Original TrilogyThe Dark Divide , Beyond The Valley Of Thorns AndThe Tenth City Should Be Read In That Order And That Stargazer Read After The Original Trilogy Otherwise Is Up To Reader Preference Into The Mist, Is A Chronological Prequel To The Trilogy, But The Story Is Told By Characters On The Boat Where The Tenth City Left Off It Can Be Read Before Or After The Original Trilogy Anddddddd I m done This ll be my last Patrick Carman book, and much to my surprise Stargazer actually is a solid finish Still not good enough to sway my generally low opinion of this series as a whole, but better than several of its predecessors.There s still something downright nonsensical about the worldbuilding of this series Nothing quite fits together elements of geography, culture, and technology seem to serve the plot rather than create a sense of believable atmosphere The Land of Elyon, as a place, feels cobbled together and unreal allegorical at best, which I suppose is the truth of the matter.Plot wise, same deal plot just happens around the characters, rather than them actively having to take part and move it forward Stargazer s stakes are high, but the antagonist s eventual defeat has literally nothing to do with any of the main characters of the story They feel less like compelling protagonists and like puppets, moved steadily along a path by authorial interference The fact that this book contains an instantaneous romance from first sight to marriage in less than four days doesn t help at all There were a few elements that I did like here, though, which bumped it up from one star to two The nature of the titaular Stargazer was one In retrospect, given where Carman lives which is also my former hometown I should have expected it As it was, it was a fun bit of nostalgia with a fantasy twist view spoiler Though the sheer scale of the Stargazer is a bit beyond belief At one point a character mentions that its envelope volume is 600,000 cubic feet for comparison, a balloon designed to fly over the top of Mt Rainier has a volume of 245,000 cubic feet, and it is enormous The good news is that Stargazer is absolutely big enough to carry everything it s supposed to carry, especially since unlike our hot air balloons it doesn t need heavy liquid fuel but picturing it is nigh impossible for me hide spoiler There is a bit of action and a small mystery with a few surprises Most of the story is about the new location and defeating the monster seems secondary It was an interesting location It s different from the other locations in this series The instalove was too much I do like the characters, but they should have taken time Everyone is happy in the end, so I guess that s what matters. Now that I ve finished reading this series over again I have decided that it s still good but not as good as before Alexa is preparing for the last battle with Abaddon She is at the Five Pillars Here she and Yipes meet some new friends Together they fight and when it s all done they all move on to better adventures. Great ending for the pentalogy It is an excellent book for children, however as an adult I can see a lot of plot holes and simplistic solutions of certain situations and problems, which I do not remember carig about when I read it as a child But in overall, it was a cool adventure. closer to a 4.5, but the child in my wont let me give it less thats why i give all these 5s cause these are all for kids anyways, this is my favorite book in the elyon series i absolutely loved being pulled in from the world we just came to know to a new place it has a sort of medieval feel, and the isolation only adds to the appeal its like a hidden magical world full of strange new things like the skimming ropes and i quite loved the ending when abaddon was killed by the two pillars its such a huge coincidence that he was in the spot so that the fifth pillar would hit him, and how did alistair know that would happen in the first place i dont completely get it, but its so fun to read i loved loved loved reading about this new world great ending to such a magical series. This is the final book of the series.Alexa, Yipes and Ronald find themselves traveling across the Lonely Sea on their way to the Five Pillarslittle do they know that something very evil is shadowing them Upon landing at the Five Pillars the evil one has destroyed their ship and has put into motion its plans to take over the Five Pillars.With the help of Sir Alistair Wakefield thought to be long deceased hidden deep with the 4th Pillar.and his marvelous inventionsthe battle to overcome the evil one and the saving of the Pillars has just begun. I ve always loved the Land of Elyon books, because they are kind of subtle in the beginning, as Alexa s adventure is just beginning, and then there is a very exciting and tense part where it gets you on the edge of your seat and wondering, What s going to happen next and it always ends up different then you think it will Finally, the end is always happy, and it brings everyone together with friendship, and love These are great books I congratulate Patrick Carman for making such a readable, wonderful, heart warming series. Amazing Great ending to a great series Yipes was back, along with a few new characters I fell in love with from the beginning Alexa has finally fulfilled her destiny, with some new friends to help her of course Marco, Mathilda, Jonezy, and continue the fun in this action packed conclusion.