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I LOVE Judy Blume She is my childhood for sure When I think about how my love of reading started it was the Big 3 for me Judy Blume, Beverly Cleary and Ann M Martin.I remember reading this one in school but not much about it It s basically about bullying a girl named Linda, whom everyone calls Blubber because shes overweight and she does an oral report in class about whales I didn t realize what a JERK the main character was Usually books about bullying are told through the eyes of the one being bullied this one is told by one of the Mean Girls I did like this perspective.Overall I gave this book 3 stars because the ending totally fell flat for me It just ends I wish it came about full circle and had a deep discussion between the main character and the one being bullied, but I realize now that in real life that rarely happens What did make me sad is how vicious these kids were, and this book takes place in the 1970s If this book took place now, with Facebook Twitter etc and all of the social media it would be so much worse I shudder to think of what my girls will ensure once they re in school Don t be a hater.How many other books have you seen shelved by different goodreads users as mean girls teen faves childrens classics middle grade and postmodernism all at the same time The genius of this book is not that it doesn t impart any moral, it does, but it does so subtly, without condescension There s no comeuppance for the ringleading bully, no adult interference to save the tormented Hell, the girl who is picked on isn t all that sympathetic It s a dark little book, and the darkness works beautifully. My signed copy of Blubber is one of my most prized possessions This is an honest and sometimes painful to read portrayal of bullying It does not wrap up neatly, as few real life bullying situations do, but it does have some important lessons After reading this book, it is comforting to find Judy Blume s personal note about why she wrote it I wrote Blubber because bullying is often kept a secret by the kids who see it happening, and even by the person who s being bullied Being bullied feels so humiliating, it s such a terrible and frightening experience, that kids are often afraid to tell anyone, even their parentsI hope this story will help kids, parents and teachers to start working and talking together Nosecrets If it happens to you, talk to the people you trust most It s too hard to worry alone. What is a 46 year old man doing reading literature directed for 12 year old girls I could say that my girlfriend made me read it, but it was only a recommendation and I went along willingly I am glad I did so In Blubber a middle school Nazi and her cadre of sheep persecute a marginally overweight girl This book was written at a time prior to all children being fat I imagine now they would pick on the slender child This book confirms all my fears about children and makes me grateful that I have dodged the procreation bullet Apparently children are manipulated by a mob mentality The decent children are easily swayed by the strong and buckle under to the slightest whiff of peer pressure This often leads to cruel and callus behavior.Blubber has been critically acclaimed as an accurate representation of a teen girl s world Since reading this dystopian horror story I cross the street to avoid contact with this societal menace it can smell weakness Take heed If you see this malevolent entity in your neighborhood, move If it follows you, run If it catches you, bite your cyanide capsule. I finished this book days ago and here I sit, still not entirely sure how to review this I didn t like the bookmuch I hated Jill I never found anything to like about her at all She went along with the crowd and even when the tables were turned, she showed no compassion at all, with the attitude of She shouldn t let other people get to her The bullying was traumatic to read about I d been bullied as a child in the 70s and this brought back a lot of bad memories Things happened here that were appalling, and yet the adults around had no interest and tended to turn a blind eye to the entire situation.I didn t like the swearing in the book, wondering why the author felt it was necessary to include the words for no good reason at all it seemed, other than to maybe appeal to the readers to beon their level I don t know.Most of all I hated the conclusion The bullying of Jill never fully manifested There was no emotional impact, there was no CHANGE in her as a character Everyone was about equally unpleasant and honestly, I never cared a whole lot about Linda as Blubber she was the classic victim I so wanted to see a change for her and it wasn t here.Why is this a classic when there are better books on bullying Why does this book have to hit so hard for those of us who have been bullied, and then walk away with no answers, no redemption other than maybe it s our own fault we were bullied in the first place No I didn t like this book I wish I could say somethingpositive, but I can t Not this time. While I most certainly have NEVER found Blubber all that enjoyable as a personal reading experience and really, as someone who did experience much nasty bullying at school,than a trifle too close to home so to speak to be in any way comforting, cheering or uplifting I have indeed always considered both then and now that Judy Blume has most definitely and painfully realistically captured not only bullying, but also that the tormenters can and do sometimes become the tormented such as narrator Jill Brenner, who only and still rather mildly at best realises