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Here s the first sentence My mother named me Deenie because right before I was born she saw a movie about a beautiful girl named Wilmadeene, who everybody called Deenie for short.To my ear at least, that s a flat opening in a flat voice There is nothing making me want to read further And that s the voice of the entire novel.I wonder if this story seemed fresh and groundbreaking back in 1973 when Judy Blume wrote it Now it seems like a paint by numbers plot about a girl coming to terms with a medical problem Judy Blume has a magical ability to get inside a girl s head, but in this case the head belongs to a rather pouty little princess in an unhappy family She learns some Life Lessons, yes, but it s all rather dreary Apparently the book earned some notoriety for its time because Deenie discovers that she enjoys masturbation and doesn t feel guilty about it, but it seems rather tame these days, like another earnest Life Lesson Both Deenie the girl, and Deenie the book, have very little spark Compare Deenie s opening to the first sentence of another Blume novel, Tiger Eyes It is the morning of the funeral and I am tearing my room apart, trying to find the right kind of shoes to wear.Whose funeral Why do shoes matter Who are you, anyway I have to read the next sentence That s what s missing in Deenie sparks. I was diagnosed with scoliosis when I was fourteen At fifteen I had corrective spine surgery I remember the brace I had to wear after my surgery and I hated it Although braces are different now, it was still unattractive and uncomfortable Mine actually did hurt because the most sensitive part of my spine stuck out a little and the brace dug into it roughly The first time I had to wear it at the hospital was the day after my surgery and I cried because it caused me pain I recall a male physical therapist snapping at me and telling me it didn t hurt Oh, I wanted to hit him When my doctor finally said I didn t have to wear it any, I drew a bikini on it with marker and slashed the padding on the inside with a pair of scissors Hey, I was fifteen But it felt great being able to throw it in the trash.I ve never read a story about a girl with scoliosis, and I wish I had known about this book back then I m thankful to Judy Blume for exploring this important subject, shining light on it, and for the young girl who inspired Deenie.I really liked how Blume wrote about Deenie s posture, because my own posture always bothered me and still does to this day When I was in ninth grade, one of my shoulders was higher than the other and one of my hips stuck outI felt like a freak I also like that Deenie had to see many doctors, because I lost track for how many doctors I had to see to get diagnosed, to get measured for my brace, and to prepare for my surgery.Deenie is a quick, nice read that explores scoliosis and the thoughts of a young girl who has to wear a brace to fix her spine This story will not only help teens and parents in this situation, but everyone who doesn t understand what scoliosis is. I remember when I was reading Judy Blume s Deenie about ten years or so ago as I never actually did manage to read this novel as a child or a young adult , wondering with rather angry consternation and almost a bit of rage at what ALL the frigging online and offline fuss has been about with regard to the book supposedly describing masturbation Yes, there is I believe a question posed in Deenie that might perhaps be about the latter and which main protagonist Deenie asks at school and yes, there are also a couple of scenes where she is described as touching herself on a special spot in order to calm her nerves, in order to destress herself mostly whilst she is lying in bed and why indeed should she not, considering that she has just been diagnosed with scoliosis of the spine and that she also is having to deal with her mother and her mother s best friend who had only ever thought of Deenie as a model, as some kind of fashion queen and who now, after Deenie is being forced to wear a large brace day in and day out for years, have basically and sadly pretty well dropped her like a proverbially hot potato However, and at lesst in my humble opinion, these above mentioned bone of contention scenes in Deenie are absolutely NOT in any manner scenarios that describe sexual perversion or masturbation for if one actually and with intelligence and an open mind reads these scenes, they are basically simply examples of Deenie using hands on relaxation techniques to self soothe, to basically with and by physical contact therapy try to take some of her stresses away And truly, the only individuals who are seeing this as sexual and are wanting Deenie banned for this, are to and for me either reading something, seeing something in the novel that is not even there to begin with or have problematic sexual issues THEMSELVES so that they see anything that is remotely about someone touching themselves in any manner as inappropriate and sexually charged, which is at best really and problematically sad and depressing not to mention that ANYONE who wants to ban and censor children s and yound adult books and remove them from libraries or classrooms is in my opinion at best a Fascist, a Stalinist, an entitled, undemocratic and dangerously dictatorial ignoramus, for even if Deenie did actually contain scenes of sexuality and gasp, masturbation, it should NOT ever be censored or banned.Now is Judy Blume s Deenie a perfect novel about challenges and special needs No, it is not, but it does very well and with much understanding display how Deenie s entire world seems to fall apart for a while after her scoliosis diagnosis, especially since she really cannot in any way count on her mother for support who only ever saw and approached her beautiful daughter as a potential fashion model and thus really cannot handle what has happened and behaves in a truly selfish and nastily unsupportive manner much of the time , although thankfully Deenie s father is a bitdown to earth and understanding towards his daughter, albeit with tough love and a demand that Deenie absolutely follow the doctor s orders with regard to the wearing of her brace but yes, as much as I have in fact enjoyed Deenie, I do think that at least the mother and her girlfriend, the two individuals most adamantly into categorising Deenie as simply a pretty fashion plate and an opportunity for making money and attending beauty pageants and then freaking out at the fact that Deenie is no longer perfect now that she has a curved spine that needs a long and arduous recovery period, have in my opinion been a bit too negatively and onesidedly typecast by the author, have been made rather too much into arch villain and arch ignoramus like entities, although I have to also agree that such individuals actually do in fact and sadly exist Three and a half stars for Judy Blume s Deenie rounded up to four stars And to and for potential banners and censurers, do grow up a bit and have children and young adults read what they want, as it is profoundly undemocratic and that is being very much kind to try to force your attitudes on others for while you might well have