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I loved reading this book with my daughter and seeing it both through her eyes and mine, from the parent and the child s point of view I felt the injustice of Caroline s special treatment and how it affected Sara Louise, the pain of being the unloved child, the adaptable one that s easy to ignore I could so relate to my own life, slipping through the cracks when I wouldn t speak up for myself At times I wanted to shake Caroline for being so selfish and taking so much away from her sister.But another part of me saw that many of her parents injustices were only perceived and that much of Sara Louise s insecurities were typical teenage girl This isn t a story of Wheeze getting back for years of mistreatment, but a story of her learning to love herself Once she learned to stop sacrificing what many times wasn t even asked of her and to push for her own dreams, she could be happy.The story reminded me a lot of Chinese culture, how they train their children to think highly of themselves and put themselves out there because there isn t anyone else out there to love them as much as themselves It s in stark contrast to American virtues of loving others above ourselves Caroline reminded me of the Chinese values, speaking up for herself, and Sara Louise of American values, sacrificing ourself for others There has to be a happy medium in there, defending our own interests while we look out for the benefit of others too, a way to love others and love ourselves too, a time to sacrifice and a time to stick your ground.It s a beautiful story of the pain of growing up I loved the full circle message at the end And I loved that my daughter stopped reading mid sentence to point out the similarities to me. I do love Katherine Paterson I don t really know what to make of this book I don t know if I have seen a main character who seems to know herself in some ways and be so lost in others She is crippled by the shadow of her talented twin sister She is also a tom boy and wants to be able to do a man s job I guess after going through this, I don t really know what the point was and what it s trying to share with us It does turn out ok for Wheeze and I don t know I did love that it takes place on an island off the Balti Harbor They talk about the Balti Sun and other things that I know I enjoyed learning about the island culture in the 40s That part of the book was great.Her grandmother is a villain She was terrible I simply don t know what to take away from this book really The characters were good and the situations were real I didn t sense direction from the book I don t know, something felt missing to me It s an interesting read and there are some hard things in the story I went ahead and gave this an extra star because it s written by Katherine, otherwise I would have given it 2 stars It is well written I guess it is a strange book I need to think about it . I read this book several times as a teen I was drawn to the story of the two sisters I found myself both disturbed and fascinated by the cleft between them, and nursed Sarah Louise s injustices as if they were my own I was also captivated by the beautiful imagery and the setting along the Chesapeake Bay that was, to me, strange and fascinating.Recently I returned to the book, reading it for the first time as an adult It was a completely different experience It became a story about how we perceive ourselves, and how intricately that is linked to how we believe we are perceived by others I saw how Sarah Louise s perception of reality becomes what is real to her It shapes the decisions she makes, how she defines herself, how she relates to her sister As a teen reader, I failed to see the growth and resolution that come into Sarah Louise s life when she learns to set aside her perceptions and accept what is the truth Once she finally listens to the Captain telling her, You don t need anything given to you, and then accepts her parent s love for what it really is, she is free to leave her island home and find herself, and her destiny.Destiny might seem a strong word to use Sarah Louise herself is furious when Joseph Wojtkiewicz suggests that her arrival in the mountain locked Appalachian community she eventually calls home has been predestined But there is a wholeness and beauty to Sarah Louise s life, a calmness and completeness that is unmistakable And echoing that is the cycle of life and death that is repeated in the images of the crabs, in the story Sarah Louise s birth, and in the death and life that occur in the book s final scenes.I think Patterson expects a lot from her teen readers As the story begins, an adult Sarah Louise acknowledges, Life begins to turn upside down at thirteen I know that now That is not something I could have understood as I teenager, at least not with the same perspective as Sarah Louise I was still there Now it is different Now I read those words and feel a pang in my chest because I know how true they are But I m glad I had the experience of reading this book both as a teenager and as an adult It made Sarah Louise s storymeaningful and poignant to be able to see it both as she experienced it, and as she processed it later in life. I remember loving this book as a kid, so I picked it up the other day I m not exactly sure why I liked it so much, because this time around I didn t find it nearly entertaining Also I didn t feel sorry for Louise this time around most everything Caroline got that Louise didn t was due to Louise s inability to speak up, or because her attempts to get something for herself completely backfired due to her passive aggressive ways of doing so.Also, I must say, I got a little wigged out when she hugged the Captain and that incident began her sexual awakening I mean, what I also thought it was interesting that religion was shown to make Louise pretty miserable but there was never any follow up on that I suppose this wasn t the sort of vehicle for any sort of anti religious or anti god agenda, but it really upset me to see someone so tortured by words from the bible and then have no conclusion to mark those words as, ya know, something besides a curse from god Maybe that s why I used to like this book back in seventh grade I was in Catholic school. I absolutely hated this book It doesn t even give you the satisfaction of seeing Miss Perfect Goldilocks get hers in the end or at least, seeing her admit what a hell she made for her sister.I really don t understand why this received the Newberry I read it because I felt I had missed something but now I wished I hadn t Books tend to become part of your soul and this one gave and continues to give me the creeps The most depressing story I ve ever read in my life. THE STUPIDEST BOOK EVER WHAT WERE THE NEWBERY PEOPLE THINKING You may