that her nasty attitude towards classmate Linda Fischer might be wrong when she herself somehow crosses arch class bully Wendy and finds the situation reversed, finds herself being viciously targeted by Wendy and her acolytes But while when I read Blubber as a teenager, Jill was someone I found rather annoying, most of my anger was indeed at that time squarely directed towards Wendy and her main sidekick Caroline, at the arch nasties, whom everyone seems to follow with regard to how poor Linda Fischer is constantly being ostracised and sometimes even viciously attacked However, upon rereading Blubber last night in order to finally post a review and as an older adult, I have to admit and proclaim that I actually do now very much consider Jill Brenner in every way quite as massively unlikable as Wendy and Caroline as for one, Jill only changes her attitude and her bullying behaviour and actions towards Linda when she herself is targeted by Wendy et al, understandable perhaps, but really not all that laudable, and for two, while Wendy might in fact be the instigator and the ringleader with regard to in class bullying and nastiness, it is the sad and ugly truth of the matter that Jill as well as the rest of the class like good little goose stepping soldiers readily fall into line and both condone, carry out and seemingly even much enjoy tormenting and terrorising the unfortunate Linda, which sure does enable Wendy and keeps her status as arch nasty intact, powerful and flourishing.And also, and very much further, what about Jill Brenner s so called teacher, Mrs Minish Throughout Blubber she is narrationally and textually described as being at best completely oblivious and clueless, doing NOTHING AT ALL with regard to either stopping or at least somewhat mitigating the horrendous bullying and abuse Linda Fischer constantly must endure, and while I certainly do applaud Judy Blume for tackling the real and present issues and problems stemming from such teacher apathy, it is certainly not all that much of a solace to read about an instructor like Mrs Minish, to realise that Linda has NO ONE at all to support or stand up for her, as obviously, even her teacher really could care less realistic perhaps, but oh so very much sad and frustrating Three stars for Blubber, as while I do think that Judy Blume has penned an important novel, with painful but nevertheless necessary messages, I also cannot really ever consider Blubber a favourite novel or one that I would consider turning to for comfort and or ease, as the subject matter is just a bit too personally close for me and well, I also simply do not believe that Jill Brenner really has all that much learned a lesson by the end of Blubber sure, she might now consider twice before bullying someone, but I still do not really think she has become all that increasingly empathetic, that she is still mostly coming from her own selfish discomfort at having now also experienced being harassed and tormented by Wendy, a good start perhaps, but merely that, and not in my opinion going nearly far enough as of yet. 4.5 The world is full of books I ve missed as a child I liked this one Not as funny as Fudge stories, but in a way you re not getting bored, even if it s for five grade teens What I liked about this book, was the good massage for schoolchildren who are bullying and are getting bullyed This is one of the books you read and tell yourself I should read this to my children Not because it s a good story, but because it s a good lesson I was at the library with my children yesterday when I noticed the Judy Blume books I loved Judy Bloom when I was younger So I thought it would be interesting to reread some of them again Blubber is the one I read last night I remember when I read it the first time that I really related to the main character, Jill It is about a 5th grade class who begins to pick on Linda who is overweight This is day in and out teasing harassing Then one day Jill gets on the wrong side of one of the main instigators and overnight she becomes the target By using her wit she is able to reverse the trend and things go back to normal I related to Jill because I remember thinking, I may not be the most popular, but at least I am not unpopular I felt bad for Linda but was relieved I wasn t her As an adult reading this I am appalled There is no redeeming quality Some of the teasing that went on would qualify for expulsion and sexual harassment It was very painful to read as a mother Jill does not stand up for Linda She never empathizes with her When she begins to get tease she does not recognize how much her teasing hurt Linda The only lesson she learned was not to do what Linda did and just sit there In fact when given the chance to eat lunch with the girls in her class she chooses a safe choice and Linda once again is alone.The one way this book would be worth reading is if it was used to open up a dialogue to explore teasing bullying and standing up for others It almost seems like it opened up wounds but never healed. ^E-PUB ↷ Blubber ⇯ Blubber Is A Good Name For Her, The Note From Wendy Says About Linda Jill Crumples It Up And Leaves It On The Corner Of Her Desk She Doesn T Want To Think About Linda Or Her Dumb Report On The Whale Just Now Jill Wants To Think About HalloweenBut Robby Grabs The Note, And Before Linda Stops Talking It Has Gone Halfway Around The RoomThat S Where It All Starts There S Something About Linda That Makes A Lot Of Kids In Her Fifth Grade Class Want To See How Far They Can Go But Nobody, Least Of All Jill, Expects The Fun To End Where It DoesA New York Times Outstanding Book Of The Year