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Maniacal sect of villains working around the clock to get in motion obscure biblical plots stretching through the centuris Eww.Q Roosevelt, I m trying hard to not be paranoid I really am But now my long lost father just happens to be bleeding in the one park that just happens to be on the homeless route of his long abandoned son, who just happens to ve worked at the one place that just happens to be holding on to the one package that he just happens to be trying to pick up Forget the designer shoes that s a helluva lotta happenstance, with an extra large order of coincidence c Q Life is filled with trapdoors c Q You need to understand something Cal in this world, we re not humans having a divine experience We re divine beings having a human experience c Q We all live best in our imaginations c Q Tell your story.That s the secret of immortality The one true way to live forever c Q The problem is, the last time I stood around and did nothing, I lost my mom I could ve helped could ve run forward But I didn t c Q Tonight s bullet wound was nothing The sharpest pains in life come from our own swords c Q Having never read Brad Meltzer before, the dust jacket art and title intrigued me enough to try it out Now having read it, said Huh , then looked at other reviewers comments I might try another Meltzer, but will have to rest before the attempt He can definitely tell a story, but this one didn t always make much sense I can suspend belief for stretches, but at some point my fantasy meter gets pegged and I must return to an earth bound reality. Give Brad Metlzer props for his ambition Some writers would be content to merely create a conspiracy laden story about the first murder in history, that of Abel by his brother Cain Others would be intrigued to explore the alleged murder of Mitchell Seigel and how that lead to the creation of the most recognized superhero in the world, Superman The Book of Lies focues on the mysteries surrounding both deaths and the impact they have on the life of our hero, Cal Harper Years ago, Cal s mother was killed in a fight with his father Dad went to jail and Cal was orphaned, losing all contact with his father until one fateful night While out on a round for the homeless shelter he works at, Cal finds his father, shot and bleeding Cal takes him to the hospital and before long is caught up in a vast conspiracy involving the original creators of Superman and the question of just what exactly was the mark of Cain Meltzer keeps the pace of The Book of Lies fast enough that despite some absurd and crazy plot twists, that it s easy to go with the flow and not say, Oh come on now This is the book equivalent of a pop corn movie just sit back and enjoy the fun and don t overthink it I know..that s hard for me, but I did it If you do that, you ll probably enjoy this a great deal I did and while it may not be the best book I ve ever read and stick with me years from now, I had a lot of fun reading it Meltzer has a great writing style that is fun and the momentum of the story kept the plot moving.About the only detail that really took me out of the book was the revelation of who is behind the plot But it wasn t enough to ruin this one for me. Oh man, I wanted so very much to like this book Honestly, it s in a no man s land between 2 stars It was OK and 3 I liked it I liked parts I love adore the concept But the execution does NOT match the level of expectation I have.It s not that Meltzer is a bad writer The closest and easiest also laziest comparison that you could make to this book would be Dan Brown s Da Vinci Code or Angels and Demons take something ingrained in the public consciousness and give it an elaborate back story And this one is stupendous connecting the creation of Superman to the story of Cain and Abel Overall though, Meltzer is a better writer, just stylistically Although someone please explain to me why chapters that are 1.5 2 pages long are considered ok in the world of thrillers, because seriously, I do not understand The characters and the plotting can t live up to this epic idea though The twists and turns of who The Prophet a mole leaking info to the bad guys are ok but the problem is, I was just convinced that Meltzer was convinced that his readers were stupid and had to really SPELL IT OUT, instead of thinking that perhaps it was a red herring I just imagine this idea in the hands of Chabon or Gaiman, and weep a little for what might have been Oh, and I listed Joss Whedon as who recommended it to me, because had he not been in the trailer, I would not have read it. This is the first novel I ve read by Mr Meltzer It wasn t really an auspicious beginning The novel here revolves around a supposed conspiracy that ties together the murder of Able by his brother Cain and the murder of Jerry Siegel s the creator of Superman father.The problem here is something I ve said about other books and something i plan to say about the book I picked up just after this one There s just too much book for the story it tells We are involved here with a series apparently of father son stories and the emotional angst that goes with it Tie in a convoluted conspiracy theory a homicidal maniac and about a ton of clichesmix well add reams superfluous dialogue and you have the book Oh also complete with a dash of weak climax ending.and THEN you have the book.So, not terrible I got tired of it This was aggravated by the fact that he used one of the cliches I find particularly annoying This is the character who is so sure of everything they NEVER listen We also get the character who made one big mistake that ruined his life and NO ONE will let him live it down.Does