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It was better the second or is that the third time through, and really seemed to engage my 7yo son as well Such an interesting little read This book felt like Little House On The Prairie meets Anne of Green Gables meets Betsy and Tacy to me Timeless values that illustrate the resourcefulness, genuine intelligence and innate goodness of children yes, the author is a big fan of Montessori against a rustic rural backdrop I cried for pages during the establishment of the sewing society and laughed joyfully over Betsy s treatment of the calf when Aunt Frances comes to the farm I found myself half wishing that I could go and live on the Putney farm with Marilla, oh I mean Aunt Ann This book does transport it s reader to another time and place when children were resourceful and competent and happy with the basic goodness of a loving family The book is written in a voice that will make an adult chuckle but will resonate with a child and make them feel understood in Betsy The best chapter title If You Don t Like Conversation, Skip This Chapter And be sure to watch for the and I won t say another word about it and then laugh as the author goes on to describe what she promises that she won t talk about Clever and classic I purchased this in Kindle but will be investing in a hardback spine for my collection of literary treasures. @EPUB ë Understood Betsy ⛅ For All Of Her Nine Years, Fragile Elizabeth Ann Has Heard Her Aunt Frances Refer In Whispers To Her Horrid Putney Cousins But When Her Aunt Can No Longer Care For Her, Elizabeth Ann Must Leave Her Sheltered Life To Live In The Wilds Of Vermont With Those Distant RelativesIn The Beginning, Elizabeth Ann Is Shocked By Country Living Pets Are Allowed To Sleep In The House And Children Are Expected To Do Chores But With Country Living Comes Independence And Responsibility, And In Time, Elizabeth Ann Finds Herself Making Friends And Enjoying Her New Family When The Year Is Up And Aunt Frances Comes To Get Her Niece, She Finds A Healthier, Prouder Girl With A New Name Betsy And A New Outlook On Life Understood Betsy Has Delighted Generations Of Young Readers Since It Was First Published By Henry Holt And Company In This is like totally some kind of Montessori school propaganda, those bastards But it s also really sweet, it s kind of like Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm or Anne of Green Gables or something, but it s all about how to be self sufficient and be educated at your own level and have self confidence and stuff.Plus applesauce. This superb story is sure to be loved by children and adults alike, with its clear message of the value of tolerance, understanding, affection, trust and the importance of nurturing responsibility and self confidence in young people.I listened to a delightful Librivox recording by volunteer and professional reader, Lee Ann Howlett, and also discovered a wonderful illustrated edition of the book at Project Gutenberg.This story is truly a joy I plan to read other works by this talented author Highly recommended I inherited the Anne books and Understood Betsy from my mom And like my mom, I read and re read and still to this day re read this book This book, the Anne books and the Earth Children s series are the books I never get tired of reading and have become an intimate part of my life, like a tattoo, like family I love this book for the simple life lessons, the sweetness and simplicity of the time and the locale and the unexpected pluckiness and inner strength of our young heroine Elizabeth Ann, who becomes a grounded and wise beyond her years Betsy by story s end Note Mom s book may have actually been Grandma Vera s book first all I know is the cover was plain and the publishing date was before 1941 but I inherited and first read the book in 1968. What can I say about such an old favorite A book which my mother read to me when I was little, and many years later I read to my children, and which I just finished reading to my mother, knowing it would offer a small measure of comfort and cheer as she is dying I can easily see the book s faults the passionate didacticism, the stock characters, the romanticism of country life but those have become part of the book s charm for me Reading Understood Betsy now, having homeschooled my children, I really appreciate Canfield Fisher s passion for educational reform she was an early proponent of Montessori education , and any mild irritation I might feel at her earnest preachiness is overcome by affection for her charm, kindness, and wisdom Each of Betsy s adventures, in which she grows in spirit, skills, compassion, and self confidence, has so long been part of my mental furniture that offering an objective opinion is nearly impossible So I ll leave it at that This will always be a cherished favorite for me, and I hope my daughter will pull out a copy mine may have