the right to censor your own children s reading choices, you do NOT and legally should absolutely NOT in any way have the right to do this with regard to others. This was one of the first Judy Blume books I read as a child, and I laugh now at how I thought Deenie was so old and sophisticated next to how I felt However, I read this book over and over, because Judy Blume captures how teenagers think and feel, the awkwardness, the shyness, the way we are around our friends, and around boys She really got it, and this book has readers in a whole new place, somewhere that we didn t know about, a diagnoses of scoliosis I learned a lot of different things that people go through by reading Judy Blume books She was great that way I think she sums up my youth really well Still today I will always remember this title and the letter I received from Judy Blume I related to the character with her struggles When Deenie finds out that she has scoliosis, she s scared When she sees the brace for the first time, she wants to scream It was a tough time and I had rough years going thru this ordeal from 5th grade til 9th grade No one ever looks at you the same, even when you don t wear the brace in high school Thank goodness there were 3 middle schools coming into the high school and I was able to meet individuals without them knowing I had worn a brace. Picked this one up and read it in one evening sitting at the library it s a young adult novel that s under 200 pages I was reading about Banned Books Week, and saw a lot of Blume s books on the list This one was apparently banned for it s frank discussion of masturbation Ridiculous The topic only comes up by name once, and that in the context of girls gym class discussion with their teacher She has them write anonymous questions on cards, and then they discuss the answers The sad thing about people wanting to ban a book like this one is that it has many strong messages for teens, both girls and boys Deenie is a beautiful 7th grader who doesn t want to be a model like her mom wants her to be Events in her life force her to come out of her self centered shell and see people as human beings worthy of notice Her relationship with her sister grows, she learns a little about how to communicate with her parents, and she makes some new friends with people she refused to notice before because they were weird Even her love interest likes her for who she is, not who she should be It s a great set of messages that all young people need to hear and many of us adults, too. This book is about a teenage girl named Deenie She has a spinal problem and has to wear a brace Deenie trys to hide it at first and tries her hardest to take it off but her boyfriend ends up finding out She gets invited to a party and tries to go behind her father s back and take her brace off but decides not to leaving a Take me as I am or leave me attitude with her boyfriend Her boyfriend ends up liking her as she is and she realizes that she had nothing to worry about I can connect Deenie to many teenagers or pree teens at our school, and their insecurities I can understand how Deenie did not even want her friends to know about her brace I rate this book 4 stars because it teaches you alot about what people go through and how they feel It also let me step into the shoes of people with a brace and made me realize I have to be thankful for what I have I would recommend this book to teens or pre teens who have similar problems and anyone who likes realistic fiction books. A brief review of this one When I was a kid, I obsessively read the same books over and over and over and over I didn t like branching out into new things, a trait which has stuck with me in some form to this day So it passed that I until I took Young Adult Literature in grad school, I d only read one book by Judy Blume Are You There, God It s Me, Margaret I muddled my way through Forever, although I confess I felt merely depressed by the book, being old and jaded and knowing that high school love isn t forever.Recently, all new editions of Judy Blume s books were released, and I reordered a bunch of them I withdrew our old copy of Deenie, which looked like this except our cover had faded so badly that everything was a uniform shade of pale sunflower gold Yikes So retro I have mild scoliosis myself Not bad enough to need a brace, but irritating enough that my sciatic nerve and piriformis muscle act up and I start popping NSAIDs like candy Unlike Deenie, I am not conventionally pretty and no one has ever told me I should be a model So, my scoliosis really didn t affect my social life Deenie has actually aged really well I thought it was funny yet thoughtful It s a quick read, so if you haven t read it yet, you really should. I was struck by the completely real, unedited voice of a twelve year old teen that Blume gives us in Deenie, the protagonist of this compelling story When Deenie discovers her scoliosis and endures the ensuing doctor s visits and eventual casting and wearing of her back brace, Blume perfectly captures Deenie s emotions On a personal note, I was diagnosed with scoliosis at the same age as Deenie, and cast with a brace, and I could completely relate to every one of Deenie s reactions, from denial to anger to resistence and so on I m glad, though, that I didn t read this book when I was twelve and dealing with scoliosis As strong as Deenie s voice is, I was frustrated by how much I could hear Blume s voice in the background, and felt the authorial intent was too obvious in some of the lessons Deenie learned through her ordeal For example at the beginning of the book Deenie is repulsed by Old Lady Murray, a hunchbacked woman who sells newspapers on the corner near Deenie s home, and Barbara Curtis, a girl in Deenie s gym class whom she calls Creeping Crud because of her excema Deenie, on the other hand, is a pretty girl accustomed to getting the attention of boys, and confident in a future career as a model When the scoliosis appears, it seems to come as a punishment for her attitudes toward the less than perfect, and ends up compelling her to befriend those with physical disabilities I didn t appreciate there being such an obvious, practically self imposed reason for Deenie to experience her scoliosis Another area of dispointment for me was the treatment of Deenie s mother, Mrs Fenner The way Mrs Fenner tries to control Deenie, and her immature reaction to the scoliosis are both terrible In the end she tries to justify her behavior by telling her daughter I wanted better for youBetter than what I had myself This statement is not surprising, but it hasn t been established earlier in the book If we were to seeof this dimension of Mrs Fenner s life she would be a richer, perhaps eventragic character, rather than the monster she plays throughout. ^DOWNLOAD PDF ☘ Deenie ☉ When Deenie Finds Out That She Has Scoliosis, She S Scared When She Sees The Brace For The First Time, She Wants To ScreamBut The Words Won T Come Out And Deenie, Beautiful Deenie, Who Everyone Says Should Be A Model, Is Stuck Wearing A Brace From Her Neck To Her Hips For Four Years Or Longer She Never Worried About How She Looked Before How Will She Ever Face The Hard Times Ahead