anyone remember an old TV series from the 1960s called Branded The story of a cavalry officer accused of cowardice at the Battle of the Little Big Horn The plot of each episode revolved around him running into someone who d lost a husband, a child, a cousin or someone in the battle I think possibly a horse he met lost a foal there to, and had it in for him One was left with the feeling that there had to have been thousands of men killed if everybody had a relative or loved one thereand they re all obsessed with not letting Jason McCord our hero get on with his life.Same here This guy will NEVER be allowed to live down his mistakeEVER.Oh well Like I said I don t hate the book, but I did find it slow The conspiracy was an interesting idea with some nice turns in it s uncovering but it was smothered in a lumbering story filled with emotional overindulgence and the same ground being covered multiple times Not great.Some like this one than me of course as is always the case As always with borderline reads I suggest that if have a doubt you try it yourself As for me, I have one other Meltzer book on hold at the library I may get it, not sure yet If I do my hoe is I like it better. Joss Whedon led me astry when he was in a commercial for this Juvenile plot with two dimensional characters that somehow seem to bust conspiracies with the power of Google and Wkipaedia The characters just run into answers without showing any skill in acquiring them I didn t hate this book but I didn t enjoy it either It does leave me wondering why its popular though. I chose to read this book because of Meltzer s research into the events behind the creation of Superman This research would have made a very interesting nonfiction book, but the author chose to surround it with a thriller.I ve determined that I really hate thrillers, because they seem to be universally terrible, and not written for people like me Somebody can come along and write a thriller about everything I love in the world, and I will refuse to read it I have a closet stuffed with better options. &BOOK ✐ The Book of Lies ⇷ In Chapter Four Of The Bible, Cain Kills Abel It Is The World S Most Famous Murder But The Bible Is Silent About One Key Detail The Weapon Cain Used To Kill His Brother That Weapon Is Still Lost To History In , Mitchell Siegel Was Killed By Three Gunshots To His Chest While Mourning, His Son Dreamed Of A Bulletproof Man And Created The World S Greatest Hero Superman And Like Cain S Murder Weapon, The Gun Used In This Unsolved Murder Has Never Been FoundToday In Fort Lauderdale, Florida, Cal Harper Comes Face To Face With His Own Family Tragedy His Long Missing Father Has Been Shot With A Gun That Traces Back To Mitchell Siegel S Murder But Soon After Their Surprising Reunion, Cal And His Father Are Attacked By A Ruthless Killer Tattooed With The Ancient Markings Of CainSo Begins The Chase For The World S First Murder Weapon It Is A Race That Will Pull Cal Back Into His Own Past Even As It Propels Him Forward Through The True Story Of Cain And Abel, An Eighty Year Old Unsolvable Puzzle, And The Deadly Organization Known For The Past Century As The LeadershipWhat Does Cain, History S Greatest Villain, Have To Do With Superman, The World S Greatest Hero And What Do Two Murders, Committed Thousands Of Years Apart, Have In Common This Is The Mystery At The Heart Of Brad Meltzer S New Thriller This book was absolutely fantasic The pages just flew by I read it in a day and a half because I had such a hard time putting it down I kept telling myself that I d only read one chapter and that d be it..ha That sure didn t work The book was smart, fast paced, and every chapter left me wanting I just had to find out what happened and what it all meant I think his Decoded show is fasinating, and this book was no diffenrent.If you haven t read this book, I suggest you give it a try I don t think you ll be disappointed. This New York Times Bestseller offers a compelling premise a close tie between the creation of Superman and Cain s murder of his brother Abel that in the end suffered due to a predictable ending and strained tension return return In modern day Fort Lauderdale, Cal Harper is forced to confront his past when he finds his estranged father bleeding out in a park The former ICE agent is curious that his father holds a shipping manifest, and seems all too tight lipped about the past decade of his life since leaving prison When a sinister man named Ellis arrives and manipulates the father and son like chess pieces, it s all they can do to survive and run To Cleveland Because Superman s creator is somehow connected to his father s shooting and this man named Ellis, and the race is on to find the Book of Lies return return I will say one big thing in favor of this book it s a fast read The chapters are short, and the action pushes along quickly Much of the tension feels contrived because of a lack of information The viewpoint switches between characters, including the villainous Ellis, and yet everyone seems to learn the same information at the exact same times Convenient for the story, and grating on the intellect None of the characters feels fully realized, not even Cal with his first person narrative The behind the scenes villain is frustratingly obvious from the very beginning return return I admit, I had higher expectations for this book Rather silly of me, I know It does raise some interesting questions about the murder of Mitchell Siegel in 1932, and how that likely inspired his son to create a bullet proof superhero I enjoyed that background information when the genuine facts came into play But how everything pieces together Meh This one will be traded in as soon as possible.