one last reading in it and read it to me in my last days. Even beyond its literary value, teachers will appreciate Understood Betsy, first released in 1917, as one of the first books to introduce the Montessori Method of education to America That said, author Dorothy Canfield Fisher spins a pretty interesting yarn for fans of Daddy Long Legs, The Railway Children, Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm, or Anne of Green Gables Nine year old orphan Elizabeth Ann the titular Betsy, of course lives with her widowed Great Aunt Harriet and Harriet s middle aged daughter Frances somewhere in an American Midwestern city Both doted on Betsy from babyhood too much so, in fact So when Aunt Harriet falls very ill and the coddled child is sent to spend time with the Putney family, her late mother s cousins, on a Vermont farm, Betsy faces just the kind of culture shock you might imagine Readers will foresee the ending, but the story is so charming that they just won t care The book is now in the public domain and available for free to read online at WikiSource, although I listened to the delightful story in its Audible edition. I am such a big softie.This morning, Isaac and I just finished reading Understood Betsy together again.You might guess from the cover that manly men like Isaac and I wouldn t care for this book You d be wrong Understood Betsy is a book about an overprotected girl who unhappily goes to live with some extended family who actually understand what a little girl needs to thrive.Betsy learns how to do things for herself, how to make friends and be a true one , how to be a productive member of a family, how to make decisions, etc, and she learns the best way by doing it Along the way, she grows up, learning to care for others not just be cared for and doesn t want to leave her new home.I get a lump in my throat every time I read it.Understood Betsy was the first book I read to the family as a homeschooling dad, so it has a special place in my heart But it s not just nostalgia it s good writing Dorothy Canfield Fisher understands how people tick and knows how to write about it I ll read it again soon to whatever kids want to listen to it, and I m sure I ll choke up at all the right places. Originally published in 1916, Dorothy Canfield Fisher was a women s rights activist, educator, wife and mother She eventually earned a doctorate from Columbia something almost unheard of for a woman at that time Many of her stories were considered autobiographical in some sense including UNDERSTOOD BETSY.This heartfelt narrative was a wonderfully gentle story about an orphaned girl who, initially, was sent to live with three single women until she was nine years old As she grew older, she was unaware that their peculiarities and worries had enveloped her life These three ladies affected her personality deeply and Elizabeth Ann was sheltered to the extreme. When a case of scarlet fever was found amongst them, she was sent to live with the dreaded relatives at Putney Farm in Vermont From then on out, the story bloomed Watch as her formal name, Elizabeth Ann, melted into Betsy.Aunt Abigail, Uncle Henry, Cousin Ann, their dog Shep and even the farm itself only added to the innocent charm of the story Uncle Henry was a jewel No , no less Aunt Abigail had such easy manners and common sense humor I loved her poking fun of herself Their adult daughter, Cousin Ann, was the sobering one of the bunch Watch when she takes her father to task for wanting to play checkers instead of repairing a harness And Shep Well, I ask you, what would life be like living in the country without a dog I absolutely fell in love with this story It was simply plain speaking The author was the narrator of the story using herself in the first person tense but relating to the reader what occurred in third person and, oddly, it worked She put emphasis on certain words SOMEbody, forEVER, and DIDn t to let you feel the impact of what Betsy was thinking Mrs Fisher s background in education peeked through the pages onthan one occasion but it blended so nicely that I never felt it was preachyThen Aunt Abigail let her run the curiously shaped wooden butter worker back and forth over the butter, squeezing out the water, and then pile it up again with her wooden paddle into a mound of gold She weighed out the salt needed on the scales, and was very much surprised to find that there really is such a thing as an ounce She had never met it before outside the pages of her arithmetic book and she didn t know it lived anywhere else This wink at the past was probably the most wholesome and heartwarming piece of fiction I have read in an very long time It brought to the forefront all of the things we now take for granted Something as simple as lighting a match and building a fire The making of a lead pencil And popping popcorn.Go ahead There is no excuse for you not to read it It is FREE at