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This is my 1500th review here on Goodreads I m happy it s for a book that I enjoyed Typically, I am not much of a fan of sheikh romances but if you read HPs you ll probably read a few This one was probably one of the best, if not the best, of this subgenre that I ve read It had an interesting premise of a woman arrested for drug smuggling and who had spent over a month in a brutal middle eastern prison She is rescued by a prince sheikh of a neighboring country The hero sheikh, Khalid, was one of my favorite HP heroes ever His actions seemed plausible and consistent His sisters had been killed while on holiday ten years earlier In their memory, he tried, when he was able, to help other women who got into trouble overseas away from home Things got complicated on this rescue and he needed to claim that the heroine, Olivia, was his fianc in order to keep her from returning to jail Khalid was calm and courteous and kind throughout the book It was sort of old style in that you didn t get a lot from his POV about how he was falling in love You did get a few hints from his POV but most of it was inferred from his actions I liked Olivia also She wasn t just a cipher in the story She was bewildered, a little frightened and out of her element but she was sweet and intelligent Unlike some of the most recently published HPs I ve read, this one had some wonderful description of the places they visited It was lovely to read about the exotic places they visited in Egypt It seems that lately HPs seem to just say it was a desert country and leave it at that Here again, unlike recent HPs, there was a clear sense of time and thank goodness the author clearly stated things like, later that night or by eleven the next morning so that the book didn t seem to jump jerkily around.There was a bit at the end that seemed a bit out of left field But when I think about what happened view spoiler he sent her home to America after saying that they would stay married etc hide spoiler I have read a lot of these Sheikh Romance books in the past two weeks twelve, including one by Jane Porter that I did enjoy And I feel like I have a lot of tolerance and read these stories always with the mindset not to take them too seriously, but this story is by far the least favourite of the ones I ve read so far TLDR Mainly because the female protagonist is absolutely, smh, I can t even unbearable Her overwhelming unlikeability ruins any all redeeming points of this book.The Good 1 Male protagonist.2 From the prologue to about 2 3 of the way into the first chapter.3 The ending from the last chapter, minus the first page or so, to the end epilogue Also, the end of the last chapter was pretty cute.4 The quality of the writing is fine.The Not Good 1 The premise of this story is dealt with in such a shallow way Even though in reality, being imprisoned and borderline abused physically and psychologically for fours weeks on end is a serious matter, in the context of this story, it feels like it doesn t even try to be than an excuse for the female and male protagonists to meet each other.2 The hypocrisy of the female protagonist is unbearable.It s stipulated in the first chapter that she would literally rather be in any other situation that go back to jail, but when it becomesveryclear that to avoid going back to jail she has to marry MP, she acts like it s the worst thing in the world and tries to convince him not to go through with it, and is all like there has to be another way Then she makes a vow to herself that she d never be forced into a loveless marriage.Like,WHAT I cannot get past this It has already been set in the reality of the story s world that she has two choices go back to jail, or marry the man If you refuse to marry him then GO THE F BACK TO JAIL She doesn t She proceeds through about 80% of this book complaining the entire time about how she REALLY REALLY REALLY doesn t want to marry this guy Honestly, if I were him, I d be like, if you bring it up one f ing time, I will kick your ass back there myself 3 FP s personality, thoughts, actions, dialogue make it impossible to sympathize with herShe just goes between acting either incredibly spoiled and ungrateful, or acting ingratiatingly self pitying She s so stupid, and self centered but in the most self deprecating way Everything she says, thinks, and does frustrates me to the point where I can t even No Just no A party where she had to pretend she was engaged to Prince Khalid How could she do it They were all counting on her, depending on her to be strong And she could be strong She would be MY GOD, FIRST WORLD PROBLEMS Did this girl really just come out of prison in an oppressive state Did she Really Also, I m aware that everyone deals with trauma in different ways, but nothing about the way she acts or thinks alludes to the fact that she s been through this harrowing experience I m not marrying a man I don t love And when I do meet him, Sheikh Fehr, I m not getting married without my mother attending Like, OKAY FP, I respect your opinion, but you really do not have any room to be making demands She didn t want to wear a ring, especially not a ring like this None of these was just a simple band, but a statement of wealth it was beautiful, but not her there was no way she d ever wear a ring that big, or a stone that large Complaining about wearing a ring About how the diamonds are too big too expensive too flashy Firstly, why do you even care You ve already and are continually denying that this engagement is even legitimate Secondly, spoiled, ungrateful, self important in the most self deprecating way.All this is within the first five chapters of the story The point is, I am so done with this FP And if you re wondering why I continued reading 1 I already paid for the story 2 I wanted to see if she d redeem herself she does not Later on in the story, there s this turn of events that is so ridiculous, I can t even express my pent up exasperation from when I read that part.3.5 The ridiculous turn of events the FP s action reaction 3.7.5 The incessant going on about how she just this totally inexperienced girl, from a southern town in the middle of nowhere USA Population thirteen thousand , and she can t possibly marry a wealthy prince It gets very redundant.4 How much does Jane Porter know about middle eastern Islamic culture However much, I didn t feel it was expressed well in this story With the minuscule amount knowledge I have I m fairly sure that most Muslim women who wear hijabs and burqas by choice do it for God, and not to hide themselves from the leering eyes and inappropriate advances of men Frankly, this one hole in the exposition on the culture made me skeptical about everything else on the subject that I read, but this is a minor gripe, as it s Harlequin Romance and realism accuracy is barely if an expectation on my part.Anything else I obviously had a lot of pent up frustration from reading this book and needed to let it all out.Honestly though, this book