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FREE E-PUB ⚣ The Wedding ⛈ After Thirty Years Of Marriage, Wilson Lewis, Son In Law Of Allie And Noah Calhoun Of The Notebook , Is Forced To Admit That The Romance Has Gone Out Of His Marriage Desperate To Win Back His Wife, Jane S, Heart, He Must Figure Out How To Make Her Fall In Love With Him Again Despite The Shining Example Of Allie And Noah S Marriage, Wilson Is Himself A Man Unable To Easily Express His Emotions A Successful Estate Attorney, He Has Provided Well For His Family, But Now, With His Daughter S Upcoming Wedding, He Is Forced To Face The Fact That He And Jane Have Grown Apart And He Wonders If She Even Loves Him Any Wilson Is Sure Of One Thing His Love For His Wife Has Only Deepened And Intensified Over The Years Now, With The Memories Of His In Laws Magnificent Fifty Year Love Affair As His Guide, Wilson Struggles To Find His Way Back Into The Heart Of The Woman He Adores Did You Know The Wedding Is A Follow Up To The Notebook The Wedding Was Inspired By A Few Unnamed Couples That Nicholas Knows Well The Novel Is Set In The North Carolina Town In Which Nicholas Now Lives Opening LineIs it possible, I wonder, for a man to truely change Although not the best book in Nicholas Sparks s collection this is an easy and sweet sometimes sickly read without the usual gut wrenching heartbreak at the end I found it amazing and a credit to Sparks as a writer that he was able to craft an entire book out of the simple premise of a wedding and a few flashbacks This is almost like a Seinfeld episode in that it s about nothing but still intriguing to watch unfold And even though he tries to be sneaky you ll have a pretty good idea early on of how it s going to play out.Despite the shining example set by his in laws Noah and Allie from The Notebook THE WEDDING tells the story of middle aged workaholic lawyer Wilson Lewis and his year long romantic journey to rebuild his failing marriage This is basically filler but it is good to hear from THE NOTEBOOK s Noah and Allie again Wilson has spent too little time at home and too much time at the office during his marriage Neglecting his wife and missing his children grow up The crux comes when Wilson forgets their 29th wedding anniversary and after witnessing his wife s tears and subsequent departure is forced to face a painful truth Jane has fallen out of love with him and it s entirely his fault Unable to express his true feelings in words although we get to hear all his internal dialogue and than once I wanted to shout at him tell your wife how you feel, don t just think it Wilson vows to make some serious changes and somehow get his wife fall in love with him again Wilson spends the next year planning their 30th wedding anniversary He also goes on a diet, learns to cook romantic dinners and begins really listening to what his wife has to say As the day approaches their oldest daughter Anna suddenly announces that she s getting married and as a tribute to her parents wants to do it on their anniversary, overshadowing Wilson s secret plans Jane however is excited and begins showing new interest in both her routine life and as Wilson helps with the hurried preparations, their long neglected marriage Jane and Wilson s story is then told in a series of flashbacks as Wilson remembers what brought them together all those years ago Throughout the arrangements Wilson visits Noah at Creekside retirement home updating the cantankerous old man on the preparations and getting advice on how to save his marriage For me Noah was the best part of this book and I loved revisiting this spunky yet heartbroken character He is absolutely endearing here, spending his days feeding and talking to a lone female swan who in herself becomes a character With the memories of Noah and Allie as a guide and their old family home as a setting the wedding plans come together But has Wilson been able to change himself and their relationship enough to see them through things afterwards Will he be able to show her how much she has meant to him all these years And will it be enough A friend of the family loaned me two Nicholas Sparks books The friend is very nice However, reading Nicholas Sparks, to quote Tommy Smothers, makes me realize why some animals eat their young. The Wedding almost seemed like it was specifically written for me to hate and it s been a long time since I ve disliked a book this much There s no real art to it people are white as paper and so forth , but it s written for people who don t exactly have alternative lifestyles or world views The baby boomer housewife married her husband because he respected her desire to be a housewife at a time when most people our age wanted to change the world, and she knew he d be a good provider As someone who eloped and really upset her mother , I flinched when the wife freaked out just because her daughter wanted a small wedding and says she would be horrified if her daughter had eloped The entire book is devoted to wedding plans the narrator will say something like I spent the afternoon in my den making calls for the wedding and then DETAIL them called the sheetrock guy, who saidcalled the gardener, who said These are conversations that bore me in real life, so why would I want to read them in a book I m ostensibly reading for pleasure And it is so over the top the daughter asks her mom to be her matron of honor, and then there s a twist at the end that is impossible to believe would ever happen Still, there are folks that will love this book despite its sappiness, and I don t want to rain on their parade than I already have. Library Overdrive Audiobook.narrated by Tom WopatI can t remember for the life of me when I last read a Nicholas Sparks bookor which one or if I read than one I remember reading 1 book though for sure and have seen a couple of his movies so although I had no idea what the specifics were going to be when I saw the Audiobook pop up on my library feed as available now I knew enough in general that his books movies were love stories sweet touching predictable with old fashion values I say that as a good thing , and is as American as apple pie or was our country has been changing as you ve noticed Also there would be no graphic sex scenes So.given that I recently read 4 books about African Americans I Know Why Caged Birds Sing Heads of the Colored People Friday Black Washington Black.I thought hm, when s the last time I read a book that was specifically about caucasian characters None came to mind not like this This isn t a WWII book an immigration book not a book about rape or abuse or murder or a kidnap no major accident or disability not a heavy political novel my hunch was right this novel is primarily about a caucasian couple and their relationship and or A WEDDING.but WHAT ELSE I wasn t completely ignorant about the type of book I chose but..I WAS ACTUALLY CURIOUS ABOUT WHAT THEIR issues would be So.May I be serious now Tom Wopat was TERRIFIC as the voice narrator He was easy on the ears.very natural to listen to The issue at hand is actually something very real It s very common for a married couple who ve been married 20 years to have experienced the same issues that Wilson Jane did in this novel Wounds hurt wounds happen.such as what happened with Jane and Wilson Jane was quietly hurting for a long time and that hurt came to a head when Wilson forgot their 29th wedding anniversary This story is written from the male s perspective Some married women might wish their husbands listened to this Audiobook.There is a lot of self reflection.As the story unfolds we see the effort the work that Wilson makes to heal those wounds to transform himself little by little The guy doesn t give up Truthfully any wife would be moved by the steps Wilson took to show Jane how committed he was to generating life love romance and sincere vitality of freshness in their relationship.Many other gem stories characters within these pages with a wonderful ending I liked itfor what this book was lighter issues than world issues yet some very real personal ones between couples who have been married a long time raised kids have lived busy somewhat parallel lives with different rushing around schedules passing each other a little too often with great solutions.