be taking a dislike to me at this minute for criticizing the great and mighty prodigy that is Katherine Patterson I accept that my opinion is not popular It makes me feel special I just have never liked Katherine Patterson If I read a book by her that garnersthan two stars however unlikely I believe in miracles, though , don t expect me to apologize for this This book is one of the only books that I, the soft and plushy book lover, am firm about hating Now, let s talk about the book.This story centers around a selfish, silly girl named Sarah who HATES her grandmother, her sister, and God Actually, it starts out as an uncomfortable dislike, but quickly morphs into a hairy beast of evil.1 Her sisterCaroline is her twin sister, and because of Sarah s intense jealousy, is portrayed as a snob by Sarah Caroline may have wronged Sarah several times, but please, Caroline is her sister, for goodness sake Caroline probably cares about Sarah Sarah is wayresponsible for the rift between them, because she never seems to think Caroline is worth trying to understand.2 Her GrandmaSarah s crazy old Grandma disturbs her, and that is probably the only part of Sarah I understand It s strange, that because Grandma has a bible, Sarah seems to to think this is what faith looks like She doesn t think her Grandma is a source of wisdom at all, until her Grandma references a bible verse that Sarah completely misinterprets to prove her ignorant theory that God hates her, otherwise if He had, she would have had a perfect life That s the title Jacob have I loved, but Esau have I hated Which leads to the 3rd item,3 GodWhat can I say She rejected God because He s above her human weakness, and perfect, just like she thinks her sister is.4 Assorted other itemsHer crush on that eighty year old man grossed me out xPWhy does she get mad at her sister for stealing a man she doesn t even like Her sister also supposedly steals her parents, but Sarah finds out she doesn t like her parents a great deal, anyway.At the end, when she delivers those twins, she feels so heroic for making sure the healthier baby just like she was isn t neglected while she is taking care of the smaller babe like her sister was Omigosh That ensures the babies will get equal amounts of attention and love from their parents She s saved a child from having to go through a pitiful, neglected childhood like hers, that poor, tormented, self righteous child that she was Good job, you have just established a false sense of closure even though you still hate those people Thus ends my tirade update I just found out that in the book, Sarah tends to go by her middle name, Louise Whatever What kind of book is it that I m so distracted by its suckiness I forget her name From the author of the wonderfully imaginative I read this when I was in middle school, drawn to it because it has a main character with my name and because it takes place in my state I expected Paterson to really build the Chesapeake setting but never felt any sense of that atmosphere However, ultimately, the story moves at a glacial pace, with not a speck of drama to drive the plot, and the main characters are flat and boring I felt no connection to any of it It s a pity that Paterson didn t doas I think the premise and setting have a lot of promise. This book should be read without the presentiment that the heroine is going to be heroic, selfless, lovely, or even pleasant.To judge the book based on that is to completely miss the point of this novel.No, Sara Louise isn t a pleasant heroine She is eaten up with neglect, bitterness, jealousy, and it s difficult to tell whether she hasself loathing or loathing for anything or anyone who isn t herself, at least for childhood through adolescence.With that said, it is vitally important that this book exist I can t think of a single book I had throughout school that had such a heroine or hero, and which carried such a message or perspective No, the books were about the Carolines people who were pretty and or talented, so very different and special, meant for so much , and by work they eventually earn their happy endings And in those books, the Wheezes maybe got some redemptive character arc that is meant only to support the primary heroine s character arc from struggle to triumph.And since I just finished an entire novel from the perspective of the lesser sister, that disgusts me Don t get me wrong there was not a single moment reading this novel where I was not acknowledging the fact that the image I was given through Sara Louise s eyes had a greater slant than your average flying buttress However That is important It is important that we not fetishize the outcast in our literature and let s be perfectly honest, how the hell many books exist that tell us It s good, preferable to be weird, to be the outcast, to be strange and unlike anyone else Except that s hard, lonely, isolating, and the normal populace will always still choose the Carolines over the Wheezes among us.Which brings us to question the heroine s value Where is she being Sara Louise, the heroine we wish to see redeemed on a cold night, wondering as she wanders, and where is she Wheeze, so eaten up with hatred of her own sister and mother and everyone else that she will destroy her lotion and scream that she doesn t want to go to the boarding school she d been saving and saving for just because she wants to be alone when she really doesn t It s complicated, and that s the value being a girl is complicated, self loathing is complicated, and trying to love yourself and your family is complicated.There aren t perfect characters in this novel Wheeze is a chore, but you are a liar if you say you didn t think Grandma was a bitch You re also a liar if you didn t feel at least a tiny bit of sympathy for her when Louise did.I was assigned this book as an English Education major in a class on Adolescent Lit, looking forward to novels and classes This is a great novel for paying attention to perspective This is a great novel for looking at the value of a novel even when the main character isn t pleasant, because not every main character is meant to be pleasant.I d reccommend this book to anyone with the ability to process that novels with unpleasant characters can still be fantastic novels, filled with well crafted characters. `PDF ⇹ Jacob Have I Loved ↵ Esau Have I Hated Sara Louise Bradshaw Is Sick And Tired Of Her Beautiful Twin Caroline Ever Since They Were Born, Caroline Has Been The Pretty One, The Talented One, The Better Sister Even Now, Caroline Seems To Take Everything Louise S Friends, Their Parents Love, Her Dreams For The FutureFor Once In Her Life, Louise Wants To Be The Special One But In Order To Do That, She Must First Figure Out Who She Is And Find A Way To Make A Place For Herself Outside Her Sister S Shadow