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Amber Borden was known as one of the most unpopular girls at school She was as sweet as she could be and was very welcoming to all the new students by giving them welcome baskets Amber had two very close friends, Alyce and Dustin who were always right by here side They knew her better than she knew herself sometimes Everything changed one day when she was hit by a mail truck and somehow ended up in the body of the most popular girl at school, Leah Amber had always thought that Leah had the perfect life but that train of thought came to an abrupt halt when she had returned to Leah s house and saw her dysfunctional family Amber had started to wander that if she was in Leah s body, then whose body was Leah in Amber, aka Leah, would soon find out that what she thought of Leah s perfect life was exactly the opposite of how it had been portrayed. Left or right Amber s sense of direction is so bad that she can get lost in her own hometown, finding a cemetery that she never knew existed And all in front of the girl she hopes will be her first management client Amber s day goes from bad to even worse When she finally makes it to the party, she hears a group of girls mocking her And to cap off the entire dreadful day, she is hit by a mailtruck When she heads toward the light, her grandmother and dog are there to greet her Her grandmother tells her that it is not yet her time, and sends her back, but on the way, Amber gets lost When she wakes up, she finds herself in the body of the most popular girl at school A girl whose flawless life has driven her to suicide Now Amber must find out if she can get back into her own body and along the way come to understand what drove this girl to do something so tragic.This novel is very clever with great touches of humor throughout, the snarkiness of teens and siblings, and yet a serious side which supports the story with its strength Amber is a well written protagonist who offers the perfect perspective on what is happening Equally nicely drawn are her friends, though the adults in the book trend toward stereotypes.An intriguing but not dark look at death and life, this story will be enjoyed by teens who read teen novels, rather than those who read fantasy Appropriate for ages 12 15. [Kindle] ♫ Dead Girl Walking ♏ I Am So DeadNow, Was I Supposed To Go Left Or Right At The Light Seventeen Year Old Amber Borden Has A Lousy Sense Of Direction So Lousy That She Takes A Wrong Turn When Returning From Her Near Death Experience She Ends Up In The Body Of The Most Popular Girl In School, Who Has Just Tried To Commit SuicideCan A Girl Who Can T Even Navigate The Halls Of Halsey High Discover The Secrets Of Her New Identity And Find Her Way Back To Her Own Life For the month of May only DEAD GIRL WALKING is a free Kindle and Nook download Check out Kindle FREEBIE here Very lighthearted dark comedy,but great at the same time. The book was very good and it had lots of plot twists It kept me on the edge of my seat Although I loved the book, I did not like the ending and how the book continued to go on in a series. When Amber has an out of body experience, she takes a wrong turn and ends up in the body of Leah, the richest, most popular girl in school Now Amber has to get used to a new somewhat different family and a group of friends who she would never choose How can Amber get back into her own body when she can t even convince anyone that she still exists This was not a terrible book, but it had many problems One was that the characters were all types I m so sick of reading teen books with the anarchist, black dressing vegan girl, the geeky techie guy friend who s just a girl with testosterone, and the vapid popular girls Singleton does give Leah s friend, Jessica a little depth, but the rest of the popular crowd are straight out of an after school special Also, why does Amber have to be such a ungainly clod who s the complete opposite of the body she ends up inhabiting Isn t it possible that she could have anything in common with a popular girl And when is a teen book going to be written where the rich parents aren t complete monsters A steady diet of YA fiction would convince most people that all wealthy parents are evil, power hungry, controlling fiends who treat their kids like property and have respect for their Mercedes than their own offspring Leah s Dad was like Bart Bass gossip girl on steroids Aren t there any any parents with fat wallets who also have kind hearts Anyway, this is a series and I couldn t even bring myself to read the sneak preview of the next book at the end of this one Maybe I m just in a bad mood, but to me this was a good plot idea that just wasn t very well written. Kereeeen Buku ini aku beli tahun lalu dan baru ngereview sekarang XDCeritanya tentang Amber, cewe yg g populer,lumayan gemuk dan suka makan Cokelat yang mati ketabrak truk setelah pulang dr pesta Jessica,salah satu cewe populer disekolah Dia tuh ngedenger klo dia cuma dimanfaatin,makanya Amber pulangnya galau dan,ketabrak truk surat yang padahal bawa kabar baik buat dia Petualangan dimulai ketika dia dikasih kesempatan sekali lgi sm Grammy Greta neneknya yg mungkin malaikat disana,donno trus hrus belok kananKarena Amber kesulitan sama arah,dia belok kiri dan masuk ke tubuh seorang cewe Populer d sekolah yang bunuh diri tp belum mti Cerita ini kocak, ngebayangin betapa frustasinya Amber hidup sm keluarga gila Banyak pelajaran yg bs diambil Ak aja terharu sm endingnya Well done deh buat Linda XoXoBuat kalian yang suka petualangan,misteri,romance,baca nih Happy reading I m not sure how to rate this In the end I liked it, but at the same time I felt like a HUGE part of the story was just ignored and never answered I will post a thorough review after I ponder on it for a while for now it is getting 2.5 stars.I pondered, here s what I thought Dead Girl Walking by Linda Joy SingletonRating eh.I m going to have to go with 2 STARS Too much left unresolved.I don t recap what the book is about, you want that then read the blurb at the top I just review my opinion of this book, what I liked and what I didn t There will be SPOILERS They start now.So I have combed through a lot of the reviews and I find it hard to believe but am I the only one that thought view spoiler Mr.Montgomery is totally prostituting out his daughter to a congressman hide spoiler Amazing book to read I am still smiling over the end No I won t give any clues away but what a nice setup for the next book.I liked the charcter Amber in this book she is a very caring person but she also has flaws like not knowing the right direction to take which causes all of her troubles What I liked about Amber was even though she was in a rough situation she was still thinking of others I also enjoyed the relationship she had with her friends, they each have flaws but these are teenagers I can actually imagine.Looking forward to reading the next book.