has not put me off reading Jane Porter s other novels in fact, I do plan to read the first book in this series I started with 2, because I read 1 3 in graphic novel format and was curious about the second , if anything, the others cannot be as not enjoyable as this one was.Would I recommend If you have the money to spare, and if you re interest in the story, I d say, sure, go for it There are other people who ve read this and liked it.But I wouldn t make this recommendation out of the blue And it wouldn t be my first suggestion for a sheikh romance or for a Jane Porter story. DNF Heroine was so unlikable The plot was thin and had quite a few holes in it but some parts were good The romance was only okay, I thought the end part where he sent her away was very sudden and abrupt for no reason The plot jumped around, one minute the heroine wants to turn herself in to save a girl from jail, the next she suddenly decides to marry Khalid despite protesting up to this point There was no real explanation of who would want to frame Olivia for drugs and there was hardly any attention given to mental issues a person would have after being beaten and imprisoned for weeks.One other beef I swear the auther told in detail every single outfit the hero and heroine wore which was just kind of weird Plus there were a bunch of information dumps about the Nile, which really bogged down the story.Other than these issues, the story was okay but could have been much better given the set up Does Harlequin have editors Because I could have done a better job than whoever approved this one. [ Read Kindle ] ⚖ King Of The Desert, Captive Bride ⚓ When Sheikh Khalid Fehr Rescues Innocent Olivia Morse From The Hands Of His Country S Enemies, He Guarantees Her Freedom By Announcing She Is His BetrothedKhalid Has Vouched For Liv With His Honor And This Desert King Is Determined That His New Wife Will Fulfill Her Marital Duties, By His Side As His Regal Queenand As His Captive Virgin Bride This book had a great story and I loved the detail of the historic Egyptian sites they visited I learned quite a bit about Egyptian history and gods while reading this small book.only 179 pages.The story opens up with Sheikh Khalid rescuing Liv from a horrible prison called Ozr in a middle eastern country She was arrested for having drugs in her backpack She allowed a friend to put her bag inside her backpack without knowing what was in it Stupid, stupid move Khalid gives his word that Liv is his betrothed to the government officials Khalid always keeps his word Liv has a hard time accepting prison or marriage.and so the story goes. In Jane s the Sheikh s Chosen Queen book 1 you were introduced to King Sharif Fehr and his wife Jesslyn Jesslyn was friends with Sharif s two sisters who were killed when they were all three on a trip The family was devastated, especially his brother Khalid Fehr, who now resides in the Great Sarq Desert Khalid has never gotten over the loss so when he reads a post on the Internet from a brother who lives in the US,looking for his sister, Khalid s heart twists After some research and investigation, he finds out she s been arrested and is now in a prison Determined to free her, he stakes his honor, his familes as well to obtain her pardon However, from the moment of Olivia Morse s release, everything goes wrong and so in order not to have Olivia returned to prison, Khalid states that she is his fiance and they are to be married All sorts of questions arise with the government and his family..is she a thief, a drug smuggler, and why would he want to marry when he s always told his family never Their journey actually begins in Cairo and then a wonderfulriver trip on the Nile, sights one dreams of seeing history, color, artifacts, temples, bazaars, foods..a dream come true for Olivia who is a travel agent from a small southern town It s a journey of exploration for them both..trust, yearning, fear, the unknown factor if Olivia will be able to marry or go back to prison.For Olivia is not just the adventure, it s finding out about herself, it s about falling for a man she doesn t understand, it s about honor, family and in the end love It s a romantic adventure as only Jane Porter can write to exotic ports and places with an incredible honor bound sheikh, Khalid Fehr you ll adore Book Description When Sheikh Khalid Fehr rescues innocent Olivia Morse from the hands of his country s enemies, he guarantees her freedom by announcing she is his betrothed.Khalid has vouched for Liv with his honor and this desert king is determined that his new wife will fulfill her marital duties, by his side as his regal queen and as his captive virgin bride Jane Porter s King Of The Desert, Captive Bride, is probably one of the best Presents novels I ve read The story revolves around Sheikh Khalid Fehr and Olivia Morse Olivia is imprisoned in Jabar for smuggling drugs into the country Thanks to a plea from her brother, Khalid manages to get her out of the prison but not without consequences He has to marry her.Khalid is not your typical Presents hero He s not super arrogant He s not nasty In fact, Khalid is the kind of hero, most women dream about He comes and rescues a damsel in distress.Olivia is the one that the reader begins to feel frustrated with as the story progresses Khalid is buying her fabulous clothes and doing his best to make her comfortable and she s fighting him at every chance Oh and did I mention the guy rescued her from what would likely have been a death sentence in a foreign prison There are definitely a few times when the reader is left longing to shake some sense into Livy Especially when Khalid follows the old adage, if you love someone set them free, down to the letter.Once again, its thanks to her brother s intervention that she gets her happily ever after.This is definitely a Presents for the keeper shelf. Sheikh Khalid Fehr lost his sisters years ago and now tries to help others that have family members in trouble So when he see on the internet that Olivia Morse has been arrested in his country and that her family is asking for help he comes forward Olivia was on a trip by herself but on a group tour when she was asked to hold a backpack for someone and then arrested Khaild comes to help her but he finds the only way to get her out is to say that she is his women This starts their journey to finding love and getting cleared of the charges against her. Molto carino A un certo punto ho anche pensato di conservarlo, ma ho cambiato idea perch il finale non mi piaciuto tanto quanto la prima parte I lati positivi sono relativi al salvataggio dello sceicco e alla sua meravigliosa figura Di negativo c che non mai stato spiegato chiaramente perch Olivia la Lei della situazione stata arrestata e rinchiusa nella terribile prigione di Ozr Non si capisce chi sia Elsie n se sia mai davvero esistita ovvero colei che Olivia ritiene responsabile di averle fatto trasportare droga nello zaino a sua insaputa Per il resto un romance leggero, veloce da leggere e molto piacevole.